How Ball Point Pens Impact Our Lives

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The ball point pen is one of the most useful and practical innovations of the 20th century. Be it in school or in the office, these writing instruments prove to be real handy.


  • How Ball Point Pens Impact Our Lives

    The ball point pen is one of the most useful and practical innovations of the 20th century. Be it in school

    or in the office, these writing instruments prove to be real handy. Whether you are to take down notes

    or sign a document, the ball point pen will definitely be the first thing you want within your reach. It is,

    therefore, important that we understand the impact of having this wonderful invention in our midst.

    Many centuries ago, our ancestors were laboring just to write down their thoughts and ideas by using

    rocks and sticks on the cave walls. They have plucked countless goose feathers to produce quills which

    they would dab in ink to write missives or letters to important people in their lives. With the ingenious

    minds of inventors in our past, the ball point pen was made.

    Because of the existence of this clever invention, people enjoyed the convenience of not having to

    painstakingly refill the inks of their pens each time they write. The pens also made the act of writing

    easier as the ink dries up fast and there were no worries of smudges anymore. Aside from these, people

    could now start carrying the ballpens without fear of ink leaks in their clothes or bags.

    The ball point pen also made an impact in the economic lives of people not only in the past but also

    today. It used to be that fountain pens and other forms of writing instruments were very expensive.

    Although initially sold at higher prices, the ball point pens eventually became very cheap acquisitions

    that they become part of everyones consumer buying habit. We need to see that the ball point pen is

    also a product. As a selling commodity, there are plenty of manufacturers and sellers out there which

    supply jobs to people that help propel our economic growth.

    At present, we cannot deny the fact that technology has been undergoing rapid change. Everything

    around us has become modern and digital. Our form of writing has been transformed to tapping on the

    computers, tablets or cell phone to send emails, create reports and write down notes. Yet, despite these

    modern means of writing, there is still no stopping the value and usefulness of the ball point pens.

    The ballpoint pens are still used as a security measure today especially when signing documents and

    checks since their marks couldnt be easily erased. Students in school would much prefer jotting down

    notes using these types of pens over pencils for these wouldnt necessitate them to grab for the

    sharpener every time when the pencil tip gets too blunted. Pencils also break which would be a real

    inconvenience when there is no sharpener in sight. Of course, for students, the ballpoint is way

    inexpensive for them and it is something they can purchase right away.

    Ball point pens may be widely regarded as a writing instrument but they are also gaining popularity as

    an interesting tool for art. The pens are acknowledged as wonderful tools for sketches. Ballpoint pen

    artworks are so many nowadays. They are considered contemporary and an impressive number of

    excellent portraitures, landscapes and abstractions made through ball point pens have been on exhibit

    on many prestigious museums and galleries worldwide.