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Informal letter

by hyuniky





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200 Geddese Avenue, Kitwe 29 February 2011 Dear Andrea, How are you there? I hope you are doing okay. I ve been up to my study right now, that s why I was unable to reply your letter last month. I m sorry about you grandma s death last month, I know it s hard for you to cooperate with this situation but still life must go on. I m sure if you re grandma is still alive, she wouldn t want you to be like this. As your friend, my responsibility is to make sure that you won t give up with your lives; your mum told me that since your grandma s death, your health began to deteriorate. Please Andrea, don t be like this, and think about your grandma s feeling. This summer I will visit you and we shall have a fun. In this letter, I want to tell you about an interesting legend. I heard this legend from my grandma; she told me why the Chinese think that they are the first person to send people on the moon. I was pulled by this question and began to make a research about it. I was really delighted as I finally come to the conclusion behind the legend and its connection with Moon Cake Festival or also known as Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon Cake Festival is dating back over 3,000 years ago in China during the dynasty of Shang. It is celebrated on 15th day of the eighth month in Chinese calendar. Long ago there was a very wicked and merciless emperor named Houyi. The earth was once had ten sun circling over it; each took turn to illuminate to the earth. One day all the ten sun appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. However, the earth was saved by the emperor Houyi. He succeeded in shooting down nine of the sun. One day Houyi steal the elixir of life from a goddess to gain immortality andto seek more power. However, the kind-hearted empress discovered his husband wicked intention and decided to drink the elixir of life in order to save the people from her husband s tyrannical rule. After drinking it, she found herself floating and flew to the moon because it is the nearest to the earth. All the offering cakes are present to her as a remembrance for her sacrifice. Moon cake comes in several of color, shape and size. Traditional moon cakes were filled with lotus seed paste and egg yolk. Today, the filling in moon cake can be varying. The Chinese spent lot of money during the moon cake festival; this is because usually they purchased the cake in a lot to give it to their families, friends and co-workers. Sometimes the Chinese plan a family reunion dinner or barbecue on the evening of the full moon. The full moon is thought to symbolize reunion, so it is good opportunity to bring families back together. One of the most important things the Chinese usually do is carrying a Moon Cake Festival lantern while walking and viewing the moon. During that time, they may stare at the full moon for a very long time while thinking about their relative who may be at distance. To think about the legend, it was really a bit sad but personally I was proud by the braveness of the empress as she willingly sacrifices herself to save her people. Hey Andrea, I think we should celebrate Moon Cake Festival this year as a remembrance for the empress. I just want to experience it for a once. According to the Gregorian calendar; the calendar we usually use. Moon Cake Festival will fall on September 12th. I can t wait for that day to come. If you miss me we can Skype or chatting in internet. Technologies connect us together. Take care of yourself. Your cousin, Fikry
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