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HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTIONScott Klemmerwww.hci-class.orgHumanComputerInteractionHumanComputerInteractionHumanComputerInteractionHumanComputerInteractionDesignImplementationEvaluationGood DesignBad Design costs lives, money, & timeDo the calculation.The Joy of Good DesignPretty good is pretty easyIll show you howDesign for PeoplePeoples tasks, goals, and values drive developmentWork with users throughout the processAssess decisions from the vantage point of users, their work, and their environmentPay attention to peoples abilities and situationTalk to the actual experts12To learn more...HCI ClassesDon Norman, The Design of Everyday ThingsAnnual ACM CHI ConferenceTHE BIRTH OF HCIScott Klemmerwww.hci-class.org1Image Courtesy of Wikipedia: Courtesy of Wikipedia: 5 Graphical User Interface8Courtesy of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington Massachusetts Mouse and Hypertext910Doug Engelbart. Video Courtesy of SRI International11Image Courtesy of Wikipedia: Alan Kay12The best way to predict the future is to invent it131415The Long Nose of Innovation (Buxton)To learn more about this history...Fred Turner, From Counterculture to CybercultureJohn Markoff, What the Dormouse SaidBill Buxton, Sketching User ExperiencesJohnny Lee, Interface Technologies That Have Not Yet Left The Lab17EVALUATING DESIGNSmotivation and menuScott Klemmerwww.hci-class.orgHow can we measure success?How do we know?2Why Evaluate Designs with People?3What are some things you might want to learn about an interface?How would you find them out?4Different Methods Achieve Different Goals5Some Examples...Usability Studies6formalinformalSurveys & Focus Groups7 from ExpertsComparative ExperimentsJoel Brandt et al., comparing Community Help and Blueprint 9Participant Observatione.g., Sutton & Hargadon, brainstorming groupsSimulation & Formal Modelscourtesy Peter Pirollicourtesy Shumin Zhai11Issues to ConsiderReliability/PrecisionGeneralizabilityRealismComparisonWork Involved12What do you want to learn?13THE POWER OF PROTOTYPINGScott Klemmerwww.hci-class.org15Prototyping Grounds Communication2Images Courtesy Bjoern HartmannImage Courtesy IDEO 3Prototyping is a strategy for efficiently dealing with things that are hard to predict4Focus on GoalsEvolve the Designs5inspired by Buxton, Sketching User Experiencesbeginning endtimeSANTA CLARA, California -- People thought Jeff Hawkins was crazy when they saw him taking notes, checking appointments, and synchronizing a small block of wood with his PC, pretending all the while that the block was a handheld computer. If I wanted to check the calendar I'd take it out and press the wooden button.Source: The Philosophy of the Handheld. Wired Magazine, October 1999. 7Image Courtesy rights of a prototypeShould not be required tobe completeShould be easy to changeGets to retire8What Do Prototypes Prototype?FeelImplementationRoleHoude & HillWhat might it look like?What might it work like?What might the experience be like?TIMELEARNING /COMMUNICATION1011image source still unclear - we are searching for another oneThe best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.-Linus Pauling12Image Courtesy Wikipedia: Courtesy IDEO 13Rapid Prototyping as Simulated AnnealingAlternative OptionsQualityCost of change over time?CostTimePhysical ProductsShipped SoftwareSoftware as a ServicePrototypesAre questionsAsk lots of themFurther ReadingBill Buxton, Sketching User Experiences


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