Gems (Graphical Administration Tool for EMS)

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Gems (Graphical Administration Tool forEMS)Gems v3.2Gems is a graphical user interface utility for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS). It can be used by JMS developers as a general purpose test debugging tool and by administrative support staff as a management and monitorig tool.Gems provides the following main features:Server Monitoring. Server state and main statistics are automtically updated, warning and error limits may be configured. Server generated events are also captured.Server Management. Including, general server configuration, JMS destinations, JNDI factories, users/groups, permissions, bridges, routes etc.JMS support. Messages may be sent/received, queues may be browsed and message contents inspected. Selectors and filters may be specified.JMS Message Monitoring. Messages may be monitored (snooped) as they pass trough the server. Request and reply messages can be correlated to provide service response times.JMS Message Management. Eg; purging messages, copy messages from a queue to another queue on a different server.Charting. Server statistics may be charted in real time, data may be saved to CSV files for export to other tools such as Excel.Logging. Server statistics may be logged automatically when warning or error limits are breached.Security. SSL connectivity, view only mode.Customisable display and look and feel.Support for Managing and Monitoring TIBCO SubStationRequires:Tibco EMS 4.x, EMS 5., EMS 6.xJRE 1.5 or higher