How Blended Learning can give you a competitive edge Pete Sharma What is Blended learning? Blended learning in action Success with Blended learning.

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How Blended Learning can give you a competitive edge Pete Sharma What is Blended learning? Blended learning in action Success with Blended learning Slide 2 What do we mean by Blended Learning? Range of definitions A combination of: In-class plus on-line Different methodologies Different technologies Real world plus in-world etc Slide 3 Blended Learning Natural range of definitions Broad nothing new vs Narrow restrictive? Connotation + / - Cultural differences Subverted Diluted Slide 4 Levy & Stockwell CALL is situation-specific Slide 5 13 November, 2013 Pete Sharma Associates Limited 2009 What is a VLE? Internet-based A protected environment Integration of multiple resources chat bulletin board assignments quizzes Slide 6 Courses supported by VLE Pre Shy learners access topic While Washback learner training Post Handouts posted to the server 6 Slide 7 S / W R / L output input productive receptive Classroom Speaking Writing Online Reading Listening The Warwick University CUTE project with China Case study 1 7 Slide 8 Case study 2 Blended course 75% online Slide 9 Case study 3 Business language school english360 Slide 10 English360 Three sources Publishers Authentic Teacher-produced Slide 11 Slide 12 Grammar Face-to-face Clarification (ARC) Fuzzy areas In-class exercises On-line / self-study Restricted (ARC) Crisp areas Grammar reference 12 Slide 13 Vocabulary Face-to-face Teacher presents and practises new vocabulary On-line / self study Students research with on-line / CD-ROM / mobile dictionaries 13 Slide 14 Receptive skills: listening Face - to - face Im going to play the tape twice On-line / self study Listen as many times as you like / listen and pause 14 Slide 15 Receptive skills: reading Face-to-face Teacher and students annotate a text using a lap-tap plus projector or on the IWB On-line / self study Students do extensive reading 15 Slide 16 Productive skills: speaking Face-to-face Teacher holds discussion lesson On-line / self study Teacher posts language interactive feedback to class blog / learning platform 16 Slide 17 Productive skills: writing Face-to-face Teacher sets essay Students collaborate on producing a text On-line / self study Student drafts & re-drafts essay, using spell-checker 17 Slide 18 Pronunciation Face-to-face Teacher mediates communication breakdowns On-line / self study Interactive phonemic chart 18 Slide 19 Success with Blended learning Importance of attitude The appropriacy principle Slide 20 Integration Clear, two-way link between class work and structured self study Pedagogically-principled teaching and learning materials from the same-stable Aims of lesson and self-study clear to learners Continuous recycling


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