Joomla!Day Israel 2012 - The business of Joomla

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Jeff Mendelson lecture at Joomla!Day Israel 2012


1. THE BUSINESSOF JOOMLABUILDING JOOMLA WEBSITES FOR FUN AND PROFITPRESENTED BY: JEFF MENDELSON, MBAJOOMLA DAY TEL AVIV, OCTOBER 10, 2012 2. ABOUT THIS PRESENTATIONAbout me and my companyWhat is the Business?Show me the Money!How do you sell Joomla?Tips for being successfulAdditional thoughts 3. ABOUT MEStarted:2006, independent in 2009Based in South Florida (Miami)Currently host: >200+ domainsCo-founder: Joomla Miami User GroupOffering additional services as well: Online Marketing Services (SEO/PPC Management) Social Media Engagement Custom Component Development 4. WHAT IS THE BUSINESS?Ask what do your customers want: Shopping Cart? News Portal / Blog? Web Application? 5. WHAT IS THE BUSINESS?Joomla is the Swiss Army Knifeof website development.Think about it:Its not how big your stick is,its how you use it 6. SHOW ME THE MONEY!19,307 (New Israeli Shekels)C$ 8,950,500 (Colombian Pesos)3,836 (Euros)$5,000 (USD)Question: Whats the difference between a$500 website and a $5,000 one?Answer: Its all the same Its all in how you present it. 7. INTERESTING QUESTIONS:Does your geographic locationmean that you should chargeless or more than me?Does your work excite you?What is your time worth? 8. CASE IN POINTJ-Town Productions (located in Jerusalem) outsourcedprojects to the US.Global NLP Training & GoCar Tours Barcelona needed the bestJoomla developer on the market. 9. HOW DO YOU SELL JOOMLA?ConfidenceKnowing all problems have solutionsIf you cant solve it, OUTSOURCE it.The difference between a $500 website and a $5,000 is YOU. 10. WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT FROMJOOMLA WEBSITES TODAY?Open-source softwareAvailable SupportAbility to manage their own contentResponsive design Works any device 11. TIPS FOR CREATING A WEBBUSINESSBe authentic.Deal with proper businesses, not hobbyists.Gauge your client.Offer professional maintenance services.Dont compete on price.Utilize professional resources already available to you: eLance, Rocket Theme, Joomla Forums Networking with other experts in your field. 12. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSThank you for your time Jeff Mendelson, MBA +1.954.294.7827 Twitter: @lasolastech