Fish Processing Tools & Equipt

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FOOD (FISH) PROCESSING 1. PsychrometerIt is used to measure the relative humidity of the air when sun drying. Digital Sling Psychrometerlt. AnemometerIt is used to determine the velocity of the wind in sun drying. g. Refractometerused to measure the sugar concentration of sap and syrup for food. 2. Cutting Implements a. Knives For cutting or slicing fish or meat; for scaling fish b. Filleting knives for filleting fish c. Scissors for trimming off fins of fish. 3. Descaler or scalers: They are used in removing the scales of a fish. Electric Fish Scalers Salting Equipment Oil drum used as a container to keep salted fishduring the processEarthen pots are used in storing the salted products. Wooden salting vat is a container used in the salting process. Wooden shovel or spade is used for mixing or stirring the mixture of salt and small fish for salting 5. Smoking Equipment Baklad made of bamboo used in drying the fish prior to smokingBakol is a bamboo basket used to transport smokedfishBistay is a bamboo basket for collecting sundried fishDinarayan is a smoking traymade of wood Panakip is a bamboo cover used to keep fishsubmerged in the brine while boiling Panandok is a big metal ladle to scoop up the cooked fish from the boiling brine Bamboo poles used to hold the baklad. With brine cooked fish while drying.Pugon is a concrete heat source used when pre-cooking fish in a brine