Get In The Habit: The 30-Day Habit-Forming Challenge

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Get In The Habit: The 30-Day Habit-Forming Challenge. New Years Resolutions!!!. Did you make a New Y ears resolution for healthier living in 2014? If you did, do you have any ideas for how you are going to achieve your goals? If you havent, whats stopping you? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint PresentationGet In The Habit:The 30-Day Habit-Forming Challenge1New Years Resolutions!!!Did you make a New Years resolution for healthier living in 2014? If you did, do you have any ideas for how you are going to achieve your goals?If you havent, whats stopping you?New Year or not there is no better time than the present to move towards positive change! 2The old rule of thumb: It takes 21 days to form a habit.Focus only on 1 new behavior at a time and stick with it for 3 full weeks.3Apply to your life: Motivation:Dr. BJ Fogg is a scientist and professor at Stanford University, known for his work on behavior change and habit creation.The point: Not to succeed in the new habits themselves, but rather to become better at the skills required to create these habits.For more info Go To: Strategy:51. Make tiny behavior changes that are easy to execute2. Combine the behavior with an already existing habit to use as an anchor3. Decide on a celebration method for each behaviorNo more excuses!Little tips to start making big changes:6Examples: After I brush my teeth, I will drink a glass of water.After I eat my lunch, I will go for a walk around the block.Before I go to sleep at night I will set out my workout clothes for the next day.7I This principle is based on the premise that there exists an activation barrier of sorts for activities, both positive and negative.Barriers usually lasts about 20 seconds.Achor, for example, had difficulty practicing playing his guitar for even five consecutive days due to the 20-second walk to his closet to retrieve the instrument. "20-Second Rule" 8"Willpower alone is insufficient to make the right choices."Achor says we should redirect our energies on removing the resistancephysical, mental, or emotionalto our desired behaviors. Fogg tells his followers, "You should arrange the world around you to make your new habit easy to do." 9Your challenge:Pick ONE sustainable habit to promote a healthy active lifestyle in the new yearand apply it every day for 30 consecutive days. Whatever it is, choose something you know will make you feel better about yourself, and you know you can do. Focus on training the skill of building skills, rather than obsessing over specific goals. 10As Cutts notes, "The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not." So why not give it a shot? NOBODY CAN GO BACK AND START ANEW BEGINNING,BUT ANYONE CAN START TODAY AND MAKE A NEW ENDING.12