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Jones Lang LaSalle Location Intelligence

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Market Analysis Delivering real value in a changing marketplace 1 Our team of location specialists… Asia Pac 120 consultants 108 researchers Shelley Frost Global Head BLA London, EMEA Dr. Wayne Gearey SVP Americas Firm Management Our global footprint, on-the-ground presence, and industry expertise increases the strategic advantage exponentially for our client. Americas 320 consultants 42 researchers EMEA 150 consultants 111 researchers Leading global provider of location advisory solutions 2 3 Considering the trends Over the past several years, a number of trends have dramatically changed the site selection process. 1. Consolidation The trend toward consolidation has rippled through many industries. With this trend comes the ability to successfully fast track decisions. Jones, Lang, LaSalle, has a model for accelerated strategic decision making putting the wheels in motion with complex transition programs 2. Globalization Although not all companies and industries lay claim to the global label, the trend has been pervasive affecting most businesses, capital markets and consumer markets either directly or indirectly. As globalization changes, business consumer and competitive markets rebalance. This has a local effect on the availability, sustainability and cost of labor. 4 Factors Impacting Location Decisions More than a real estate decision 5 Understanding and using Location Advisory 6 Strategic planning An interdisciplinary approach to solve business challenges for our clients examining the business ecosystem Education Sustainability Labor Availability Competition Culture Crime Population Growth Business Economic Recovery Quality of life Infrastructure Social Policy Urbanization & Development Employee Health Risk Environment Members Cost of Living Wages Unionism Poverty …helping solve problems and answer questions 7 Identifying and assessing an optimal location with our Business Lab A key stage in our process involves gathering key indices that can be used to inform strategic location decisions. Demographic Analysis Psychographic Analysis •The goal of this research model is to identify homogeneous geographic regions that meet the client’s site-selection criteria •Our team identifies these homogeneous geographies of opportunity by creating a series of geospatial analytical models. •We begin with large demographic regions of interest and refine them by considering lifestyle segmentation, population growth and other data-driven factors. Projected Growth Key combined indices Qualitative Market Assessment •This quantitative component is then combined with a qualitative component (local market knowledge) to find an optimal location for the client’s operations. SITE SELECTION (OR Validation) 8 iLocate provides the client with an unlimited ability to map, filter and score data in every area of the business ecosystem, and provides our clients with an easy to understand dashboard for making timely macro decisions. 9 2007 Employees 10 10 Yr Growth 11 Where are the engineers working? 12 iLocate – Total competitive advantage • Brings best practice modeling into one tool not currently available from our competitors • Provides answers to Client questions immediately Big Four Law Firms Boutique Firms Most Brokers Do It Yourself ? Expertise Local Process JLL ● ● ● ● Labor / Demographics Federal and State Statutory Benefits Legislative Change Government Affairs Real Estate Site Selection Implementation of Benefits Supply Chain / Logistics Construction Management ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ? ? ● ? ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ? ? ? ? ? ? JLL is the ONLY integrated provider of the COMPLETE array of services. 13 Strategic planning A complete solution for optimizing location related decisions Client Data Our Data and People Our Technology + + …helping us solve problems and answer questions =More Insightful Decisions 14 Differentiators • We use science with qualified published scientists that have created a business lab that generates a holistic view for the client using leading edge econometric business theory to build solutions • We use best practice in People, Data and Technology • Jones Lang LaSalle’s goal is to become the clients strategist offering a holistic view converting murky insights into a useful business strategy that can answer questions in real time. • Labor longevity is a single point answer, we use a multivariate approach • Our goal is to inform our clients on strategic geographies of opportunity 15 Location Analysis To learn more contact: Dr. Wayne Gearey, PhD Senior Vice President Location Intelligence +1 214 438 6116 Gary Yates Director Site Selection + 1 404 995 2438 16
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