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Getting it right first time, every time. Correct as at August, 2011. Getting It Right. The most common compliance enquiries What is the difference between a warm and cold market? What marketing techniques can I use to promote my ACN Business? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Getting it right first time, every timeCorrect as at August, 2011Getting It RightThe most common compliance enquiriesWhat is the difference between a warm and cold market?What marketing techniques can I use to promote my ACN Business?If I want to create my own marketing material, what must I do?Warm MarketYour warm market consists of people you already know. For example friends, family or people referred to you by friends and family.To identify warm market leads, use the Memory Jogger found on MyACN and in the Team Trainer Success Booklet. Cold MarketA cold market is defined as random individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship with you.Cold Marketing TechniquesExamples of cold marketing techniques include, but are not limited toMass AdvertisingPurchased Leads / ListsMass Email Distribution Trade Show ParticipationDoor-to-Door SellingTelemarketing / Cold CallingPamphlet Distribution / Letterbox DropsWarm vs. Cold ExamplesYou must not use cold marketing techniques to promote ACN Services. If you are sitting on a plane, next to a stranger can you promote ACN Services? NoThe ACN Opportunity? YesCan you letter box drop a flyer to promoteACN Services? NoThe ACN Opportunity? Yes, but it is not recommendedHow Can I Promote MyACN Business?The ACN Business is based on relationships and warm marketing techniques.ACN provides you with a wealth of compliant, professional marketing, product and training materials including but not limited to flyers, brochures, websites, emails, DVDs, videos, PowerPoint presentations and magazines to help you promote your ACN Business and acquire customers.Creating Your Own Marketing MaterialOnly RVPs and above can produce Independent Marketing Material*.The Marketing & Advertising Guidelines on MyACN provides clear direction on self-published marketing material advertising ACNs Products and Services and the Opportunity.The Marketing Approval Process on MyACN, enables RVPs and SVPs to determine if their marketing materials meet the guidelines before submitting them to ACN Marketing & Compliance. *Effective 1 September 2011Marketing, advertising and communication materials must NOT incorporate proprietary information including logos, trademarks, names and images that belong to either ACN or any of its Partners such as Powershop and M2.ExamplesCan you use an image from No. Can you use the Powershop logo? No.For RVP and SVP Produced Marketing Material2.Marketing, advertising and communication materials must not make any claims or promises related to earnings/income, savings, rates or pricing, whether expressed or implied, in relation to ACN or any of its Partners such as Powershop and M2. ExamplesYou must not guarantee a customer will save money by using Powershop.You must not suggest a customer will save money by using Powershop.For RVP and SVP Produced Marketing MaterialA condition of ACNs Agreement with Powershop is that Independent Representatives must not: Use or replicate in any way, any of Powershops marketing or communication material Create any material that mentions Powershop or Energy in any context or capacityUpload any Powershop marketing material to the World Wide Web or social media platform (including but not limited to Facebook and You Tube)Failing to comply may result in termination as an ACN Independent Representative.PowershopExampleAn ACN Independent Representative placed unapproved ACN and Powershop proprietary graphics, logos and marketing material on their website and uploaded an unapproved Powershop multimedia presentation to YouTube.This breaches both the Representative Agreement and ACNs Agreement with Powershop. PowershopPowershop The things you can doRefer customers to the ACN Powershop sign-up page on customers to the Powershop website official marketing and communication material (approved by Powershop) found on MyACNPowershopConditions of ACNs Agreement with PowershopA Representative must pass the online Powershop Accreditation QuizONLY the Customer can sign themselves upA Representative must check and be confident that the Customer has a computer in their home with Internet connectionThe Customer MUST have an email addressGetting It Right First Time, Every TimeACN Policies & Procedures Outlines everything you and your team need to know to grow and manage your businesses the right wayRefer to Section 1.2 - Marketing and Advertising PolicyAvailable to EVERYONE Sent to new Representatives in their Team Trainer KitOnline via Representative sign-upOnline via MyACNGetting It Right First Time, Every TimePowershop ComplianceThe Four Essentials Document on MyACNCompliance & Marketing Training Presentation on MyACNProtect your business, the integrity of ACN and the Opportunity for allThank You*


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