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OCTOBER 7 - OCTOBER 202015 VOL. 11 ISSUE 20LOOKATOKC.COMLOCAL ENTERTAINMENT AND NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO PAY ATTENTIONTHE MARTIAN REVIEW ON PAGE 14 | DEEP DEUCE DINING ON PAGE 15Chase Kerby gets his name spelled incorrectly a lot.Even as he was making his way as a contestant on NBCs The Voice, his name was wrongon the black and white clapper that gets snapped before a camera take.Well, those days of confusion might be over as the Oklahoma City singer-songwriter takes a step onto the national stage. Hes had to wait in anticipation for his blind audition to air on television. Like the rest of us, he had no idea that it would run five episodes into the season. It felt like a running joke that it might not air but the nota-bility will be worth the wait.I hung out with Kerby at the Other Room during episode 3. Surrounded by friends and family, Kerby was planning a tour, check-ing Twitter and updating people that recognized him at the bar. I was mostly curious about what the experience was like. Kerby was a fountain of commentary during the episode.He said the audition in front of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Phar-rell Williams and Adam Levine was the most nervous hes ever been in his life. Dry mouth. Shaken nerves. It wasnt your typical show at the Blue Note by any stretch of the imagination.You were wearing more makeup than me, Kerbys girlfriend Ali added. You were so pretty.You wont see any bags under Kerbys eyes on TV, but that doesnt mean he hasnt put in an unruly amount ofhard work going after his dream. Kerby wants to make it. Hes got the talent for sure.Hes been hustling in the Okla-homa music scene since I was in high school. I doubt he remembers, but he was a counselor for me at a leadership retreat when I was a junior at Putnam City North. He was in a band called Chasing Paris and gave us all a copy of the bands CD on the last day. Im sure a MySpace link was involved, too.Fast forward 10 years later and Kerby is still hard at work. I cov-ered his album release last year and will continue to do so until I cant. Same goes for my co-worker Brandy McDonnell who wrote an exhaustive introduction to Kerbys musical accomplishments. Good work on the story, BAM.And good luck to Kerby as he continues his run on the show. Ive believed in his voice for a long time. I only hope more people can say the same thing. Nothing helps OKC like getting our artists some recognition. Lets hear what you got, Chase.Chase Kerby performs live at Norman Music Festival 8. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE, FOR LOOKATOKC]N A T H A N P O P P Efrom the editorNATHAN POPPELOOKatOKC EDITORNPOPPE@OKLAHOMAN.COMPage 2 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 3October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMLOOKatOKC EDITORNathan PoppePROJECT DESIGNERSEbony Iman DallasADVERTISINGJerry Wagner(405) 475-3475Nancy Simoneau(405) 475-3708NICHE PUBLICATIONS EDITORMelissa HowellDIRECTOR OF PRESENTATION AND CUSTOM PUBLISHINGYvette WalkerART DIRECTORTodd PendletonPHOTOGRAPHERSSteven MaupinQuit NguyenCOVER Photo of Chase Kerby by Josh WelchSingle copies of LOOKatOKC may be obtained free of charge at locations from Stillwater to Norman. Additional copies are available for $1 each at The Oklahoman. Wholesale and indiscriminate removal of LOOKatOKC publications from newsstands for purposes other than individual use will result in prosecution. Every effort is made to ensure that all calendar entries areaccurate. LOOKatOKC does not guarantee the events or the schedules. Readers are encouraged to call ahead for exact times and dates. LOOKatOKC is published every other Thursday by The Oklahoman, 9000 Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114.For advertising and promotional opportunities please contact The Oklahoman retail advertising department at 475-3338.OPUBCO Communications GroupFind the LOOK photographers LOOK photographers will be in Bricktown, Midtown and other hot spots.Check out our online home at newsok.com/entertainment/lookatokcGo to f a c e b o o k . c o m /LOOkatOKCand become a fan.Follow LOOKatOKC on http://twitter.com/LOOKatOKCfrom the top L O O K a t O K C6 | Globally inspired: Markus Muse crosses borders to learn ancient art of tattooingMarkus Muse opened his tattoo shop in 2012 and has grown to offer more than just ink. His shop is steeped in graffiti, fine art and henna designs. See what makes the artist tick.15 | Deep Deuce welcomesa pair of acesSlaughters Hall and WSKY are the new kids on the Deep Deuce block. We check out what the food and drink spots are doing to grow out-side the box.Page 4 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMAll about creating a deeper relationship with music.MATTCARNEYTune in to KOSU-FM 91.7 at 4:44 p.m. and 6:44 p.m. every Tuesday and at 6:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. every Wednesday to hear Matt break down the week in music news and new music releases with host Ryan LaCroix.All about creating a deeper relationship with music.Tune in to KO to heaSorry, no Drake to be heard in this space this month. (Though you should definitely check out Erykah Badus recent interpretation of Hotline Bling.) New tracks!Shown is the cover art for Barcelona 92, the new album from Oklahoma City rapper L.T.Z. [IMAGE PROVIDED]Chill with these fresh October tracksF O L L O W @ O K M A T T C A R N E Y O N T W I T T E R M A T T C A R N E Y headphoneticsMODERN BASEBALL THE THRASH PARTICLEThere is some power in holding on to your bitterness. Philadelphia emo/rock outfit Mod-ern Baseball proves it with a new song called The Thrash Particle, which briefly shows off a couple of measures worth of lite-metal guitar chops before the young band shifts up into high gear, sounding about as jaded as you can get with loudly-recorded multi-layered vocals.The Thrash Particle is utterly without polish. It isnt got nothing in common structurally with anything with radio aspirations; instead it opts for directness, its frank to the point of confrontation. But it still shows without telling it shows a music scene small enough where songwriters date and get dumped for other songwriters, get their feelings hurt and go home to write bitter songs about it.MOUNT MORIAH CALVANDERMount Moriah is an excellent, slow-drawling country-rock trio thats fronted by the inimi-table Heather McEntire, who writes complex, narrative-rich songs with a style thats straight-forward and easy-to-follow. The bands last record Miracle Temple was one of my favor-ites from 2013 and theyre back now with an ode to the very rural unincorporated community of Calvander, North Carolina, the bands home state. Strongly recommend Mount Moriah if you like things like Dolly Partons voice, cowboy boots on guitar pedals, and/or fog slowly rolling into the valley.LTZ LESSIELocal rapper Tony LeSure spent his first record, 2013s Slow Narrations of L.T.Z., rem-iniscing on a youth spent on the north side of Oklahoma City, zip code 73120. And its to that part of town he returns with his latest record, Barcelona 92, this time with a smoother, fuller sound and more vivid stories, about a tight-knit family, daydreaming at school, and early experiences with peer pressure and Christianity. In other words, L.T.Z., as hes known, presents a sort of Oklahoma City everykid.D.J. Jeff Chips Kraetzer assists here, han-dling a gorgeous, old-school production thats full of warm backing vocal samples, subtle saxophone groans and crisp, sizzling guitar licks, the kind of stuff that UGK favored in the late 90s when the Texas duo had hit their stride. But Barcelona 92 is definitely not much for the tough-guy talk. L.T.Z. instead presents a cool, confident persona that isnt afraid to admit to an unrequired crush or declare admira-tion for a close friend or relative. Check out the closing track Lessie, which finds L.T.Z. offering up affection and respect for his father.SKYLAR SPENCE CANT YOU SEEWhat if Ben Folds cut a whole record singing for Daft Punk? Thats not something Ive ever wondered, but its what you get with Skylar Spences ridiculously fun new dance record, Prom King, a sweet-and-sour combination of voice and sound that leaves a pleasant after-taste. The voice belongs to 22-year-old Ryan DeRobertis, who chose the name Skylar Spence when a certain soda brand called him up to say that his old psuedonym, Saint Pepsi, was indeed, already trademarked.For somebody so young, DeRobertis seems well-versed in the pop music of his parents generation. At different times on Prom King he sounds determined to update Duran Duran for his own, folding the 80s goofiest sounds in with Nile Rodgers-style disco guitar licks. And you can tell on this song Cant You See, that DeRobertis isnt skimping on the lyrics, either, as he gets a little vulnerable and silly. (And if you like what you hear, you wont want tomiss Skylar Spences Nov. 2 show at the Opolis in Norman.)TELEKINESIS SLEEP INDo you find that youre more productive on a deadline? Or when youve got plenty of time to consider all the possibilities? In a thoughtful essay published online, Michael B. Lerner of the Seattle-based one-man band Telekinesis recently detailed his recording process as it shifted from the first scenario to the latter. The fourth Telekinesis record, Ad Infinitum, was cut over a period of months in his newly built home studio, which afforded Lerner the luxury to fiddle around with a modest collection of drum machines and synthesizers at his leisure. No hurry, no deadlines.And while Lerners style and process have each changed dramatically, songs on Ad Infinitum are as catchy, self-effacing and rich in personal detail as anything Telekinesis has ever put to tape. I found a personal favorite in Sleep In, a quirky, glowing pop tune that features vocal contributions from a Speak & Spell toy, which you can hear in the breakdown.Page 5October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMArmed with a passion for diversity and making a permanent mark on Oklahomas culture, artist Markus Muse opened Muse Art Tattoo Co. in January 2012.Stepping into Muse Art Tattoo Co. is a cultural experi-ence in and of itself. There you find yourself engulfed in an eclectic mix of graffiti, fine art, tattoo and henna designs. This alone is a direct result of this nomads journey to tattoo shops in Cameroon, Costa Rica, Italy and across the U.S. before opening his own.With so many shops now sprinkled across our state, it is hard to fathom tattooing was illegal until 2006. Legislation in Oklahoma forced passionate tattooists underground for nearly 40 years. Many artists, like Muse, learned behind closed doors the craft that he now teaches in his very own shop.Q: What made you decide to open your own tattoo shop?Muse: After traveling for a bit and tattooing in my 20s. I loved working inmulticultural tattoo shops around the U.S. because Iseemed to gain a diverse perspec-tive on the topic of tattoo shops and tattooing. Soon after I moved back to Oklahoma City,. Needless to say there was a major opportunity for opening my very own tattoo shop,so the idea started to take root. With good intent, hard work and vision I used all of my experience of traveling on the road to make the shop that would impact Oklahoma Citys culture, or lack thereof. Growing up here I realized very soon that we had very little, but the tattoo shop was the perfect remedy. So I situated it in the place where I originally grew up, the McKinley Park / Plaza district.I specifically remember that there wasnt a place that you could walk into that exposed you to world cultures, so naturally I have always strived to fill that void for the next up-and-coming artist coming out of this area.Q: When did you discover you were an artist? Muse: I have always been an artist. Not because I draw or paint or tattoo. An artist is simply a creative thinker. I have always sort of been an outside the box thinker. Everything else is just the result of discovery and curios-ities.Q: When was Muse Art Tattoo Co. founded? Please share how it came into existence.Muse: Muse Art Tattoo Co. was founded in January of 2012, formerly 405 Tattoo Studio, located on the south side of Oklahoma City. When we decided to make the move to join the Midtown movement, the name change put the shop in perspective. We are now located at 1206 N Pennsylvania Ave. Q: Please share your vision behind Muse Art Tattoo Co. and for the artists who create there.Muse: Muse Art Tattoo Co. is a shop that combines art and tattooing. The word muse refers to an artists advi-sor or a writers confidant. We truly believethat everyoneMuse Art Tattoo owner Markus Muse, left, and apprentice Ashley Valentine pose for a photo in Muses shop at 1206 N. Pennsylvania Ave. in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER, FOR LOOKATOKC]Globally inspired: Markus Muse crosses borders to learn ancient art of tattooingart speaks E B O N Y I M A N D A L L A S S E N D A R T S A M P L E S & S H O W I N F O T O E D A L L A S @ O P U B C O . C O MM U S E A R T T A T T O O C O .Page 6 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMis an artist in their own right, and the artists who work and create here are the muses that help to inspire the individual artists who are in need of self-expression in OKC. They also share and spread the wisdom of collaborative art.Q: How did you discover your passion as a tat-too artist?Muse: My passion for tattoo art was discovered when I received my first tattoo at the young age of 16. I was hooked after that. Being an artist I was compelled to try this new art. The rest is history.Q: What did your family and friends think about you getting into the tattoo business?Muse: My family did not like that I tattooed. I dont think it was about the art form as much as it being illegal in the state of Oklahoma. Tattooing wasnt legal in the state until 2006. After that I had no more quarrels with my family in regards to tattooing.Q: What do you enjoy the most about owning and operating a tattoo shop?Muse: I greatly enjoy the people who visit the shop. I love to watch the perspectives change as well as the culture of a body of people and watch the culture of our city grow one tattoo at a time. That is the best part of my job: positive results.Q: Are there any artists, tattooists or not, who have influenced you down the path of your career?Muse: I am influenced by all artists good or bad. Everything that I see, touch, smell, taste and hear I am influenced by. I try to curb my influences nowadays to fit my contemporary perspectives but I like to go with the ebb and flow of creativity. It has no pattern or face.Q: What would you recommend to someone wishing to get into the tattoo business?Muse: If you are interested in tattooing, my advice would be to research it. Find out what you like and what you dont like. After that you must draw every day until you die. The rest will fall right into place.If you are an aspiring tattooist with a desire to learn the craft, or are interested in getting some fresh ink or a henna tattoo, contact Marcus Muse at 601-9669 or m_marc06@yahoo.com. Or drop in and see them at Muse Art Tattoo Co. located at 1206 N. Pennsylvania Ave. in Okla-homa City. Ebony Iman Dallas, Artspeaks writer and designerAbove left: Muse Art Tattoo Co. owner Markus Muse work on a tattoo for a client at his shop. Above center and right: Tattoo apprentice Ashley Valentine works on a henna art piece at Muse Art Tattoo in Oklahoma City, Okla. PHOTOS BY [CHRIS LANDSBERGER, FOR LOOKATOKC]art speaksE B O N Y I M A N D A L L A SM U S E A R T T A T T O O C O .Page 7October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMFrom left, tattoo by Markus Muse. Muse Art Tattoo Co. interior. [PHOTOS PROVIDED AND BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER, FOR LOOKATOKC]From left, tattoo by Markus Muse. Illustration by Ashley Valentine. Henna tattoo by Ashley Valentine. [PHOTOS PROVIDED AND BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER, FOR LOOKATOKC]art speaks E B O N Y I M A N D A L L A S S E N D A R T S A M P L E S & S H O W I N F O T O E D A L L A S @ O P U B C O . C O MM U S E A R T T A T T O O C O .Page 8 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 9October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COM01TheFoo Fighters performed Sept. 29 to a packed house at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, 100 W Reno. Frontman Dave Grohl played the show from a throne adorned with guitar necks and moving lights due to a broken leg he suffered earlier on tour. However, the injury did not put a damper on Grohls infectious energy. Austin, Texas-based guitarist Gary Clark Jr.handled opening duties. Nathan Poppe, for LOOKatOKCF O O F I G H T E R Sphoto featurePage 10 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM02|1| Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. |2| Taylor Hawkins. |3| Gary Clark Jr. 03F O O F I G H T E R S photo featurePage 11October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMJ.T. Hathaway captures Robin Acker, who plays Abaddon, coming out of his car, for the lm Upland. [PHOTO PROVIDED]Shooting with film is like the final min-utesof a heated NBA game.Every shot counts.Oklahoma City-based filmmaker J.T. Hathaway is armed with a shoestring budget, a modest crew and aBolex H16 REX-4 from 1965 to create Upland. Hathaway describes the short filmas an absurd, dark comedy shot entirely on film with Okie actors.Hes shooting the very psychological project throughout Oklahoma City. Not only is he the director and writer, but hes also handling cine-matographer, gaffer, editor, composer and sound mixer duties.So, with advances in digital cinematography, what makes using filmworth it? Why not save yourself some time, Hathaway?Theres something about the feeling of film, Hathaway said in an interview.Theres a gritti-ness that you cant manipulate. Every frame is unique.Even the imperfections are special, he said.People should embrace the things digitalcan do and love film for what it can offer, Hatha-way said.To him, its something worth keeping alive, despite the challenges. And trust me, there are a lot of them.FROM CAMERA TO FILMUpland producer Rachel Lowery shared with me the arduous process to get from film to fin-ished project.Each roll of film contains about three minutes of footage. It costs roughly $200 to process and transfer the film. Time is literally money. The film is processed in Hollywood at Spectra Film & Video for about a week. The film is transferred into an easily editable digital format. Then, all the actors have to record their dialogue on top of the edit because no sound is captured during a shoot.Dedication, precision, and passion these are the tools we have to work with in order to achieve work that is gratifying, Lowery said. And you have to plunge into the darkness to have no fear, to push the limits in hopes of discovering new thoughts. We are artist, working with film as a tool: as it houses everything we love from the visual to the emotional world.Hathaway gets three tries to expose and cap-ture his images correctly. Hes never 100 percent sure if hes got things perfect. There arent any bulky monitors to help build a shot.To me, shooting without playback or monitors would almost be like shooting blind.My cousin asked me what the hell I was doing, Hathaway said with a laugh.But Hathaway has a specific vision and is ready to burrow into it without digital luxuries. Its all in the pursuit of capturing a single moment.Film creates nervousness, but Hathaway is fully prepared to try to bottle up that feeling. He only picked up film a few months ago. The medium takes most people years to master. Each shot is a challenge but its bringing Hathaway and his crew one step closer to finishing the ambitious project.- Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorReel dedication: OKC-based movie crew using 16mm film for new shortmovie feature M O V I E T I T L E U P L A N DPage 12 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMMichaela Bishop as Lynda Cagney sits in her of ce in a scene from Upland. Set design is by Rachel Lowery.[PHOTOS PROVIDED]J.T. Hathaway uses a Bolex H16 REX-4, a spring motor driven camera from 1965, to shoot the lm Upland.movie feature M O V I E T I T L E U P L A N DPage 13October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPG-13 | 2:21 |Starring: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara and Michael Pena. (Some strong lan-guage, injury images and brief nudity)Sci-fi flick takes safer path than book on trip to MarsT H E M A R T I A Nmovie reviewI hate you, space.My lack of interest in exploring you for myself is only rivaled by how little Id like to clean a toilet in zero gravity. Thank goodness there are crazy people wholl go out there for me.In The Martian, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets abandoned on Mars after a dust storm spoils a NASA exploration mission. His crew blasts off thinking he died after getting smushed by debris.The survival story is based on Andy Weirs best-selling novel, which Ive read. Im a firm believer in separating film and literature as two media. Why? Things just get muddy when you start comparing one to the other, and its too easy to fall back on the idea that the book is better than the movie.But Im going to do it anyway.Director Ridley Scotts team of filmmakers has crafted something thats dramatically different than its written counterpart. Weirs book is an exhaustively technical work. Its written the way a stressed-out engineer/botanist would probably think and speak on Mars. Its steeped in realism.So, if you dodged chemistry and physics classes, then your head would likely explode from the meaty, science-heavy descriptions from the book. Its like listening to LEGO building instructions inJapanese. However, thats what I loved about reading The Martian. I sort of nodded along as Watney handily MacGyvered a path back to Earth.Oh, and it paints a brutal portrait of Mars. After finishing the book, Iwalked away thinking Mars is basically a planet-sized murderer. Its less nurtur-ing than a garbage disposal on fire. Weir makes it seem like the cold, barren planet sits idly by as its hero tries to escape.So, finally watching The Martian was a bit jar-ring most obviously in its tone. That overwhelm-ing technical dialogue and sense of hopelessness is less drastic. The film aims to be more uplifting.Survival films such as Castaway and Gravity lay on the burden thick. The Martian feels prac-tically breezy at times. Watneys sarcasm and goofy sense of humor in the face of peril make things enjoyable in the book, but that works well because the odds are stacked so highly against him. That felt less impactful in the film, because theres less doom and gloom.It also seemed strange to me for the film to feature so many beautiful and scenic shots. The sleek spacesuits and mountainous vistas almost make it look worth visiting. These sorts of things distracted from the heady, claustrophobic vibe I got from the book. And think about this: Scott directed 1979s Alien, which stands up as the textbook example of scaring the living daylights out of people, with a small cast and cramped quarters. If anyone could have made this more spooky, it was Scott.But luckily, the film still works, even with its departure from the book. Its definitely a lot more fun. Damons Watney is stuck with only disco music and 70s TV shows as entertainment. Guardians of the Galaxy fans are going to enjoy this.Its pretty hilarious to watch him drive around the planet to the music of ABBA, the Bee Gees and Vicki Sue Robinsons Turn the Beat Around. That alone was worth the price of admission.And so is getting to know the character Mark Watney. Thats the heart and soul of the film. Im glad he made the jump to the silver screen. Hell never be as iconic as a Han Solo or a Star-Lord, but he makes the case of being smart and levelheaded above all else. He never gives up, hes thoughtful, and he doesnt back away from hard work. Much of his back-breaking labor is sped up with time-lapses and camera tricks, but you still get a small sense of his overwhelming number of tedious challenges.From the overbearing boss (Jeff Daniels in Newsroom mode) to the goofy pilot (Michael Pena killing it again), the supporting cast mostly gets stuck with caricatures but handles things well. Kudos to Jessica Chastains heartfelt, straightforward performance as commander Melissa Lewis.The film version of The Martian definitely takes a smoother path than its written prede-cessor, but Im not upset. I dont think the film is dumber, but rather its served in a lighter portion. It still captures the high notes and scoots along at a quick pace. I cant fault the film for wanting to act as an escape. But just know theres a more rewarding 350-page challenge out there for you. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorPage 14 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMD A V E C A T H E Y the food dudeFried Macaroni and Cheese from WSKY Lounge in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]When Outside The Box restaurant group opened Slaughters Hall last December, the idea was to pair its WSKY Lounge with a more casual alternative for Deep Deuce diners.Now it has reinforced those efforts with a pair of veterans of the local hospitality indus-try in Clayton Bahr and chef Jonathan Groth.Groth comes to Slaughters Hall, 221 N Cen-tral Ave., from a two-year stint that began at Western Concepts Lobby Bar before he finished in the same building at The Tast-ing Room.Groth said his directive is simple: improve on a good thing.My job is to take the food here from good to great, Groth said. Im adding a few things, tweaking the operations and adding some things to the menu at WSKY.Slaughters Hall specializes in gourmet sand-wiches, soups, salads and appetizers with a heart made of macaroni and cheese like Sage Gourmet Cafe, which was first to bring life back to the corner of NE 2 Street and Central Avenue before WSKY took over the space.Among Groths goals is to build a community with great food, and he sees football as part of the solution.This is a great venue for hanging out with friends to watch the game, he said. One of our owners is a big Denver Broncos fan, and we had a great watch party for him and his friends on (a recent) Thursday.The other part of the equation is beer, which Slaughters Hall has in spades, with 30 beers on tap and another dozen and a half or so in bottles.Slaughters Hall features a full bar. Johnthan Groth prepares Mac and cheese at Slaughters Hall and WSKY in Oklahoma City. [PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]D A V E C A T H E Ythe food dudePage 16 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMFor WSKY, Groth wanted to offer guests something to snack on in and around their whiskey and cigar-smoking exploits. So he decided use one of Slaughters Halls strengths, the mac and cheese. First he chills it, then forms it into balls that are breaded and deep-fried. The result is a crowd-pleasing fried mac and cheese served with a zesty sauce. Groth also has added Wagyu Sliders and house-made pretzels to WSKYs menu.We wanted to offer some dishes you could walk around with, Groth said. WSKY is a great concept already; we just wanted to enhance the experience.At Slaughters Hall, the work is more com-prehensive, but the menu wont read a whole lot differently.There was a lot of really good stuff on the menu available when I got here. My job is to get the most out of the kitchen, streamline the way we do things and find ways to elevate offerings from good to great.CAREER DEVELOPMENTGroth is in his second career. He spent years in the advertising game before studying to become a chef. He was an instructor at Platt Colleges School of Culinary Arts before coming to The Coach House Apprenticeship Program for the two-and-a-half-year program.Bahr, who is Outside The Boxs new chief operating officer, spent the past decade as a wine broker. Before that he spent 10 years at The Ranch Steakhouse before moving on to peddle wine for Putnam Wines and Premium Brand Liquors.On Monday evenings, you can hear Bahr on Tasting Notes, which is broadcast on The Slaughters Hall in Oklahoma City has 30 beers on tap. [PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]Macaroni and cheese from Slaughters Hall. D A V E C A T H E Y the food dudePage 17October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMFrom left, Slaughters Hall features a full bar. Exterior shot of WSKY Lounge located on the corner of NE 2 and Central in the historic Deep Deuce area. [PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]WSKY Lounge specializes in whiskey and cigars. D A V E C A T H E Ythe food dudeSpy and KOSU.HONORING THE HISTORYThat passion for music gives Slaughters Hall and Deep Deuce special significance to Bahr.This is one of Oklahoma Citys most historic neighborhoods because of the music history here, he said. This is where Charlie Christian got his start. Count Basie played (here) before he got to Kansas City.Slaughters Hall is named for Oklahoma Citys first black doctor, Dr. Wyatt H. Slaughter. Aside from his medical practice, Slaughter was an entrepreneur whose passion for archi-tecture led him to build or own most of the property in Deep Deuce during his life, which spanned from 1873-1952.Among his holdings was a dance hall called Slaughters Hall.Slaughter and author Ralph Ellison, who referenced the original Slaughters Hall in his seminal work The Invisible Man, are featured prominently on the interior walls.While Bahr and Groth are immediately interested in bolstering Slaughters Hall and tweaking the offerings at WSKY, each will be heavily counted on as Outside the Box contin-ues to add to its offerings next year.Were planning on opening a wine bar in 2016, Bahr said. Weve got a spot in mind, but nothings been signed yet.TO LEARN MORESlaughters Hall serves brunch starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and the kitchen is open until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight on weekends. WSKY is open daily 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. For more information, go online to slaughtershall.com and wskylounge.com.Page 18 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMA look at the interior of WSKY Lounge in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]D A V E C A T H E Y the food dudePage 19October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 20 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 21October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 22 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 23October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 24 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM Page 25October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 26 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 27October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMAT&Ts recent announcement that decades-old microwave relay equipment will be removed from the roof of the historic Telephone Building knocks off another eyesore from what is already a rapidly shrinking list of properties seen as an embarrass-ment to downtown.Whether one supported or opposed the clear-ance of nine buildings for the future BOK Park Plaza at 499 W Sheridan Ave., several of the structures were indeed in bad shape and boarded up for several years.Developer Richard McKown and architect Wade Scaramucci, meanwhile, have taken the Rock Island Plow Building in Bricktown and turned it into one of the districts finest examples of historic preservation. The same can be said of the Midtown Renaissance makeovers of properties all along NW 10 between Walker Avenue and Broad-way, most notably the century-old Marion Hotel.Drive by yet another longtime eyesore, the Main Street Arcade, and one can see the 1960s modern facade removed from the first floor of the otherwise historic building and restoration underway by Lingo Construction (which also did the Marion Hotel and Rock Island Building).Kudos again go to Lingo Construction, along with developer Chuck Ainsworth and architect Rand Elliott, for transforming the boarded-up Flatiron building at one of the major gateways to downtown at 5th Street and Harri-son Avenue.THE LISTA new list ofx properties emerges as down-towns top eyesores, and with some relief in sight:Federal Building, NW 6 and Hudson Avenue: My top pick is the one building that has very little chance of change. The $31.5 million building was built in 2013 and was designed in the aftermath of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building. The buildings 50-foot setback, harsh prison-like exterior and green space initially filled with weeds did not make a good impression when it opened and still ranks among downtowns least popular buildings.Former Margarita Mammas club, 108 E Cali-fornia: The two-story building, which overlooks the Bricktown Canal, has been empty for more than a dozen years. Owner Gary Cotton, who bought it after the nightclub closed, has had it for sale since 2008. With the opening of a miniature golf course next door, the building with its pastel wall and large for-sale banners sticks out more than ever. Cotton indicated hes still hoping to sell the building and would welcome an organization like Downtown Oklahoma City Inc. replacing the brick wall with a mural through its downtown initiatives program. I contacted Jill DeLozier with Downtown Oklahoma City Inc., who had previ-ously shown interest in this eyesore, and she said her organization is interested improving the buildings appearance. Cottons only caveat is that the mural not hamper any potential sale.Top row, right: Margarita Mamas nightclub closed in the early 2000s, but the building has retained its pastel paint job, which is a poor match to the surrounding devel-opment. [PHOTO PROVIDED]Urban blot: Downtown eyesores are disappearing , but few remain A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news D O W N T O W NPage 28 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMthe mid-1990s is really the only reason the jail, empty for the past 20 years, is still standing. The building is the least appreciated of the WPA-era Civic Center buildings designed in 1930. It was used by city police as a jail before the opening of the Oklahoma County jail about a quarter cen-tury ago. Former Planning Director Russell Claus sought development proposals in 2012 and one was submitted by Marva Ellard to convert the first two floors into retail, office and event space, with the third through sixth floors to be used for storage. The proposal was filed with the city but no response followed. Current Planning Director Aubrey Hammontree was unaware of the build-ings status, though discussions are ongoing for development of a garage on the adjoining site of the current police headquarters once a new headquarters opens across the street. Some at City Hall and at the police department advocate tearing down the old jail to create additional space for parking.OG&E electric substation, NE 10 and Interstate 235: With redevelopment along NE 10, includ-ing the new $125 million GE Global Oil and Gas Research Center, the substation facing Interstate 235 is another longtime eyesore that sticks out more than ever before. OG&E recently confirmed plans to move the substation slightly north to a location less visible to the highway and NW 10.Former Foodies Diner, 1220 N Hudson Ave.: This mid-century gem was brought to life a few years ago, but then shut down when the oper-ators agreed to turn over the keys to a local restaurateur who they say promised to continue their concept. The restaurant, however, closed soon after, the building was gutted, and then nothing. The building has stood empty, gutted of its old school charm, and appears to be slowly falling apart.U-Haul, Lower Bricktown: The former Iten Bis-cuit Co. building has been covered with aluminum siding since it was turned into a U-Haul storage facility in the 1970s. The public got a glimpse of the original casement windows and archi-tecture, which date to the early 20th century, when the building caught fire last spring. I asked U-Haul whether the company would entertain not restoring the siding and instead expose the original facade. I never got an answer and earlier this month the siding was put back up, hiding this jewel once again and standing out as the only original building in Bricktown with a fake facade.Bottom row, left: Foodies Diner has been empty since the previous operators transferred it to a new owner who they said told them he would continue the concept. The building was gutted and then abandoned.The original building facade under the aluminum siding on the U-Haul building in Bricktown is exposed for the rst time in decades as crews work to repair re damage over the summer. [OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVES PHOTOS]city news A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E D O W N T O W NPage 29October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMThree years ago, Oklahoma City resident Glenn Foresters wife asked him to make her a gin and tonic using a tonic syrup recipe, and Forester started to experiment with different ingredients and flavors.About 15 or 20 recipes later, I came up with a recipe that really worked, Forester said.Newly transplanted to Oklahoma City from the Washington, D.C., area, Forester was looking for a new start after his contract was coming to an end at an advertising firm. Strong Tonic sold its first bottle of tonic syrup in 2013 and Forester has since made Strong Tonic his full-time job.After launching the original Strong Tonic, a mix of pear and spices, Forester also released a hibis-cus flavored tonic syrup.Now, Strong Tonic is adding canned tonic water to its line of products that will come in ginger and hibiscus flavors.The carbonated, canned tonic water will make it easier for home bartenders to mix their own cocktails, Forester said.Ive talked to a lot of people who are worried about mixing the tonic syrup or using too much and this makes it easier, he said.Strong Tonic products can be found locally at Native Roots Market and Plenty Mercantile among other locations, as well as many local restaurants and bars.Forester has had good success getting stores on the East Coast to sell the product and is work-ing on getting the product into more Oklahoma stores. One challenge is Oklahomas prohibitive liquor laws that bar package stores from carrying his product because it does not have alcohol in it. Forester initially started marketing his tonic syrup to local bartenders, after hearing that they disliked having to mix their own.Bartenders are the lifeblood of my brand, For-ester said. Thats how he met Jeff Cole, beverage and bar manager for the O Bar at the Ambassa-dor Hotel.Cole is also president of the United States-Bartenders Guild Oklahoma Chapter. The new Oklahoma chapter of the guild does everything from hostingbartending competitions to offer-ing health insurance to its members, and hopes to help elevate Oklahoma Citys bar culture, Cole said.He just wanted to be our fan and wanted to help make the local bar scene better, Cole said.Forester initially paired Strong Tonic with gin, but it goes well with rum. While Oklahomas bar scene is still behind much of the country, younger drinkers are slowly start-ing to demand better offerings, Cole said.Oklahoma City is still very much a dive bar cul-ture, but that is starting to change. Brianna Bailey, for LOOKatOKCStrong Tonic is on display in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]Off to a strong start A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news S T R O N G T O N I CPage 30 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMBill Clinton was president the last time any-bodyraised the flag for more enchiladas at the former Casa Bonita at NW 39 and Portland, but memories of the Oklahoma City restaurant live on.With its all-you-can-eat Tex-Mex fare and fami-ly-friendly atmosphere, Casa Bonita was an Okla-homa City institution for 25 years until slumping sales forced it to close in 1993. The stucco building that once housed the restaurant at3601 NW 39 as well as part of the adjacent Portland Plaza Shopping Center is being bulldozed this week to make way for a WinCo Foods supermarket. The Idaho-based grocer has plans for as many as four stores in the Oklahoma City metro. The former Casa Bonita building most recently housed a Chinese restaurant.When Casa Bonita opened in 1968, Mexican food was still a novelty in Oklahoma City. The concept was so successful, founder Bill Waugh eventually opened Casa Bonita restaurants just outside of Denver, Little Rock, Ark., Fort Worth, Texas, and in Lakewood, Colo., a Denver suburb.Its one of those places that almost anyone who lives in Oklahoma City who was alive at that time remembers working or eating there, saidMarc Hader, district 4 commissioner for Canadian County, who worked at Casa Bonita as a student. It probably wasnt that special of food, but it was a time when families did not go out to eat much.The Colorado Casa Bonita restaurant, which fea-tures a 30-foot indoor waterfall with cliff divers, is the last surviving remnant of the chain and was even featured in a popular episode of the Comedy Central series South Park.Waugh went on to create several other success-ful regional restaurant chains, including Burger Street, Taco Bueno and Crystals Pizza & Spa-ghetti. He died in Dallas at age 79 in January.A FUN PLACE TO WORKCarma Branscum was the Oklahoma City Casa Bonitas first employee when the restaurant opened in1968. She recalls helping make the flags for all of the tables that signaled a diner wanted another helping. She alsorolledthe restaurants first pan of enchiladas. At age 18, Branscum was one of the oldest servers at the restaurant, which employed many local teenagers.It was a fun place to work as you met so many kids from the OKC-area schools, Branscum said. We became good friends, and there were a few employees that dated and later married. My sister was one of them. Casa Bonita owners Bill and Frances Waugh took a personal interest in many of their teen-ageemployees and even gave many of them books. Upon graduation from high school, Frances Waugh would gift Casa Bonita workers a copy of Walt Whitmans Leaves of Grass.The teen wait staff started at $1.25 an hour, and tips were pooled.When the restaurant first opened in the sum-mer of 1968 with an all-you-can eat special for $1.47, it was an instant hit, Branscum remembers.We eventually had to have an early-to-rise enchilada shift that rolled from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. to keep up with the demand, Branscum said.At the cash register, Casa Bonita sold Tums,From left, Oklahoma Citys Casa Bonita restaurant closed in 1993. Crews from Midwest Wrecking Co. are seen on site of a shopping center east of NW 39 and Portland Ave. The former Casa Bonita restaurant at 3601 NW 39 is set to be demolished. [PHOTOS BY ROGER KLOCK, COURTESY OF OKLAHOMA HISTORY CENTER AND JIM BECKEL, FOR LOOKATOKC]Bonita memories: history of an OKC institutioncity news A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E C A S A B O N I T A R E S T A U R A N TPage 31October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMRolaids and dinner mints, but people ate too much and slowed down the line.The line for getting out was as long as the line getting the restaurant, Branscum said. The decision was made to discon-tinue selling these items and tell them to go next door to the TG&Y store.NO ALCOHOL SERVEDWhen Casa Bonita first opened, the line to get a table stretched through the parking lot all the way out to the road, recalls Beth Waugh Makibbin, cousin to Bill Waugh.There were no margaritas or Mexican beer on the menu at Casa Bonita. Bill Waugh was adamant about not serving alcohol.He was a Christian man and wanted a place where families could go eat without having to expose their children to people drinking alcoholic beverages, Makibbin said.With its elaborate theme rooms, including one that originally looked like a Mexican jail, Casa Bonita was an exciting dinner des-tination for Oklahoma City families.I remember seeing people walking around, looking up and down with their mouths open, taking it all in. The Garden Room was the largest room, Makibbin said. El Pokey was the least favor-ite room in which to eat. I guess the iron bars deterred folks, and truth be told, you could even smell the iron in the bars. I think he had somehow gotten hold of some real jail bars. I think it was also the smallest room. It was changed shortly afterward within the year, I believe.MAKING AN IMPRESSIONI remember the buzz about that place was that you could eat as much as you wanted, Brett Dickerson said. That was novel in and of itself back then. And, there werent that many Mexican food places around, so adding that you could keep ordering more at the table was pretty noteworthy.For former Oklahoma City resident Alan Seeger, now of South Dakota, Casa Bonita sparked a lifelong love of Tex-Mex food. See-ger fondly remembers raising the flag at his table to ask for refills.Casa Bonita was my first real exposure to any sort of Mexican food. When I was a kid, I wouldnt even eat cheese, so when my folks decided they wanted to try this new place, I wasnt too sure, Seeger said. The 9-year-old me asked for tacos without cheese at first, then at some point I was convinced to try a bite of the cheese enchiladas. Instantly, I was hooked.DEMOLITION UNDER WAYDemolition began this week on the old Casa Bonita building, as well as part of the Portland Plaza Shopping Center.Portland Plaza owner JAH Realty LP sold part of the Casa Bonita property, part of the shopping center and the former hotel just to the east of the property to Idaho-based WinCo Foods. Overseeing the demolition work was part of the sale agreement with WinCo, said Jeff Norman, president of JAH Realty. About 27,000 square feet of the shopping center will be demol-ished to make way for a new WinCo grocery store.WinCo so far has not released details on its entry into the Okla-homa City market, and the timeline for construction is unknown.A call to WinCos Boise, Idaho, headquarters was not returned.The new grocer will be a strong anchor tenant for the shopping center, Norman said.It will be a very good thing in terms of revitalizing that shopping center and revitalizing that whole neighborhood, he said.Brianna Bailey, for LOOKatOKCOklahoma Citys Casa Bonita Restaurant closed in 1993. [PHOTO BY ROGER KLOCK, COURTESY OF OKLAHOMA HISTORY CENTER] A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news C A S A B O N I T A R E S T A U R A N TPage 32 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 33October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMOCTOBER 9JOSE GONZALEZ, SAMANTHA CRAIN, ACM@UCO Performance Lab.MODEST MOUSE, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 10MICHAEL FRACASSO, Blue Door.OCTOBER 11KACEY MUSGRAVES, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)JOHN CALVIN ABNEY, LEVI PARHAM, Blue Door.COUNTING CROWS, Zoo Amphitheatre.OCTOBER 13FIDLAR, 89th St. Collective.OCTOBER 15WIDOWSPEAK, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 16FIERCE PUNCH: A STREET FIGHTER ART SHOW, 51st Street Speakeasy.JOHN CALVIN ABNEY, JEFF RICHARDSON, MICHAEL LOVELAND, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 17RED CITY RADIO, Blue Note.JOHNNY POLYGON, BOWLSEY, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 18JACKSON BROWNE, Brady Theater. (Tulsa)PEACE, LOVE AND GOODWILL FESTIVAL FEAT. GRAHAM COLTON, TONY LUCCA, Myriad Gardens.OCTOBER 19POLYPHONIC SPREE, ACM@UCO Perfor-mance Lab.OCTOBER 22PEELANDER-Z, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 23LIONEL RICHIE, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)BLITZEN TRAPPER, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 25FRUIT BATS, Opolis. (Norman)JANEANE GAROFALO, ACM@UCO Perfor-mance Lab.OCTOBER 26CHVRCHES, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 30GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY, Cains Ball-room. (Tulsa)NOVEMBER 3STEVIE WONDER, Chesapeake Energy Arena.RED CITY RADIO AT BLUE NOTE | OKCIf Oklahoma had a contest for best song names this year then look no further than Red City Radio. Theyd win. It doesnt hurt that RCR songs like Two Out of Three Aint Rad are injected with enough energy and delicious riffs that theyll quickly plant themselves into your frontal lobe for as long as you enjoy rock music. So, go ahead and mark your calendars for 9 p.m. on Oct. 17 at the Blue Note Lounge. Itll give you a great excuse to celebrate the bands new self-titled album and help send the boys off to Europe with a proper hangover. Go big or stay home. NATHAN POPPE, LOOKatOKC editorOCTOBER 17 9 P.M.A P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XO C T O B E R 8 - D E C E M B E R 1 9MUSICPage 34 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMNOVEMBER 6HOWIE MANDEL, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)NOVEMBER 8PURE BATHING CULTURE, Opolis. (Nor-man)NOVEMBER 10LUCERO, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)NOVEMBER 12MERLE HAGGARD, Heritage Hall. (Ard-more)NOVEMBER 13SMOKEY ROBINSON, WinStar World Casi-no. (Thackerville)NOVEMBER 14YOUNG THE GIANT, Cains Ballroom. (Tul-sa)PATTY GRIFFIN, Sooner Theater. (Norman)LIZA MINNELLI, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)NOVEMBER 15TERRY BUFFALO WARE AND GREGG STANDRIDGE ALBUM RELEASE, Blue Door.NOVEMBER 20THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR, Opolis. (Norman)LEANNE RIMES, Riverwind Casino. (Nor-man)NOVEMBER 21JD MCPHERSON AND PARKER MILLSAP, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)TRAVIS LINVILLE, Opolis. (Norman)NOVEMBER 27WILLIE NELSON, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)NOVEMBER 28REBA, WinStar World Casino. (Thacker-ville)DECEMBER 5 DWIGHT YOAKAM, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)DECEMBER 11-12 MAMA SWEET, The Deli. (Norman)DECEMBER 13 WOODY GUTHRIE TRIBUTE, Blue Door.DECEMBER 17 THE SWORD, ACM@UCO Performance Lab.DECEMBER 18 PENN AND TELLER, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)DECEMBER 19 JOHN FULLBRIGHT, Cains Ballroom. (Tul-sa)MUSIC SPOOKY POOCH PARADE | MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENSBring your best friend to a four-legged fright fest 6:30 to 8 p.m. Oct. 16 on the Great Lawn at Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno, for the Spooky Pooch Parade.Cost is $10 per dog. Walk-ups welcome if not sold out. Pre-registration is preferred. All dogs must be leashed at the event and nonaggressive.Sponsored by Bank of Oklahoma & Midtown Vets. For more information, visit oklahomacitybotanicalgar-dens.com.OCTOBER 16 6:30 P.M.M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H 0 0calendarM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XO C T O B E R 8 - D E C E M B E R 1 9Page 35October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMTHE MACARONI PONY | $10 | THE MULE | PLAZA DISTRICTFrom The Mule at 1630 N Blackwelder in the Plaza District, the Macaroni Pony includes pulled pork in a chipotle barbecue sauce with three-cheese macaroni on a cornbread bun. It hits all the comfort-food checkpoints with the subtlety of a Roman candle in a closet.The Mule offers 13 variations on the grilled cheese, some with meat and others with-out. Its beer list is headlined by local brewers COOP Ale Works and Mustang, with plenty of price points covered. Signature cocktails begin with, what else, the Moscow Mule plus variations on that theme like the Gin Mule, Kentucky Mule and Burro.5 P.M. TO MIDNIGHT MONDAY 11 A.M. TO MIDNIGHT TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 11 A.M. TO 2 A.M. THURSDAY THROUGH SATUR-DAY 10:30 A.M. TO 2:30 A.M. SUNDAYA P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XO C T O B E R 8 - D E C E M B E R 1 9Page 36 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMOCTOBER 84TH ANNUAL 6 DEGREES OF BACON, 7 p.m., Midtown, 1114 N Harvey.ART AFTER 5, 5 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 415 Couch Dr.FREE STAND UP PRESENTED BY DIVINE COMEDY, 9 p.m., 51st Speakeasy, 1114 NW 51.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.OCTOBER 9THE FIFTH ANNUAL INK LIFE TOUR TATTOO AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, 9 a.m., Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens, 602-8505.FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS, 11 a.m., Downtown, 530 Colcord Dr.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.OCTOBER 10THE FIFTH ANNUAL INK LIFE TOUR TATTOO AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, 10 a.m., Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens, 602-8505.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.,VENETIAN MASKED BALL, 8 p.m., Bellinis Ristorante, 6305 Waterford Blvd No. 100.OCTOBER 11THE FIFTH ANNUAL INK LIFE TOUR TATTOO AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, 10 a.m., Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens, 602-8505.OCTOBER 12LUNCHEON FORUM: ISLAMS JESUS, 11:30 a.m., Dialogue Institute Oklahoma City, 4444 Classen Blvd.OCTOBER 15ART AFTER 5, 5 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 415 Couch Dr.AUTOMOBILE ALLEY SHOP HOP, 6 p.m., Waters Edge Winery, 712 N. Broadway.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297.2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.WORDPULP OKC POETRY & LIVE MUSIC NIGHTS, 8:30 p.m., The Paramount OKC, 701 W Sheridan.OCTOBER 1612TH ANNUAL 10-MINUTE PLAY CONTEST, 11:55 p.m., Carpenter Square Theatre, 800 W. Main.FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS, 11 a.m., Downtown, 530 Colcord Dr.OKC RIVERSPORT ADVENTURES HAUNT THE RIVER, 7:30 p.m., Boathouse District, 725 S Lincoln Blvd.PREMIERE ON FILM ROW, 7 p.m., Film Row, 700 W. Sheridan Avenue,REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker. 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.,RICKEY SMILEY AND FRIENDS | ROSE STATE COLLEGE HUDIBURG CHEVROLET CENTERRickey Smiley is one of the hottest comedians in the country and has the No. 1 radio morning show heard every weekday in America. He and his friends are coming to the Rose State Hudiburg Chevrolet Center at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 16, 6420 SE 15, Midwest City.As a much-loved comedian, television host and top-rated nationally syndi-cated radio personality, Smiley has earned a reputation for delivering audi-ence-vpleasing performances onstage or off. With the distinct ability to take everyday observations and skillfully cre-ate comedic gold, Smiley is a standout in the entertainment world.Presented by Perry Publishing & Broadcasting. For tickets information, visit www.okcciviccenter.com.OCTOBER 16 7:30 P.M. EVENTSM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H 0 0calendarM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XO C T O B E R 8 - D E C E M B E R 1 9Page 37October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMOCTOBER 17HEARD ON HURD, 6 p.m., Downtown, Ed-mond, 481-0843.LIFE IN COLOR: BIG BANG WORLD TOUR, 8 p.m., Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens.MAESTROS BALL, 5 p.m., Civic Center Hall of Mirrors, OKC Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.OKC RIVERSPORT ADVENTURES HAUNT THE RIVER, 7:30 p.m., Boathouse District, 725 S Lincoln Blvd.THE OKLAHOMA PARANORMAL ASSO-CIATION HOSTS GHOST HUNTING, 8 p.m., American Legion, 123 N 1, Guthrie, 482-1011.OKLAHOMA WOUNDED WARRIOR 5K RUN, 8 a.m., Wild Horse Park, Luther,POP UP SHOPS IN THE PARK, 10 a.m., Min-eral Wells Park, Guthrie.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.OCTOBER 18OKC RIVERSPORT ADVENTURES HAUNT THE RIVER, 7:30 p.m., Boathouse District, 725 S Lincoln Blvd.OPEN STREETS OKC, 12 p.m., S Robinson between SW 23 to29, including west on SW 25 and west on 29 to S Walker, 425-4414.PEACE, LOVE & GOODWILL FESTIVAL, 10 a.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.PODCAST PIONEERS KEITH AND THE GIRL 10TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR WITH DANNY HATCH, 8 p.m., ACM @ UCO, 329 E. Sheridan.OCTOBER 21BRICKTOWN HAUNTED WAREHOUSE, 7 p.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.OCTOBER 22ART AFTER 5, 5 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 201 N Walker.BRICKTOWN HAUNTED WAREHOUSE, 7 p.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.STEAK (R)EVOLUTION FILM & WINE TASTING, 6 p.m., Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr.WINE FOR THE PEOPLE: FRANCE, 5:30 p.m., Vast, 333 W Sheridan.OCTOBER 23BATTLE OF THE BRAINS TRIVIA NIGHT, 6 p.m., IAO Gallery, 706 West Sheridan.BRICKTOWN HAUNTED WAREHOUSE, 7 p.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS, 11 a.m., Downtown, 530 Colcord Dr.REDUXION THEATRES OKC DEAD, 7 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, Freede Little Theater, 201 N Walker, 297-2264.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.OCTOBER 24BRICKTOWN HAUNTED WAREHOUSE, 7 p.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.EVENTSThis laugh-out-loud naughty satire features a singing chorus of floppy eared lambs narrating the action as Buffalo Bill gleefully dances a hoedown while kidnapping hapless Catherine Martin. Even Dr. Lecter, scary as ever, sings about the life hed like to lead someday outside the prison walls. Follow rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling as she matches wits with the brilliant but insane cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, in order to catch the serial killer known as Buffalo Bill. Clarice faces her own demons while racing the clock to unlock Lecters clues before another inno-cent girl is killed and skinned by Buffalo Bill. Oct. 22 will feature a special $10 preview performance. Mature audiences only.For more information about OKC The-atre Company, visit okctheatrecompany.org.OCTOBER 22 - NOVEMBER 07SILENCE! THE MUSICALCITYSPACE THEATRE, CIVIC CENTER MUSIC HALLA P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XO C T O B E R 8 - D E C E M B E R 1 9Page 38 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMshotsWHERE: CONSTRUCTION CAR DERBY, OKC|1| Scooter the Clown |2| Courtny, Jessica, Fifi, Brenda and Ashlyn | Photos by Steven Maupin, for LOOKatOKC0201Page 39October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMshots01WHERE: DODGERS DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT, BRICKTOWN|1| Lauren |2| Alex speaks to group | Photos by Steven Maupin, for LOOKatOKC02Page 40 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMGIANT INVENTORY OF TRUCKSUNITED CHEVY BUICKCADILLAC GMC800-310-61302005 Chevy Trail Blazer LT 1 ownlthr int, lthr wrap stering wheel,heated seats, Bose stereo, 17''fact alum whls w/new Goodyeartires, fact. tow pkg - never used.rear fact. DVD, running boards,very good cond $5350 255-38192007 Ford EscapeManual, good cond, 96K mi, Minorhail damage on hood $5500.405-406-31912007 Honda OdysseyFWD, 6 CYL, Automatic, 152k mi,One owner, great cond., tanleather, all maint record incl tim-ing belt. $7500, 405-474-77922006 Big Dog K-9 chopper, 117 cu,6 spd, 8500 mi, $12,995, 341-80252002 HD Heritage Softail Classic,Extras! $7500 obo, 580-467-8472.Diesel Motorhome2004 38 ft. Travel Supreme, 43Kmiles , EC, priced for quick sale,firm. $69,000. Call Floyd504-318-1478.Administrative Medical AssistantMedical practice seeks FT admin-istrative/medical assistant. M-F8:30 to 4:30 (some OT) Appli-cants must have excellent com-munication skills, be punctual andreliable, and have basic computerskills. Enthusiasm is a must. Onthe job training, negotiablewages, excellent benefits. Re-sumes to: mwpulm@gmail.comThe City of Edmond is takingapplications forADMIN SPECIALIST II,DISPATCHER, CALL TAKER& FINANCE ANALYST. Fordetails & other positions go towww.edmondok.com/jobsor call 405-359-4648.Apply at 7 North BroadwayC A S H 4 VEHICLESUP TO $10,000Cars Trucks SUV Any CondWe Pay Cash & Tow Free7 8 8 - 2 2 2 2WE BUY VEHICLES!Any Make, Model or ConditionFree haul off for unwantedvehicles. 405-255-5962$$$$$$$$$CASH FOR CARS405-512-7278$500 - $10,000$$ Fast Cash $$Cars-Pickups-SUVS $ 946-4371 $AAA cash car, trk cycle. Run/not-free tow. Some $350+ 850-9696$100 & Up for most non-runningvehicles, no title ok. 405-8196293Chickasha Swap MeetLargest auto swap meet in OK,Cars/Parts, Rain/Shine,3 full days! Oct 15th, 16th, 17th,chickashaautoswapmeet.com712 E Choctaw Ave, Chickasha$$$ CLASSICS WANTED $$$$$ $500-$10,000 $$$ 405-501-0101 $Classic Car RestorationFree transport avail 918-605-6070YesteryearClassicAutos.comWANTED 60s-70s 4 speed musclecar or Corvette, no projects, wantnice complete car. 672-39531984 Cutlass Supreme Brougham,2dr, auto, fully loaded, 82K origmi, needs TLC $5500obo 234-6968 1966 El Camino, numbersmatching 327, everything thereto go back to original, $4,000. 1941 Chevy 1/2 ton, customproject, top chopped 4 inches,sports car suspension, $3,500. 580-280-5073 1955 Chevy Bel Air SHOW CAR,2 Door coupe, 454-V8, AC, Blackexterior with black & ivory tuck-n-roll interior. Frame off restored,185 miles, $46,000. Call 870-329-1834 or 870-536-1414 or email meat moneymartinc@yahoo.com2005 Lesabre, white, 149K, interi-or like new, $3200, 405-323-7991.BEST VALUEON NEW CADILLACSUNITED CADILLAC800-310-61302010 SRX, 19,680 mi, pano roof,luxury pkg $24,900. 405-210-3862'09 Cadillac CTS, Premium Pkg,exc. cond., 30K miles, blackleather, CarMax, 1 owner, Nosmoke, $19,900. 405-848-03332015 Corvette Sting Ray, Z51 pkgblade silver with factory blackstripes, red interior, 400 miles,$59,500. 833-9627/376-18372008 IMPALA, bue, good tires,looks/runs good, cruise, PW, PL,AM/FM/CD, $4500 obo, 706-5967.'03 Taurus SES very nice83K mi. $3000 863-63991995 Ford Escort $1000or best offer. 405-391-94382014 Honda Civic EX Sedan,19K, blue ext., grey int., $16,900 405-514-9162 2004 Accord EX, good mpg, wellmaint. 167K mi $4750 306-8116.PRISTINE 1990 XJ-SCONCOURS WINNERASKING $15,900/OFFER405-390-1871; CELL 405-823-6544'05 LIBERTY 2wd auto nice. Coldac, 120K mi $5950 863-6399'04 Lexus LS430, garage kept,only 58K miles, exc. cond., neversmoked in $19,800. 405-760-78702000 Grand Marquis, loaded,runs, needs some body and en-gine repairs, $1300, call for pics,405-414-8238.2008 G6, good cond, loaded, lowmiles, $10,000 obo, 405-821-5486.2002 Jetta 4 cyl 5 speed,nice. $2150 863-63992006 Chevy Silverado 3500 cab &chassis, Duramax, 4X4, singlecab, pw, pl, aluminum wheels, du-ally, 50K, $22,500 firm, 642-4356.05 Chevy Tahoe Z-71 leatherloaded white $6950 863-63992004 Chevy Silverado, single cabshort wide bed, all pwr, V8, tintedlights, chrome wheels, all newtires, very nice, $6000. 640-18762003 Chevy Silverado Ext. CabExc cond $5950 326-8855'03 Dodge Durango Sprt, nice, CDcold air depend. $3950. 863-639902 Dodge Reg Cab Short Bed 6cyl5spd 11K mi $3250 863-6399Nice '99 F150 XLT Extended cab133K reblt trans. new tires. V8,auto, ac $4200cash 405-313-8347Page 41October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMSeeking Homes to clean in Metroarea. 10 years experience. Havereferences. Contact 405-227-5420GENERAL LABORNeeded.Starting pay $9hr. Good benefits.Apply in person,9am-2pm, at Mayco3501 E. Reno, OKCPre-employmentdrug test required.The City of Edmond is takingapplications forFIELD SERVICE WORKER. Fordetails & other positions go towww.edmondok.com/jobsor call 405-359-4648.Apply at 7 North BroadwayThe City of Edmond is takingapplications for SPECIALEVENTS WORKERS & GOLFCOURSE JOBS. For details &other positions go towww.edmondok.com/jobsor call 405-359-4648.Apply at 7 North BroadwayBank Loan Servicing ClerkExperienced FT/PT clerk for com-mercial loan servicing dept. EmailAngieB@PrimeBankGroup.comwith cover letter & resumeNewView Oklahomais seeking a Tulsa RegionalDirector to plan and implementdevelopment, fundraising andmarketing activities to meet an-nual and capital endowment re-quirements. This person shouldbe dedicated to empowering blindand vision impaired individuals toachieve their maximum potentialthrough rehabilitation, employ-ment and community outreach.Apply at http://stfpr.com/execu-tive-search/Part Time ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPEROil & gas experience necessary.Knowledge of JIB revenue &financial reporting essential.Know Word & Excel. Knowledgeof WolfePak O&G software aplus. Please mail resumes to:The Oklahoman, Box #2149,P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City,OK 73125-0125Housing Development Tax CreditCompliance SpecialistOklahoma Housing FinanceAgency is accepting applicationsfor a Tax Credit Compliance Spe-cialist. This position is responsi-ble for monitoring specific com-pliance with IRS Section 42 LowIncome Housing Tax Credit re-quirements and OHFA programrules and regulations. Providestraining to program participantson technical issues and regula-tions. Extensive in-state travelis required.A Bachelors degree in Businessor related field is required oreight years related experienceand/or training in IRS Section 42regulations; or equivalent combi-nation of education and experi-ence. Knowledge of local, stateand federal regulations governinghousing programs is preferred.Skill in use of Microsoft programsis required.Starting salary is $35,027/annu-ally with excellent benefits. Allapplicants must apply atwww.ohfa.org. A resume may besubmitted but will not be accept-ed in lieu of an application. All ap-plications must be submitted by4:45 pm, Wed. 10/14/15.AA/EEOAssistant Manager for aptcomplex in Shawnee. Apply atPickwick Place Apts, 2759 W.I-240 Svc Rd, OKC, OK 73159.Air Comfort Solutions,Oklahoma City & Tulsa'slargest residential service &replacement companyis seeking qualifiedResidentialJourneyman PLUMBER.Excellent Benefits & Pay!Must have excellent drivingrecord & pass drug screen.Apply in person at908 Messenger Ln, Moore, OK,call Pam at 721-3740, or emailpchapman@aircomfortsolutions.netAir Comfort Solutions,Oklahoma City and Tulsa'slargest residential service andreplacement company,is seeking qualifiedHVAC Service Techs& InstallersExcellent benefits and pay.Must have excellent drivingrecord. Apply in person at908 Messenger Ln, Moore, OK.AUTO BODY TECHNICIANCar Craft Auto Body is seekingqualified Metal Technicians. Com-petitive Flat Rate Pay pendingexperience. Medical & Dental in-surance. Paid holidays & vacation.Paid I-CAR training. Multiple DRPfacility. Ideal candidates will haveexperience CAR-O-LINER measur-ing system. Have the ability andtools to perform basic mechanicalwork. Have I-CAR certification.Have work & personal references.Please apply in person at 7315NW 39th Expressway, Bethany,OK 73008 or fax resume to:405-787-4808 or email tobethany@carcraftautobodyok.comAuto Technicianneeded with experience & toolsfor high volume shop. LOTS ofwork, great pay & benefits, yearround work. Apply in person atOKC AutoWorks, 701 SE 89th.Journeyman & ExperiencedApprenticesIndustrial & Commercial Electrical& Communications - CompetitivePay & Benefits - Apply atwww.bescoelec.comor Call 405-694-4070L. Wallace Construction isseeking to fill two entry levelpositions. Candidates must meetthe following Criteria: Must havetransportation and be able towork on various jobs within a 200mile radius of Okc. Starting withour job in Sulphur, Ok.Native American Preference:Preference is given to qualifiedlow income Native AmericanApplicants in accordance with theIndian Preference Act.Email resume rbeck@lwcgc.comAMERICAN PARKINGIS NOW HIRING! EVENT ANDVALET ATTENDANTS!MUST BE 18-21+ TO APPLY.MUST BE ABLE TO PASS DRUGSCREEN/BACKGROUND CHECK.APPLY WITHIN AT 227 ROBERTS. KERR OKC, OK 73102 Or CALL405-232-3171 FOR DETAILS.CSR, Outbound Sales &Appointment SettingsMorning and eveningshifts available.FT position. Great Pay andBenefits! Fax resume to405-794-2037 or email tooffice@aircomfortsolutions.netCrossroads Youth andFamily Services, Inc. Teacher/Assistant Teacherswanted to work withchildren Ages 0-5 *We offer CompetitiveSalaries & Great Benefits.Apply www.crossroadsyfs.orgfax: (405) 292-6442 or emailhrads@crossroadsyfs.comEEOCRETIREMENT EDUCATIONCOORDINATOR, OK PUBLIC EM-PLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM.Responsible for creating, updat-ing, and presenting retirementeducation programs to membergroups; creating and editingagency publications; maintainingcustomer satisfaction survey pro-grams; and, maintaining and up-dating agency websites. Musthave excellent customer serviceskills and public speaking experi-ence. Must be able to perform alljob-related travel independently.Website development and main-tenance preferred. Applicationdeadline: 10/16/2015. For moreinformation and applicationprocedures, go tohttp://www.opers.ok.gov/jobsEOESpecial Care, Inc. inOklahoma City, Oklahomahas position available forKindergarten SupportTeacher. Bachelor's degree orhigher in education req. EOE.Mail resume to Attn: PamNewby, 12201 N. WesternAve., Oklahoma City, Okla.73114. Do not apply in person$11 per hour.Health & Dental Ins. No latenights or Sun. Every otherSat off! Nichols Hills Cleaners issearching for Customer ServiceReps. We are open from 7-7 M-Fand 8-6 Sat. This is full timeemployment. Apply at2837 W Wilshire (at May) orwww.nicholshillscleaners.comSubject to drug screen.AMERICAN CLEANERSCustomer Service Reps-Full timeStarting at $10/Hour. Apply at13901 N. May, OKC, OK 73134DRIVERS WANTED NOW!NO CDL REQUIREDMust be 21+ Pass Drug/BG,Valid DL, clean MVR,www.RCXHires.comP/T-F/T C-STORE/DELI - incl.weekends - experienced, mature,responsible req'd., far NW OKC/Edmond. 283-2620, leave msg.Part time evening help needed forOFFICE CLEANING.5:30-10:30 shift, Monday-Friday.Start $9/hr. Apply in person Mon-day, October 5th, from 6PM-8PM,at 525 Central Park Drive, OKCor call 918-830-2337ROUTE SERVICENational Co. Load and servicevending machines. Salary -Comm. - $30K/yr. Benefits.Drug test. Apply M-F, 9-11am,6101 NW 2nd, resume tooffice@hayescanteen.comVapeUSA corp. is looking forenergetic persons to fill invarious full-time positions.Stocking, Shipping, Sales,Customer Service, etc.Greg 405-942-2424, M-F.Local Underground UtilityCompany seeks experiencedHorizontal Directional Drillerfor F/T position. Must haveClass A CDL. Pre-employmentdrug screening req'd. Benefits.Apply at 8405 S.W. 15th St. OKCM-F, 8-4 495-5295WELL DRILLERS& HELPERSIMMEDIATE START!405-209-5560 KRISCERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES& 24 HOUR LIVE-IN CAREGIVERSCaring for SeniorsIMMEDIATE OPENINGSPT/FT, FLEXIBLE SHIFTSTo Apply Call 577-1910Visiting AngelsFront Desk AssociateDental office in Blanchard seek-ing front desk associate. GoodPR skills and ability to multi-taskis a must. Experience preferred inmedical billing. Email resume:travisturney@yahoo.comFT Medical Biller/CoderClaims submission throughreconciliation with the generalledger. Experience required. Pre-fer Experience in skilled nursingfacility. Submit resume toReceptionist, Spanish Cove11 Palm, Yukon, OK 73099or eritter@spanishcove.comSCHEDULINGCOORDINATORNW OKC dental office looking fora full time experienced teammember who is flexible and ableto multi-task. Must be able toverify insurance, interview newpatients and present treatmentplans. Knowledge of Dentrix soft-ware a plus. Great benefits in-cluding a 401K, vacation and sickpay, holiday pay & 2 bonus sys-tems. Some Saturdays are possi-ble. Compensation negotiabledepending on experience. Faxresume to Karen at 405-840-5803or e-mail kbowser@coxinet.netACMAs/CMAs/MATs/CNAs NEW OWNERSHIP New Benefit Pkg Coming SoonApply in personSommerset Neighborhood1601 SW 119th St. 405-691-9221AllFaith HomecareEstablished home health agencyin Edmond seeking qualified staffRN Field Case Mgr-FT 1-2 yrshome health exp. req'd.Top Pay, salary neg., benefits.Great work environment. Field RNs/LPNs-PT1-2 yrs home health exp reqd.Top pay, benefits. Certified Home Health Aides-PT Top Pay, home healthexperience required.Fax resumes to405-340-5101 or emaill.alali@allfaithhc.comDirect Care WorkerGenesis Project, group home forabused boys in DHS custody,ages 6-12. All shifts available.Salary plus healthinsurance. Send resume todawn@genesiskids.comFT and PT Youth Care Workersfor an adolescent group home forboys. Experience &/or educationis preferred. Please email yourresume to deanna.durbin@att.netor fax to 405-310-2027REGIONAL PROGRAM DIRECTORUnder the supervision of the VPof Program Services, the ProgramDirector (located in OKC) isresponsible for providing overallleadership, support, and supervi-sion of Foster Care staff in OKCand western OK. Minimum ofBachelors in Social Work, orother related area is required,Masters preferred. Full-timewith benefits. Must have gooddriving record, and must pass acriminal background check. Circleof Care, Inc. is an EOE/Drug Test-ing Employer. E-mail resumes to:marthapalen@circleofcare.orgTHERAPISTOklahomas largest therapeuticfoster care agency is seeking afull time therapist to be part ofour OKC team. Must belicensed or under supervision.Competitive salary andbenefits. Please email resumeto Jobs@cflfostercare.comor fax it to 405-751-6488.Page 42 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 43October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMAUTO BODY TECHNICIANCar Craft Auto Body is seekingqualified Metal Technicians. Com-petitive Flat Rate Pay pendingexperience. Medical & Dental in-surance. Paid holidays & vacation.Paid I-CAR training. Multiple DRPfacility. Ideal candidates will haveexperience CAR-O-LINER measur-ing system. Have the ability andtools to perform basic mechanicalwork. Have I-CAR certification.Have work & personal references.Please apply in person at 7315NW 39th Expressway, Bethany,OK 73008 or fax resume to:405-787-4808 or email tobethany@carcraftautobodyok.comCommercial ElectriciansJourneymen and ApprenticesMin 1 year commercial exper. 40hr week, health, dental, vacation,holiday pay & 401k. Drug screentest. 405-359-9190 ELECTRICAL JOURNEYMAN& APPRENTICES: 2 years mincomm'l exp. Contact Steve Hall,405-943-2442, ext. 11,or email shall@klbradley.comGLAZIERResidential experience. Musthave own tools Jem Glass309 E. Main St, Moore 799-5333Make-Ready Contractors neededfor multi-property apt. complex.Must supply a copy of currentgeneral liability & workman'scomp. ins. Apply in person,Pickwick Place Apts, 2759 WI-240 Svc Rd, OKC, OK 73159.Class A or B CDL Mixer Driverswith air brakes, good MVR/drugtest. An Oklahoma family ownedbusiness. 405-692-5247 or emailsrm3@soonerreadymix.comHEAVY EQUIPMENT MOVINGTRUCK DRIVER NEEDED5 yrs. experience required.Apply at 917 N. Tulsa Ave. OKCHELP WANTEDThe OKC Area Miller-Coorsdistributor offers immediate,full-time shifts toDelivery Drivers andsales-driven individuals.-Salary PLUS opportunityfor bonuses-Full benefit package thatincludes medical & dental-Opportunities foradvancement in rapidlygrowing companyEmail resume to:Saleshr@LDFcompanies.comor apply online:www.LDFcompanies.comor in person:13823 N Sante Fe Crossingin EdmondOwner OperatorsTrucks with blowers forPneumatic work. New customerwork committed here inOklahoma through spring 2016!!We need additional folks!Call or come into begin the review process.McCorkle Truck Line, Inc.2132 SE 18th St. OKC800.727.2855Schwarz Ready MixMIXER DRIVERSCompetitive pay & benefits401K, Vacation, Holiday payApply with MVR & A-B CDL1400 S. Holly Avenue, Yukon405-354-8824Van Eaton Ready MixNOW HIRINGDIESEL MECHANICat Edmond PlantCo. pays 95% of health ins.salary negotiable.214-7450 ask for BrandiEOE1N to 5A E of OKC, pay out dn.100's choices, many M/H readyTERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695www.paulmilburnacreages.comCall for Maps! See why we sellmore acreages than anyone inOkla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695PIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N KellerWilliams Platinum 373-2494Land For Sale or Trade 10 acresw/well, septic & electric, locatedoff 149th & Choctaw Rd 503-03455 acres, 4000 S Broadway, Moore,310' frontage, zoned A1 (horses),land value only, 405-615-2747.2000sf DW MH, 3bd 2full ba, newkitchen 60' porch 1Acr fncd, lrgpecan trees $60,000 405-657-8507Open Sun 2-4, newly remodeled!3bed 2ba 2car, 204 S. Morgan Dr.1242sf, $116,500, 405-706-3760Bank Owned 5/2K /2, 2 liv/din,2741sf, .2ac, new carpet, paint,tile, & appls. Near Tinker, Mid-DelSchls $169,900 Rlty Exp 414-8753OPEN SUN 2-4, 14024 BroadwayAve OKC 3233sf storm shelter$335K energy efficient + easyaccess to highway & shopping.Buchanan Realty Jonell 503-6205331 S. Miller St. Wanette. Built2005. 1454 ft. 3/2/2. K A. Nice &Renovated. 473-3247 or 799-5531www.homesofokcinc.comPIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N KellerWilliams Platinum 373-2494WE SELL & FINANCEbeautiful acreages for mobilehomes-Milburn o/a 275-1695Summer Clearance Sale. Lendersoffering zero down w/land & lessthan perfect credit programs.Limited time, select models. Freedelivery & set. $2,000 Furnitureallowance w/purchase. WAC.405-631-7600Abandoned 4bed DoublewideSet up on 20 Acres.Call for Details 405-631-76003 INVESTMENT PROPERTIESOKC ESTATE AUCTIONTuesday Oct 13th 10AM#1: 1112 NE 17th Street OKC#2: 2307 N. Lottie Ave OKC#3: 1417 NE 35th Place OKCLandBuzz.com 580-237-7174NAME YOUR PRICE2 Comm. Bldgs, AbsoluteAuction. 1 Comm. Rest. Buildingw/ equip. for 1 price. 1 5,000 sq.ft. industrial bldg. on 2.5 ac. Oct.14th, Clinton, OK. 580-323-6120or heardauction.comI BUY & SELL HOUSES27 YRS EXP 650-7667HOMESOFOKCINC.COM82 Room Apts - 2500 E. Hwy 66,Elk City, $850,000 405-205-2343K Office, K Warehouse. 1100sf.7925 N Hudson Suite D 842-7300GREAT Office Space. Various NWlocations, 300-6000sf 946-2516Near UCO, like new, 850sf,1 bedroom cottage apartment.Fully furnished, washer, dryer,dishwasher, large closets, parklike setting, off street parking,$1,200/mo, all bills paid, cable &internet included 405-509-4368VERY, VERY QUIETNear mall, schls, hosp2 bed from $575 341-4813UNFURNISHEDALL BILLS PAIDRates starting at $825/mo.Free Flat Screen TVwith 12 month lease.Citadel Suites 405-942-00165113 N. BrooklineIncluded are the following: All Utilities Cable High speed internet 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri.Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills PaidUnfurn 1 bed $169 wk, $680 mo;Unfurn 2 bed $189 wk, $810 mo;Furn 1 bed $179 wk, $720 mo;Furn 2 bed $199 wk, $840 mo;Deposits: 1 bed $150, 2 bed $200;$25 application fee paid at rental;Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts,Hillcrest (SW OKC), 370-1077.Efficiency Apts, unfurnished, billspaid, small (300 sq ft) $700 mo,large (600 sq ft) $1000 mo, handi-cap accessible and privacy.Shepherd Manor, Inc. 901 NW25th St, 73106, 405-306-3500.CRESCENT PARK newly remod!!63rd/May Hdwd flrs secure quiet1 & 2 beds New owner! 840-7833Quiet Casady Lg 1bd $515Laundry & pool. 751-8088MAYFAIR Great loc! 1&2 bd W/Dhdwd flr quiet secure 947-5665800 N Meridian1 Bedroom 946-9506Spring Hill Apartments4708 SE 44th Street(405) 677-22001/2 Off Move-In Deposit1/2 Off 1st Month Rent1213 SW 60th, 2bd apts, $475 mo$200 dep, stove, dishwasher,fridge. Clean! No Sec 8 632-98492409 SW 45th Clean & Quiet 1bd1ba, stove, fridge $375 mo, $200dep, no sec 8 314-46678008 NW 8th Unit 280Thousand Oaks condos, (NW 10th& Council) sharp 1bd condo, allappls including washer and dryer,fenced in patio area, only $550.Tennis courts and swimming poolFidelity Real Estate 410-42002Br/2B Condo NW OKC11525 N Meridian Quiet, private.Appliances+W/D. No smokers,pets $975/mo Call/text405-204-7224Newly remod 3bd 2full ba $750mo$400dep. Call Ross 405-370-61882/1.5 clean no sec 8 or pets $710+dep 2029 NW 32 Terr 286-6559Super Specials for 1 & 2 bedroomquadraplexes available now.2211 S. Kentucky Pl. 632-6414Se Habla EspaolBrick 3BR 1ba, 800 sq ft1932 Lariet Lane Conv gar, fencedyard, central heat, window A/C;$650+dep; pets ok w/dep;796-7222 after noon3bd, 1.5ba, fncd yd, no pets, sec 8ok, $725mo+dep & refs; 672-0877.312 W 10th St, beautiful, 3/2/2,$1200; NW 3b $1000; 749-0603.10 Homes 2-4 beds $625-1425Express Realty 844-6101www.expressrealtyok.com2 story 3bd, 2ba, 2car, 1,400sf,$1,000mo + $1,000dep. 824-89543bd 2.5ba 1425sf cov carport pkg2cars $875mo $500dep 478-30602 bed, 1 bath, ch&a, double panewindows, $850, 405-640-0959.3/2/2, 21206 River Lark $1200mo,2417 NW 160 $1300mo. 205-23433510 Brittany Ct Large luxury 2bd2 full bath, 2car garage w/opener,fp, huge walk in closets, all appls,ch/a. Mowing included. Only$895. Fidelity RE 410-4200Spacious, Elegant, Updated3/2/2 $1100 Harris RE 410-43003bd, 2ba, 2car fncd yard Mustangschls $1075+dep 1yr lse 210-67213/2/2 Nice, clean, 1800sf all woodflrs & tile, big yard. $1050mo+dep8205 NW 91st 405-476-5222Beautiful 3bd 2ba appls, $7953213 N. Florida 30/Penn. Remod2bd appls ch&a $745 mo 2112 N.Billen. no pets no sec 8 301-59793/2/2New floors and paint, PC schools32nd/Windsor Terrace. $1100.405-312-3208Lux. 2bd, 2ba, 2car, gated comm,near 122 & Rockwell, $1,400/mo +$1,400dep. No Pets 285-63122421 NW 112th, Exec 3/2/2 home2000sf, 2 liv, $1400mo 232-9101626 NW 26th 5bd 3ba ch&a$1295mo $1000dep 204-55002745 Pembroke TerraceGreat Area! Nice 2 bd 275-5673Plaza District, 3 bed, 2 bath,ch&a, wood floors, 417-5833.1540 NW 48th 3bd 1ba ch&a$850mo $600dep 204-55003b/1b/1c ch&a fncd bk yd dbl drv2920 Nimitz Blvd $820 613-0272Page 44 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMMWC For Rent/Sale. Nice homes$400/up. RV space $200 763-3627Large, clean bdrm private bath &entry, internet, sat. TV, carport,kit, laundry privileges Maidservice wkly $500mo. NO DRUGSSmoker OK, Military, working orretiree welcome 405-840-1414Efficiency Apts, unfurnished, billspaid, small (300 sq ft) $700 mo,large (600 sq ft) $1000 mo, handi-cap accessible and privacy.Shepherd Manor, 405-306-3500.BARBER CHAIR manufactured byEmil J. Paidar of Chicago $1200or best offer 405-968-10011929 Auto Piano, stand up, oakwood, all bellows have beenreplaced, electrified. 131 rollsof music, 108 of them old newstock, Blues, Country variety.$1,250 580-280-5073Grandfather Clock with German(Hitler) history! 7ft Mahogany,Westminster chime, like new$800 405-455-7367Daryl's Appliance: W&D $100+,limited supply!5yr war. refr/stove$125 & up, 1yr war. 405-632-8954Matched pair Maytag washer &dryer, $300; frig $100; cook stove$100; 220 a/c $125; 275-3419.Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Stove,Freezer $100 ea Can del 820-8727BID ONLINE!Electronic / ElectricalTesting & PhysicalMeasurement EquipmentTo Include:Compression TesterFloor ScalesEnvironmental ChamberDrop TesterVibration TesterViscometer& Much More!!Location:Oklahoma City, OKBid Dates:October 9th 13thBid Online at:BidOnSurplus.comSearch For:21786Call: 480-367-1300BID ONLINE!Fabrication EquipmentTo Include:Plastic GranulatorIndustrial Inkjet PrinterBand Sealer& Much More!Location:Oklahoma City, OKBid Dates:October 8th - 12thBid Online at:BidOnSurplus.comSearch For:21783Call: 480-367-1300300 FIREARMS AMMO TRACTOR TILLAGE VEHICLES TOOLS HUNTING BLINDS RELOADINGSUPPLIES TRAILERSENID, OKAUCTIONSat., Oct 10th - 10AMEquipBuzz.com 580-237-7174NEED 20,000 BOOKS, CDs, DVDsrecords, posters, art, collections.Tulsa. Will travel. Can pick up in24 hrs. Gardner's Used Books.Largest book store in Okla!!(918) 409-1096 627-7323 250-7381Sheet Metal 3'x10' $16.Mon-Sat 390-2077, 694-75343 Combo Vending MachinesSodas & Snacks with dollar billchanger $1,000ea. Call Elbert orBetty Payne at 405-478-2263Husqvarna garden tractor, 54"deck, 22 hp, hi/lo transmission,for big yards, $1200,405-733-7094.Big Husqvarna chain saw, goodcondition, 24" chain, $550,405-733-7094.CA$H For Diabetic Test StripsWe buy sealed unexpired diabeticstrips. Free Pickup & Delivery.OKC/Tulsa/Lawton 405-212-470021'' color vision machine w/TV+ oak cabinet w/shelves! cost$2750 sell $1450 Cash 596-7862Propane tank end caps for firepits 30"-$40, 37"-$60, 41"-$70,and Short open end pipes24" X 5'-$50, 30" X 6'-$65,37" X 6.75'-$80, 41" X 5.5'-$80,405-375-4189, BLTTanks.com1988 Cadillac Deville $5,000obo,Honda 3 Wheeler $350obo,Gas range - Brand New $200obo. 405-330-2688 Baldwin studio piano, walnutwood, good condition, $750,417-291-2330, Edmond.C&J Sporting Goods6604 NW 38th, 789-8102.Pistols, rifles, shotguns.Buy, sell, trade.Veteran/family owned store.GOOD HUNTING LEASEDeer, Turkey & Quail. WesternOK. Wheat plot & river, secluded,for guns, responsible parties only. 580-821-1165 Custom Golden West pool tablewith ram's head legs, completewith all accessories includingbrass light, $1800 or make offer,405-520-4335.We buy GUNS Mustang Pawn &Gun. Over 1000 guns! 376-GUNSElderly vet will pay to fishprivate ponds or lakes.Tommy 405-799-0932Trophy deer lease, 1st time avail-able, deer, turkey, quail, pheas-ant, duck, 580-352-1980.Conceal/Open Carry Class$45 Total 405-818-7904www.HavePistolWillCarry.com80 Acre Hunting Lease,Stroud 918-968-5588120 acre hunting lease 10 miles Sof OKC limits, $1200/yr 640-8811OU/Texas, OU donor sec. aweview 50 yard line, 2nd row,upper deck, sec 105, 10 together,all or pairs, $485ea 405-850-0707OU vs TEXASI need 2 or 4. Will pay $350pair 405-329-4726 OU/Texas Donor Tickets, Sect.4, Row 18, Seats 5 & 6. RegularPrice, $600/pair, 405-623-9281.2 OU tickets for 4 home games,elevator & parking pass, $775,469-995-1664 (local).OU vs TXS103, R15, Seats 7 & 8,$550.obo 405-641-8990Need 2 OU/Kansas State tickets,405-739-8777 if no answer lv msg5x8, 5x10, 6x12, w/gates;like new 16 foot tandem;$650-$1250 Cash. 405-201-68204x6 TRAILER WITH REAR RAMP.LIKE NEW $435 405-946-4371Paying cash for: Diabetic TestStrips: FreeStyle, OneTouch, &Accuchek, also CPAP/BIPAPMachines: Jim 405-202-2527BENGAL KITTENSSpayed & neutered, raisedlovingly, $350. 405-885-5472Exquisite Russian Blue F,11 weeks old, $100, 769-2527.FREE KITTENS, gray & white,solid gray & gold w/gold tint 405-600-9295 Himalayan Kittens CFATaking Deposits,kittcatsmeow.comEXPRESSRANCHES CATTLEAUCTONSELLING OVER1600 HEADMONDAY, OCT 5, 12 Noon. At theRanch- YUKON, OK. Selling 293Angus Bulls and 20 HerefordBulls as well as 400 Spring BredCommercial Heifers that are bredto low birthweight ExpressRanches Angus Bulls. Heifers sellin packages of 5 and are comefrom the Temple Ranch of ElmoreCity, the W.T. Waggoner Estatein Vernon, Texas and Express UUBar Ranch, NM. Also Selling 50Fall Angus Pairs and 30 SpringCalving Angus Heifers from theheart of the herd. ALSO SELLING:950 reputation steer and heifercalves from the Express UU BarRanch. AT AUCTION OCT 5, 12noon. Visit www.expressranches.com or Call Express Ranches,Yukon, OK for more information405-350-0044150 Northern Red Angus bredheifers sell Sat Oct 10, Vinita OKMYC sale at Ratcliff Ranch 12pmFor info call Verl 580-336-414825 Young Angus cows, 4-6 years,calving now to Angus bulls, somehave calved, 1200-1300 lbs,405-642-6156.2 SIM-ANGUS BULLS$2800EA. 405-964-373225% Euro Great DanesReady for homes NOW! 25% EuroGreat Danes. Champion blood-lines out of Germany. Huge pups!Harlequin, merle, and black. Blackpups discounted. Full reg. avail-able for additional fee. $1200 Callor text (405) 761-9844AKITA PUPPIES AKC reg. Champ.Bloodline, 7M, 2F, DOB 9/3,Avail. 10/22, $700. 405-207-9112XXL American Pit Bullies ch. pedAll colors $400 580-237-1961Australian Shepherd ASDR Reg.Toys, 2M, 2F, 6 weeks old,S/W/T/DC, $650-$800, 580-656-2335 Blue Healer AKC PupsDOB 8/17/15, s/w, tails docked,cash only $220. 580-513-4925Blue Heeler Pups 7.5wks work-ing parents $150. 405-892-7512BORDER COLLIE/CORGI MIX1 YR OLD, M, FIXED, SHOTS$45.00 405-625-2917BOXER/LAB MIX1 YR, FIXED, SHOTS, SUPERFRIENDLY $45.00 405-625-2917Boxer Mix PuppyFemale Boxer Mix 6months oldcurrent on all shots spayed.Docked tail. Good with kids. Doesnot like small dogs. Crate trained.$100 Rebecca 405-822-6914Cane Corso ICCF Blue PupsICCF registered 3 males, 3 fe-males $1500. 918-774-3751Cavalier King Charles SpanielAKC MALE Ruby Cavalier raisedin home of veterinarian and lov-ing family. Ready to become apart of your family! 1500.Meghan 405-614-2429Chihuahua, TEACUPS, 8wks,TINY, $250 Cash 405-434-1421Chihuahua ACA Tiny Tcup 3m 1fBlack s/w $350-$450ea 627-0419Chihuahua puppies, all colors, vetchecked, wormed, $200, 414-6001Dachshund 2 Cute X-TINY!dapple $450 Visa/MC 826-4557 733 SE 42nd 3 bed, 1 bath $475, $400dep 227-2036Nice 3BR, 1BA, 1 Garage, CH&A,No Pets, $700mo + dep.E. of May-SW 51st. 340-05663bd, 1ba $600/mo + $500dep.2bd, 1ba $500/mo + $400dep. 405-631-8220 3409 S Liberty, 4 bed, 1.75 bath,$900 mo + dep. 685-82403/2/2, $1,150/mo+$1,150dep.2304 SW 138th St. 562-650-44911436 SW 65th nice 3bd 1ba 1 cargar $750mo $750dep 924-96912228 Carlisle 3bed 1bath $600mo+ dep. sewer/garb paid. 613-04071409 Abbey Dr, 3bd, 1ba dish-washer, ch&a, w/d hkup $850mo+$850dep 405-414-7273 E. Norman1012 Desert Trail, 3 bd, 2 ba, 2car, like new, $1200 mo, 837-48083bd, 2ba w/appliances included+ W&D, storage shed.Edmond Schools. No Pets.348-6240 or 623-1181.Page 45October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMLOST DOGFemale Sheltie-Shepherd, brown,tan, and white, last seen in DelCity on Howard on Sept. 17. Callanytime. Peggy Bryant, 677-6430Terrier Mix, Female, Medium Sizewhite dog with brown spots.Call 405-632-3699 from 9-6.Female red short hair Dachshund,lost in Jones area. 204-7262Min Pin black Fm; Chipped lostfrom 26th & Meridian. 949-0175A/C & Appliance Service, 27 yearsexper, $40 service call, 371-3049.3 rooms steam cleaned, $45 Freesanitize, truck mount, 406-5739.Patio covers Pergolas ScreenRooms ''we've got you coveredSteel Coverage 580-758-5001Steel Carports, Patio Covers 2carcarport $1695 799-4026/694-6109Stef's Housecleaning Hrly ratesNo job too big Good refs 320-2775Drives, Foundations, PatiosLic./Bond./Ins. Free Est. 769-3094Tearouts/Repours, Drives, Patios,& More, Lic Ins Free Est 830-3115Ceiling & Wall DoctorTotal Remodeling Acoustic popcorn removal Drywall repair Flooring Custom hand trowelfinishes & spray finishes Interior/Exterior paintingCall Jeff for free estimateat 405- 408-5453, insured.Rose Electric LLCService Calls, #87915, 703-4556.D&G FENCE, Repair Specialist.Guar lowest pr. Free est 431-0955Custom Gutters Inc., New/Repair,warrnty, BBB top rated, 528-4722.Home Repair & Remodel. Roofing.Siding. Free Estimate. 410-2495. RESIDENTIAL HAULING AND CLEANING, 765-8843.Junk & trash removal, appliances,furniture, bedding, etc., 808-9955.Junk & trash removal, appliances,furniture, bedding, etc., 808-9955.Jim's Painting/Remodeling, int/ext, res/com'l, insured, 314-0755.Bill's Painting & Home RepairsQuality Work! Free Est. 306-3087.Ceiling 2 Floorz Roofing & Remodeling All Types Of Flooring FencingInsured 412-0924SIDING, ROOFING WINDOWSPHILIP REIMER CONST. 528-2676Garay's Roofing/ConstructionExp. quality work, free est, roofrepair & replace, local since 1985,insurance claims okay, 370-3572.Leaky shwrs/tubs, Kitch & bathremodel, 35 yrs free est 728-0545All Professional Tree Service. Arborist Senior Discount Insured 405-885-2572Pro Tree Service - 1/2 off SeniorsFree stump removal. 314-1313 GENES TREE SERVICEInsured-Free Est. 682-2100.L&R Tree Service, Low Prices,Insured, Free Estimate, 946-3369.Dachshund, double dapple, blk &tan s/w 9wks $175. 405-742-7386DACHSHUND Mini, ACA, 4M, 2F,s/w, $250-$300. 580-695-1851Doberman Puppies8wks old. 3 Blue Males. 2 B&TMales, 1 B&T Female. 2 Red Fe-males. S&W, T&DC done.$350. HM# 405-932-4657,Cell# 405-618-4076ENGLISH BULLDOGS, AKC,14wk M & 4yr M, Champ. sired,$500-$2000 Also ChampionStud Service 405-329-0066ENGLISH BULLDOGS, AKC,M 2yrs old, F 4yrs old $1,500/pairor $1,000ea. 405-295-2101GERMAN SHEPHERD, PurebredAKC pups + FREE Food, leash,collar, training books + papers.Police dog parents. EXCguardians with Kids. Black/Silver/Tan, $600, 972-333-4394.GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES,AKC, BLACK 1M 1F, s/w, POP,Ready to go! $475. 918-387-4216or text 405-612-9943 for pics.German Shepherd Pups, AKC, s/wVet ckd, wht $500, 405-408-5037GoldendoodlesQuality pups ,ckc reg.familyraised not a kennel.references of-fered. S/W $600. 405-915-9105GOLDENDOODLES-MINIFor more info and pics got towww.okiedoodle.com $1,600(918)351-3059Goldendoodles F1B8 wks. $600. 405-473-6497Golden Retriever AKC Reg pups,Champ. & OFA bloodlines,health guar. $1000.214-405-2726www.JungleTramp.comGolden Retriever PuppiesAKC Reg. 4M, 3F. Hunting Blood-lines & Great pets. 1st shots.$600 (580) 716-2150Havanese Pups, AKC,Beautiful, Show Quality, Readynow $600 Norman, OK 550-3331Havanese Puppies AKC1 Female, 1 Male. Available now.$400-$800. 405-694-1463Lab Puppies AKC Chmp Bld Lines2M/2F black s/w/d hlth grnt12wk $500 405-638-2386Labradoodles F-1Yellow/white 1M 5F, Black 1M 2Fvaccinations, worming, dewclawsremoved, microchip and vetchecked. $800. 580-822-5776LABRADOR/SISCO1 YR, M, FIXED, SHOTS 45.00405-625-2917MORKIE, Adorable, ITTY BITTY,$495-$595 Visa/MC 826-4557MORKIE PUPPIES, (Yorkie/Maltese) 8wks, vacs, wormed,guaranteed $400. 405-404-7069Papillon, 2F, 1 blk & wht $600,1 Tri $625, 9wks, 816-2050. SeeFB pg Mimi's Precious PapillonsPAPPILLON ACA 2 black & whitemales s/w $350 627-0419Pekingese, 2F, ACA, s/w,will weigh 6 pounds, grown,parti color, $600, 580-465-1571.POMERANIAN 2 blue merle Mpups. $400 & $600 2 adult M 1 red1 cream $100ea. 1 cream F $100580-467-8679 580-606-7162Poodles & Pomeranians AKCReg. Must sell due to death infamily. All ages. $200-$800580-402-1020; text or call.Poodle-StandardDRASTICALLY REDUCED! CreamM 13wks $850. Small Black F 5mo$600. 580-548-3701Rott, Germ. AKC Fml 7wksPOP. s/w $650 405-370-2501Schnauzers, Mini, AKC M-chippeds/w, $300-$400, 405-503-2272SHIDOODLES: 2 red/wht with blkmask boys, 1 wht boy $400ea.1 beige/wht girl & 1 beige girl$450ea. 918-426-0169SIBERIAN HUSKIES AKC1 blk & wht M 2 blk & wht F,blue eyes 11 wks old. S/W, POP,$300 EA 534-3377St. BernardsAKC, shots, long hair. Only 2 fe-males left! 8 wks, Ready to go.POP $500 405-521-7064Westie, Reg. 6wks, 1M, 2F,s/w/dc, $500. For adoption 9yrold F & M, $75ea. 580-334-5292WESTIE AKC reg, 6 wks, malesChampion bloodlines vet chk, s/whealth grtd, $500 580-258-8395Westies, 2M, 2F, $550 AKC,s/w, XXS, 6wks. 405-370-2501Wheaten, Soft Coated, for adop-tion 8yr old M, $75. 580-334-5292Yorkie, Adorable, ITTY BITTY,$595 Visa/MC 826-4557YORKIES, ACA, 2F, $400ea.,shots & wormed. 580-695-1851YORKIES, ACA, M/F, 8 weeks,s/w/dc, pics avail, $300-$450,580-224-1642.YORKIES, extra cute, small, s/w,$450-$475. 405-380-8469Yorkies AKC PARTI2 Females.11 weeks. 1st shots,CASH ONLY $1400.405-663-4047350 Fine Pets At FREE TO LIVE4mi N of Waterloo on WesternALL Dogs & Cats $80 Shts/Neut282-8617 freetoliveok.org2yr old 4x5 round bales, JD edgewrapped, sprayed, fertilized, goodhay sold cattle, must sell $15 perbale will load 405-503-6025ROUND BALES OF HAY 2015crop. $45each 405-771-5716.Full Service Bar/Sports BarWell established, existingbusiness, turnkey ready. 405-414-2666 Millions of dollars of ownershipreports from early 1980s to early2000s. 12 full drawers coveringGolden Trend & Stephens, GradyCo. & others $20,000 405-2860485Electra Townie 7 speed Bicycleplease call to ID. Will return toowner. 842-6188 or 535-9848Boxer, Venice neighborhood, OKC.Call to id or text pic 405-714-3782Found Your Puppy. Male, Pit Bull,Southside. Call to id 410-7386.Brwn/wht Pointer F, young, tancollar, no tag, NW area. 625-2964Set of keys found near NW 111th& Grove, call to ID, 722-9263.Page 46 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 47October 7 - October 20, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 48 October 7 - October 20, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM4DO01TLL10084DO02TLL10084DO03TLL10084DO04TLL10084DO05TLL10084DO06TLL10084DO07TLL10084DO08TLL10084DO09TLL10084DO10TLL10084DO11TLL10084DO12TLL10084DO13TLL10084DO14TLL10084DO15TLL10084DO16TLL10084DO17TLL10084DO18TLL10084DO19TLL10084DO20TLL10084DO21TLL10084DO22TLL10084DO23TLL10084DO24TLL_DO25TLL10084DO26TLL10084DO27TLL10084DO28TLL10084DO29TLL10084DO30TLL10084DO31TLL10084DO32TLL10084DO33TLL10084DO34TLL10084DO35TLL10084DO36TLL10084DO37TLL10084DO38TLL10084DO39TLL10084DO40TLL10084DO41TLL10084DO42TLL10084DO43TLL10084DO44TLL10084DO45TLL10084DO46TLL10084DO47TLL10084DO48TLL1008