How art saves our lives

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She paints and blogs daily and you can find her here:


  • How Art Saves Our Lives

    Rhiannon Smith

    I believe that the earth and everything on it and in it, is one living being. I believe that

    we are like cells in a body, each of us has a purpose to fulfill to contribute to the health

    and well-being of the whole.

    Im an artist. I've tried other things as a career. I've been a dog trainer, a waitress, a

    teacher and I went to school to be a therapist. However, art has been the one thing

    that has been consistent. I've always returned to it.

    I love everything about painting. I love the greasy smell of linseed oil, the way a brush

    feels in my hand and seeing a project through to completion. I even love the meditative

    repetitiveness of cleaning my brushes.Art calls to my spirit. When I paint it feels like

    God is moving through me.

  • I adore the process, but there's also a much larger reason I love my career. The

    creation of art turns the artist inside out, exposing the inner world, the subconscious

    mind of the creator. Each artist is creating a world.

    In their own way, every human creates worlds because they create their own world.

    That world is private, just for them to experience. However, artists put their inner world

    out there for all to see. Each piece an artist creates speaks to a deep part of each

    viewer, from a deep part of the creator.

    Its unfortunate that so many people dont appreciate the miracles that art has created

    on our planet. Theres a certain stigma that has followed artists for years. Ive heard

    artists smell bad, artists dont make money and artists are depressed and crazy.

    Artists are often seen as non-essential and their work is seen as unimportant. I believe

    that creating my art is actually one of the most important contributions I can make to

    the planet.

    Art is one of the most important things in our culture. It maynot be needed for our

    survival, but it is absolutely needed for our self-actualization and evolution. When a

    culture is thriving, their art thrives. When a culture is suffering, the art of that culture


    What if we reversed this, and decided to intentionally create art that suggests a culture

    is thriving, even when it isnt? When struggling cultures create beautiful art, they create

    new feelings in their own bodies and in the people of their communities. They call in

    new energies by putting it out there to the universe that they're thriving. The feelings,

    thoughts and actions of the artists and the viewer will change, and they will create new


    What is a culture at all if theres no art in it? How would the people of that culture

    define themselves? What would our culture be like if no one ever expressed themselves


    Imagine a day without art. It would be very practical and you may even get a lot done,

    butthere would be no soul in it. Everything would be functional and we would survive,

    but a life without beauty is not a life at all, its an existence. Imagine if there were no

    music, no dance performances, no photography, no greeting cards and no paintings for

    us to admire and wonder at the genius of the creator.Even logos, book covers, sexy

  • cars, tattoos, clothing, jewelry, website design, haircuts, make-up and furniture would

    be for practical purposes only.

    Art gives us something amazing to admire, allows us to explore new ways of thinking,

    speaks to us wordlessly and sparks something within us is beyond words. In all of its

    many forms, artmoves us emotionally and has united entire cultures throughout history.

    Art saves our lives because without it we would be just surviving and not really living.

    Rhiannon is a full time artist and a teacher. She paints free spirited and wild haired

    women and teaches workshops in acrylic and oil painting to children and adults.

    She paints and blogs daily and you can find her here: