In Focus I&R Excellence. Roadmap to Resources Creating Effective Community Directories.

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In Focus I&R Excellence Slide 2 Roadmap to Resources Creating Effective Community Directories Slide 3 What are your expectations? Slide 4 Why do a directory? Directory Slide 5 Who is your target audience? Directory Slide 6 Who will pay for it? Directory Slide 7 How will you promote and distribute it? Directory Slide 8 What about format? Directory Slide 9 How often do you publish? Directory Slide 10 How comprehensive? Directory Slide 11 Factors regarding audience? Audience Slide 12 Cost/Benefit Analysis Slide 13 Survey Cost/Benefit Slide 14 Collaboration Cost/Benefit Slide 15 Value Added Slide 16 Formatting / Printing Issues to consider Slide 17 Importance of Indexing What is an index? Slide 18 Importance of Indexing How should the index be organized? Slide 19 Indexing Resources A reference or teaching book is only as good as its index. -- Julia Child American Society for Indexing Indexing for Good Slide 20 Contacts Martha Love Special Projects Coordinator, 2-1-1 CRS & Volunteer Coordinator Springfield-Greene County Library District PO Box 760 Springfield, MO 65801 (417) 616-0580 Audrey May LINC/211 Public Services Supervisor Memphis Public Library & Information Center 3030 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 415-2718