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    Course Contents:

    1 Joomla Introduction

    History of Joomla

    Joomla! The Content Management System

    The Joomlasphere

    The Joomla! Forum

    The Joomla! Community

    The Joomla! Extension Directory

    The Joomla! Resource Directory

    The Joomla! Template Directory

    Joomla! Internationalization, Localization and Translations

    Joomla! Want You! How to be a contributor

    2 What Now and Where Do I Begin?


    Domain Names: Registering Domain Name

    Trademarks, Licensing, Copyright and Legalities

    The Basics of Branding

    Memorable Logos and Why you Need One

    All about color and color schemes

    Knowing Your Visitors

    Usability: Users Want to Actually Use Your Site

    What Is Accessibility?

    Wireframes, Storyboarding, and Visualization

    Creating Great Content

    3 Installing Joomla

    Choosing a Joomla! Version and Installation Options

    Downloading Joomla

    Creating a Database

    Using the File Manager to Upload Joomla

    Joomla1 Web Installation

    Installation of Joomla

    Setting Up a site

    4 Configuring

    Basic configuration steps

    Editing the Super User

    Global Configuration Options




    User Groups

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    Test Filters

    Configuration Settings in Specific Components

    User Manager Configuration

    Media Manager Configuration

    Smart Search Configuration

    Other Site Defaults

    Default Menu Item

    Default Template Style

    5 Working with and creating content for Your Joomla! Site

    Defining Content

    Managing Content

    Working with the Media Manager and Inserting Images

    Managing Categories

    Menus and Menu Items

    Menu Manager

    Menu Items

    Article Menu Types in More Depth

    Working with Parameters and Options





    6 Joomla! Extension: Components, Modules, Plugins and Languages






    Adding Extensions

    Extensions Directory

    7 Working with Joomla Templates

    Joomla Templates

    The Template Manager

    Customizing Templates

    Choosing a New Template

    8 Creating your own simple Joomla Template

    Basic Template Structure

    Adding Joomla Content

    Adding Module Positions

    Adding Style Sheets

    Adding Colors and Typography

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    Template with Bootstrap

    9 Marketing and Caring for Your Joomla! Website

    First Impression Count

    Search Engines, SEO, Getting Listed and staying there

    Submitting to Search Engines

    Search Engine Optimization

    Using Navigation

    Marketing Basics and Social Networking

    10 Keeping Your Site Up-to-Date

    Updating Site

    Backing Up Site

    Updating Extensions

    Migrating to a New Major Version

    Changes in Minimum Requirements

    11 Joomla! For Business

    Basic Planning

    Brochure Sites

    Extending Joomla!: Some Extensions to Consider for Business

    Extending Brochure Elements

    Social Media

    E-commerce Web sites

    Which payment system is Right for you?

    Other Business site extensions

    12 Joomla! for NGOs/NPOs, Groups, Clubs, and Organizations

    Basic Planning of Group Sites

    Leveraging Your Site to Raise Awareness and Gain Momentum

    Extensions for Enabling Basic Interaction

    Nonprofit Web Site Demo

    Setting Up the Site and Extensions

    Settings for the Home Page

    Creating a Contact Form

    Site Name and Tag Line

    Donation Module

    Social Media Module


    Modifying the Template

    13 Joomla! for Education

    Basic Planning of Educational Sites

    Extensions to Consider for Education

    School Web Site Demo

    Creating a School or Education Site

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    Changing the Template