How to get noticed on twitter

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1. How to Get Noticed on TwitterAre you wondering why others have plenty of followers on Twitter while you dont?The first thing that you need to realize is that Twitter works on the general notion thatif you follow a Twitter user, they will do the same. It is like a chain reaction resulting inan increase of followers. Understanding how it works and the subsequent tips willhelp you achieve this goal.Make your account look genuine by having a professional-looking picture much thesame way as that of your LinkedIn photo. A graphic-header will augment youraccounts authenticity ? just ensure that it blends well with an excellent Twitterbackground.Show off your biography; however, make it brief and concise. Highlight on your skillsand your area of expertise. Include your exact location and website.Stick to your area of proficiency. If your skill is blogging, then stick to it. Do notattempt to touch on subjects that you have little know-how.Make your Tweets interesting to people. Stimulating tweets are very effective ongetting responses. Create tweets that contain links that support them. It does notmatter if they are directed to your blog. 2. Always incorporate hashtags. Participate in chats that trend on Twitter.Give your comments ensuring that it will trigger a response. Incorporatehashtags for casual posts to prompt action from people.Follow valid tweets like confirmed accounts (with a blue ?mark) and thosewho are known in your field of skill. These accounts maintain the ?follow-me-follow-you chain and give you the assurance to gain followers.Likewise, these will engage you to join the ensuing reactions on topics thatyou know.Answer and compliment tweets. Thank in public those that retweet you andmake encouraging comments on their site. Ensure to respond to privatemessages.Be active on tweeting. Twitter does not limit you on the number of yourtweets so long as they are sensible. Stimulate blog readers to follow you byhaving the ?Follow Me on Twitter button each time you post a new blog.You can learn more about seo company sydney, social media marketingbrisbane and social media consultant, by visiting -