Kings of Leon- Magazine advert analysis

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  • 1. The main focus of the magazine advert is the band name Kings of Leon- Instantly this grabs the attention of the reader. The band name itself is the main focal point as they are known worldwide and can sell the album on name alone. Again it is made to stand out of the page by the actual font used which features a shadow. Similarly the white of the heading stands out against the background whilst not being to obtuse. The record label is featured giving the reader further information about the album whilst promoting the record label too. Similar to the band name the album name is featured in white lettering. It is centred within the page, and frames the image. A website is displayed in order to promote the band and album by allowing the audience to find sufficient information about the band. is advertised at the bottom of the page. It does not detract from the advert but informs the buyer where they can purchase the album. The main background of the image relates to the title come around sundown. It is inviting and does not distract from the main information on the advert. The summery feel is created through the light hues of orange, yellow and red paired with the hanging shadows of the palm leaves. The palm leaves themselves also blend into the background, therefore keeping the advert simple and straightforward. Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown