How To Be A Tweetdeck Ninja

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HOW TO BE A Did you know… ● Tweetdeck was created as a way to filter the slew of information by an unemployed developer. Twitter bought it for £25m ● You can run it…


HOW TO BE A Did you know… ● Tweetdeck was created as a way to filter the slew of information by an unemployed developer. Twitter bought it for £25m ● You can run it on desktop or via an app from your Chrome browser ● You can join or sign in through your Twitter account, or set up your own Tweetdeck account - it will still work with your Twitter setup Pros ● Allows multi-account use - tweet as you, or as your brand (make sure you check which avatar is ticked!) ● Integrate your lists so you can keep track of them ● Create hashtag seaches and add them as columns ● Make a customised timeline - just drag tweets into the column to save and/or share them ● Schedule your tweets for different days/times (a pro and a con) ● Simple to use. Once you’ve got the basics, the sky’s the limit Cons ● No integration with other platforms any more ● You can learn Klingon in less time than it takes to master the advanced shortcuts ● Mobile app no longer exists - and Tweedeck and Twitter’s own mobile app sometimes don’t liaise too well, meaning missed notifications Ninja pre-school (the Chrome Way) ● Go to and sign up/in ● or - type Tweetdeck into the search box, then add the app to your Chrome browser Got it? Great. Next steps This is the Tweetdeck toolbar.The + sign allows you to add columns, users, trends, lists, searches etc. Select, and a menu opens automatically. Simply choose what you want. Hashtag colums and searches #journalism = hashtag search I created in Tweetdeck using the + option Journalism = journalism list imported using the + option Lists can be time-consuming to make, but are worth the effort Lists and custom timelines Click on a person’s Twitter name to open this box - from here you can follow, DM, add to lists etc Custom timelines Create a custom timeline using the + icon. You can share your timeline with others Click this for a host of options such as moving your column left- right or filtering users in or out Drag tweets into it Shortcuts Find these in the cog icon at the bottom of your Tweetdeck toolbar Final thoughts: A Twitter listicle 1. Tweets with photos get x4 more engagement. Include links to online stories if tweeting pages 2. X-posting job ads on Twitter and LinkedIn sees reach quadrupled 3. Use .@username for all followers to see your tweet 4. When you tweet about your work, invite feedback 5. Don’t stay silent in the face of criticism* 6. If you’re going to x-post, consider Twitter-LinkedIn rather than Twitter-Facebook 7. Set and save searches and lists; display them in Tweetdeck columns 8. Repeat yourself; you’ll hit a different audience with your tweet eg “Reposting for the morning crowd” 9. This # is a hashtag - a clickable link to other themed content. Eg. #journorequest #donthashtageverythingitdrivespeoplenuts 10. If you have a ‘Twitter newspaper’ (eg that links to Twitter, KILL IT WITH FIRE 11. Your bio: Name, job title, some interests. ‘Views Own’ disclaimers are a waste of space 12. o_O = surprise, 1/2 = tweet to continue in another message, *around words* = emphasis or stage directions, ST = subtweet 13. YOLO = irony (at best). Avoid at all costs 14. Subt-tweeting is (usually) criticising someone without using their Twitter handle. Often considered bad form * Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference — Mark Twain


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