How to use google docs and acrobat 9 to edit papers

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How to:How to:Edit Papers, be helpful, and use technology.How to use:Adobe Acrobat: Receiving the fileOnce you have written your paper in Microsoft word, Go To:FileSave AsWhen the save box comes up, save as PDF file.Send to your groupmates via e-mail.When you receive your groupmates file, open it, and it will open in Adobe Acrobat 9.How to use:Adobe Acrobat: editing the fileRead over your groupmates papers looking for errors.As you find them go to commentThen to comment and mark upsChoose your toolYou can use Sticky notes, highlighters, or call out boxesClick your chosen tool, click where you want to commentAnd type in your corrections/comments.3How to use:Adobe acrobat: sending the file backWhen youre finished editing, you need to save your file as a new file.Go to your email, and click new.Once youve typed in the desired email, click attach (Usually a paperclip) Search for the title of your fileClick it and finallySEND!!!!!!!!!! :DHow to use:Google docsYou must have a gmail account. This is a simple email account Im sure most of you have. You can copy and paste your paper directly from word to google docs. Once in google docs, click new then paste your paper.Or you can upload it directly from your computer! By going to upload and selecting your fileShare your paper with your group members! And MAKE SURE you share it with ME!!!!!!Go to share then share with others and enter their gmail email and send it.How to USE:GOOGLE DOCSWhats next?When all three people are done editing your paper. You can download it as a word document and print, or you can copy and paste directly to word. Finally turn your paper in through! As well as printing out a hard copy for me! Have fun!