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  • HFM Tips and Tricks

    Christine Allegretti


  • Agenda

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Rounding API Custom Development Automated Consolidation Journals Automated Consolidation Journals

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

  • What is available

    Technology Preview 1Metalink Patch Number 7388231Supports Financial Management, Financial

    Reporting, Performance Management ArchitectReporting, Performance Management Architect

    Information about managing web applications using out-of-the-box features of Grid Control

    On top of metrics & reports provided out-of-the-box by Grid Control, there are

    27 additional metrics 18 reports

  • Financial Management Reporting Pack

    Features Monitoring

    Created product specific metrics

    Analysis Added product specific canned reports and graphs Added product specific canned reports and graphs

    combining real time and historic metrics

    Managing Complexity Reports may be run across multiple servers Documentation describes setting up OEM topology and


  • FM Reporting Pack Product Coverage

    Hyperion Financial Management

    Web Server Application Server

    Enterprise Performance Manager

    Hyperion Shared Services Web Server Application Server

    SmartView Financial Data Quality Manager

    Coverage across the entire FM System 9 suite


    Web Server Dimension Server Data Sync Server

    Hyperion Reports Reports Server Schedule Server

    Databases Oracle DB2 Microsoft SQL

    Web Servers Tomcat WebSphere WebLogic

  • EPM System Home Page

  • Dashboard

  • Component Home Page

    SLR set via link in related links Edit Service Level Rule

  • Setting Thresholds

    Setting Thresholds via metric and policy settings in related links

  • Status History

  • System Topology

  • Financial Management Reports

  • Financial Reporting Reports

  • Performance Management

    Architect Reports

  • Rounding

  • Issue

    Scaled financial statements can have rounding issues

    Total Company (no-scale) 47,500 Comp A 15,000 Comp B 10,200 Comp C 22,300 Comp C 22,300

    Total Company (scaled) 48 Comp A 15 Comp B 10 Comp C 22

  • Available Solutions?

    Plug value in hierarchy External reporting in Excel Careful review of numbers

    Custom Rules Solution

  • Custom Rules Solution

    Uses Custom Dimension to view Scaled data

    Compare Scaled data to base and determine rounding adjrounding adj

    Navigates account hierarchy top-down to make appropriate adjustment

    Adjusts largest account for smallest impact Accounts can be excluded from adjustment

  • Define Constants

    Const ROUNDING_FACTOR = "RoundingFactor" '1000

    Const TOP_ACCOUNT = "NetProfit" '"300000"

    Const SOURCE_C1 = "AllCustom1" '"Total"

    Const SOURCE_C2 = "AllCustom2" '"Nature"

    Const SOURCE_C3 = "[None]

    Const SOURCE_C4 = "ClosingBalance" '"[None]

    Const DEST_C1 = "[None]"

    Const DEST_C2 = "[None]"'Const DEST_C2 = "[None]"'

    Const DEST_C3 = "[None]"

    Const DEST_C4_BASE = "Round_Base" '"RoundedOriginal"

    Const DEST_C4_UP = "Round_BaseUp" '"Not Used"

    Const DEST_C4_DOWN = "Round_TopDown "RoundedAdjustment"

    Const DEST_C4_TOTAL = "RoundedTotal"RoundedTotal"

  • Add 2 new accounts

  • Update Custom Dimension

  • Exclude Account from Adjustment

  • Rounding Steps in Rule file

    Clear ROUNDED members regardless of running rounding

    Copy base data and apply rounding factor Start from the top of the account hierarchy and check Start from the top of the account hierarchy and check

    the derived rounded totals against scaled original totals

    Where there is a difference... create the adjustment at largest child account

    Quit when derived rounded values = scaled original

  • Caveats

    Has been implemented on test applications only

    Requires strong rule skills Processes one entity at a time Processes one entity at a time Must have open custom dimension Adjustments are hardcoded to certain

    custom members

  • API Custom Development

    Copy JournalsCopy Journals

  • Copy Journals Why

    Many Reasons for Copying Journals Audit Trail No Manual Intervention Process Time

    ASP Page Customization OPJournals.asp

    Used to set the parameters for what journals are copied Dynamic

    OPJournalsvbs.asp Used for the actual copying of the journals

  • OPJournals.asp

    Modify OPJournals.asp to your specific criteria Any Mapping (e.g. Closing > Opening)

    Can use System member attributes(User Defined, etc) Specific mapping


    Value Members Value Members

  • Create a Link Set up a Link

    Create a Link to the OPJournals.asp page http://demodrive/hfm/data/opjournals.asp

  • Copying Journals Ensure Journals to be copied exist in last

    period of year.

  • Copying Journals Ensure that the resulting journals do not exist in

    destination period.

    Open Journal Period for destination period Launch Copy Link

  • Copying Journals

    Set destination POV

    Select Go

  • Copying Journals

    Should receive the following successful confirmation message

  • Copying Journals

    Check Destination POV for JournalScenario Consolidat1Year 2009Period M01

  • Copying Journals

    Copied Journal PostedHas New AccountsNew Lines

  • Source JournalCopying Journals

    Destination Journal

  • Copying Journals

    Error MessagesPeriod is Not Opened

    Ensure that Destination Period is Open

  • Copying Journals

    Error MessagesSource Period Does Not Have Any Journals

    Ensure that the Destination POV is Right Ensure that Journals Exist in Source POV

  • Copying Journals

    Error MessagesSource POV Does Not Exist

    Trying to Copy to the First Year

  • Link From Financial Reports Using API

  • Automated Consolidation JournalsAutomated Consolidation Journals

  • Automated Consolidation Journals Pre-Zola data available through source/destination


    Zola Data populated in journals module via executing


    Only populated through HS.CON with Nature Journals viewable, reportable and extractable Journals cannot be un-posted Journals cannot be modified and reloaded Journals cannot be edited

  • Automated Consolidation Journals - Details

    Created through consolidation rules with Nature HS.Con POV, Factor, Nature

  • Automated Consolidation Journals - Details

    Populated in [Elimination] and [Proportion] Value members

    Journal labels are: Parent_Entity_Nature Parent and Entity are Current Entity and its Parent that Parent and Entity are Current Entity and its Parent that

    is being consolidated

    In the journal file the entity will be the Destination Entity

    Usually the same as Current entity

    Each line description will include the source POV and the calculation

  • Journal Listing

  • Journal Details

  • Journal Adjustment Selections

  • Thank YouThank You


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