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The Power of Connection ICPC 2012 ATS Class E9 Media Support for the Proactive Chaplain Dan Cooper & Chaplain Mike Dismore Central Oregon Police Chaplaincy. Importance of a website. Does it work for you? Shares your culture Connects you to people A major resource How it should be used. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Importance of a websiteThe Power of ConnectionICPC 2012 ATS Class E9Media Support for the Proactive ChaplainDan Cooper & Chaplain Mike DismoreCentral Oregon Police ChaplaincyImportance of a website Does it work for you? Shares your culture Connects you to people A major resource How it should be usedA website works for youA website is like having a street address. It says: Where we areWho we areWhat we have to offer youOpen 24/7 and always available.Is able to provide information to people who are in need when youre not available.Shares your cultureYour website should reflect and explain your culture. People should be able to go to your website and instantly recognize you and what you do.Creates a welcoming and friendly presence before meeting in person.Connects you to peopleKeeps people updated with whats going on.Allows people to find you and contact you.Reach a few or thousands with newsletters & emails.Share success stories and inspire people.A website is a major resourceProvides downloadable documentation to people who are in need.Has the ability to securely receive donations and create fundraisers.Links chaplains to other chaplains and chaplaincies, to other agencies and departments.How to use your websiteKeep content fresh and updated weekly or at a minimum monthly.BlogNewsEventsVideo or audioKeep everything clean and neat so things are easy to find. Clutter will turn people away.Can a website enhance effectiveness of a chaplain and chaplaincy program? You betcha. Your chaplaincy is busy taking care of people, building relationships, serving agencies, training for the future How do you create an engaging website presence?A comprehensive and customizable website is a strategic tool to help you build and maintain your chaplaincy and communicate whats important for your chaplaincy and communityA great website will include credible, original content. The information will be timely, kept up to date and well edited. Keep your design creative. Include media galleries of video, pictures, and audio. You might include a blog site or social networking accounts, and others.10 Reasons Chaplains Should Have A WebsiteCredibilityContactConvenienceContentContinued Training and EducationChangeCreativityCommunityCultureComplimentInnovation: Chaplaincy Websites That Work For YouThe International Conference of Police Chaplains National Office, ICPC NW Region #2, Central Oregon Police Chaplaincy and many other chaplaincy services use Church Web Works for their web design.Customizable DesignsChoose from a large library of customizable content wedges and page elements to develop your own look and feel for your website! Choose from pre-selected image sets, design styles and animations to get started and then personalize your site design as your membership grows!13Social Networking IntegrationSocial networking wedges allow you to easily integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts. Now even videos can be shared with the click of a button and each of your website pages can be connected to social networks at your command.14Newly Designed Media CenterCreate media galleries with video, audio, and photos! Create a high quality viewer experience directly on your website. An easy uploading tool allows you to quickly upload large amounts of media content with simple drag and drop usability.15Event RegistrationHolding conferences, dinners and camps? Now enjoy the convenience of building your own on-line event registration with optional credit card processing! The set up is fully automated so anyone can create an on-line form using the powerful yet truly simple form building engine. Assign the form to a calendar event and make registration even easier!16Search Engine OptimizationEasily set the keywords and tags that search engines look for so your website is always optimized to achieve the best search rankings possible. Through installing Google Analytics you can see how many people are visiting your site, how long they are interacting with your content, & where they came from.17Online GivingREPORTStatistics say giving increases when you add online giving to your website. The simple setup means you can be up and going quickly without any kind of programming. Now you can have people contribute to your ministries with their debit or credit card.18Unlimited PagesDont worry about how much you want to communicate, you have no limit to the number of pages and at no extra cost! Whether you only need 10 or perhaps 210 pages to describe your ministries, you can have it!19BlastBox Communication EngineThe built-in communications engine allows you to easily send newsletters and e-mail blasts to multiple mailing lists with the click of a button. You can even include automated content from news, events, blog, etc.20Full Mobile Device FunctionalityAll websites on the Church Web Works software are viewable on mobile devices (iPhone, Droid, iPad, etc), so your community can interact with your website any time and from anywhere!21Excellent Customer ServiceHelping you create a website you can be proud of is the top priority with Church Web Works. Initially, you might enjoy going through a no-obligation demo with one of our sales team members. Church Web Works clients can take advantage of 4 avenues of technical support (help desk, e-mail support, video tutorials, and even live tech support a rarity today).22Our Sample SitesSample Chaplain SitesA Tour of the ICPC NW WebsiteConclusionWe have an amazing resource that can meet your website needs.Free 30 Day TrialChaplain special $19.95 / moQ&AChaplain Mike DismoreCentral Oregon Police Chaplaincypastordiz@juno.com541-788-3364www.copchaplain.comDan CooperChurch Web