Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Family Sleep Help Stress How to get rid of stress? Talk to friends Do not procrastinate Learn to comprise reasonably Who to.

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Healthy LifestyleExerciseFamilySleepHelpStressHow to get rid of stress?Talk to friendsDo not procrastinateLearn to comprise reasonablyWho to rely on?DoctorsFamiliesFriendsColleaguesHow to gain high quality sleep?Sleep on timeDon't overeat or overdrink right before bedEnsure at least 8 hours of sleepListen to light musicRead before bedWhat exercises benefit?TravelsSportsModerate physical laborHow to spend more quality time with families?Have meals together more oftenTravel togetherParticipate family partiesSupport each otherDietHow to eat healthily?Less junk foodMore healthy foodKeep regular and moderate dietLeisureHow to relax?HolidaysHobbiesCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareImportance of Good NutritionGive you vitality and energy.1Help you stay fit.2Boost your immune system.3Power your brain.4Beat tiredness and fatigue5Protect teeth and gums healthy.6Enhance ability to concentrate.7Ward off serious illnesses like heart disease, certain cancers, and so on.8And more.9Created by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming Software35%30%15%20%Fat CarbohydrateProteinSugarEliminate Sugars25%55%20%FatCarbohydrateProteinFat20-25%50-65%CarbohydrateProtein15-25%Typical American DietWell Balanced DietCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareBenefits of FruitsApplesApricotsCantaloupesGrapesWatermelonsProtect your heartPrevent constipationBlock diarrheaImprove lung capacityCushion jointsCombat cancerControl blood pressureSave your eyesightShield against Alzheimer'sSlow aging processProtect eyesightControl blood pressureLower cholesterolCombat cancerSupport immune systemHelp support a healthy heartControl blood pressureMaintain a healthy colonOffered more protection to retinalhelp protect brain healthOne apple a day keeps the doctor away.Promote bone healthReduce accumulation of fatReduce inflammationRegulate action of nerves and musclesImproves eye healthPeachesDoes excellent for skinReduces kidney related diseasesWork against cancer and heart diseaseWorks as anti-inflammatoryPrevent constipationCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareWays to havea better sleepTimingPreparationEnvironmentEstablish a bedtime routine.Aim for about seven hours of sleep.Exercise regularly.Listen to smooth music.Take a shower before bed.Take a power snap during the day.Set a kinder, gentler alarm.Dim the lights.Make your bed comfortable.Adjust the temperature.Avoid mosquito bites.NeverOvereat before sleep.Drink caffeine before sleep.Nap in the late afternoon.Drink too much fluids before sleep.Work before sleep.Tips for getting a good night's sleepCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareGo for a walkWork outSpend time in nature/TravelTalk with friendsWrite in your journalTake a long bathLight scented candlesSavor a warm cup of coffee or teaRead encouraging booksPlay with a petWork in your gardenListen to musicWatch a comedyGo shoppingHave a massage or lavipeditumTalk with friendsExerciseListen to musicDrink warm coffeeEat more fruits and vegetablesEat more fruitsWrite journal ReadHow to Decrease StressHealthy Ways to Decrease StressCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareMaintain Eye HealthHave a Comprehensive Eye Exam1.Eat for Good Vision2.Protect Eyes from UV Light3.Protect against Eye Strain4.Treat Contacts with Care5.Quit Smoking or Never Smoke6.Exercise More Frequently7.Vegetables 2.1.Oily fish2.2.Non-meat protein sources2.3.Orange and other citrus fruits or juices2.4.Take breaks when reading,using computers or TV4.1.Ensure sufficient light 4.2.Dont lie down to read4.3.Keep screens at a distance4.4.Remove lenses before naps 5.1.Keep contacts bacteria-free5.2.Created by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming SoftwareCreated by Edraw All-in-one Diagramming Software


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