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INSPIRATION FROM OTHERSIDEAS FOR YOUR SERVICEDESIGNCHALLENGEDESIGNREQUIREMENTINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEINSPIRATIONALEXAMPLEDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTDESIGNREQUIREMENTCombine the best properties from the examples into solution ideas for your future service.Find inspiration by looking at how others fulfil requirements.Write the design challenge (or a part of it) in the middle of the poster.For each requirement look for aninspirational example. Write theseexamples down on post-its andattach them to the poster.Put the 8 most importantdesign requirements in theboxes around the middle.Think about what makes this example so good.The 8 most important characteristics of eachexample are pasted onto the poster aroundthe example.