International Kite Festival Ahmedabad 09-13, Jan 2010

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International Kite Festival Ahmedabad 09-13, Jan 2010. Venue Sabarmati, River Front, Ahmedabad. Welcome Its Kite Festival 2010. 100 + Kites strung together. A Kite with a Hole. Shapes and Tails. Up goes the Para-Kite. Monster - Kite. Brasil 2014 FIFA Kite. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


International Kite FestivalAhmedabad 09-13, Jan 2010Venue Sabarmati, River Front, AhmedabadWelcome Its Kite Festival 2010100 + Kites strung togetherA Kite with a HoleShapes and TailsUp goes the Para-KiteMonster - KiteBrasil 2014 FIFA KiteInternational Competetors from around the GlobeFind Einstein & Merlin Munro?Find them Now? On the Kite friend... All eyes in the sky.A Kite flyer is Never too OldUp Goes the Real KiteGetting Ready, on GroundUp in the SkyTaking lessons from Ol handsSome Hands-on Practice..andAction, Lights, Camera.. The Expert is Ready to give lessons, Press in the waitingHollandSouth KoreaSome BIG OnesBIG OneGulps the Small onesThe Stinger goes upHere Eagles DareHo..Smallies run for coverSharks in the Sky tooDancing Dudes? Check em outThe Dudes do synchronised kite movementsOn the Ground and in the Sky tooCheck them out on GroundHORIZONTAL VERTICALDEMONS FOR GOOD LUCK SAVE NATURETHIS SUN JUST FELL FROM SKYREADY FOR TAKE OFF WITH THE KITESKite Shapes to Match the crowdTHIS ONE IS A SPIN-OFFSome Kite Accessoriesin Gold?Some Vintage Kite CollectionAs old as 1899 (See inset)Kites all around Sky, Land and Water too.THANX HOPE U ENJOYED ITPhotographyNSS & JPPresentationBy-eCapt. J Pant


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