Jay Cutler Bodybuilding and Nutrition Tips

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Jay Cutler Bodybuilding and Nutrition TipsJay Cutler began bodybuilding on his 18th birthday. He led an active childhood and played football inhigh school. He also worked on his family's farm. All of this was a precursor to his phenomenalstrength. He discovered bodybuilding during his time in college, studying to get his criminal justicedegree.Cutler has trained with the best and his track record shows his successes. Some of his creditsinclude: Mr. Olympia in 2006 and 2007, 2nd place at the Mr. Olympia in 2004 and 2005, and 1stplace at the Arnold Classic in 2004. His physique is quite impressive. At 34 years old, he stands at5'9", weighing 274 during the season. His thighs are an incredible 31" and his arms are 22.5". He's aman that knows muscle and has some great advice on how to build a body to be reckoned with.Cutler has excellent tips for the beginning bodybuilder. He advocates healthy, frequent meals and asplit training routine.NutritionJay's diet varies widely. He's big on protein for muscle building, uses supplements to boost his diet,and switches it up when his body needs to. He eats tons of fish, eggs, and other meats, as well asEzekiel bread. (Ezekiel bread is an excellent flourless bread that can usually be found in local healthfood stores.) During the season, he sticks mainly to fish for his meat sources, but eats other sourcessuch as chicken, buffalo, and turkey during the off season.According to MuscleTech, he gets in 3 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight in the off season, aswell as 1.25 grams of protein. He also does calorie and carb rotations to get his body where hewants it to be. Listening to your body's needs and adjusting accordingly is a safe and prosperousroute.TrainingWhen Jay Cutler lifts weights, he usually sticks with one body part (sometimes two) a day, doing 3 orfor exercises for that part. He'll do 9 to 12 sets, with 8 to 10 reps each. Quite a heavy load!He's got wonderful tips for the beginning bodybuilder, too. He strongly advises against a beginner'stendency to over train. It actually inhibits the progress they are seeking. Cutler suggests doing afour day split routine, resting on day 5, and then repeating the process.Jay Cutler is quite an inspiring man, with an excellent background and future in bodybuilding.Reviewing his diet and training regimen and incorporating elements of it into your fitness schedule,just may prove beneficial and foster excellent gains.Note: Please remember to seek your doctor's advice before beginning any exercise regimen forsafety precautions.Sources: MusleTech, JayCutler Homepagehttp://suite101.com/jay-cutler-bodybuilding-and-nutrition-tips-a59476http://suite101.com/jay-cutler-bodybuilding-and-nutrition-tips-a59476