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ISKCON Inaugurates Motel Bhagavad-Gita ProjectBy Akruranatha Dasa for Dandavats on 6 Jun 2009On April 22-25, 2009, at a convention centerjust outside Washington, D.C., members of the AsianAmerican Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) met for theirannual national convention and trade show. Amid thebooths of vendors of furniture, ice machines, accountingsoftware, and just about everything else related to thehospitality industry, stood a booth of a different kind, inwhich a group of earnest volunteers passed out copies ofBhagavad-Gita and made a humble request to theassembled hotel and motel owners: Please let us providecopies of Bhagavad-Gita to place in your rooms alongsidethe Gideons Bibles.The volunteers were members of Pancajanya Project (, a branch of ISKCONdedicated to placing at least 1 million Bhagavad-Gitas in guest rooms across the U.S. and Canada. Bymaking these sacred books available to millions of travelers who might not otherwise buy or examinethem, not only the readers but everyone involved will be immensely benefitted.Wherever there is Krishna and Arjuna there is opulence, victory, power and morality, says VaisesikaDasa, president of ISKCONs Silicon Valley temple in San Jose, California, and visionary of thePancajanya Project. Whoever reads one verse, one line, or even touches one of these books will havean opportunity to achieve perfection in life and meet Lord Krishna face to face.The Project started when Dilip Patel, owner of Sea Breeze Motel in Pacifica, California, began placingGitas in his own rooms. A faithful devotee of Bhagavad-Gita and its universal message, even he wassurprised at the favorable reaction and comments he received from many of his non-Hindu guests.In April of 2008, Patel teamed up with Milan Doshi and began approaching other motel owners in theSan Francisco area. By 2009 they had placed Gitas in over 10,000 rooms in California, and the responsewas they got was tremendous. Meanwhile, on the other coast, Rohini Nandana of ISKCONs Bostontemple had been independently inspired to distribute Gitas to motel owners in his area.Something like 60% of the economy lodgings in the United States are now owned by Indian Americans,primarily Gujarati Patels, Rohini Nandana explains. This gives the owners a unique opportunity tospread the wisdom and glorious message of Krishna throughout the country. We are finding that manyof the owners we contact have been waiting for an organized effort such as this one and are showeringtheir blessings on this Project.Gitas have been supplied to motels of numerous chains including Days Inn, Econolodge, Comfort Inn,Quality Inn, Motel 6, Super 8 and many more. Guests at these motels frequently express their gratitudeand interest in the Bhagavad-Gitas provided in the rooms. Nilesh Patel, manager of a Super 8 inSacramento, California, writes: I often see guests coming in for breakfast with Bhagavad-Gita in handand reading it while they are in the lobby or in the reception room. It is satisfying to know that I havecontributed in spreading this knowledge.Taking a booth at the national AAHOA convention in April marked a concentrated effort by ISKCONsPancajanya Project to expand operations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The experience was veryencouraging. Convention organizers offered to support the Project in the future. Many motel ownersexpressed their happiness to see this Project developing. Over 12,000 confirmed orders were taken atthe convention, and contacts were made with owners who could potentially order twice that many in thenear future. Pancajanya Project plans to attend future national AAHOA conventions and also regionalconventions throughout the year, as well as meetings of other organizations.Several motel owners not only ordered books for their rooms, but offered to personally take Projectmembers to other friendly motels to encourage them to order as well. With orders for nearly 30,000books and counting, the goal of placing 1 million Bhagavad-Gitas seems quite realistic.Giving the opportunity to so many ordinary Americans to contact Lord Krishna in their motel rooms willISKCON NewsThe News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness SearchRSS: articles / commentsHome Inside ISKCON World News Opinion Announcements ISKCON Documents Archives About Us Contact UsSubmit!You are here: Home > Inside ISKCON > ISKCON Inaugurates Motel Bhagavad-Gita ProjectISKCON Inaugurates Motel Bhagavad-Gita Project | ISKCON... of 5 3/26/11 1:12 PMReader Comments:Namaskarah! Can U tell meSubmitted by sivaprasad on 9 July, 2009 - 07:27.Namaskarah!Can U tell me the significance and real meaning of santi parva of Mahabharata?replyPost new commentYour name: *E-mail: *The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.Homepage:Comment: *have profound positive effects, promoting cross-cultural understanding and spiritual awareness. Manywill respond like one California guest named Terrance, who wrote: I got my first Gita in a hotel roomand ever since I read the first verse my life has been ever-increasingly in Krishna consciousness. Life isa journey back to Krishna. Peace.Pancajanya Project organizers anticipate the need to accommodate exponential growth, as this appearsto truly be an idea whose time has come. We request all motel owners to not only place the Gitas butto also encourage friends and relatives to do so, says founding member Milan Doshi. We expect toorganize regional chapters to contact and meet the needs of motels in their local areas. Manyvolunteers are welcome.In addition, funds are needed to print and ship the books, and to supply advertising and promotionalmaterials. Many, but not all motel owners are contributing the cost of the Gitas for their own rooms.Many more are waiting to receive books when funds become available to pay the cost of publication andshipping.For more information or to help sponsor Bhagavad-gita distribution visit: www.MotelGita.orgRelated Stories: BBT Sales Rebound in 2010 Book Distribution - A Complete Form of Worship The Marathon Where Everyone's A Winner Hare Krishnas Can Be Barred From Soliciting at LAX Radhanath Swami Embarks on North American Book Tour USA: The World's Drug Addict Americas Largest ISKCON Community Welcomes Krishna Balarama Faith-Based Panel Submits Recommendations to White House Digg Reddit Facebook GoogleISKCON Inaugurates Motel Bhagavad-Gita Project | ISKCON... of 5 3/26/11 1:12 PMLines and paragraphs break automatically.Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.More information about formatting optionsPreview commentWould you like new articlesdelivered weekly to your inbox?Type your email address here.SubscribeCommenting is enabled for thisarticle. 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