girl boy - ?· I am Ludi. I am a boy. I am Bobo. I am a boy. I am Lumi. I am a girl. D Find, write or…

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girl boyb c c a a (Answer varies.) boy am I a Hello He is my cousin. She is my mother. She is my grandmother. 2 5 6 4 3He is my father. five six nine ten He isnt Youre Shes (Answer varies.) (Answer varies.) h g i i h g happy young old sad short thin tall chubby she is not. he is. j (Answer varies.) k l k l j a desk It is a pencil case. a chair It is not a school bag. It is not an eraser. It is a ruler. Is it your pen? pink green blue green pink pink green white white white brown red orange green Yellow blue purple What What color Who How old (Answer varies.) p r p q q r This is Dans cap. That is not her coat. My desk is brown. This is a ruler. That is an eraser. t u This is a dress.s s t u That is a T-shirt. Anns Dans that It is a cow. What is this? It is a rabbit. What is that? It is a duck. sleepy hungry tired quiet thirsty noisy angry Yes, they are. Yes, they are. Yes, we are. (Answer varies.) z z z y y y