Financial Literacy Training for Secondary Teachers

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Financial Literacy Training for Secondary Teachers. National Institute for Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL) William E. Wilcox, MCE President, CBM Credit Education Foundation . October 21, 2013. What is NIFEL?. NIFEL IS:. 3 distinct sessions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint PresentationFinancial Literacy Trainingfor Secondary TeachersNational Institute for Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL)William E. Wilcox, MCEPresident, CBM Credit Education Foundation October 21, 20131What is NIFEL?NIFEL IS:3 distinct sessionsEach session includes a pre-test and post-testWork in groups on projects and make presentationsHomework, computer lab, reading and quizzesMost importantly course instruction is by Industry PresentersHISTORYAs of August 2013800+ Educators trained600+ Wisconsin high school teachers trained2012-13 SCHOOL YEAR459 NIFEL-trained Wisconsin teachers X 79 students=36,261 students engaged in financial literacyTOPICSMONEY & CREDITTypes of Credit (costs, fees, terms, etc.)Credit Reports & Credit ScoresCollection Issues Debt RepaymentMoney Management Wise Use of CreditMoney, Inflation, Monetary PolicyPrograms LifeSmarts, MoneySkill, Fool ProofTOPICSINSURANCE & INVESTINGTypes of Investing (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Etc.)Investor Education & ProtectionInvestment Planning (Risk vs. Reward)Personal Risk ManagementTypes of Insurance (Life, Health, Home, Auto, Etc.)Tips on Buying InsuranceTOPICSPAYCHECKS, FINANCIAL CONTRACTS & ENTREPRENEURSHIPTaxes, Social Security, Employee BenefitsHome Buying Process (Mortgage Contracts, Etc.)Automobile Purchasing (Lease vs. Finance)Cell Phone & Rental ContractsRole of Entrepreneurship Throughout HistoryPanel of Entrepreneurs & Field TripCOST TO ATTEND in 2013Registration Fee$300..includes room, board and all materials (per session)3 Graduate Credits$450..granted by Edgewood College (per session)Many attendees registration fees have been covered by local credit unions or school districtssome credit unions have covered the entire $750 costAdditional


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