How to Build Better Online Market Research Communities for Co-creation

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In co-creation, the principles of building online market research communities still apply, but we have to select and engage members in the right waysnamely, by asking them to go beyond describing their experiences to create for clients.


  • 1. Engaging Online Community Members: Moving Beyond Conversation to Co-creation Linda Ury Greenberg, Columbia University Kevin Lonnie, KL Communications Sean Holbert, KL Communications June 22, 2014
  • 2. Focus Groups Online Forums/ Live chat Online Panels MROCs Co-creation Communities
  • 3. Its getting cheaper and cheaper for users to innovate on their own. This is not traditional market research asking customers what they want. This is identifying what your users are already doing and understanding what their innovations mean for the future of your business. - Eric von Hippel, Professor at MIT
  • 4. Ideation
  • 5. Collaboration
  • 6. Questions? Create with customers, not just for them Sean Holbert EVP, Business Development KL Communications Kevin Lonnie President KL Communications Linda Ury Greenberg Director of Marketing Research Columbia University