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TuesdaySeptember 4, 2012Volume CXXXVIssue 1For those of you entering your first year at Embry-Riddle I want to congratulate you on selecting the worlds best aviation and aerospace university. Our beginning was at a time when aviation was neonatal and we literally grew up with the American aerospace industry. In fact, we are the oldest and largest aeronautical university in the world and have a long history of preparing profes-sionals to meet the needs of aerospace companies. We teach nearly every aspect of aviation, aerospace, engineering, busi-ness and related fields of study and are rapidly becoming the place where industry turns for research to find solutions to real world problems. For those who are returning students, you already know much about our great university. You are aware of the changes that are occurring and understand that Embry-Riddle is a dynamic institution, constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students and our industry. You have seen many of the new build-ings that have gone up over the past few years. We are very excited about the imminent construction of the College of Arts and Sciences Building and the plans for the new Student Center that call for construction to begin in the next year. I know that the new degree programs that have been developed have also been well-received by our students. The new degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and the research focusing on the develop-ment of autonomous systems are good examples. We are also very proud of the growth in the universitys first Ph.D. Degree Programs. In addition to doctoral pro-grams in Aviation, and Engineering Physics, plans are well underway for new Ph.D. offerings in Aerospace Engineering and Human Factors Psychology. As president of Embry-Riddle, I am very pleased with the extent of involvement of our students in the life of our university. Our students are frequently involved in research projects with mentoring faculty members. They are engaged in public service that helps to make our community a better place to live and work. Some are involved in helping people in other countries that may be in need of assistance. Faculty members and students who are helping to provide potable water to children in Haiti are a good example. This is a wonderful project. I refer to it as high tech-high touch. I have no doubt that this effort has saved countless lives. Some of the most successful people I know are those that get involved. I want to encourage you to focus your attention externally. Become a good university citizen. Participate in a club or project of interest. I can assure you that it will pay dividends. I know that you want to make good grades. I am for it. However, an important part of this process should be your focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your chosen discipline. About 1000 students each year partici-pate in internships as appropriate to their field. Many receive job offers as a result. I encourage you to consider this addition to your plan of study. Please know that we are here for you. We wish you every success in the coming year.Welcome Back from Dr. JohnsonDr. John JohnsonUniversity PresidentPRESIDENT JOHNSONS ACADEMIC CAREER spans 35 years and has also served as a provost, chief academic officer, college dean, and department chair before serving as the University President. His other schools include Texas A&M university-Texarkana, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Northern Kentucky University. Growing up the son of a career Army Office, Johnson lived abroad extensively. Outside of work, Johnson enjoys playing golf, boating, trav-eling, and flying.PHOTO COURTESY ERAU ADMINISTRATIONIt is a brand new year, and the Avion has spent many hours over the summer prepar-ing for this moment. One of the biggest changes was to the Avion office, redesign-ing it to facilitate a more professional and productive workspace.Computer upgrades are also planned to keep the Avion working at peak efficiency so that we can serve the student body bet-ter.The news department is also shifting its focus towards reporting about major events on campus before they happen and moving away from reporting old news. We also want to run more feature stories like enrollment numbers, the effects of caf-feine and other similar stories. If you have an idea you think the student body would like to read about, we would love to hear from you!What this also means for you as the reader is that if you are involved in any club or campus organization, we would greatly appreciate you submitting articles about upcoming events.One of our exciting new projects is the Airplane of the Week contest. The Avion will be comparing two different aircraft from like categories, and you the reader will get a chance to vote for your favorite on our Facebook!The Avion is also increasing its Facebook presence, and we aim to have photographs of various campus events online as soon as possible after the events. We will also be glad to take photos of you at these events, and you can tag yourselves accordingly once they make it online.Alongside Facebook, the Avion web-site is being upgraded and will serve as a source for campus news in the event you are unable to get your hands on a physical copy of the newspaper.The executive board of the Avion wants to create a paper that the school can be proud of and we want you to be part of this movement.The Avion would like to correct the mis-perception that most students have about joining the newspaper. We do not require any experience at all, but we ask that you have a willingness to learn. Whether you want to be a reporter, pho-tographer, advertising salesperson, graphic designer, or layout editor, the Avion will supply you with all the required skills to succeed in your position.Outstanding members will also be afforded the opportunity to travel across the country to attend the semesterly Associated College Press Conference. The Avion, with the assistance of the SGA, will cover all travel, food and lodging costs, so this is a golden opportunity to learn about something different.The Avion meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Endeavor Conference Room, which is on the second floor of the Student Center. The production of the paper hap-pens every Sunday at 1p.m. in the Avion office, Student Center 110.If you have any questions whatsover, please stop by. So from all of us here at the Avion, have a great and awesome semester ahead!THIS SEMESTERS PRODUCTION TEAM has a lot of great ideas for the semester and will be implementing them as the weeks go by. For this week, get excited about our new airplane of the week showdown! You can head to our Facebook page to vote on which you like the best!RICHARD WEAKLEY/AVIONThe Avion is excited for the year aheadPeter TanEditor-in-ChiefPageA2 The Avion, September 4, 2012CampusExecutive BoardEditor-in-Chief Peter TanManaging EditorAlena ThompsonNews EditorAllie IacovelliBusiness ManagerChristopher HealePhotography EditorAustin CoffeyAdvertising ManagerTimothy Campanaro Editorial StaffFront EditorPeter TanCampus EditorAlena ThompsonSGA EditorCassie JamesonFeatures EditorElizabeth WorshamOpinions EditorChristopher HealeSports EditorsAustin CoffeyGeorge MychawskiComics & Entertainment EditorFloyd Perkinson Staff Members Senior PhotographersAntoine DaugnyRichard WeakleyStaff ReporterTrey HendersonMatthew Mackenzie Guest Photographers Derell CampanoRyan ClarkeGuest ReportersAndrew LiechiensteinGraphics ArtistAbby DiekmannPage EditorsTrey HendersonEllizabeh WorshamGeorge MychawskiThe Avion is produced weekly during the fall and spring term, and bi-weekly during summer terms. The Avion is produced by a volunteer student staff. Student editors make all content, business and edi-torial decisions. The editorial opinions expressed in The Avion are solely the opinion of the under-signed writer(s), and not those of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Student Government Association, the staff of The Avion, or the student body. Letters appearing in The Avion are those of the writer, identified at the end of the letter. Opinions expressed in the Student Government and Student Life sections are those of the identified writer. Letters may be submitted to The Avion for publica-tion, provided they are not lewd, obscene or libelous. Letter writers must confine themselves to less than 800 words. Letters may be edited for brevity and formatted to newspaper guidelines. All letters must be signed. Names may be withheld at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. The Avion is an open forum for student expression. The Avion is a division of the Student Government Association. The Avion is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. The costs of this publication are paid by the Student Government Association and through advertising fees. The Avion distributes one free copy per person. Additional copies are $0.75. Theft of newspapers is a crime, and is subject to prosecution and Embry-Riddle judicial action. This newspaper and its con-tents are protected by United States copyright law. No portion of this publication may be reproduced, in print or electronically, without the expressed writ-ten consent of The Avion. Correspondence may be addressed to: The Avion Newspaper, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114. Physical office: John Paul Riddle Student Center, Room 110. Phone: (386) 226-6049. Fax: (386) 226-6727. E-mail: AdvisorJessica Searcy, Assistant Director, Programming and LeadershipContact InformationMain Phone: (386) 226-6049Ad Manager: (386) 226-7697Fax Number: (386) 226-6727E-mail: theavion@gmail.comWebsite: theavion.comThe Eagle Fitness Center has a new face gracing its floors, as Samantha Hirth joins the ERAU family as the new Assistant Fitness and Wellness Director. Hailing from Milville, NJ, Hirth graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Rowan University, NJ. After her graduate studies, Hirth moved to Oxford, MS and completed a Masters in Health Promotion at the University of Mississippi. Before coming to ERAU, Hirth worked as an Exercise Specialist at Florida Southern College and a Health Promotion Coordinator at the University of South Florida in Lakeland.Hirth has been a personal trainer and has taught group fitness classes for about five years now. I want people to know that fitness is fun and does not need to be a chore, says Hirth, advocating her fitness philosophy.Hirth welcomes any questions regard-ing fitness and is passionate about shar-ing her knowledge with those around her. Regardless of where you are on your path to fitness, Hirths door is always open.The classes she teaches this semester are boot camp at 11:45a.m. and yoga at 4:30p.m. every Monday, boot camp at 5:30pm every Tuesday and cycle every Wednesday at 4:30p.m. In addition, the fitness center has also started Saturday group fitness classes, so keep an eye out!Hirth to keep campus fitPeter TanEditor-in-ChiefSAMANTHA HIRTH IS THE new Assistant Fitness and Wellness Director.PHOTO COURTESY FITNESS CENTEROn Sept. 15 at 5 p.m. Dr. Barbie and contributing members of the ERAU fac-ulty will be in the Hunt Library to sign copies of the new book, The Tiger Woods Phenomenon. The book is a collection of widespread articles that focus on Woods impact on golf, his branding and role in the media, each giving a different lens to the same story. All articles but one are written or co-written by members of the ERAU faculty. Golf fan or not, the name Tiger Woods means something to everyone. Not only is he a driver in the world of golf, he has made a divot in the rest of society. Dr. Barbie became interested in this curious fascination that the public, the media and golf fans everywhere have for Tiger. Tiger Woods has garnered a lot of atten-tion and means a lot, not only to golf, but to the American people, and that only increased when the scandal broke. I am a follower of golf and a cultural anthropologist, so I do not just watch the players, I watch the people watching the players, says Dr. Barbie.While in the process of writing her own essay on the impact of Tiger Woods, it dawned on her that her paper was only one way of viewing the story. With that, Dr. Barbie asked other scholars to write their take on the Tiger Woods story and The Tiger Woods Phenomenon was put into action. Not a golf fan? The book is intended for a broad readership, says Dr. Barbie, It is not particularly about golf and not exclusively about Tiger Woods. It is for anyone who wants a better understanding of our culture and ourselves.Elizabeth WorshamCampus EditorFaculty holds book signingOn Aug. 23 the International Student Programming Council (ISPC) hosted its first International Welcome Reception at the Womens/Diversity Center as part of orientation week.The event aimed to bring together new members of the international community and provide a friendly, fun setting to inter-act and meet other incoming, international students. The evening ran from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and featured an icebreaker pass-port activity and complimentary food and drink.The international reception helps the new students start the school year with friends that share the unique experience being an international student, said William Kusuma, one of the council members.The reception was the first of its kind on campus and boasted a very strong turnout with students from all over the world min-gling with each other and representatives of the ISPC.It is important to strengthen our bond as international students, learn each others culture and meet new friends that may share common problems, described Viktorius Adipratomo, another council member. The ISPC hopes the success of the first event will mark the start of a very prosper-ous year for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University international community, who make up 15- 20% of the entire student body on campus. They hope to bring the interna-tional community together and provide a much more unified group than in previous years.ISPC aims to be the catalyst for the international student community. We aim to support the international student com-munity in every way we can and at the same time promote multicultural interac-tion amongst international students, and between them and local students, explains Kusuma.In addition, the ISPC has launched a mentorship program to support incoming freshman in adjusting to life in the U.S and at ERAU. Mentors are assigned by region and will help students who sign up as men-tees with any issues they may encounter during their initial months.The mentorship program in ISPC is a program where current international stu-dents would guide new students through their process of adapting to life here. Basically, we split mentors depending on their regions so new students would be able to communicate with their men-tors easily. In the future, we are still looking for more mentors from diverse countries to help new students in beginning their life at ERAU, says Adipratomo.The ISPC is planning discounted trips for international students to places like Kennedy Space Center, Orlando Outlet Malls, Disney and Universal Studios. In future they also want to take students to internationally orientated markets and stores for groceries and supplies.For more information or to get involved, join ISPC on Connections or search for ERAU International Student Programming Council on Facebook.ISPC fosters student successChris HealeBusiness ManagerPageA3The Avion, September 4, 2012 Student GovernmentThe Student Representative Board (SRB) has eight vacancies to fill for the Fall 2012 through Spring 2013 semester. These vacan-cies are six seats representing the College of Aviation, one seat representing the College of Engineering, one seat representing Housing and Residence Life. As of right now, students may apply for these vacancies in the SRB through on line applications found on the SGA website, All applications are due no later than Thursday, September 6 by 5:00 pm to the SGA Office. In order to apply for the SRB vacancy in the College of Aviation, applicants must be under-graduate or graduate students in the College of Aviation. College of Engineering applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students in the College of Engineering. Applicants for the Residence Life vacancy must be undergradu-ate or graduate students and currently live on campus (or Chanute). All applicants must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, have attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for one full semester prior to run-ning for the respective position and are taking at least six credit hours. Being on the SRB requires at least three hours of service in the SGA Office per week. SRB applicants must have no classes or other obligations on Tuesdays from 12:45 pm through 2:00 pm and must serve as a member of at least one committee or as a liaison. The term length for the applicants who are cho-sen to fill these vacancies will be from the Fall 2012 semester through the Spring 2013 semester. Candidates should have great time manage-ment skills, be hard-working, have a positive attitude, excel in their coursework, and are involved in the ERAU campus. Other quali-ties include integrity and showing passion for our ERAU community. Candidates should also have ideas on how they can improve student life on campus and how you would takes those ideas and put them into action. Our most imperative objective in the SGA is to improve student life on campus. If you are chosen for one of these vacancies, it will be your duty to represent the entire ERAU student body. If you are looking to really make a differ-ence in student life at ERAU, please apply to be on the SRB. This, as always, is going to be a very competitive process but I believe com-petition brings out the best in all of us. The SGA has a lot of big plans for the upcoming year and we would like you to be a part of it. Even if you do not wish to apply for the SRB, we encourage every student to get involved in our campus community. If you have any questions about the Vacancy process, please ask us in the SGA office or email me at McIlveen Student RepresentativeJames R. Scott is a graduate student at the Daytona Beach Campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He was born in Berea, Ohio, but has spent the majority of his life growing up in Stow, Ohio.For his undergrad, James studied Air Traffic Management with minors in Applied Meteorology and Aviation Safety. Hes pursuing an MSA in Aviation Management.James has been an executive board mem-ber of the Student Government Association (SGA) since the spring of 2010. He started as the Director of External Affairs, and was elected as the SGA President in the Spring of 2012.James role as SGA President comes with many jobs. Hes excited to be working closely with university administration to keep them informed of students thoughts. Mr. Scott sits on the Board of Trustees and is a member of three board sub-com-mittees; Facilities and Capital Planning, Investment, and the Student Life. James is also tasked with the freshman SGA orga-nization, Task Force One (TFO). In addition to being a member of the SGA, James is also a member of several other organizations on campus. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) leadership honor society, Iota Alpha Tau (IAT) Air Traffic Control Honor Society, and The Avion newspaper. James is a Resident Adviser (RA) for the Department of Housing and Residence Life as well as a Teachers Assistant (TA) for Air Traffic 305 (Daytona TRACON), 405 (EnRoute Radar), and 406 (EnRoute Non-Radar).James stresses the fact that it is important for students to get involved on campus. He affirms his college experience would not have been as pleasing had he not made the decision to get involved. Get to know your SGAJamesScottPresidentGraduateAeronauticsJoe (Alton) Anderson is from Juneau, Alaska and completed his undergradu-ate degree at Embry-Riddle in Spring 2012. Joe is pursuing a Masters Degree in Aeronautics.Joe currently serves as Treasurer for the SGA and chairs the Student Finance Board (SFB). Joe is working hard with the SFB to improve their processes.Joe joined the SGA in Spring 2010 as a student representative. One of his major projects as representative was to advocate for a student/control-ler internship with Orlando-Sandford tower. Students in the AT415 Advanced Tower class can now spend four hours learning from real controllers in an actual tower environment.In Fall 2011, Joe was appointed as the SGA Director of Internal Affairs. In this position, Joe assisted the SGA President. Joe implemented a new SGA website and energized the monthly SGA newsletter by making it more interactive. Joe also increased and broadened the newsletters distribution. These projects best represent what he will promote as SGA Treasurer. Joe believes in holding the SGA accountable to all students by ensuring transparency in everything that they do.In addition to the SGA, Joe has served on multiple university commit-tees including the Integrated Student Services Committee, the Ignite (QEP) Interdisciplinary Work Group, and the Daytona Beach Web Presence Committee.Joe is also a member of the Air Traffic Control Organization of Embry-Riddle, Iota Alpha Tau (IAT) Air Traffic Control Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.Get to know your SGAJoe AndersonTreasurerGraduateAeronauticsWelcome back! The Student Representatve Board (SRB) is so excited for all the opportunities this new school year is bringing to the campus and student body. The Yellow Umbrella program is in full swing. The SGA purchased 900 bright yel-low umbrellas to be placed in bins through-out campus. The Yellow Umbrella program provides umbrellas to students in their time of weather need. Bins are placed outside of the Student Center, SGA Office, Lehman Building, Student Village, COA and COB.Each umbrella is styled with a Property of the SGA emblem on it for pro-gram identification.Yellow Umbrella users should return the umbrellas to their respective bins after use. This ensures that the umbrellas remain on cam-pus and available to those who need them. We need your help to keep the Yellow Umbrella program running and successful. Please return them to their homes.Over the sum-mer the SRB also focused on student suggested projects including: placing vending machines in the library, bulletin boards around campus and installing a Avion stand in the AMS building. Vending machines have been placed in the library for student use. The SRB has also been working on the creation of a veteran repre-sentative on the SRB. If you are interested in being a part of the SGA there are sevral vacancies.Want to get involved, but dont think you have the time for a full commitment? Become a member-at-large or join a com-mittee that interests you. Stop by the SGA office or visit our website at: Yellow Umbrella program kicks offSRB vacancies open for applicationJohn ChristianVice PresidentPageA4 The Avion, September 4, 2012Student LifeFirst Events of the SemesterIn the spirit of starting the new semester, students both new and old took part in a wide gamut of fun activi-ties, food, and music. The first week was particularly busy with luaus, mid-night glow in the dark games, friday night laughs and volleyball. matchesThe showstopper was Dale K, a hyp-notist brought in by Touch N Go pro-ductions. Through his near-magical powers of persuasion, he was able to coax unsuspecting volunteers to perform acts they would never con-sciously contemplate. For many of the freshmen, the spirit and activities nearly overwhelmed them. when combined with all the activities of orientation week. Jacob Maher, a freshman said, the events were really fun and a good chance to meet new people.Look out for more events in the near future including Monte Carlo night!Trey HendersonGuest ReporterPETER TAN, DERRELLCAMPANO/AVIONPageA5The Avion, September 4, 2012 OpinionsStudent ForumWhat is your impression of ERAU and what would you change? Compiled by Floyd PerkinsomMore events with other colleges.Michael GarciaFreshmanAeronautical ScienceMore girls.Adam ThorsenFreshmanAeronautical ScienceWonderful school with great people, could do with a music room!Emanuel OlojedenFreshmanAerospace EngineeringWe have lots of aviation interested people, but needs more girls.Tami GreerFreshmanAerospace EngineeringReally nice and clean environment. They should turn the radio off at nightRae HeuerFreshmanBusinessHow to avoid a modern-day scamAre you savvy enough to outsmart a modern-day scammer? Thieves and con artists, unfortunately, are common and plentiful and they are getting more and more sophisticated. As a result, unscru-pulous people are surfacing with new schemes to rip off unsuspecting people. Read below to find out a few of the lat-est tricks that fraudsters are using that could rob you of your time, your money and even your good name. Then find out how to protect yourself. Phishing: This online scam is designed to steal personal information through fake email messages, which look like they are from reputable businesses, banks, schools or government agencies. The emails usually warn recipients about a possible security breach and ask them to confirm their account information immediately. Unsuspecting targets who click on a link to respond are direct-ed to a website, where they a r e asked to provide confidential personal and/or financial information. This information is then collected and used to gain access to the unsuspecting victims account(s) and/or to steal his or her identity. Keep in mind that Embry-Riddle will never ask for your password in an email or email you a link to confirm your account.Spear Phishing: This is a targeted phishing trick that occurs when a scammer, who already has some specific information regarding someones personal account, emails that person directly requesting more specific and usually more personal and private infor-mation. The unsuspecting targets guard becomes lowered, under the impression that the communication is legitimate since personal information is already being fur-nished in the fraudulent email, and then assumes that it is safe to provide the infor-mation requested, and complies serving up his/her personal information for imme-diate and fraudulent use.Pretext Calling: Pretext calling involves scammers obtaining personal information by calling a random person on the telephone under false pretenses. A pretex-t e r m a y claim to be from the would-be victims bank or school, and may ask to verify his/her name, address, birth date, social security number, mothers maiden name or credit card number. When pretexters get the information they want, they can then use it to gain access to potential victims bank accounts, credit cards, school data or other vital records.Vishing: This type of voice phishing scam differs from regular phishing, as the target is not directed to click on an email link to provide personal information, but rather, he/she is provided a telephone number to call in order to update, unlock, or renew an account. When the telephone number is dialed, the unsus-p e c t i n g c a l l e r is then prompted to submit i n f o r m a -tion such as an account n u m b e r , card num-ber, date of birth, social s e c u r i t y n u m -ber, etc. The results, as you can imagine, can be similar to those of other phishing scams: a depletion of funds, the fraudulent use of credit cards or the theft of someones personal identity. Smishing: Identity thieves send texts (SMS messages) to a targets cell phone claiming to be from a legitimate retailer, school, bank or government agency. These messages often claim that an existing ser-vice has expired, and provide either a tele-phone number to call or an Internet link to click on for renewal. They can also claim that the recipient has won a prize, or is being offered a special discount. Whether a link or a phone number is provided for a response, the results are usually the same: unsuspecting targets are duped into freely providing their private information to scammers who can wreak personal, pro-fessional and financial havoc on the lives of their victims. Now that you are aware of some of the latest fraud schemes, what can you do to help fight the problem? Dont respond to any suspicious emails, just delete them. If you are called by anyone who is asking for any of your personal information, do not give it, period you have the right to hang up your phone on anyone you wish. Also, never reply to a text mes-sage from someone you dont know, even to say STOP; when you do this, you simply confirm that the number being smished is a working number with a captive audience. And perhaps the best advice to c o m b a t s c a m -m e r s ? Take a moment, take a breath, and think carefully before you act. We live in a world of instant mes-sages, real-time updates, and people who are con-stantly on the move. The best thing you can do to protect your personal privacy is to think care-fully about what information youre giving, and to whomall the time. For more information about Internet security, go to ERNIE>Information Technology>Security.Barbara ChearneyInformation TechnologyPhoto Courtesy of vacationchoices.comPageA2 The Avion, January 01, 2012insert section On Aug. 30 at 4:05 a.m. the Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) mission launched aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral. The payload, consisting of two spacecraft, is designed to probe the Earths Van Allen radiation belt in more detail than ever before. [The mission] will serve as the baseline for all radia-tion belt science for the next generation, says Nicky Fox, deputy project scientist for the mission. The RBSP mission is part of NASAs living with a star program which was designed to better understand the relationship between the Earth, its environment and the sun, said Mike Luther, the associate administrator for programs. The Van Allen belts consist of two distinct regions of ionized particles, with the inner belt ranging from 650-8,000 miles and the outer belt ranging from 12,000- 25,000 miles. However, during solar storms, the inner belt can have an influence as close as 125 miles (affecting the ISS), and the outer expands out to influence satellites in geosynchronous orbits, according to Mona Kessel, deputy program scientist. Understanding the effect of solar activity on the radiation belts will help protect expensive satellites and com-munication equipment. Each of the two spacecraft will carry a set of five instruments including: magnetometers, spectrometers, composi-tion counters and electric field suites. They are designed to measure the energy, composition and field strengths of different regions in the Van Allen belts.The two spacecraft were also deliberately placed in slightly different orbits in order to understand the evolution of the environment in time, as well as get a better feel for the spatial scale of events in the belts.SPACE FEATURE: RBSPTHE RADIATION BELT STORM probes will provide us with information on the physical dynamics of the radia-tion belts.Image: NASAPhoto by Pat Corkery, ULAPageA3 The Avion, January 01, 2012insert sectionSPACE FEATURE: RBSPThe mission aims to answer old questions and make new discoveries, according to Harlan Spence, Professor at Boston University. The launch of the RBSP mission was delayed twice before finally getting the go ahead for its two-year life in space. The first delay was caused by problems with the ranging beacon affecting guidance on the Atlas V, whereas the second was due to poor weather. While the spacecraft are not functioning as sci-ence instruments they will serve as real time space weather forecasters, sending information about the current conditions. In the event of a large solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) RBSP can send informa-tion back to Earth so that sensitive electronic equipment can be shut down and protected from the incoming storm. One of the challenges in designing the spacecraft was pre-paring it for life in the harsh environment of the radiation belts. We selected radiation hardened parts to cope with large single events and prolonged exposure, said Craig Kletzing, a principle investigator from the University of Iowa. We have 350mm alumi-num shielding around the electronics. This is a phenomenal set of instruments, Kletzing remarked. This is the best thats ever been flown in the radiation belts, and well make tremendous advances. - Chris HealeTHE ATLAS V ROCKET suc-cessfully launched on August 30, 2012 at 4:05 a.m. EDT.Photo by Pat Corkery, ULAPhotos: NASAPilot Supplies, Books, Charts, Headsets, Gifts1740 Richard Petty Blvd., Daytona Beach 32114Hours: 9-5:30 Mon-Fri10-2 Sat >>Alumni Owned >iti`-iVi>`/ii*Vi/twww.daytonapilotzone.comGo to to vote. Polls close 5 p.m. Friday.Year IntroducedManufacturerWing AreaMax SpeedMTOWService CeilingRate of ClimbOther FactsAircraft Name1978General Dynamics & Lockheed Martin300sfMach 1.2 @ SSL42,300lb50,000ft50,000ft/minFirst true y-by-wire airplaneF-16 Fighting Falcon2003Euro ghter GmbH551sfMach 2 @ SSL52,000lb55,000ft62,000ft/minCapable of sus-tained supercruiseEuro ghter TyphoonABDUL ALAMRI/GUEST PHOTOGRAPHEREagle Volleyballclaims pairof winsB2Spennare honored byITAB3Sixth-Ranked Eagles earn split on day oneB3PageB2 The Avion, September 4, 2012SportsOklahoma Baptist got off to a great start, hitting .393 in the first set compared to ERAUs .156 attack percentage. The Bison used a 10-4 run to take a 13-8 lead, forcing Embry-Riddle Head Coach Joslynn Gallop to call a timeout. The break in the action didnt slow down OBU as they extended the lead to seven points at 20-13. From that point the Eagles mounted a feverish rally, winning nine of the next 11 points to tie the set at 22-all. But Oklahoma Baptist fought back, closing out the set by winning the final three points to take the opening frame, 25-22. The Blue and Gold came out in the second set with a newfound energy, run-ning out to a 13-7 lead. An attack error by Jordan Holcomb brought OBU to within three points (14-11), but Holcombs ser-vice ace two points later helped propel the Eagles to a 5-1 run, establishing a commanding 19-12 advantage. The Bison used a late 4-0 surge to cut the deficit to just three points (21-18), but Embry-Riddle returned the favor, winning the final four points of the set to win, 25-18, tying the match at one set apiece. After Oklahoma Baptist took a slim 5-4 lead early in the third set, ERAU caught fire, winning 13 of the next 15 points, including three kills by Taylor Martin. The Bison couldnt get any closer than six points for the remainder of the set, and an OBU service error finished it with the Eagles on top, 25-18, giving Embry-Riddle a 2-1 lead in the match. The fourth set was a much tighter affair with neither club taking a lead of more than four points throughout the entire set. Embry-Riddle only trailed once at 6-5 early in the set, though OBU was able to draw even nine different times. A block from Morgan Shattuck and Cailey Washington gave the Eagles a 15-12 advantage midway through the set and Shattuck later put down a kill to put ERAU ahead 20-17. Martin put the match away for Embry-Riddle with a kill to fin-ish the set at 25-21 and the match at 3-1 in favor of the Eagles. Martin, Holcomb and Emily Jacobson each registered a team-high 12 kills, with Martin adding 12 digs and three service aces and Holcomb 10 digs and four ser-vice aces. Shattuck, an All-Tournament Team honoree, chipped in with 10 kills and a match high six blocks, while Veera Hietala led all players with 19 digs. Adriana Vazquez recorded a match-high 45 assists to go along with nine digs. Kristin Pressley led the Bison with a match-high 17 kills and a team-best 14 digs. Skyler Strahm added 13 kills while Sabra Clark racked up 40 assists.In the first set against Madonna, neither side allowed the other to pull too far ahead. The Eagles held slim leads at 6-5 and 10-9 before MU went on a 7-2 run to take a 16-12 lead, the largest lead of the first half for either team. Embry-Riddle rallied back with a 5-1 run keyed by three Crusader errors to tie the set at 17-17. With Madonna leading 19-18, ERAU used three consecutive kills from Taylor Martin to take a 21-19 lead, prompting Madonna Head Coach Jerry Abraham to call for a timeout. Coming out of the break, MU scored three straight points to regain the lead at 22-21. But a service error tied the set and gave Embry-Riddle the serve back, and the Eagles took full advantage. The Blue and Gold scored the next three points, two on kills by Jordan Holcomb, to win the set, 25-22. The second set saw ERAU jump out to a 10-2 lead early and the Eagles never looked back. A kill from Emily Jacobson put the Blue and Gold ahead 16-9 and a kill from Martin pushed the lead to 19-12. Holcomb closed out the set with another kill, giving the Eagles a 25-16 win and 2-0 lead in the match. The third set looked like it was going to be a continuation of the second set, with Embry-Riddle running out to a 6-2 lead. But the Crusaders didnt falter, rallying back to tie the set at 8-8. With ERAU holding an 11-10 lead, Martin put down a kill that sparked a quick 5-0 run to push the advantage to 16-10. MU closed the gap to four points (20-16) only to see the Eagles close the match on a 5-1 run to win the third set, 25-17, and sweep the match, 3-0. Martin led all players with 15 kills and a .400 hitting percentage to go along with eight digs. Holcomb, an All-Tournament Team honoree, added 12 kills, eight digs and a match-high six blocks. Morgan Shattuck also collected six blocks while Veera Hietala picked up a team-high 14 digs. Adriana Vazquez ran the offense, recording 36 assists as the Eagles hit .286 for the match. Stacey Catalano led Madonna with nine kills while Breanna Geile registered a match-high 16 digs. Evia Prieditis com-piled a team-best 26 assists as well as nine digs.The Eagles will travel to Cleveland, Tenn. to compete in next weekends Lee University Showcase tournament. On Friday, Sept. 7, ERAU will play Indiana Tech at 4 p.m. and Bethel (Tenn.) at 8:30 p.m. The Blue and Gold close out the tournament with a 2:30 p.m. match against No. 3 Lee on Saturday, Sept. 8.Eagle Volleyball claims pair of wins on final day of Labor Day TournamentMichael PierceERAU AthleticsOKLAHOMA BAPTIST 1EMBRY-RIDDLE 3WOMENS VOLLEYBALL Friday, Sep. 7 @ 4:00 p.m. vs Indiana Tech at Cleveland, Tenn Firday, Sep. 7 @ 8:30 p.m. vs Bethel at Cleveland, Tenn Saturday, Sep. 8 @ 2:30 p.m. vs Lee at Cleveland, TennWOMENS SOCCER Friday, Sep. 7 @ 5:00 p.m. vs Lee vs Northwood Friday, Sep. 7 @ 7:30 a.m. vs Oklahoma Baptist Sunday, Sep. 9 @ 11:00 a.m. vs Northwood vs Oklahoma Baptist Sunday, Sep. 9 @ 1:30 p.m. vs Lee UniversityMENS SOCCER Saturday, Sep. 8 @ 4:00 p.m. at Florida TechCROSS COUNTRY Friday, Sep. 7 vs USF InvitationalUpcoming Sporting EventsMADONNA 0EMBRY-RIDDLE 3ABDUL ALAMRI/GUEST PHOTOGRAPHERPageB3The Avion, SPETEMBER 4, 2012 SportsEmbry-Riddle senior mens tennis play-er David Spennare was recognized as the NAIAs recipient of the 2012 Arthur Ashe Jr. National Leadership and Sportsmanship Award at the Intercollegiate Tennis Associations Awards Luncheon on Aug. 25. The presentation, which was part of the Arthur Ashe Kids Day activities at the US Open, took place in the Presidents Suite Dining Room at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.The ITA/Arthur Ashe Jr. Award for Leadership and Sportsmanship Award takes into account a players tennis accom-plishments, scholastic achievements and extracurricular endeavors.Just as Arthur Ashe was a great player and humanitarian, this award (which dates to 1984) recognizes players who excelled on and off the court during their college careers. Sportsmanship, leadership and character are also important criteria.Spennare (Gothenburg, Sweden) has enjoyed success both on and off the court. He was named to the All-Sun Conference second team for the second year in a row, boasting an unblemished 3-0 conference record and a 14-2 overall mark. His 3.92 grade point aver-age in Business Administr ation earned him NAIA All-America Scholar-Athlete, ITA All-America Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Conference accolades. Spennare, who is the mens tennis representative on the Eagles Student-Athlete Leadership Team, has worked with Habitat for Humanity, cleaned local beaches, visited nursing homes during the holidays and purchased Christmas presents for underprivileged kids.During my three years at Embry-Riddle, I have learned to appreciate how fortunate I am, Spennare stated. As time goes by I have come to realize how satisfying it is to give back to those who are less fortunate. Before I came to the U.S., I had never done commu-nity service. Once I started doing various activities with the team I realized the value of my actions, and how good it feels to help other people, whether it is work-ing with kids at local school, Habitat for Humanity, or cleaning the local beach. What I have learned in college will stay with me for the rest of my life, and by following these values I will hopefully be perceived as an honest and honorable person with a desire to help others.David Spennare honored by ITARyan MosherERAU AthleticsSixth-Ranked Eagles earn split on day one of Labor Day TournamentThe No. 6 Embry-Riddle volleyball team split a pair of matches on the first day of the ERAU Labor Day Tournament, earning a 3-0 win (25-15, 25-16, 25-15) over Olivet Nazarene before dropping a 3-1 contest (25-21, 18-25, 17-25, 16-25) to No. 1 Texas at Brownsville.The days results move the Eagles record to 2-1 on the season, while ONU fell to 1-4 and UTB improved to 2-0.The afternoon match against Olivet Nazarene saw the Blue and Gold put on a dominant performance, outhitting the Tigers .282 to .024. Jordan Holcomb led all players with 17 kills and hit .419 in addition to picking up six digs and serving five aces.The Eagles got off to a strong start, opening up an 11-4 lead thanks to four service aces from Holcomb.Taylor Martin served seven straight points for Embry-Riddle, including four service aces of her own, helping the Blue and Gold to a commanding 22-9 lead. The Tigers chipped away at the deficit, but the margin was too great to overcome as ERAU won the set, 25-15. A 7-0 run midway through the second set keyed by three Martin kills provided some separation as the Eagles took a 17-8 lead in the set. Holcomb finished the set with back-to-back kills as ERAU won 25-16, taking a 2-0 lead in the match.Martin served the first six points of set three, including three more service aces, continuing the trend of strong starts for Embry-Riddle. Back-to-back Holcomb kills moved the score to 13-3 and a block from Holcomb and Morgan Shattuck increased the lead to 20-8. ONU went on a 5-0 run to pull to within nine points (23-14), but the Eagles closed out the match with a kill from Shattuck to secure a 25-15 win and a 3-0 sweep.Martin contributed a match-high seven service aces to go along with seven kills and nine digs, while Hannah Gray paced the defense with a match-high 12 digs. Adriana Vazquez ran the Eagle offense, recording 31 assists in addition to picking up 10 digs. Becky DeRuiter led Olivet Nazarene with seven kills while Melissa Batholomew registered a team-high eight digs. Renee Enz compiled 16 assists to lead the Tigers.Friday nights match was the NAIA Match of the Week, pitting the No. 1 team against the No. 6 team. The Eagles took on the Scorpions in a rematch of last years NAIA Quarterfinal match that saw UTB end Embry-Riddles season with a 3-0 sweep on their way to winning the NAIA National Championship. The Blue and Gold stumbled out of the gate, falling behind 12-6 in the early stages of the first set. But a Cailey Washington kill sparked the Eagles to a 17-2 run highlighted by three service aces from Veera Hietala, putting ERAU in front, 23-14. The Scorpions tried to mount a come-back, but fell short as Embry-Riddle took the first set, 25-21. The second set saw the Eagles fall behind early once again, with UTB tak-ing a 13-8 lead. The Blue and Gold closed the gap to as little as three points on six different occasions, but Texas at Brownsville would not allow ERAU to get any closer than that. The Scorpions closed out the set on a 5-1 run, winning 25-18 to even the match at one set apiece.After the Eagles took a slim early lead in the third set (2-0), UTB rallied quickly to take control of the set with a 14-7 advantage. Embry-Riddle went on a 5-2 run late in the set to close the gap to 22-17, but the Scorpions won the final three points of the set to win, 25-17, taking a 2-1 lead in the match.The Eagles continued the trend of digging themselves a hole early in sets, committing four errors en route to a 14-6 deficit in the fourth set. A pair of UTB errors pulled the Blue and Gold to within 16-11, but that was as close as Embry-Riddle would get. A Martin service ace brought the Eagles to another five-point deficit at 21-16, prompting UTB Head Coach Todd Lowery to take a timeout. Following the timeout, Texas at Brownsville promptly won the next four points, claiming the fourth set, 25-16, and the match, 3-1. Martin led the Eagles with 13 kills while Shattuck added nine kills and a team-high five blocks (one solo). Emily Jacobson added eight kills while Holcomb chipped in with six kills, 11 digs and three blocks. Gray led the defense with 15 digs while Vazquez racked up 35 assists.Danica Markovic led the Scorpions with a match-high 15 kills in addition to collecting 10 digs. Vanja Joksic led all players with a .923 hitting percentage as she recorded 12 kills on 13 attacks. Paula Barros led UTB with 22 digs, though four of the seven Scorpion players totaled 10+ digs. Katarina Bursac ran the offense, compiling a match-high 45 digs to go along with 10 digs.The Eagles return to the court tomorrow for a pair of matches on the final day of the ERAU Labor Day Tournament. Michael PierceERAU AthleticsAdRiAnA VAzqUEz REcoRdEd 66 assists in ERAUs two matches FridayERAU ATHLETICSSpEnnARE REcEiVES hiS AShE Award from David Dinkins, former mayor of NYERAU ATHLETICSOHIO NORTHERN 0EMBRY-RiddLE 3EMBRY-RIDDLE 1UTB 3from the Flight Department to the following students for receiving their:CongratulationsPRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE:Brendan Michael SilverJonathan Robert LeonikSiddharth RaiAndrew Michael McNerneyAhmad Marwan AlhindiJoshua Owen JechaPatrick William LazorYong Woo Choi ParkMark Andrew FettersFumiya ShigematsuIvan Emil TorresRyan Mitchell McGillTyler Gavin GrahamMalcolm Demetric McCalpinAshley ParedesJackson Osiris RosarioSeongwook MinChad Phillip GordonZachariah Delonta ElemJose Eduardo Suger SaraviaHwangsuk KangDylan Tyler RobertsLudovic Gunnar Harald StormMichael Dain LewisBrendon Michael SilverPRIVATE MULTIENGINE ADD-ON RATING:Dowan KimINSTRUMENT RATING CERTIFICATE:Matthew Ryan MackenziePreston Boone DaleKirk Andrew NelsonSteven Wesley MannEric Robert YardTravis Burton SaylorAdam Paul JohnsonBrittney Lynn GarnettMatthew Thomas ColapreteTroy David McClureVenancius Soares KassandjiKirsten Vanessa KasperAdam Nicholas BenfieldCayla Leigh KubeckPaul Byron Andre GrantStephen Andrew ShieldsCOMMERCIAL PILOT CERTIFICATE:Tyler Daniel OconnorLouis Angelo Neff BisignanoRamiche Tofan RamsayAndres Felipe PuentesCassandra Lee SchultzTanner Logan RuschmanJoseph Robert StrebleRobert Withers Terry IIIJohn Albert Christian IIDaytona Gideon DrugovichJacob Josiah SchindlerTyler Corbin BakerFrankiskos George OthitisIbrahim Baba MohammedKyungsun LeeEthan Sammy HungShawn Thomas NowickiKyung Kae KimConner Thomas MccauleyJoonho AhnCOMMERCIAL MULTIENGINE ADD-ON RATING:Andrew Benjamin UlmerRyan Stuart HaringNathan Scott PohlmanGregory Francis WeglewskiFinzo HallAdrienne Elizabeth SmithCOMMERCIAL SINGLE ENGINE ADD-ON RATING:Jimmy Robert Junior NjiruOmoefe Samuel OvbagbediaAlvaro Daniel AriasFLIGHT INSTRUCTOR AIRPLANECERTIFICATE:Younggee HongEduardo Javier RamonKishor RanaKevin Glen LetkiewiczMatthew Macfarlane EagerLuis Francisco TaverasEric Joseph CogginMatthew Aaron KomishockAndrew Robert McconatheyValdeta MehanjaJordan Dion SpencerWilliam Bradford WallaceJarrett Addison BrucknerJulia Allison BuryJustin Lee BooneRahul WijesekeraJonathan Emilio LanzaAdam Amos FlowersRyan Michael JohnstonEric Andrew BoydFLIGHT INSTRUCTOR INSTRUMENTCERTIFICATE:Younggee HongWilliam DoAdrienne Elizabeth SmithJacob Allen MaynardBenjamin Curtis IngrahamMarc Emiliano GonzalezDa Hyun ShimSarah Elizabeth WendtFLIGHT INSTRUCTOR MULTIENGINECERTIFICATE:Brendan John Parker MoranPageC1The Avion, September 4, 2012 EntertainmentThe Bourne Legacy is the fourth film in the Bourne series which aim to break away from casting Matt Damon as the lead actor. Jeremy Renner who recently portrayed Hawkeye in The Avengers stars as the replacement for Matt Damon.Although The Bourne Legacy tries to capture the essence of the Bourne series with a new leading role it is not as inspired as the original 2002 film the Bourne Identity. The Bourne Legacy uses the same plot as the previous movie of a super spy being hunted by the CIA and outplaying them at every turn but uses a less intricate plot. Although film is a continuation of the previous films, The Bourn Legacy follows its own series of events.The best thing about The Bourne Legacy is that there is no need to watch the previous films in order to follow the movie. The Bourne Legacy starts off with what seems like twenty minutes of recaps and replays of the last film. Although the film catches up viewers with whats been happening since the last film it is not a critical part of this spy thriller.The Bourne Legacy though not as involved in plot as the previous films has plenty of spy action to deliver. This spy thriller featured plenty flying bul-let exchanges, super spy fight scenes, MacGyverisms, and even a predator drone. The Bourne Legacy follows the standard spy action recipe with plenty of vehicle chases and stunt scenes to please action fans.Although it lacks the spice of the original trilogy, The Bourne Legacy does have plenty of action packed scenes and doesnt require re-watching the previous films in order to follow along, earning it 3.5 airplanes out of 5. If youre looking for a spy thriller with plenty of action and explosions then catch The Bourne Legacy in theatres.The Expendables 2 is the sequel to the 2010 film of the same name starring quint-essential action heroes. The film itself doesnt build on the plot of the previous film; rather its just another opportunity to see the guys in action.The movie stars several classic action stars doing what they do best, kicking ass and tak-ing names. The Expendables 2 starred some of the best and most dedicated action stars who got back into shape including Sylvester Stallone who had to have several surgeries so he could perform his own stunts. These stars bring some nostalgia not only about what an action hero should be, not the tooth fairy Dwayne Johnson, but also about a time when special effects constituted one part of a film and not the entire film.Throughout the film the cast of stars made plenty of references to their most iconic films and characters. Although there were plenty of jokes about the casts past, The Expendables 2 was also riddled with action and fight scenes by theses action heroes and martial artist. Despite the showdowns that have been years in the making, the plot of the movie was not as engaging as that of the first film.The new plot of The Expendables 2 is just about another mission gone bad. In the first film audiences were captivated by the band of hardened mercenaries fighting for a cause; in the new film audi-ences see the same band of mercenaries just fighting for revenge and FUBARing things up without any cause. Although there is reason behind what the expend-ables are doing, it is not the same as in the first film where their inner turmoil drives them to make a small difference.The Expendables 2 all-star cast of action heroes and martial artist along with its fight scenes and stunts earned this film 3.5 airplanes out of 5. If you want to see some real action stars then dont miss The Expendables 2.In New York City, there are two speeds. Fast and Chuck Yeager Fast!Premium Rush features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon. Directed by David Koepp, this film balances action with comedy. Levitt plays a courier who is responsible for a premium rush delivery. It starts as a standard expedited pick-up, but when a rogue New York cop with a massive gambling problem needs to pay his bills, things escalate rather quickly. Shannon acquires information on where to find this golden opportunity. Levitt then turns from a typical bike messenger to the last line of defense. Different personalities emerge, includ-ing Levitts girlfriend and a fellow bike messenger, both of whom are also bike messengers.In my humble opinion, the films strong points were the action scenes. They were executed to make the movie that much more intense, without seeming ficticious or going over the top. It is also worthy to note that the action included more than just Levitt and Shannon. Sure they were the feature, but multiple twists in the plot made the film even more suspenseful. Although Levitts performance was great, Shannons was par at best. His performance just seemed too strong, as though he was over-acting. I wasnt able to buy his personality. Perhaps Ed Harris would have been a better choice.The film was suspenseful throughout. It was full of energy and had a continuously evolving plot. Pay attention though, the movie can be rather difficult to follow. It takes place in multiple locations through-out the city and tends to work backwards chronologically. Replay value minimal.NYC: Fast and Chuck Yeager FastPremium RushAndrew LichtensteinGuest ReporterDouble the Action, Triple the ExcitementPHOTO COURTESY/PARIAIHThe Expendables 2Floyd Pink PerkinsonEntertainment Manager PHOTO COURTESY/MILLENIUM FILMSThe Damon Legacy continuesPinkStaff ReporterThe Bourne LegacyPHOTO COURTESY/UNIVERSAL PICTURESPageC2 The Avion, September 4, 2012ComicsBy Wes OleszewskiDilbertThe Avion is happy to present another chance to win prizes! Before Next Issue:Enter The Avion Crossword contest!Submit your completed crossword to The Avion office in SC 110 before Friday, September 7, at 5 p.m. to be considered.Only students can enter, please bring the completed crossword and your Student ID. CrosswordHardXKCDxkcd.comKakuroSudokuMediumACROSS1. Is shown on TV5. Eureka, to California10. Still in the sack14. Palindromic ship deck15. One of the tribes of Israel16. Slim and muscular17. Tolstoy heroine18. Morning rouser19. Mean monster of fairy tales20. What happens when a tremor hits a bakery?23. Japanese three-line verse24. Pub beverage25. ___ Chi (Chinese martial art)28. Yachters heading, sometimes29. Unable to hear33. Free, as from ropes35. Encircled and attacked37. Teenage facial problem38. What happens when a tremor hits a malt shop?43. Volcanos discharge44. Tennis player Nadal45. All-points bulletins, e.g.48. Short-tailed wildcat49. Touch of frost52. Part of mpg53. Dinghy director55. Draw forth57. What happens when a tremor hits Massachusetts?62. Island south of Borneo64. Small donkey65. Movelikeabutterfly66. Eves husband67. A&M student68. Have hands-on experience?69. You may make it walk the dog70. Oozes71. Father a foalDOWN1. Attack helicopter2. Sea between Greece and Italy3. Country musics Milsap4. Apply corporal punishment5. Term of respect or women6. Scandinavian capital7. Comparison word8. ___ cotta9. Imitation gold decoration10. Off the reservation, GI-wise11. What Teddy Roosevelt said to carry12. Goof up13. Stuff in a robber-foiling pack21. The signal with the sound22. Novelist Deighton26. Interview With the Vampire author Rice27. bad times for Caesar30. Electricfish31. Bacterial culture base32. In the womb34. Deity worshiped by Canaanites35. Swordfightreminder36. Go against38. Abrupt bit of thunder39. Far from sickly40. Exaggerate ones acting41. ___ Macros, Calif.42. Spellcaster46. Santas offering47. Brazilian ballroom dances49. Cell centers50. More likely to gross out51. Grinding tool used with a mortar54. Cheek cosmetic56. Remove, as a hat58. Car rented on prom night59. Do some prodding60. Ballroom blunder61. Weed removers62. Sight from the Golden Gate Bridge63. Without further ___PageC3The Avion, September 4, 2012 EntertainmentIt is a Friday night and once again the Student Center is transformed into a theatre to host another Friday Night Laughs; the lights dim and the music dies down as come-dian Jimmy Ouyang takes the stage for an unexpected one hour and forty-five minutes.Although Ty Barnett was unable to make it to Fridays show, Ouyang passed the time with a dance-off contest and some handy jokes. After the show, this reporter managed to get an interview with Ouyang.Avion: How did you get started in com-edy? Ouyang: I started doing stand-up by going to open mic nights while I was in college. A: How do you come up with your material?O: I hate a lot of things if I see some-thing funny or annoying from my perspec-tive as a small Chinese guy in the supermar-ket or outside Ill write it down.Ouyang proceeds to take out his smart-phone and shows me pages of e- notes with the jokes he used to fill up the unexpected extra stage time that nightA: How does coming to Embry-Riddle changed your stand-up material?O: When I go to colleges, I spend the day talking to people on campus to find out about the area and the college and use the material for the intro of my show. A: How are college crowds different form from your regular audience?O: College audiences are my bread and butter when I go on the road, I do mostly colleges.Jimmy Ouyang was recently named one of the top 30 comedians under 30 in 2011 by FunnyorDie. Keep an eyeout for Jimmy Ouyang as he stars in the upcoming 2013 film The Internship.The laughs of the year startFloyd PerkinsonStaff Reporter is the sessions facilitator Jeramiah Po . He is a senior in the Aeronautics program. He is actively involved in the Student Government Association, Order of Omega, & Sigma Chi. Favorite quote: persistence beats circumstance.Sigma Chi is the Ultimate Leadership Workshop e Eta Iota Chapter of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity will be hosting Information Sessions about membership every Wednesday in the College of Business Conference Room 268 at 7:00 pm September 5th, and 12th Sigma Chi Fraternitypo ece@my.erau.eduCollege audiences are my bread and butter-J. OuyangClassifieds2/2 Riverfront Condo2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1-Car reserve parking, In Ground Pool, Central Air. Best Views on the River from the 6th story unit.Secure building with door-man.Unfurnished, minimum 1 year lease, no pets.First, Last and security due at signing. Also requires back-ground check & association approval paid by tennant $150. Call. Frank @ Liberty Group Realty.Rent $1000. Deposit $1000Call 86.527.3943fcosta@libertyfla.comEmail fcosta@libertyfla.comAvion Reporters and Photographers Needed!Join the Avion Newspaper Tuesday September 4 for its weekly meet-ing. You can be involved in cutting edge events and stories. No expe-rience necessary. Teaches report-ing, photography, editing and laying out skills. GREAT NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY! Our reporters regu-lary coordinate with NASA, distin-guished speakers and celebreties for inside stories. If you have any ques-tions please contact Allie at or come by the office at Student Center Rm. 110 for more information.Avion-0904-A01Avion-0904-A02Avion-0904-A03Avion-0904-A04Avion-0904-A05Avion-0904-A06_07Avion-0904-A08Avion-0904-B01Avion-0904-B02Avion-0904-B03Avion-0904-B04Avion-0904-C01Avion-0904-C02Avion-0904-C03Avion-0904-C04