Final presentation for Social Media Marketing

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PowerPoint PresentationSocial Media MarketingBy Sivashanker SivanesanShowcasting my BlogFinal Posts: 9All in all 227 Pageviews and 17 commentsI think i got the most views and comments before we have class because everyone is interested in the others Blog Most postviewsFor my post about my summary of my stats i got the most views. I think because its really interesting VLOGI first VLOG was hard. It took me about an hour for a 1min videoUntil now 10 views for this postThe next time i would take more time and ill practice infront of a mirror Blog: Swaggin in CaliIm not going to keep my blog because it takes too much time and work to create a good blog but it was interesting and helpfulFacebokNothing on Facebook is private!FB is not really for free! It costs lot of time and dataFor companies facebook could be a good marketing toolAnalytics: 327 friends and follow 52 brandsTwitterI learned using twitter is easier i thoughtI will continue using twitter and i follow my friends and some companies like techmedialife, Media & Marekting and UC Riverside because i like technic themes and marektingI like that you can post messages only with 140 charactersLinkedInI have never used Linkedin before class. I learned how to follow companies and people. Its useful to create a brand and for self-marketing. In future i will use linkedin and follow companies which could help me in my carrierClosing thoughtSpotify is a tool im using to listen music online. Its easy and cool. My biggest take-away from the class is how to use social media tools for business. It might be good for my future carrier and therefor i would use tools like liknedin,fb and twitter because its the easiest and cheapest way to create new connection and for self-marketing