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ISSUE 76 / FALL 2012PRESIDENTS PONDERINGSKerry SheppardThe end of the summer swim season gives us all a chance to exhale. The pop-up canopy and folding chairs are stowed away in the garage for the winter (or taken to soccer pitches instead of pools). Uneaten-and-pul-verized granola bars and flattened-and-oozing juice boxes are fished out of the bottom of the cooler, which is then scoured with cleaning agents typi-cally used by Hazmat teams. A decom-posing towel from a July swim meet is found under the back seat of the mini-van and given to Johnny to throw out. And thoughts turn from Johnnys DQ in 50 Fly to Johnnys detention for taking a decomposing towel to gym class. The next summer swim season seems a long way, a very long way, off in the future.But there is in fact much to be done in the months of Winter Maintenance to prepare for next spring. Full hiberna-tion isnt an option, even though some of us may think nostalgically of week-ends fully consumed by the challenge of coordinating NHL, CFL, NFL, and NBA television schedules, when the only matter of concern was the house-hold inventory of AA batteries for the channel changer.At the Club level, planning needs to occur for (among other things) next seasons executive, meet schedule, coaching roster, and fundraising. Sim-ilar planning needs to occur at the Regional level.And your Provincial Board remains active, too. The 20122013 Provincial Board consists of the following diligent, non-hibernatorial executive members and regional directors: Kerry Sheppard, Danny Schilds, Jennifer Ng, Craig Slater, Trudy Kemper, Cheri Ruim, Deanna Bogart, Joanna Linardis, Shannon Berg, James Gardiner, Kaela Richardson, Pam McGauley, Ron Gracan, Karen Bennett, Linda Afford, Andy Pfeiffer, Tony Tsang, Kerry Somerville and Brian Webster.The Provincial Board will meet three times (in October, January, and April) to plan for the coming season and to deal with issues relating generally to the BCSSA. In addition, our talented and ener-getic Provincial Office Manager, Michael Hutchinson, continues to staff our office on a part-time basis over the fall and winter months, dealing with the ongoing administration of the BCSSAs business, maintaining our website, and respond-ing to inquiries from our members (you may reach Michael at 604-473-9447 or I encourage everyone to start thinking about, and planning for, next season. The Summer Registration emailwill land in your inbox sooner than you expect. And with the NHL lockout ongoing, who really needs the channel changer anyway? Besides, youll need the AAs for your flashlight for the next power outage.Have a wonderful fall and winter season, everyone.Kerry Sheppard, President, BCSSAARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE AND SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISER?NSWC Marlins have partnered with Blue Marble Fundraising four times to sell meat and seafood. With an average of 30 fami - lies participating, we have earned between $7500.00 $10,000 each year. The added bo - nus is we have fabulous food in our freezers to BBQ all summer long!For more information go to their website at 02BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / FALL 2012DID YOU KNOW?In August 1958, the Crescent Beach Swim Club, the Courtenay Recreation Association, and the Empire Pool Club, met in what became the first of the Annual Provincial Championship Swimming and Diving Meet.A group of lifeguards started the Burnaby Barracudas out of Deer Lake and was located there from 1959 until 1964 when Burnaby opened three outdoor pools. The Barracudas were the fourth club to join BCSSA.The above information was sent to the History Committee back in the early 1990s. If you have some interesting facts about your club & would like them included in future "Did You Know" articles, please mail/email them to the Provincial Office.The Powell River Aquatic Club was originally founded in 1967 by Cathy Oliver when she put an ad in the local newspaper asking if anyone was interested in starting a swim club. Members swam off a raft at Willingdon Beach and when it moved to Cranberry lake, dads built floats, using barrels from the mill for flotation, to make a 25 - metre enclosure on the lake. Practices were held there, until a pool was built and the raft was turned over to the municipality.The Richmond Kigoos Swim Club can trace its roots back to 1959 when a summer program was started by Betty Hedges and named at that time the Richmond Swim Club. They joined BCSSA in 1965. In 1970, they held a contest to find a new name for the club. They became the Kigoos which is a West Coast Indian word meaning "one who swims like a fish."The Comox Valley Blue Devils owes its origins to swim sessions developed in the late 1940s by the Courtenay Recreation Association. Until a pool was constructed in 1949, lessons took place in the Tsolum River.White Rock Amateur Swimming Association was started by parents in 1919 and officially be - came an Association in 1921 with the motto "Teach a child to swim and save a life." For 50 years, until the early 1970s, WRASA members swam in a series of tanks adjacent to the White Rock Pier.Published by:BC Summer Swimming Association, 205 - 2323 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4V8T: 604 - 473 - 9447 F: 604 - 473 - 9660 E: office @ 2012 BC Summer Swimming Association, All Rights Reserved.COACHES ' EMPLOYMENT POSTINGSA service that BCSSA offers is employment postings for coaching positions with your club. This is only done on the website as it is more convenient and the information is available right away. In April 2012, a policy was implemented to no longer charge BCSSA member clubs for this service. Non - member clubs will be charged $30.00 and payment must be received prior to the posting going live. If you have any ques tions or would like to have a posting added for your club please email the Provincial Office.COACHES...There are many opportunities available to you. Check out the employment page now! CONTENTSPONDERINGS & NOTES From the President 1 From the Vice - President 3 OFFICIALS 101 Are you a Swimmer - Friendly Referee? 4 SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS Ian Allen/BCSSA Scholarship 5 Team Aquatics Supplies Scholarship 5 Esquire (The T - Shirt People) Scholarship 5 Pool of Fame 6 PROVINCIALS Hotel Information for 2013 7 A Note from the VI Region 7 SUBMISSIONS Recipes 8 Letters to the Editor 9 03BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / PONDERINGS & NOTESA NOTE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENTDanny SchildsFirst, congratulations to all those people responsible for organizing and then putting on our annual Provincial Championship Swim meet in Nanaimo in August. It was a very good meet, with very little controversy and lots of cooperation from everyone involved. That is not to say that we cant always find areas to improve. Addressing those concerns is what your Board of Directors do over the win-ter months. Below you will find some information about the rules and what changes might be happening. I would also encourage all members of the BCSSA to contact the Board Office or a Board member if you have a concern or an idea. The BCSSA is a bottom up organization with changes coming from the membership.The procedure in the past for new rules or changes in rules was to introduce suggested changes at the October Board meeting, allow the regional directors to take the sugges-tions back to the membership, and then vote on the changes at the January Board meeting. Below you will find some of the topics that will come up at the January Board meeting. If you have any thoughts, please forward them to me.1. No Taping Rule . This one is very simple. There is no taping allowed in swimming. The proposed rule will look something like this:Section 2: Rules of Meet Conduct, Part D. The Race #13.eAny kind of tape on the body, other than for wound closure, is not permitted. Kinesiology taping is not permitted at any time.This will mean that other than a band aid, a swimmer would not be allowed to have any tape on the body or their swim suit.2. Guidelines for Raising Concerns About the Competitor Category of an Athlete . There have been questions about how to properly question the Tier-ing status of an athlete. The following procedure is proposed and if there is a concern that an athlete may not be following the rules for competitor cat-egory participation the following steps should occur.1. The complaintent takes the con-cern to their club President. The President of the club with the concern should express the concern, with any evidence that might be available, to the Regional Director (RD).At no time should any person, Pres-ident, coach, or parent confront the swimmer in question or the par-ents of the swimmer. All inquiries must go through the proper chan-nel, the Presidents of the clubs and the RD.2. The RD will approach the home club of the athlete in question and inform that President that a concern has been raised. The RD will ask for clarification and for any record keeping that might be available to determine the athletes status.3. If the RD is satisfied that the athlete is swimming in the correct tier, the RD will inform the concerned club that the swimmer is in the correct tier. If the concerned club is not satisfied with the RDs ruling, they may appeal to the Provincial Registrar.4. If the RD is not satisfied, or evi-dence indicates that the swimmer is not in the correct competitor category, the RD will inform the Provincial Registrar of the issue. At that point, the Provincial Registrar will conduct an investigation and apply the rules for S & O tiering, including any penalties that may be warranted.3. BCSSA Rule Book . Following the January Board meeting, there will be a reprint done of the appropriate pages of the rule book and an update done on the web site.4. Warm-Up Rules . The topic of Warm-Up Rules was raised at the Octo-ber meeting. I would welcome any input on what changes might be required to the warm-up rules we currently have in place. 5. BCSSA Volunteer Coaching . Some regions were lucky to be able to take part in the BCSSA Volunteer Coaching program this past summer. The Volunteer Coaching program is a coaching course for beginning coaches. These young coaches are given instruc-tion on how to interact with their swimmers, how to teach and what to coach. The program was developed by BCSSA coaches a number of years ago and this past year was updated and modernized. We had great positive responses back from all participants and because of the success of the pro-gram we are looking to take it to all regions next season. The Board will be looking for senior BCSSA coaches/instructors to contract to deliver the course to all regions in 2013.6. Tiering Report . An initial study has been started on the results of the changes to the tiering rules made at the 2011 AGM. The first step was to look at the Swimming O participants from the 2011 season and see how many swam as S swimmers in 2012 and what their results were. We were able to draw a few conclusions.04BCSSA 2012ARE YOU A SWIMMER FRIENDLY REFEREE?Borrowed from USA Swimming, but still applies to Canadian Refs as well.At the beginning of the technical rules section of the USA Swim-ming rulebook, it states:All competitive swimming events held under the swimming sanction shall be conducted in accordance with the following rules that are designed to provide fair and equi-table conditions of competition.However, the Officials Swimming Manual states: But the rulebook does not cover everything. Long-time rules chairman, William A. Lippman, Jr., stated in April 1982:It is impossible to make rules abso-lute in every instance. There must be room for human judgement to adapt to the intent of the rule to the inci-dent and to the physical factors, and make the final decision.Bottom line: the rulebook covers the basics, but officials are allowed to exer-cise their judgement in running fair and equitable meets.The following are some examples: As you whistle a heat onto the starting blocks, a swim-mers goggles strap breaks. Do you launch the heat to remain on the timeline, or do you step the heat down to allow the swimmer a chance to get new goggles? At a local club hosted meet, a swimmer misses his heat. Do you try and work the swimmer into a later heat, or do you feel like youre teaching him a lesson by not doing so?These are all examples of making swimmer-friendly decisions while still running fair meets. Good advice for a referee is to start on time and dont waste time. But that certainly doesnt mean officials cant exercise their judgement in allowing swimmers a chance to swim their best. Dave Smith, a member of the US Swim-mings Southeastern Officials Committee since 2000, is currently the Officials Chair. Dave SmithISSUE 76 / OFFICIALS 101a) It is concerning how few 2011 O swimmers returned for the 2012 season in any capacity.b) A total of ten 2011 provincial O swimmers returned as 2012 S swimmers.c) Seven of those swimmers placed no higher than consolations, usu-ally 13th to 15th position.d) Three 2011 O swimmers that swam S in 2012 placed in finals.One swimmer played polo during the 2010-2011 season and thus swam O in 2011; the swimmer did not take part in activities during the 2011-2012 winter season and therefore was an S swimmer based on the previous years activity.A second swimmer had swum one year at university and thus swam O at the 2011 meet. The swimmer did not take part in any activities during the 2011-2012 winter and so sat out that winter season and was an S swimmer by definition.The third swimmer placed in the finals in one event. This swimmer has been playing polo for years.The committees next step is to go through the individual registration forms to see what information can be gleamed from them. Any suggestions for other methods are welcome.Danny Schilds, Vice President, BCSSA danny.schilds@bcsummerswimming.comATTENTION: SYNCHRO OFFICIALSBCSSA in partnership with Synchro BC will be offering some official clinics in January 2013. Be sure to mark your calendars for these courses: Judge 1 February 16 & 17, 2013 Judge 2 January 12, 2013To register please email info @ synchro.bc.ca05BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDSSCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS2012 Ian Allen/BCSSA Scholarship WinnerBCSSA President Neil Wuolle (now retired past-president), is pleased to announce that both Matthew Torres of Maple Ridge and Rebecca Afford of Nelson have been awarded the 2012 Ian Allen/BCSSA Scholarship.The Ian Allen/BCSSA Scholarship is presented annually to deserving current/past members of BCSSA who are plan-ning on, or are currently attending post secondary institutes to assist success-ful candidates who best exemplify the goals, objectives and achievements of the BCSSA.Matthew has been a member of the BCSSA for 10 years and is a member of the Haney Neptunes. He has been the Head Swim Coach of the Neptunes since the fall of 2010, and was coaching in other roles with the club prior to that. Matthew will be attending York Uni-versity this fall with the goal of a Bach-elor of Science, in the Kinesiology and Health Sciences program, after which he hopes to apply to take his Masters in Physiotherapy.Rebecca has been a member of the BCSSA for 14 years and is a member of the Nelson Neptunes. She has been coaching with the Neptunes since 2008, taking on the positions of Junior, Assis-tant and Head Coach. Rebecca will be returning to Queens University this fall for her second year with the goal of majoring in Life Science with a minor in Psychology.BCSSA congratulates both Matt and Rebecca and wishes them all the best with their studies in the coming year.Esquire (The T - Shirt People) ScholarshipEsquire Wholesale, who is well known as being The T-shirt Peo-ple, decided that they wanted to offer a Scholarship starting in 2011 to the BCSSA. They decided that it was to align with the BCSSA/Ian Allen Schol-arship where the successful candidate would be a person who best exemplifies the goals, objectives and achievements of the BCSSA.The Esquire Scholarship for 2012 was awarded to Alex Campbell.Alex started swimming with the Port Moody Aquarians in 2000, and is currently a member of the Coquitlam Sharks. Alex will be attending Simon Fraser University this fall with the goal of becoming an Urban Planner, once he completes his degree studying Human Geography in the Faculty of Environment. Team Aquatic Supplies ScholarshipThe Team Aquatics Scholarship is awarded to an individual who has been registered with BCSSA as a coach for a minimum of 3 years, who possess NCCP Level 1 Certification and is planning on attending or returning to a post-secondary institution.The Team Aquatics Scholarship for 2012 was awarded to Cynthia Pfeiffer.Cynthia has been involved with the Revelstoke Aquaducks for 14 years and has been coaching with the Aqua-ducks for the last 5 years. Cynthia will be returning to post-secondary this year attending Acadia University in their Nutrition program.VOLUNTEER COACHES CLINICSIf you are looking to expand your pool of well trained coaches, the Volunteer Coaches Program is for you! The clinics teach participants about Coaching Conduct, Leadership Development and Stroke Progressions, plus so much more!These clinics are extremely popular and provide an excellent way for our clubs to not only develop a wellqualified coaching staff but also to provide some excellent opportunities for our athletes! Minimum age restriction of 13 years is in place. To start booking your 2013 Clinics please contact the Provincial Office at office @ McGauley (Bottom Centre) with mom, Pam (Left), BCSSA President Kerry Sheppard, brother, Chris, dad, Paul,& Past President Neil Wuolle (Right)Ted Slinger (Centre), with son, Mike Slinger (Left), & Danny Schilds (Right)06BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDSBCSSA 2012 POOL OF FAME INDUCTEESLANDON McGAULEY: NEWSMAKER CATEGORYLandon McGauley began his BCSSA career in 2001, at the age of six, as a Division 1 swimmer with the Ques-nel Sea Lions. A breaststroke special-ist, Landon continued swimming in the BCSSA until 2008, and competed twice at Provincial Championships.In 2010, at the age of fifteen, Landon sustained a spinal cord injury while mountain biking, leaving him para-lyzed from the waist down. Landon, suddenly confronted with an entirely new set of lifelong challenges, looked forward, not back. Drawing on inner strength and character, incredible sup-port from his family, and the lessons he had learned from his years in the BCSSA, Landon took up the sport of adap-tive skiing (also known as "sit-skiing"). Landon set short- and long-term goals (a skill he had developed in his swim-ming career) for his new-found sport and applied his energy to attaining those goals. Linked with the High Fives Foun-dation, Landon channelled his impressive spirit and determination into learning the art of sit-skiing and taking his level of performance to a highly-competitive level. Most recently, Landon raced to a third-place finish at the BC Adaptive Skiing Provincial Championships, and he has his eyes set on competing, one day, in the adaptive skiing event at the Paralympics.Landon's story, and his development in the sport of sit-skiing, has been (and continues to be) promi-nently documented through the High Fives Foundation. Landon has also taken the time to speak with elementary school groups about how to meet, and overcome obstacles.Landon has demon-strated the ability to deal with adversity through determination, love of sport and competition, and hard work; attributes and qualities fostered, in part, through his years with the BCSSA.Landon was inducted into the BCSSA Pool of Fame, in the Newsmaker cat-egory, in August 2012.TED SLINGER: BUILDERS CATEGORYIn 1973 Ted Slinger started with BCSSA as a parent and a timer with the Port Moody Aquarians. That was before digital watches were available and a steady hand and good eye were required. From timing he moved onto place judg-ing until Dick Gauer (a former Provin-cial Board Member) recruited Ted to be a stroke and turn judge.From there it was a short step to start-ing and reffing. He became a BCSSA Master Official in the mid-'80s and a Swim BC Mater Official in 1989. In addition to being a mainstay on the deck with BCSSA at club meets, regionals and provincials, Ted has also been the starter/ref with SFU swimming since 1988 and continues to officiate at dual meets and invitationals to this day. Ted officiates at many Swim BC meets, the High School meet and he loves to officiate at the Special Olympics more than anything.Ted was the Treasurer and Reg-istrar with PMA and then the Presi-dent of the club for four years from 19821985. He went from there to be Regional Director for Simon Fra-ser from 19861992. Ted next moved to BCSSA VP of Competitions for 6 years from 19931998 and later was the assistant VP Competitions from 19992007. In addition to all of that, Ted was the first president of the Simon Fraser Aquatics Swim Club Par-ent Society and just this past year was the meet manager for the BC Senior Games.07BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / PROVINCIALSHotel Info for the 2013 ProvincialsThe BCSSA has partnered with a few hotels in the Coquitlam area to pro-vide our members with discounted room rates. These hotels are support-ing the BCSSA membership as well as the organization through sponsorship so we encourage our members to stay at these locations. We have personally visited every site and believe that these hotels are providing exceptional value during the Championships.There is currently major blocks of rooms set aside for our event, however individual clubs will need to phone and reserve a section of the block for their club, or individuals and make reser-vations on their own. For more informa-tion please visit .Please note that there are a few other events during the week of our Champi-onships, therefore we suggest you make a reservation early and cancel if neces-sary at a later date.A Note from the Vancouver Island RegionColette WoodOn behalf of the Vancouver Island Region Clubs and the 2012 Pro-vincials Organizing Commit-tee, thanks to all the athletes, coaches and parents who made the trek to Nanaimo in August to attend our BCSSA 2012 Provincials.Aside from a few glitches behind the scenesWhere's the coffee? My Pen-cil needs sharpening. It's too sunnyout on the podium.I believe the 2012 Provincial Championship in Nanaimo were a success.I hope you and your families took the time to explore our Region once the Championship came to a close. My best memories of summer swimming are the camping, meeting up with friends every summer and, once all the meets were overenjoying the last few weeks of summer in someone elses backyard. I know many of our VI Region families took the opportunity to travel around the Prince George, Trail, and the Kam-loops areas after Provincials were held in those communities; they are precious family memories for sure.Take care everyone and keep on swimming!Colette Wood Past Regional Director, VI RegionHAVE A SAFE & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!08BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / SUBMISSIONSRECIPESFUDGEY BROWNIESLinda Afford1 1/4 cup all - purpose flour1 tsp baking powder1/2 tsp salt3/4 cup butter3/4 cocoa powder1 cup brown sugar, packed1 cup sugar4 eggs2 tsp vanilla extract1 cup chopped walnuts cooking spray Fudgey IcingBlend together flour, baking powder, and salt and set aside.Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan. Remove from heat and stir in cocoa powder.Beat in brown sugar, sugar, eggs, and vanilla.Stir in dry ingredients and walnuts.Spray a 9 - inch pan with cooking spray.Bake in a 375 F oven for 40 minutes. DO NOT overbake.Cool completely.Spread Fudgey icing over top.FUDGEY ICING2 tbsp butter1/4 cup cocoa powder1/2 tsp vanilla extract2 cup sifted icing sugar1/4 cup milkMelt butter over low heat in a medium saucepan. Remove from heat.Stir in cocoa powder in vanilla.Stir in icing sugar and milk until smooth and of a spreading consistency.Cook for 2 minutes..CHRISTMAS MORNING WIFE - SAVERYvonne Platson16 fresh slices of bread, crusts removed16 slices of back bacon or ham16 slices of sharp cheddar cheese6 eggs1/2 tsp pepper1/2 - 1 tsp dry mustard1/4 cup onion, minced1/4 cup green pepper, finely chopped1 - 2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce3 cups milk1 dash red pepper Tabasco Sauce 1/4 cup butter Special K or Corn Flakes , crushedIn a 9x13 buttered glass baking dish, lay 8 pieces of bread.Cover bread with slices of bacon (or ham) and cheese slices.Cover with remaining 8 slices of bread to make like a sandwich.In a bowl, beat eggs and add pepper, dry mustard, onion, green pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, milk, and Tabasco Sauce .Pour mixture over top of bread, then let stand in the fridge overnight.In the morning, melt butter and pour over top bread. Cover with crushed Special K or Corn Flakes .Bake uncovered for one hour at 350 F.Let stand for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with fresh fruit.09BCSSA 2012ISSUE 76 / SUBMISSIONSLETTERS TO THE EDITORWATER POLO & ONESIESMy name is Ingrid Bird and my son (Joe, 10 years old) and daughter (Emily, 12 years old) both started playing water polo in June of this year. Their team, the Langley Flippers, play out of Walnut Grove pool and Al Anderson pool. Both are located in Langley, B.C.Emily and Joe both just LOVE water polo. It has to do with many things, but two things stand out the most to me. The kids on their team made them feel so welcome. I am sure they have made life-long friendships through water polo, and there is always lots of laughing.There is a very positive atmosphere on the team and acceptance. This is largely promoted through their two coaches Nav Sohi and Kevin Mitchell. Nav and Kevin not only teach them water polo strategies and moves, but respect and the joy of playing a sport well. Both the coaches are in the water with the kids regularly. One of the most fun things they do is a scrimmage with no rules. Other swimmers in the pool stop to watch the antics of these games! I feel the coaches are very tolerant to be climbed on and dragged around. There is so much laughing and the kids look forward to these games SO much.I love to photograph them and I feel it creates a real bond within the team. Nav and Kevin make the atmosphere on the team and at matches very positive. This will keep my family coming back and enjoying this sport. I feel they both deserve a really big pat on the back!Their assistant coach, Etienne, is of the same calibre. He is constantly swamped by the kids and laughs and jokes with them. They all think of great team building ideas too. An example is a team onesie party! Even the coaches had their onesies on. The coaches are elusive, but I hope to photograph them in their onesies soon. I am sure it will be quite hilarious!Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate the opportunity to promote water polo and the Flippers team in particular. You could not ask to meet a nicer group of people! Well done, coaches.Kind Regards,Ingrid BirdSUMMER SWIMMING COACHES HANDBOOKInventory Clearout! Order your book prior to February 30th and receive 50% off! Thats right, the handbook will only cost $20.00 but only if payment is received prior to February 30th!The Summer Swimming Coaches Handbook was created with the primary focus being the unique challenges of being a summer swimming coach. Most data on swimming is concerned with older athletes, participating in nine to twelve month programs and competing in events varying in distance from 50 to 1,500 meters. In contrast, the Handbook considers the summer swimming context as its basic subject matter and frames a wide range of information within the extraordinary terms of that context.A Summer Swimming Coaches Handbook was been created for summer swimming coaches by Neil W. McKinlay once a long standing Head Coach in BCSSA. This document includes the following: Communication Skills Teaching Strategies Strokes, Starts & Turns Training Theory Mental Skills Planning a Season Realizing a Seasonal Plan Seasonal Evaluation 11 Appendices featuring Blank Goal Sheets, Attendance Sheets, Seasonal Plan Sheets and MoreTo order, please email the Provincial Office at office @