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We teach and show how create login inbox account, you can learn how register in gmail to sign up with 2-steps verification process and login account with codes in your smartphone safe and secure.


How changed inbox in sign up to login Recently changed the inbox, so that showed a series of tabs which could see the sorted mail automatically. Thus, when we enter a tab only shows the related post. In other words, if we enter into the promotions tab, only see emails from the stores to which we subscribe, and if we enter the social tab, you will see notices of Facebook or Twitter, among others. If you like there is no problem, but like myself, not like anything I have these tabs, Gmail gives us the ability to modify the input tray leaving only the tabs that interest us, or as I did, remove all not to bother me. There are two ways to change the look of your inbox, so we will choose the easiest and least steps required. First, as always, is to log into login with your username and our password. We landed in the sign in inbox, which is what we want to change, and see the annoying tabs. So, we go to the icon that is below our photo, we click on it, and among all the options click on Configure inbox. We will get a new window where you will see all active tabs are labeled. There is, it is the principal, we can not remove it because we would no inbox, but if we can uncheck the Social tabs, Promotions, Notifications and Forums. We do and we click Save. In this way we will have recovered the tray as we had before, but the changes are reversible, so you can enable and disable these tabs when you want. Needless we activate or deactivate all at once. We can combine them in the way we are most useful, remove them when we get tired, put them when we get back will miss, etc. In my case, as I said, do not help me, but maybe in yours yes, especially if you receive a lot of mail every day, because it will help you to classify.


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