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+Introduction to Personal Branding Online Rebecca Peel @rebeccaapeelrebeccaapeel@gmail.comWhile we wait to get started, check out whos in the room! Tweet the below template, then search the #mfriday hashtag and see who else is here!Just arrived at #mfriday Introduction to Personal Branding Online seminar with @rebeccaapeel at #knust cc @mfridays+Agenda Intro to Personal Branding EmailGravatar Blogs/ WordpressAbout Me Social Networks Feedback/ Questions2+Why Build Your Personal Brand Personal Branding is not a professional focus area for me. I do it because its an increasingly important part of marketing and public relations and employers expect (demand) it. Having a fluid personal brand and a strong social media presence can make the difference between getting a job or losing out to another candidate. The network you build and engage with becomes increasingly more important for people following an entrepreneurial, marketing, PR, or thought leadership career path. In the future, personal branding will continue to become more and more important.3+Online Personal Branding Bottom Line What you say online, stays online. Social media and the social web demand transparency. The conversations you have on one social network will follow you to another social network. Your social interactions will become your professional interactions.Bottom Line You need to be transparent in your interactions across the web and be strategic about what information you share on which social channels.4+What is your personal brand? What is your promise? What are you interested in & passionate about? Are you a professional, a change agent, an angry football fan etc? Can you be an angry football fan and a mobile entrepreneur? Which social networks will you leverage to relay your brand and what parts of your brand are relevant to which social networks? Can you be an angry football fan on Facebook but not on Linkedinor Twitter? And how angry of a football fan can you be? What type of language do you use, abbreviations, jargon social slang? Can you use heavily abbreviated slang jargon with profanity if youre angry about the football game?5+Email Sell it in your signature6+Gravatar Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site, appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. A Gravatar will help people identify your posts on blogs and web Wordpress8You dont really have time to write, or want to write, but you want to have a blog? Me www.aboutme.com9Your name, your social networks, your websites, your branding..+Social NetworksFacebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter/Youtube/ Flickr/ You dont need to be on all of the social networks. When selecting networks choose the networks that you enjoy interacting on and think about where your audience and future network are interacting. After you choose your social networks consider which part of your brand you will highlight and promote on which network. The Chelsea United supporter might post comments about the game on facebook but not on Linkedin. Multiple accounts for the same social network for different purposes. If you really want to tweet about the football game but still be respected as a social entrepreneur (#socent) on twitter you will need to create two separate handles.10+Facebook What do you want to use Facebook for? Facebook is a diverse social network that can be used for multiple purposes: Interacting with friends, sharing photos and organizing events. Marketing and advertising. Recruiting and staffing. Social movement building and activism. Facebook is the most likely social network to get you into trouble. Be aware of your security settings and preferences. Be aware of your friend list. Whos on it? Coworkers, employers etc. Bottom line: No matter how secure your settings are ,what you post is not Build your profile. Tagline, picture, summary, work history, education, key skills. Recommendations Connections Marketing Hints & Tips: Reverse stalking, views, groups+Twitter 60% of people who sign up to twitter stop using it within the first monthWhy?They start an account thinking it will be an easy and free marketing platform wrong!They sign up to tweet what they ate for breakfast and are confused that nobody cares.You choose your content. If you follow @ladygagga, twitter will be the useless minutiae yammering youve heard Few Reasons To Tweet Interactive, real time, news sourceLinks and resource sharingShort and concise informationGet the inside scoop on a story or articleAsk questions get answersAccess to thought leaders, politicians, etc.Conversations and debate with like-minded peoplePolitical and social activism #socialgoodYou dont need to tweet to use twitter14+Creating Your Twitter HandleKeep your handle name as short as possible, consider the implications of including your middle initial before you do it. Profile pictures Nobody follows back the eggBio Your interest & what youll talk aboutNavigating your basic twitter dashboardThemes and customization15+#HashTagsUnique and independent search querySubjectEventWhen to use hash tagsTrendingStrategic hash tags, seeding, diversifying16+Lists Where and what are they? Creating a list and listing people Using lists to find great people to follow Where to find great lists third party sites How to get listed Using lists to get noticed+Conversations @rebeccaapeel What does @ mean and how do I use it? Conversationalists Shout outs Via MT DM+ReTweets What does a Retweet (RT) mean? When should I Retweet? Old school Retweet vs RT with edit Thanks for the RT+TwittequetThanks for the followThanks for the mentionThanks for the RTThanks for the listingHow to make friends and build strategic relationships20+Managing Your Social Profiles Keep an excel document with all your social profiles and their passwords. Use a dashboard to manage your content and post to multiple social profiles at the same time.www.hootsuite.com21+The function of the dashboard 22+Adding your social profiles23+Loading your social profiles24+Creating hyper links, uploading files.25+Pending tweets and bulk scheduling.26+Pending tweets and bulk scheduling.27+Setting up your search streams28+lists29+Farmerline in Dell Innovation Dell Innovation Challenge Details and Procedure 1. You must first of all register at the address below 2. You login into your email account and confirm registration 3. Go back to the Dell Innovation website and search for Farmerline in the search bar 4. Click and Vote and Follow the project 5. Spread the news on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet Example: Power @mFriday and #Ghanas Entry ,@farmerline in the Dell innovation Challenge by casting your vote now. #ICT4D @twitknust #kumasi30 Please send me your feedback in 140 characters or less or you can shoot me an email!