GCSE Media Studies Action Adventure Film Trailers http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk.

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  • GCSE Media Studies Action Adventure Film Trailers http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Film trailer conventions The basic conventions of film trailers include: Establishing the plot Introducing the characters Providing a general setting Adding attention-grabbing footage http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Teaser trailer conventions A teaser trailer is a short series of film clips used to advertise an upcoming movie, game or television series. The typical conventions of a teaser trailer are: Usually between 30-60 seconds long (can be longer) Contain the minimum amount of footage from the film, so it just teases audiences Released long before the film is released The pace is usually fast or starts slow and picks up http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Some examples Limitless (Teaser trailer) Limitless (Full length trailer) Cloverfield (Teaser) Cloverfield (Full length trailer) http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Some examples Fast and Furious 5 (Teaser) Fast and Furious 5 (Full length trailer) Salt (Teaser) Salt (Full length trailer 1) Salt (Full length trailer 2) http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Your task 15 minutes to plan your sequence, then 25 minutes to storyboard the trailer for your film using the appropriate conventions You are not assessed on your ability to draw but on the quality of presentation and the accuracy of your detail http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk
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  • Storyboard checklist Shot number Shot duration Shot type (low angle, extreme close-up etc) Camera movement (track/pan/tilt etc) Edit type (fade/wipe/cut/dissolve etc) Dialogue Music Sound effects http://mediadepartment.king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk


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