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Taylor Queen James Marshall  Settled as a farmer near Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and briefly resided in Indiana and Illinois He joined a wagon train to California in 1844 desperately trying to escape poverty and hunger. He met John Sutter in CA and was employed by him as a carpenter to work on his land. Discovered gold at Sutter’s mill in January, 1848 The Gold Rush did not make on Marshall rich John Sutter   In 1847, Sutter contracted with James Marshall to build a sawmill on the south fork of the American River  Gold was discovered on his land  The Gold Rush turned out to be a disaster for him.  He tried to keep the news of Marshall’s discovery quiet, but news spread and the Gold Rush thrived  Gold Seekers overran his land— destroying his good and livestock Levi Strauss  Bavarian immigrant Came to San Francisco in 1850 Invented a new type of pants that suited the miner’s tough lifestyle Known as the “Cowboy’s Tailor” Strauss and his brothers made a fortune by selling these pants to gold miners Lotta Crabtree   Moved to San Francisco with her family when she was 9  Her father moved them there from New York seeking for gold.  Was inspired by dancer Lola Montez to sing and dance  By age 12, she became known as “Miss Lotta, the San Francisco Favorite.”  Moved back east and had a very successful performing career. Juana Briones  One of the first settlers of San Francisco Managed to hold onto 4,400 acres of land even after all of California’s changes before, during, and after the Gold Rush Known for her compassion and skill as a medical woman She was also a cattle rancher, merchant, and businesswoman Samuel Brannan   Opened a store at John Sutter’s fort in 1847  During the Gold Rush, his store made major profits by selling up to $5000 in goods ($120,000 today)  Became one of the largest landowners in Sacramento  1850s-1860s known as the richest man in Caliornia  His greedy ways eventually got the best of his fortune and led him to be impoverished in the late 1800s Phillip Armour  Made a large fortune by supplying miners with meat from his butcher shop Eventually built a huge meat packing company, Armour & Company, in Chicago Used his wealth for charity He later founded the Armour Mission and the Armour Institute of Technology (which later became the Illinois Institute of Technology) 