How to Use Media Master to record your voice in the ESL Lab By Marsha Chan.

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  • How to Use Media Masterto record your voice in the ESL LabBy Marsha Chan

  • What do I record?Your instructor will give you a speaking task. There are many types of speaking tasks. On the next slide are a few examples.

  • Which equipment should I check?

  • Speaking tasksRead the words and sentences on paper or on screen.Answer the questions on paper or on screen.Answer the questions that you hear in your earphones. (Your instructor may speak to you or play a sound file from CD or the web.)

  • Speaking tasks, continuedTalk about a picture.Read about a situation, and respond with an extended answer.Give a prepared speech about a certain topic.Record a dialog or discussion with a partner.

  • How do I record my voice?To record your voice, you will use the software called Media Master. To start Media Master, your instructor may choose one of two ways:1.Teach you how to start Media Master on your own computer.2.Start Media Master remotely on your computer from the instructors computer.

  • How do I log into Media Master?Type your name and task name.Click OK.Mary Smith practice 1

  • How do I start recording?2. Speak into the microphone - loudly and clearly.The time will increase.1. Click the green RECORD button.

  • How do I stop recording?3. Click the red STOP button.5. Click the Yes button..4. Click the Save & End button.

  • Where does my sound file go?Your sound file gets saved into the Temp folder on the hard drive. This is a temporary folder to store student files.You may copy it to your floppy disk.The file is deleted when the computer is powered off.

  • How can I find my sound file?Find the shortcut to Temp on your desktop.Double-click it to open the folder.

  • How can I open my sound file?Inside the folder, find a file with your name on it.Double-click your sound file.

  • How can I listen to my sound file?In the ESL Lab, Windows Media Player launches.

    Stop. Play and Pause.Go to the Beginning. Go to the end. File nameClick the buttons.Click the X to close the file.

  • Good files - bad filesIn the Temp folder, if there are files that you dont want, right-click them and select DELETE. They will disappear from the Temp folder.Your instructor will collect only the good file(s).Delete

  • Lets practice!Launch Media Master, ORWait until your instructor launches Media Master for you.Look at the directions on the BIG SCREEN.

  • Log into Media Master. Type First name Last name practice. Example: Mary Smith practice

  • Click the green RECORD button. Speak clearly.Hello. My name is ________ ________.This is a practice test. I am calm.Im not nervous.

    I am happy.Im not sad.I am smart.I can speak English very well!

  • Click the red STOP button.Click the SAVE and close button.Find your file in the Temp folder.Listen to it in Windows Media Player.WMP

  • This is the end of the practice test.Please close Windows Media Player.

    The real test follows.


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