How to optimize your website for mobile devices and multiple browsers

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Fred B. Dilkes Executive Vice PresidentWebsite OptimizationFor The Holiday Season

Todays Agenda3rd party monitoringInstant alertsPeace of mind

More complexEver expanding technologyMore ways to failThe contemporary websiteExternal website monitoring to the rescue

Multi-browser monitoringMobile monitoringThe proactive approach

Websites are more complex and have more technology than ever.Mobile phones now make up 50% of users on most sites

Many moving parts: more opportunity for failuresMultiple browsers and versions of browsersThird party products, CDNs, analytics, social media, hosting


VersatilityHow well does your website run in different browsers and their different versions? How does your website work on different mobile devices and screen sizes?

Availability and performanceIs poor performance causing reduced traffic and engagement?Is your website's poor performance reducing your relevancy while driving customers to your competitors?User experienceAre my end users affected by poor web application performance?How do you know your true end user experience on your website?Is your companies reputation being negatively affected by a poor performing website?Do you want to get more traffic and visitors to your website?Is your website helping you stay relevant and ahead of your competitors?

Problem Statements.

Importance of your website running perfectly.

If any page on your website takes more than 1.5-2 seconds to render, you will lose a significant number of visitors.Poor performance of e-commerce websites in Microsoft Bing decreases revenue by up to 4.3%If any page on your website takes more than 1.5 to 2 seconds to render, you lose a significant number of visitors.40% of users will abandon a site if the page load time is over three seconds.

Bullet 4:

The impact of poor performance.Lost reputation - Online affects offline too

Failure to collect new leads

Loss of sales for revenue generating and ecommerce sites

Negative effect on search engine page rank

Lose user registrations and leads

Your website might be causing you to lose business to your competitors

This is Uptrends.Uptrends provides 25,000 users with the ability to monitor uptime and true end user experience on their websites. Weve been doing that since 2007.We have two offices in the United States, as well as offices in The Netherlands, Germany and France.

Since 2007

25,000 users

Transaction Monitoring

Replicate your users shopping experiences and multi-step processes.Full Page Check Monitoring

Verify your websites performance at the page element level.Multi Browser Monitoring

Native in IE and Chrome. Know your true end user experience!Mobile Website Monitoring

50% of all visitors visit sites using a smartphone.

Possible uptime threats.

Your hosting / cloud provider goes down

Your provider or website is attacked

Your credit card transaction in step 3 of your shopping cart goes down

The login to your customer portal stops functioning

Your database server crashes

Website load times increase unexpectedly

With Uptrends you are the first to know not your customers!Do you know if your website is up and operational?

Monitor your website from where your users are located.We have one of the biggest checkpoint networks in the industry: 158 checkpoints (and counting).

E-mailSMS/text messagesVoice/phone alertsPush notificationsIntegrations with Slack and PagerDutyFree Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Many ways to get alerted.

Get detailed info about your webpage elements.

We were able to improve our website load speed by almost 5 seconds. Jason Weiler, All-Wall President

Keep a close eye on your websites interactions.

A few of our amazing customers.

Monitoring your websites externally outside your firewallInspect the health of your website vs. not knowing if your site has problems Know about errors and problems on your website before your customersMake sure that your website is supporting a positive company reputationStay ahead of your competition with the best website in your marketBe confident and constantly monitor how your site runs in multiple browsers and mobile devices

Let Uptrends help you get in shape for the holidays.

10 pre-holiday season tipsNow:Choose the right hosting provider; consider dedicated hosting in multiple locationsUse the waterfall report to improve your websites and locate slow third party elements (remove/optimize), images or code (compress!)Set up transactions on critical parts of your web applicationEnable mobile monitoring to ensure your site is mobile friendlyMake sure the right people get alerted when issues occurCreate a Public Status Page to inform your customers of any outages

During:Monitor and identify slow load times or web application errors using waterfalls and screenshots When issues do occur, respond quickly to customer concerns and be transparent

After:Analyze and learn!Embrace continuous optimizations keep monitoring

We offer a free 30-day trial. Please go to to learn how Uptrends can help you proactively improve your website.

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