How to be an Appy person in the classroom!

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How to be an Appy person in the classroom!. To discover new ways of using mobile devices and or programmes effectively in the classroom. Socrative app. Student response system at the palm of your hand! App store: Socrative student and teacher. Variation of response system Infuse learning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to be an Appy person in the classroom!To discover new ways of using mobile devices and or programmes effectively in the classroomSocrative appStudent response system at the palm of your hand!App store: Socrative studentand teacherVariation of response systemInfuse learningInfuse learning is interactive and can take many forms from drawing to quizzesFind it at teacherinfuselearning.comAudioboo is a great way to get your students talking! MFL, English, Drama or any other subject that may need students to explain their learning.Some examples- Mia and Caitlyn give a demo!Songify turns speech into music, automatically! Just speak into your device, and Songify will turn your speech into a song.Screencasting:Doceri and ScreenChomp are two fantastic free apps that students can use in small groups. Suggested use: Have a team solve a math word problem and document the steps theyve taken to find their answer. Students can each take on a role (as speaker, writer, timekeeper, director) or each model a different part of the problem. These tutorials can be shared with the whole class or included in digital portfolios. Differentiate the task by having students work on problems at their level or in a mixed ability group. These screencasts can be used as a form of assessment to see if students can explain their thinking and work collaboratively.Class DojoBehaviour Management software"ClassDojo makes it easy to keep my students alert and on-task Jot it down!What? You dont have your planner! Well lets just give you a 60 min! Using Jot it down! Can work as a planner, a whiteboard and reminder.Upload to Twitter, share via email, or share in lesson to each otherTeleprompter:Students can practice choral reading to build fluency using the iPrompt iPad app. Choose a famous text or one you and your students have written and cut and paste it into the app. Change the font size and speed of delivery to meet the needs of your students. Have students read in unison or act as a timekeeper for another. Its a great way to connect to the Speaking and Listening in any language.