Getting Started A Beginner’s Household Energy Audit

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Getting Started A Beginners Household Energy Audit. Jim Lambert. The background idea. Set priorities to minimise our household energy use (greenhouse emissions) Would need multiple actions Needs some kind of analysis to decide where to start. Household Setup. 1950s family home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Getting StartedA Beginners Household Energy AuditJim LambertThe background ideaSet priorities to minimise our household energy use (greenhouse emissions)Would need multiple actionsNeeds some kind of analysis to decide where to startHousehold Setup1950s family homeRenovated 25 years agoGood northerly aspect & some reasonable passive solar design2 people (newly retired)Electric off peak hot waterGas space heatingNo air conditioning1 car (old and thirsty)Equipment (for collecting data)Normal electricity and gas metersPast records of gas and electric billsGreenhouse gas estimates (past bills) Greenhouse Gas estimatesElectrical Energy Usage (kWhrs) (from past bills)Chart2119071012506601420700121077011407101280670129073014808201540890134068012107501540780205080013906901470690139076011927071148543normaloff peaklong term testbase for graph12:00:00 AM73679093daytimemain meter kwhroff pk meter kwhrelapsed timeelapsed daysmain meter usedof peak meter used10/17/068:40:00 PM7367909312/31/990.000010/17/069:40:00 PM7368909312/31/990.001010/17/0610:40:00 PM7370909312/31/990.003010/18/064:10:00 AM737290991/1/001.005610/18/068:10:00 AM737391001/1/001.006710/18/069:10:00 AM737391001/1/001.006710/18/0610:10:00 AM737491001/1/001.007710/18/062:10:00 PM737591001/1/001.008710/18/066:20:00 PM737891001/1/001.0011710/18/069:00:00 PM738191001/1/001.0014710/18/0610:10:00 PM738191001/1/001.0014710/18/0611:35:00 PM738291001/1/001.0015710/19/061:00:00 AM738391011/2/002.0016810/19/065:00:00 AM738591061/2/002.00181310/19/068:00:00 AM738691071/2/002.00191410/19/063:45:00 PM739291071/2/002.00251410/19/065:45:00 PM739491071/2/002.00271410/19/066:55:00 PM739591071/2/002.00281410/19/0611:35:00 PM740291071/2/002.00351410/20/068:45:00 AM740691171/3/003.00392410/20/0612:30:00 PM740891171/3/003.00412410/22/0610:10:00 AM742891331/5/005.00614010/22/0610:35:00 PM743791331/5/005.00704010/23/067:30:00 AM743991421/6/006.007249special minimum load test10/23/068:30:00 AM743991431/6/006.00725010/24/0610:45:00 PM745991481/7/007.00925510/25/066:50:00 AM746291541/8/008.00956110/25/0612:15:00 PM746391561/8/008.009663special time everybody away from early morning11/12/068:00:00 PM769492891/26/0026.00327196average consumptionmain meter12.6kWhr/day4591kWhr/year0.524kWoff peak7.5kWhr/day2752kWhr/year0.314kWlong term test0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Main meteroff peakelapsed timepower kwhrpower usageshort term testdaily variation testbase for graph12:00:00 AM73679093daytimemain meter kwhroff pk meter kwhrelapsed timemain meter usedof peak meter used10/17/068:40:00 PM736790938:40:00 PM0010/17/069:40:00 PM736890939:40:00 PM1010/17/0610:40:00 PM7370909310:40:00 PM3010/18/064:10:00 AM737290994:10:00 AM56normal minimum load10/18/068:10:00 AM737391008:10:00 AM6710/18/069:10:00 AM737391009:10:00 AM6710/18/0610:10:00 AM7374910010:10:00 AM7710/18/062:10:00 PM737591002:10:00 PM8710/18/066:20:00 PM737891006:20:00 PM11710/18/069:00:00 PM738191009:00:00 PM14710/18/0610:10:00 PM7381910010:10:00 PM14710/18/0611:35:00 PM7382910011:35:00 PM15710/19/061:00:00 AM738391011:00:00 AM168normal minimum load10/19/065:00:00 AM738591065:00:00 AM181310/19/068:00:00 AM738691078:00:00 AM191410/19/063:45:00 PM739291073:45:00 PM251410/19/065:45:00 PM739491075:45:00 PM271410/19/066:55:00 PM739591076:55:00 PM281410/19/0611:35:00 PM7402910711:35:00 PM351410/20/068:45:00 AM740691178:45:00 AM3924normal minimum load10/20/0612:30:00 PM7408911712:30:00 PM412410/22/0610:10:00 AM7428913310:10:00 AM614010/22/0610:35:00 PM7437913310:35:00 PM704010/23/067:30:00 AM743991427:30:00 AM7249special minimum load test10/23/068:30:00 AM743991438:30:00 AM725010/24/0610:45:00 PM7459914810:45:00 PM925510/25/066:50:00 AM746291546:50:00 AM956110/25/0612:15:00 PM7463915612:15:00 PM9663special time everybody away from early morningspecial min load test at nightelapsed time7.92hrkWhr2rate0.253kWrefrigerator, freezer, clocks, alarm onlynormal night load testselapsed time11.507hrkWhr33rate0.2610.429kWnormal appliances on standbyshort term test00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Main meteroff peakelapsed timepower kwhroverall power usage patternfrom bills00Main meterelapsed timepower kwhrspecial minimum load test at night00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Main meteroff peakelapsed timepower kwhrpower usageperiodseasonnormaloff peak26 aug 02 21 nov 02spring119071021 nov 02 25 feb 03summer125066025 feb 03 29 may 03autumn142070029 may 03 27 aug 03winter121077027 aug 03 21 nov 03spring114071021 nov 03 24 feb 04summer128067024 feb 04 28 may 04autumn129073028 may 04 25 aug 04winter1480820mat minding house25 aug 04 26 nov 04spring1540890mat minding house26 nov 04 24 feb 05summer134068024 feb 05 27 may 05autumn121075027 may 05 26 aug 05winter154078026 aug 05 23 nov 05spring2050800andrews visit23 nov 05 27 feb 06summer139069027 feb 06 29 may 06autumn147069029 may 06 24 aug 06winter139076024 aug 06 24 nov 06spring119270725 nov 06 26 feb 07summer1148543average*average*per yearper year52682862per weekper week10155per dayper day14.57.9kW0.6030.328*excludes periods when matt staying & andrew visitinggreenhouse kg/yeargreenhouse multiplier1.2364793520normaloff peakElectricity usage(Converting kWhr to its Greenhouse equivalent)Average (excluding abnormal periods) 5268 kWhr/year (603W continuous)greenhouse gas 6,479 kg/year (factor of 1.23 kg/kWhr from Univ of Sydney stinkOmeter on web)Gas usage (MJ) (from past bills)Chart15726198929388708128257517272726752525781811982866623361937194912775119176983.642215.15855.26usage MJseasonMJSheet1gas consumption historyperiodseasonperiod daysusage MJ10 Oct 03 9 Dec 03spring6057269 Dec 03 12 Feb 04summer65198912 Feb 04 14 Apr 04late summer63293815 Apr 04 11 June 04autumn57870811 June 04 12 Aug 04winter621282512 Aug 04 8 Oct 04late winter5775178 Oct 04 9 Dec 04spring6227279 Dec 04 11 Feb 05summer64267511 Feb 05 14 Apr 05late summer62252514 Apr 05 15 June 05autumn62781815 June 05 15 Aug 05winter611198215 Aug 05 12 Oct 05late winter58866612 Oct 05 9 Dec 05spring5823369 Dec 05 14 Feb 06summer67193714 Feb 06 13 Apr 06late summer58194913 Apr 06 16 June 06autumn671277519 June 06 15 Aug 06winter571191715 Aug 06 20 Oct 06late winter676983.6420 Oct 06 13 Dec 06spring542215.1514 Dec 06 15 Feb 07summer64855.26average/yr37998MJpeak/day207MJJune-AugSheet1usage MJseasonMJSheet2Sheet3Average 38,000 MJ/yeargives greenhouse gas 2,660 kg/year (factor 0.07 kg/MJ from stinkOmeter))Peak (for heating design) 207MJ/day in winter June-AugustGas usage(Converting MJ to its Greenhouse equivalent)Car greenhouse emissions(Fuel consumed & Distance over 8 weeks)Average distance 286 km/week Average consumption 15.0 litre/100km2.3kg greenhouse per litre of petrol (source Australian Greenhouse Office Fuel Consumption Guide 2002-3)Fuel usage 15.0*286/100 = 42.9 litre/weekthis would give greenhouse gas 2.3 * 42.9 * 52 kg/year = 5,131 kg/yrIdeas from first passSpare refrigerator gone from garageSolar hot water - easy and cost effectiveOther electric has no quick fixReduction in load is probably more attractive than 100% solar electricReplace car (60% less petrol consumption)Shade sails and skylight modifications for summer coolingExplore space heating and cooling (ground source heat pumps??)Limitations of (electric) audit methodPoor resolution of electric meters (1 kWhr minimum step)Difficult to separate multiple loadsVery indirect methodnot easy to focus on any particular device (e.g. refrigerator efficiency)Needs rather obsessive behaviour (difficult for loved ones)Separate portable meter availability??Example of poor resolution Background (overnight) electrical consumptionStandby appliances unpluggedStandby appliances connectedPowermate meter from ATADavid Hornsby (phone 9631 5413 direct)kWhr resolution 0.1 or 0.01Piggy-back plugAvailable for loan - 1 week $60Purchase price ~$300 for ATA membersInitial cost-benefit ranking


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