Information Sharing and State Coordination-Maryland Julie Ann P. Casani, MD, MPH Director, OPHPR MD DHMH.

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Information Sharing and State Coordination-Maryland Julie Ann P. Casani, MD, MPHDirector, OPHPRMD DHMHInformation SharingWhoWhatHowInformation SharingWhoWhatHowInformation SharingWhoWhatHowNon-alert, Routine CommunicationsBioterrorism BulletinMSP Intelligence BriefHospital-Public Health Conference CallsIncident Driven CommunicationsFREDText messagingOPHPR alerts/updatesConference callsBlast faxBlast e-mailsFRED AccessEMRC/ SYSCOMDHMHMEMAMIEMSSMHAHospitalsPsychiatric FacilitiesDispatch CentersLocal EMAsLocal Health DeptsField EMS / Command UnitsOut of State PartnersPoison CenterState PoliceUSPHSNursing HomesCommunity Health ClinicsFuture Plans for FREDDISASTER MANAGEMENT INTEROPERABILITY SERVICES(DMIS)Frederick County Blue EM Apps.RegionalNCRCOG/BMC EMApps.MarylandEMApplicationOther StateEMApplicationsFederal EMApplications EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT MAPPING APPLICATION (EMMA) FrederickCo. GISHealthPublicSchoolsFire/EMSLawEnforce-mentPublicWorksTransitMIEMSS/CHATMSP/MCACDHMHMDOT/CHARTMGSMIEMSS/FREDDLLRMIEMSS/ EMAISMIEMSS/TRIAGEMDP/PROPERTYVIEWMSP/MVERSMDELocalRegionalStateNationalGeodata.govRegionalPlanning and CommunicationsNational Capitol RegionMetropolitan Washington Council of GovernmentsRegional Planning and CommunicationsMid-Atlantic PH Regional WorkgroupThese are some of the agencies who currently are registered users. These can be easily added or deleted as necessary. Everyone is assigned a password and all transmissions are encrypted.When the participants in FRED receive the information they will hear an Irritating audible signal and a screen similar to this one will appear on their computerThey would then click the areas to which they are directedThere are a series of entry sheets where users can quickly enter the requested info This is the ED Availability entry Screen mentioned in the initial alertthe information entered is transferred to a central database instantaneouslyThere are several other spreadsheetsWe are continually enhancing the FRED System2.0 is due to be delivered to MIEMSS on FridayIt will . . . With Federal Funding we hope to link several of the operational data bases we have at MIEMSSAdd Triage Tag pic and Chats Screen Shot


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