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  • 1. Kings of Leon Music Magazine AdvertisementThe characters featured on the advert for thekings of Leon album Only by the night arequarters of all four band members; Caleb Followill(Top right), Jared Followill (bottom left), NathanFollowill (bottom left) and Matthew Followill (topRight). This suggests that as kings of Leon they areall one. Each member is merged with an eaglerepresenting strength.The image is set against agreen backgroundcomplementing the greenimage and American armytheme. It has darker edgesbecause of the use of highkey lighting aimed at theirfaces making the edges dark.The image is acombination of everyband member mergedwith an eagle. There arecrosses around theimage that look likesniper targets suggestingpain, the army and waror perhaps pride whenits compared to the allAmerican eagle. Theimage is edited to looklike night vision actingparallel to the title Onlyby the night. This issurrounded by a blackbackground and thealbum details. The fontused are in the coloursgreen, white, red andblue and typed in allcapitals in a missionreport font with keyparts featuringunderscores in spaces.The most importantparts being_KINGS_OF_LEON andOUT NOW are inbrighter colours to standout making it quick andto the point.In terms of iconography the kings of Leon albumadvert comes across very patriotic and proud of theAmerican army this is evident as we can see the allAmerican eagle. The eagle represents America andwas chosen because of its long life, great strengthand majestic looks. That army comes into it whenwe can see they mission report like text, snipertargets around the image and night vision colours.The Guttenberg designprinciple can beapplied to this posteras you areautomatically drawn tothe primary opticalarea because of theblue underscoremaking it compulsoryto read the band nameand follow the Axis ofOrientation. You arethen drawn to the largemain image on theadvert making theviewer aware of theband and making thealbum coverrecognisable. Towardsthe bottom of theadvert is the less theimportant informationthat is only relevant ifyou are interested inwhat has already beenseen.Design symmetry is evidentin this poster as the is cutinto quarters and althoughthey are different peoplethey all resemble each otheras they are family and are allmake part of the collectiveeagle giving it symmetricalbalance .By Georgia McLaughlin