Geographic information system The Southern Moravia region Ing. Roman Vrba.

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Geographic information systemThe Southern Moravia regionIng. Roman VrbaDevelopment and implementation GIS on the SMr1. phase - we need gis platform. - 2002Decision - we are using GIS technology by ESRICzech phase - struggle for dataIn the year 2003 - we started provide ArcIMS services. Today - implementation GIS to IS Our GIS SoftwareArcGIS ArcView (13x)ArcGIS ArcInfo (1x floating lic.)ArcSDE (1x)Oracle 9i (RDBMS)(1x)ArcIMS (1x)3D Analyst (1x)Architectur GIS on the SMrSupervisior GIS 1xThick users + ordinary usersServery 2x (for geodatabase and mapserver)Results of GIS - IntranetOver 15000 peoples visited per annumResults of GIS - Internet to mapserverSwitch boardGraf1292606875158205List1Krizov man.292Obecn60Odbor kultury68Uzemn pln75Reginln rozvoj158ivotn prosted205List1000000List2List3Results of GIS - othersResults of GIS - othersResults of GIS first step in 3D Results of GIS first step in 3D


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