Kamil Trzebiatowski (EAL Coordinator, Newland School for Girls, Kingston-upon-Hull) ASE TeachMeet, York: 6 July 2015 Do You CLIL?

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The task ahead of EAL learners BASS (2006) Distinguishing the difference SEN or EAL? EAL Learners have to : Learn English Learn content through the curriculum Socialise with other children in the yet-unlearnt language Learn culturally-embedded social practices of the classroom Catching up is essentially EAL childrens problem curriculum doesnt wait. EAL children have a moving target. NALDIC (1999) The Distinctiveness of English as an Additional Language: a cross-curriculum discipline: A Handbook for All Teachers If a child is 3 years behind (linguistically), every year they need to make 1 years of progress (for 6 years) to catch up with native speakers.