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Top ivy league feeder high schools in usa


WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM Home | News | Technology | Markets | Personal Journal | Opinion | Weekend / Leisure | Portfolio | Markets Data Center | Fund Research High Schools How the Schools Stack Up 11/30/07 Weekend Journal looked at the freshman classes at eight top colleges -- Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Williams, Pomona, Swarthmore, the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins -- and compiled a list of the students' high-school alma maters. The survey ranked the high schools based on the number of students sent to those eight colleges, divided by the high school's number of graduates in 2007, limiting the scope to schools that had senior classes of at least 50 (see below). The "success rate" column represents the percentage of students in each high-school's graduating class that attended one of our chosen colleges. (See related story.) —Compiled by Ellen Gamerman, Juliet Chung, SungHa Park and Candace Jackson SENIOR CLASS SIZE 50 STUDENTS SENT IN 2007 13 HIGH SCHOOL Collegiate School CITY New York STATE/ COUNTRY N.Y. SUCCESS RATE 26.0% CURRENT TUITION 29,100 COMMENT Just over 600 boys make up the student body from Kindergarten through 12th grade at this small private school. The all-girls school says on its Web site that it sent a total of 93 kids to the Ivy League in the last five years. Kindergartners at this all-girls school learn creative writing; third-graders study yoga. School sent 9 kids to Stanford last year, more than to any other college. College counseling office recently hired a former University of Chicago admissions officer. School's director Page 1 of 7 Brearley School New York N.Y. 51 12 23.5% 31,300 Chapin School New York N.Y. 58 13 22.4% 29,100 Polytechnic School Pasadena Calif. 87 17 19.5% 23,750 University of Chicago Lab Schools Chicago Ill. 113 22 19.5% 20,445 College Oakland Calif. 86 15 17.4% 26,850 http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM Preparatory School of college counseling worked in the University of Pennsylvania admissions office for eight years. New York N.Y. 116 20 17.2% 30,120 School will celebrate its 300th birthday next year. School says that about 10% of its students are from outside the U.S. and 35% are students of color. Independent school for boys is led by an order of Benedictine monks; about 30% of students are non-Catholic. This year Exeter announced it will waive tuition for students whose family income is under $75,000. School requires seniors to take a course on transition to adult life. Students do mock college interviews Students are required to write two college essays summer before senior year, which are critiqued by faculty. School is divided into two separate programs; one for students planning to attend university in South Korea, the other for those bound for U.S. colleges. Our class-size figure reflects the U.S.bound track School sent 16 kids to Princeton last year; since 2003, it says it has sent 59 students there. Trinity School Phillips Academy Andover Mass. 327 52 15.9% 29,000* Delbarton School Morristown N.J. 116 18 15.5% 23,600 Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter N.H. 317 47 14.8% 28,200* Milton Academy Milton Mass. 184 27 14.7% 31,175* Groton School Groton Mass. 83 12 14.5% 31,530* Daewon Seoul Foreign Language High School South Korea 78 11 14.1% 05,000 Lawrenceville School Lawrenceville N.J. 239 33 13.8% 32,110* http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html Page 2 of 7 WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM Kent Place School Summit N.J. 59 8 13.6% 26,818 Director of college advising worked in undergraduate admissions at Columbia and Georgetown universities. The public school, administered by Hunter College, limits 7th grade applicants to kids who scored at least 90% in reading and math on standardized tests. Applications to Rivers increased 20% over the past year, and ninth grade applications rose 27%, school says. School has an arts-centered approach; poetry teacher starts working with kids as young as 5. Last year's seniors scored about 10% higher on SATs than previous class, says director of college counseling. School offers a program that pairs kids with parents to discuss college, careers and community service. The boarding-only school now offers a "gut check" for seniors, with faculty reading college essays in three minutes, as a college admissions officer might. Five studentsfrom Harker were selected as a youth delegation to the G8 conference in Germany this year. School has one of the lowest tuitions Page 3 of 7 Hunter College New York High School N.Y. 177 24 13.6% 0 Rivers School Weston Mass. 74 10 13.5% 30,500 Saint Ann's School Brooklyn N.Y. 76 10 13.2% 25,500 San Francisco San Francisco University High School Calif. 92 12 13.0% 28,725 Menlo School Atherton Calif. 139 18 12.9% 29,400 St. Paul's School Concord N.H. 150 19 12.7% 39,300 Harker School San Jose Calif. 167 20 12.0% 29,894 John Burroughs St. Louis School Mo. 97 11 11.3% 18,575 http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM of the U.S. private schools in our study. Midwestern schools generally cost less than those on the coasts. Rye Country Day School Rye N.Y. 92 10 10.9% 27,500 (1112th grades) School says that since 1996, 97% of kids taking the Advanced Placement BC Calculus course received perfect scores on the AP exam. School in South Korea's Gangwon-do province requires students to speak only English for many classes. School opened $26 million visual and performing arts center this year. This year, school sent 19 kids to Princeton University, which is across the street from the high school. Many students at the Jewish day school spend a year in Israel before college, which the school says may affect its numbers in our survey. Selective public high school specializing in math and science says it sent 17 kids to Harvard last year. School opened a new building devoted to world languages this year, and recently added Mandarin classes Tuition-free Catholic boys school says it drew more than 2,300 prospective students to recent Page 4 of 7 Korean Minjok Leadership Academy Gangwon Province South Korea 133 14 10.5% 16,000 Buckingham Browne & Nichols Cambridge Mass. 115 12 10.4% 31,440 Princeton High School Princeton N.J. 299 31 10.4% 0 Ramaz Upper School New York N.Y. 100 10 10.0% 20,000 Stuyvesant High School New York N.Y. 674 67 9.9% 0 Head-Royce School Oakland Calif. 81 8 9.9% 25,590 Regis High School New York N.Y. 125 12 9.6% 0 http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM open houses Blake School Minneapolis Minn. 127 12 9.4% 19,900 Minnesota school has both alpine and nordic skiing teams. School requires kids to participate in an "intersession" in January, a break from regular studies with courses like "Exploring the Meaning of Life: Why It All Matters." New headmaster is a former head of schools in Botswana and Wales. A Bishop's graduate won the Olympic trials in laser sailingcompeting in a small singlehanded boat-and will participate in the Olympics in China next year. Competitive magnet school for science-minded kids sent 13 students to MIT this year. Students can't graduate without at least 80 hours of community service and a weeklong outdoor program. School asks parents to submit anecdotes about their kids to inform college counselors' recommendation letters. Students can take educational summer trips with faculty to places like Indian monasteries or the French Alps. The school, founded in 1635, sent 25 kids to Harvard--more Page 5 of 7 Illinois Mathematics And Science Academy Aurora Ill. 203 19 9.4% 0 Hotchkiss School Lakeville Conn. 172 16 9.3% 32,400* Bishop's School La Jolla Calif. 120 11 9.2% 24,400 Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology Lakeside School Alexandria Va. 428 39 9.1% 0 Seattle Wash. 132 12 9.1% 22,160 Deerfield Academy Deerfield Mass. 188 17 9.0% 27,642* St. John's School Houston Texas 122 11 9.0% 16,825 Boston Latin School Boston Mass. 381 33 8.7% 0 http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM than any other high school on our list. Sidwell Friends Washington, School D.C. Li Po Chun United World College Choate Rosemary Hall Dalton School Horace Mann School Bard High School Early College Northside College Preparatory High School Westminster Schools Taft School United World College of the Atlantic Hong Kong Washington, D.C. China 118 121 10 10 8.5% 8.3% 27,790 N/A Wallingford New York Riverdale New York Conn. N.Y. N.Y. N.Y. 230 112 177 128 19 9 14 10 8.3% 8.0% 7.9% 7.8% 29,260 31,200 30,830 0 Chicago Ill. 244 19 7.8% 0 Atlanta Ga. 184 14 7.6% 18,000, according to Web site 29,000* 37,000 Watertown South Wales Conn. U.K. 160 167 12 12 7.5% 7.2% Hopkins School New Haven International Academy Cranbrook Kingswood School Baltimore Polytechnic Institute HarvardWestlake School Mary Institute And St. Louis Country Day School Conn. 126 133 196 9 9 13 7.1% 6.8% 6.6% 27,050 0 23,900* Bloomfield Hills Mich. Bloomfield Hills Mich. Baltimore Md. 232 15 6.5% 0 North Hollywood St. Louis Calif. 287 18 6.3% 25,000 Mo. 145 9 6.2% 18,690 Loomis Chaffee Windsor School Kent School Kent Conn. Conn. 194 158 10 8 5.2% 5.1% 29,500* 31,300*, according to Web site 14,000 13,460, according to Web site 0 Iolani School Taipei American School Belmont High School Honolulu Taipei Hawaii Taiwan 227 210 10 9 4.4% 4.3% Belmont Mass. 282 12 4.3% http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html Page 6 of 7 WSJ.com 12/3/07 11:38 AM Scarsdale High Scarsdale School North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics New Canaan High School Lower Merion High School Durham N.Y. N.C. 360 309 15 11 4.2% 3.6% 0 0 New Canaan Ardmore Conn. Penn. 286 418 10 14 3.5% 3.3% 0 0 * denotes tuition for day students at schools that also have boarders. Behind the Numbers: Our survey looked at enrolled students, not the number of students accepted. In some cases, college admissions offices shared the list of high schools for their freshman classes. In others, we looked at the printed "facebooks" distributed by colleges, which were either loaned to us or purchased on our behalf by students or alumni. We worked with high schools and colleges to verify our numbers, which sometimes differed when students had been accepted to college but deferred enrollment for a year or when college facebooks offered incomplete information. In cases where the high school and college's numbers diverged, we worked with both to try to resolve the discrepancy. We relied only on official school information, not outside sources such as Facebook.com. We omitted some universities that otherwise would have met our criteria because they either didn't print facebooks or those facebooks didn't list high-school alma maters, and the colleges wouldn't supply the data on their students independently. Of course, college placement is only one measure of a high school's success, and varies from year to year. Many high schools emphasized to us that they strive to find the right match for each student, not the college with the most cachet. Write to the Online Journal's editors at newseditors@wsj.com Return To Top Subscribe Log In Take a Tour Contact Us Help Email Setup Customer Service: Online | Print Privacy Policy Subscriber Agreement & Terms of Use Mobile Devices RSS Feeds News Licensing Advertising About Dow Jones http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/info-COLLEGE0711-sort.html Page 7 of 7