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  • The ProblemEveryday people in the US and abroad have given up to 37.6 Billion dollars in the form of Aid relief and we have yet to see any measurable results

    Additionally, over 500,000 individuals all over the world have given as little as 25$ to fund microloans through sites such as Kiva, Microplace, DonorsChoose and Opportunity International and still see low measures of impact

    We need a form of giving that can be impactful and accountable

  • The Solution: InVenture

  • InVenture is a 2 Part Platform:

    InVenture Fund is a micro venture capital.We work with local microfinance institutions (MFIs) & organizations (NGOs) to connect small business owners to debt & interest free sources of financial and knowledge capital

    2. is our website where we allow YOU to become an Inventure Investor and purchase equity in the companies we invest inOur transparent platform allows you to choose from several different individuals; detailed reports on our businesses and entrepreneurs will help you make your decision.

    What is InVenture

  • Our ProcessSelection: We partner with local MFIs and NGOs to find local businesses with the highest potential

    Education: We work with the businesses to develop a business plan and provide financial training.

    Funding: Inventure Fund purchases a set amount of equity which immediately becomes available for purchase on

    ReInVestment: After a business becomes profitable, 7% of the profits are returned to Inventure Fund & our InVestors and 5% is invested by the business into their community

  • Current PilotsASSCOD/ Green MicrofinanceTamil Nadu, IndiaProject MusoBamako, Mali

    ProductsFood ServicesAgricultural ProductsAgricultural Products Raw materials (bricks, cement0Hand-made goods TextilesCurrent Investments Palm Oil Corn & Cassava Milk Brick Cement BogolanCommunity Re-Investment Tuition payments for girls education Bed Nets Funding for literacy Vocational training Funding for health clinic

  • InVest in SustainabilityInVenture is a non-profit with a revenue model that will allow us to achieve sustainability

    Three Forms of RevenueInVenture receives 7% profit above our initial investment from each business we invest in.

    InVenture charges a 3% user fee on each investment transaction on

    InVestor profits can be reinvested back into InVenture

  • InVest in Us! Lisa Kant Head of Operations and Network strategy background in entertainment, marketing, web start-ups, MBA from University of Chicago expected 2012

    Lauren Pruneski Head of Communications, MFA from Michigan University

    Saleh Nasir Head of Strategy and Web Development, BA in Computer Science, Math, Physics from Wesleyan University

  • Thank You! For more information:

    Website: Twitter: @inventurefund.orgEmail: