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Judge Gerald Roseberg Statement

by changatah





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Pursuant to CCP179.4 a judge must not rule on a verified statement to disqualify him/her. To do is further grounds to disqualify him/her. Judge Rosenberg in his illegal striking of my Verified Statement to Disqualified did not acknowledge or address the allegations lodged against him. At all times stating he was practicing law from the bench and was more favorable to the defendants who failed to answer any of my discovery request. The defendants acted with unclean hands and demanded the court to turn a blind eye to their blatant violations of the Discovery Act. Judge Rosenberg stated my opposition to the defendants motion to strike my complaint pursuant to the Unclean Hands Doctrine was not applicable. Judge Rosenberg clearly feels he is above the law. Judge Gerald Rosenberg has shown more than an appearance of bias the High Court and our laws mandated that he recuse himself. He needs to turn in his Rolex. A WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING oops Robe.
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