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APRIL 20 - MAY 3 2016 VOL. 12 ISSUE 8LOOKATOKC.COMLOCAL ENTERTAINMENT AND NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO PAY ATTENTIONMEET CHEF HENRY YANG ON PAGE 14 | CHILDREN OF THE CORN IN OKC ON PAGE 25An influx of people have been approaching me to talk about Oklahoma Citys music scene this month.The uptick in show announcements, new venues and more festivals than you can shake a glow stick at have all contributed to these conver-sations. I approach them with cautious optimism. Of course, Im excited at the opportunity of more concerts and acts coming through Oklahoma. At the same time, theres an increased pressure on the city to show traveling acts and Okie musicians that we have an appetite for live music.I grew more cautious in my optimism as I sur-veyed the Bruce Springsteen crowd at the Ches-apeake Energy Arena in early April. In theory, that Sunday night concert should have been a com-plete blowout. The Boss hadnt been in the metro for more than two decades. He puts on a show thats famously fun for hardcore fans and recent converts. All that was topped off by the fact that he was playing predominantly from his beloved River double album. Recipe for success, right?It was well attended. Dont get me wrong. How-ever, the blotches of empty seats filling the arena made me wonder why it wasnt packed. Was the local economy to blame? Were tickets just too expensive? Did Oklahoma City collectively fear the Monday morning hangover from partying too hard with the E Street Band?I wasnt sure, but I was a little nervous. I didnt want this to be sign of our citys appetite for live music. The modest attendance at ACM@UCOs Metro Music Fest was another contributor to my cautious optimism.If My Morning Jacket doesnt sell out at The Criterion on April 27, Im gonna start getting really nervous. By the way, I hope you enjoy my cover story discussion with MMJ front-man Jim James.If we want a ton of concerts we also have to prove it. How do we do that? With our feet, our conversations and our excitement. We have to give these acts a good reason to come back.Sitting in a packed crowd at Ben Folds on a Wednesday night gave me a lot of hope right before I sat down to write this column. I didnt expect such a big showing of support. Folds is great. He comes through just about every year, but it seems like he doesnt leave disappointed.Thats the sorta night that makes me optimistic. Im here to say that I hope its not the last.Ben Folds performing live at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center on April 13. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]NATHAN POPPELOOKatOKC EDITORNPOPPE@OKLAHOMAN.COME D I T O R S N O T Efrom the editor F O L L O W @ N A T H A N P O P P E O N T W I T T E RPage 2 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 3April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMLOOKatOKC EDITORNathan PoppePROJECT DESIGNERSEbony Iman DallasBen BiglerADVERTISINGJerry Wagner(405) 475-3475Nancy Simoneau(405) 475-3708NICHE PUBLICATIONS EDITORMelissa HowellART DIRECTORTodd PendletonPHOTOGRAPHERSSteven MaupinCOVER My Morning JacketPhoto by Dave Vann Single copies of LOOKatOKC may be obtained free of charge at locations from Stillwater to Norman. Additional copies are available for $1 each at The Oklahoman. Wholesale and indiscriminate removal of LOOKatOKC publications from newsstands for purposes other than individual use will result in prosecution. Every effort is made to ensure that all calendar entries areaccurate. LOOKatOKC does not guarantee the events or the schedules. Readers are encouraged to call ahead for exact times and dates. LOOKatOKC is published every other Thursday by The Oklahoman, 100 W. Main, Suite 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73102For advertising and promotional opportunities please contact The Oklahoman retail advertising department at 475-3338.The Oklahoman Media GroupFind the LOOK photographers LOOK photographers will be in Bricktown, Midtown and other hot spots.Check out our online home at newsok.com/entertainment/lookatokcGo to facebook.com/LOOKatOKCand become a fan.Follow LOOKatOKC on http://twitter.com/LOOKatOKCfrom the top L O O K a t O K C25 | Children of the Corn sequel brings new production possibilities to Oklahoma City24 | Developer pushes stronger retail mix in MidtownBlood, guts and corn? Nathan Poppe visits the set of the new Children of the Corn sequel during a stop in downtown OKC.The effort to create a cluster of retail in the heart of Midtown continues to grow. Steve Lackmeyer fills us in on what youll see in the bustling district.8 | Getting animated and not beat up with Steven Silva11| Metro Music Fest 2016 boasted big talent, aimed to build Okie music communitySteven Silva isnt just daydreaming when he sits behind the counter of Tree & Leaf Clothing. Hes designing shirts, working on art and thinking about the next Drink & Draw session. Nathan Poppe talks to Silva about being an artist in Oklahoma.Metro Music Fest is one of downtowns biggest, brightest festivals but it has a lot to overcome if it wants to be a contender in the music event scene. Nathan Poppe breaks down what went right and wrong at the April 8 festival.Page 4 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 5April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMAll about creating a deeper relationship with music.MATTCARNEYTune in to KOSU-FM 91.7 every Friday morning at 6:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. and every Friday afternoon at 4:44 p.m. and 6:44 p.m. to hear Matt break down the week in music news and new music releases with host Ryan LaCroix.All about creating a deeper relationship with music.Tune in to KOSand 6:44 p.mThe album release cycle is heating up and nows the time to jump on a handful of new songs.MUTUAL BENEFIT LOST DREAMERSAlbums are often like clothes the more wear you put on them, the more you appreci-ate them. They grow comfier. Thats definitely been the case for me with the 2013 debut LP Loves Crushing Diamond from the New York folk band Mutual Benefit who leans heavily on the violin, banjo and soft, hand-played drums for music that invites the listener away from the humdrum noise of everyday life and into a haven for vulnerability and imagination. Singer Jordan Lee invites us to throw away our phones on Mutual Benefits new track Lost Dreamers, which picks right up where Loves Crushing Diamond left off nearly three years ago, swimming in lush strings and muted per-cussion. MITSKI YOUR BEST AMERICAN GIRLOne of 2014s best-kept secrets was Bury Me at Makeout Creek, at once a Simpsons reference and an album by Mitski Miyawaki is a New York City singer whose lyrics stand alone as tragic poetry, as invigorating to read on the page as when shes shouting them ahead of a harsh, full-band pummel. Emo, 90s alternative and DIY-fiddling all factored into that record alongside her strong register and brutal, jarring metaphors for happiness and melancholy. And now shes back with Your Best American Girl, which might just be her best song yet. Dig in and you find that the titles sarcastic; the narrator infantilizes and mocks a boy who cares for her but sees her less as a partner and more like a piece of furniture. CLASSIXX GRECIAN SUMMERThere are so many sneaky little sounds popping in and out of this new song from L.A. dance duo Classixx, who make the kind of subtle house music that works on dance floors but also demands closer listening in your headphones.Snippets of vocal samples sneak in and out of the mix, high-frequency notes repeat them-selves, only to disappear as quickly as they first pulsed, and even that one-two-three-four house beat only seems to be there to set your timing right, its not even present for most of the song. It all sounds very glamorous and yet leisurely. IGGY POP SUNDAY Sixty-eight-year old Iggy Pops contributions to music are legion, and heres one more. Post Pop Depression, his 17th solo studio album is out now, cut in secret with Queens Of The Stone Age front-man Josh Homme and a murderers row of session men, including members of the Arctic Monkeys and the Dead Weather. But if a fire-breathing, revved-up record of scuzzy rock and roll is what youre expect-ing from this pack of grizzled veterans a la, perhaps, Hommes other supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures then you might guess again. Sunday is a midtempo affair that borders on funky; distant in style from the raw power of Iggys punk demolition work with The Stooges in the 60s and 70s. Instead, Iggys clever turns of phrase is anchored by his usual stultifyingly blunt vocal delivery, which lends gravitas to this sketch of an aging capitalist looking back on his life with disap-pointment. And it even comes with a simile for the ages: This street is as cold as a corporate lawsuit.MOSES SUMNEY EVERLASTING SIGHPart-beat poet, part-auteur Los Angeles singer and songwriter Moses Sumney combines an unfair volume of talent into a single package. Look up live performances of this song Ever-lasting Sigh, and you find Sumney on stage alone without instruments manufacturing his own percussion and harmonies with nothing but his hands and looped recordings of his own pliant voice, all sewn up together in perfect time. Look up the official music video accompanying a more decked-out version of Everlasting Sigh, and, sure enough, he directed that too, in addition to performing and recording the song. Maybe in the future well find something Moses Sumney cant do, but for now, he might as well be Superman.Mitski. [PHOTO BY EBRU YILDIZ]Everybody wants some new tunesM A T T C A R N E Yheadphonetics F O L L O W @ O K M A T T C A R N E Y O N T W I T T E RPage 6 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 7April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMBy Nathan PoppeSometimes Steven Silva makes art so he doesnt get beat up.Its for a good reason though. Silva created hispiece Just Breathe to help support his friend Natalie and raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Natalie has CF and Silva said she wouldve knocked his block off if he didnt finish the piece for an art show at Brass Bell.When Silva isnt avoiding beatings, you can normally find him behind the cash register at Tree & Leaf Clothing in the Plaza District. Hell most likely be tinkering on shirt designs and helping out customers.I caught up with Silva and asked him about being an artist in Oklahoma.Q: Whats the happiest youve been with an artistic creation that youve made or collabo-rated on?Steven Silva: Im a pretty character-oriented artist, so any time I capture an expression, I like that. But to be honest, Im not sure, com-plete mystery.Q: Talk me about why you come to Drink and Draw. What keeps you coming back and what would you like to see happen with Drink and Draw?Silva: The camaraderie, the jokes and the education. I picked up a brush pen because of Edgardo George and Eric Sandhop. Their line-work is off the charts. You try new things and try to stay motivated. Cody Hampton is a guy who just improves constantly, and so it makes me want to stay improving. Youre meeting new artists as well. I just met Kara Mitchell, and she has this great storybook style. New people are coming all the time. I hope that it continues to be a place to hang out and get ideas, and get better. Theres nothing too stuck-up about it.Above, Steven Silva. Below, Fall illustration. [PHOTO BY NATE BILLINGS, ILLUSTRATIONS BY STEVEN SILVA]Getting animated and not beat up with Steven Silvaart speaks D R I N K & D R A WPage 8 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMQ: A lot of artists have to have day jobs and dont get to spend all their time work-ing on what theyd like. How do you bal-ance art and commerce? Is that a sacrifice for you?Silva: My day job is Tree & Leaf, so the apple doesnt fall too far there. Its a great part-time spot for me, and I get to be around a lot of high-caliber artists and people. I patch together freelance design work to fill in the gaps, and Ive done some weird jobs. I did a badge for a fighter con-troller class in the Swedish Air Force. I did a fake minor league baseball team mascot. Those were fun. I especially try to do jobs for the people I want to see succeed. I do artwork for this great upstart band Haniwa, because I really like them. Ive done a lot of jobs I didnt love for amounts of money that werent amazing. I couldve been a rocket scientist. Better benefits.Q: Tell me an advantage to being an Okla-homa City-based artist. Also, lets get real, tell me a disadvantage or something youd like to see change.Silva: Artists are still shaping the local culture. I think just 10years ago, kids in school were like, This place sucks, I cant wait to leave. Now, they go take pictures in front of murals by Dylan Bradway and Jason Pawley, and they put Tree & Leaf stickers on their cars. So, you have maybe a bigger chance to influence.On the downside, I had a friend in New York who worked for a nonprofit dealing with ref-ugee women. One of her roommates edited sound for movies. The other was a comedian and comedy-writer. They did this stuff full-time; they got paychecks. Those are three jobs you cant just waltz into in OKC. You have to scrap a little more to get paid away from the bright lights. Arts in the same boat.From left, Florixia and Winter illustration. [ILLUSTRATIONS BY STEVEN SILVA]art speaksD R I N K & D R A W2.Page 9April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMart speaks D R I N K & D R A WDRINK & DRAWS FREE DRAW HANGOUTWhen: 7-10 p.m.April 28, May 12 and May 26.Where: 1705B NW 16 in the Plaza District.Admission: Free.Nervous System illustration. [ILLUSTRATIONS BY STEVEN SILVA]Partly Sunny Freakin Silva illustration. Fresh Air illustration.Page 10 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMBy Nathan PoppeIf I could grade 2016sMetro Music Fest then Id give it an A for effort.This might be the first time youre hearing about the festival, but its been going on for several years in various forms throughoutdown-town Oklahoma Citys Bricktown district. TheAcademy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma puts on MMF, and the school has grown the celebrationfrom an event that only students close friends and families would want to go to, into an exciting daylong festival experiencethat invites nation-ally recognized headliners to perform and mingle with roughly60student-led bands.Please note:I taught two semesters at ACM@UCO last year so the college is close to my heart.I just wish Oklahoma City would recog-nize and attend its(arguably) coolest, most ambitious music-flavored event. Dan Deacon and Parker Millsaps headlining sets attracted a modest, healthy crowd in the parking lot neighboring the U-Haul building, but that main stage was nearly empty from 3 to 6 p.m. Thankfully, the crowdgrew from eight people to a few hundred during the course of the day.Im not here to cast any blame but rather note the level of talent I witnessed. It wasexceptional. Sure, it was a Friday after-noon and most people had to work, but I wanted to see the crowd size match the musi-cal prowess.ACM@UCO students and adult leadership swing for the fences with MMFs ambitious undertaking, impressive production values, great lineup and multipleBricktown stages. The fact that its free is mind-boggling.Also, the fact that I saw people walking through Bricktown with blank stares and con-fused looks is even more frustrating. How hard is it to stop and catch Millsap for two songs, even if his music isnt your cup of tea? Some people looked almost like they felt put out that Oklahoma native Parker Millsap performing live at Metro Music Fest 2016. He was joined by Daniel Foulks on ddle and Michael Rose on bass. [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]Metro Music Fest 2016 boasted big talent, aimed to build Okie music communityB A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music featureM E T R O M U S I C F E S T 2 0 1 6Page 11April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMMMFwas taking up potential parking spots.In the past, Thunder and OKC Dodgersgames helped boostthe traffic atMMFsets. That wasnt the case April 8. However, there still was a lot happening downtown between the Ava-tar-themedCirque du Soleil act at theChesa-peake Energy Arena and Kirk Franklin show at The Criterion.Extra foot traffic or not, Ithink the festival boasts a level of talent that doesnt deserve to be ignored. Especially if we want to be a destination for music and help instill young talent with confidence. At the end of the day, its about these students. It isnt about crowd size, how much fun I had or Oklahoma pride. Its about seeing students run merchandise tables, carry heavy gear for other bands and build a sense of community. You can help by showing up early and supporting them. Thats what it takes to move toward building a bigger, healthier music community.ACM@UCO is delivering an impressive festival. Deacon wouldve made just as much sense as a Norman Music Festival 9 headliner and played to a crowd of thousands. His set shouldve filled the U-Haul parking lot and spilled out into the streets. This festival needs to be more than just students and die-hard music fans showing up. It almost feels like Kevin Costner built that baseball dia-mond in Field of Dreams but half of the ghost baseball players arrived.Maybe this festival would make more sense on a Saturday or only in the evening? Maybe there was a lot going on Friday night? Have we hit our peak on the number of events we can make it to? Maybe a million variables made Fridays MMF amodest success in regard to crowd size. Maybe were still learning how to support a festival like this.Regardless, I saw a lot of great potentialat MMF. Heres what I noticed during my day at the festival.1. Shiny Toy GunsChad Petree played bass and joined Colourmusics blistering set that capped off my evening at MMF. Petree teaches at ACM@UCO, too. Fun fact: Singer/guitarist Ryan Hendrix also teaches at ACM@UCO and so does drummer Nic Ley. This was like getting invited into the teachers lounge in elementary school and real-izing all the teachers are secretly rock stars. But its extra special because your professor Mr. Ley plays drums for The Flaming Lips when hes not in the classroom.2. Lincka was my festival highlight by a mile. This young, OKC-based student delivered a pop set so infectious and catchy that it wouldnt feel out of place at a Katy Perry concert. I saw a glimpse of Oklahomas music future, and Im happy abouther and her bands potential.3. I caught another impressive pop band named Ursa Wyld perform on the MMF main stage. Singer/guitarist Jordan Jackson and auxiliary per-cussionist Chancey Herbolsheimer talked to me after their set and shared that it was their first performance under the Ursa Wyld moniker. They couldve fooled me. This is another talented act to keep an eye on.4. ACM@UCO head honcho Scott Booker was around for a lot of the festival taking photos andspeaking with students. He also mentioned Oklahoma Citys Linckaperforming live at Metro Music Fest 2016. Singer Lincka Elizondo also attends ACM@UCO. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]B A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music feature M E T R O M U S I C F E S T 2 0 1 6Page 12 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMsome upcoming master classes that sound impressive. Booker invites acts such as Mumford & Sons, John Oates and Jackson Browne to speak with students and answer a ton of questions about the music industry. Its an awesome experi-ence for music fans and students.5. I saw three of my former students perform on the main stage. Space4Lease likes to do things the hard way, but it paid off. Keyboardist/vocalistGrayson Hamm rests his keys on a giant console TV from the 80s. I dont envy whoever has to carry that back to the van afterconcerts.6. MMF boasted 11 stages. I could only make it to about half because Im one human. Two stages unfortunately competed with one another at one point. As The Haystack Needles performed a set of heartfelt, harmonious Americanaballads, the neighboring PLOW stage blasted its speakers even though no one was performing there yet. The stages were located across the river from each other but didnt need to compete. Just a note for next year.7. I spoke with a student who was responsible for driving Deacon from the airport to the festival. She was what youd call a runner, and shehan-dled transportation for Deacons meals and such. Fun fact: Deacon visited Native Roots Market and Thai Kitchen. Yum.8. I was unfamiliar with the headliner Wild Child, but ended up becoming a fan. The Austin-based band is extremely likable and it isnt a huge jump if you like The Lumineers or The Head and the Heart. Like a warm blanket, the bands familiar melodies made for a comfy listening experience. Wild Child is full of jangling pop tunes with a pinch of Americana. Poppe approved.9. Millsap was yet another highlight. The Okla-homa native isfresh from releasing his well-re-ceived third album, The Very Last Day. Allow me to call this early. Millsap and his crew will have a banner year, and Im guessing they will perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert within two months. You should catch him now before the venues get too big to enjoy hispolished show and manic energy.Austin, Texas-based band Wild Childperforming live at Metro Music Fest 2016. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]Headliner Dan Deaconperforming live at Metro Music Fest 2016. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]B A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music featureM E T R O M U S I C F E S T 2 0 1 6Page 13April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMChef Henry Yangs English is limited, but he speaks one word in his fledgling vocabu-lary with absolute clarity: quality.Maybe its because no other word in his second language better describes what drives him. Maybe its because thats what inspires how effectively he will be able to express him-self through the practice of contemporary sushi, which dates to the 18th century.Ask Yang the secret to making great sushi, and quality is the word he uses.Back in 2013, Yang quietly opened Tsubaki Sushi and Hibachi in a nondescript retail strip on the southwest corner of MacArthur and Memo-rial. Since then, its gradually been embraced by Oklahoma Citys growing community of sushi lovers.His success, which has him eyeing spaces for a second location, is predicated on the English word he speaks best. And when he invokes the word, hes talking about the fish he has flown in at least three days a week.When asked whether he prefers fish from Japan to fish from other waters, he said he doesnt care.Wherever it is best, he said.He said if Alaska or New Zealand has the best available salmon on a particular day, thats where he sources it. Once hes located the highest quality fish of the season, Yang unpacks the considerable skills hes practiced since he was a teenager growing up in China.He became proficient enough to end his tra-ditional education early to pursue a career as a sushi chef. That sent Yang to New York City and eventually brought him here to open a humble restaurant in a gas station strip that serves sushi second to none in Oklahoma City.Confident his fish is the freshest and of the highest grade available, Yang prepares a variety of whimsical rolls popular with West-ern diners, but its his mastery of nigiri and other classic Japanese techniques that makes Tsubaki a destination restaurant disguised as a neighborhood cafe.Tsubakis front door is wedged between a Jimmy Johns sandwich shop and an Orange Leaf Yogurt shop. Yang said he routinely has people walk in looking to order one or the other.But once you walk past the bamboo chime and the fish tank in the entryway, youll discover a dining area that belies its location. A black-and-white tile ceiling meets a wood-paneled wall at the restaurants north side, with eight counter seats among the 54 total.TEACHER AND HOSTIf you want to learn how to eat sushi, take a seat at the counter and hand yourself over to Yang, who will serve sashimi and nigiri one at a time with instructions on whether to dip it in soy sauce or not.Whether you finish in 15 minutes or an hour is up to you. In either span, or somewhere in between, you will learn the man on the other side of the Chef Henry Yang is owner and chef of Tsubaki in Oklahoma City. D A V E C A T H E Y the food dudePage 15April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMcounter is not only a practitioner but an artist.Henrys wife, Christie, is the primary server for the full-service restaurant, and their toddler son, Andrew, is a sushi artist in training.The Yangs are a few weeks away from an expanded liquor license, but Henry is adamant about what beverage should be consumed with sushi.Green tea, he said. Alcohol is too strong; green tea more mild. Better for sushi.He explained the delicate nature of high-grade sushi is lost under the influence of palate-popping drinks. But he also understands that not everyone who walks into Tsubaki is looking to be imbued with the spirit of Jiro Ono, the world-renowned sushi wizard at Tokyos Sukiyabashi Jiro.In fact, Tsubaki serves more than sushi. For those only ready to dip their toes into Japanese cuisine, Tsubaki offers a Hibachi menu. Choose from steak, chicken or the myriad fish available for trial by fire.The Yangs also offer a full complement of teri-yaki items, tempura and rice or noodle bowls.Ive found no better way to start a meal at Tsu-baki than with a fried soft-shell crab. My family usually requires a minimum of two avocado-peanut rolls.SUSHI ARTIST AT WORKBut all of that is a warm-up act for theheadlin-ing owner to make his long knives sing, and Yangs can express his world view in a nuanced mix of elegance and whimsy.Guests can enjoy a variety of items, from the simple majesty of his sashimi and nigiri prepara-tions to the campy splendor of a Heart-Stealer Roll, which is often served with a pulsing light to depict a heartbeat.He serves a beautiful roasted tuna collar on two serving plates. Diners are invited to extricate the meat from the bones themselves, which is truly digging for gold. The simple garnish of green onion is placed on a salted fin. The salt marries with natural oil and permeates the onions, con-verting a simple garnish into a palate-awakening component.Even the miso soup and ginger salad dress-ing pop a little more loudly than what Im used to. And if thats not enough, watch the wasabi disperse in all directions when you drop it into your soy sauce. Thats because he uses a special frozen version of the product, which he says is the best that can be sourced without making it from scratch.And if you want homemade wasabi, he can do that, too, and does, for an extra charge.GRAND OCCASIONThe grandest occasion Ive experienced at Tsu-baki was a dinner party with chefs John Bennett and Vuong Nguyen and Super Cao Nguyen Mar-ket owner Ba Luong and his wife, Tran.Luong supplied geoduck and an Ora King Salmon while Yang filled in the blanks with some blue fin tuna.Yang made sashimi out of the geoduck and served it over ice beneath an ice dome with a long spire hed created for the occasion. He used a small hammer to create entry points on either side. The geoduck was luscious, as was the salmon, carved into sushi and served recon-structed into a whole.From the blue fin tuna, Yang served Otoro (tuna belly) rolls that couldve been mistaken for bites of rice smeared with butter. He threw in some spectacular sea urchin for good measure.The evening was a stunning balance of artistic expression and satiation.But then Ive come to expect nothing less from the even-keeled and humble Henry Yang. Whether its a home demonstration, a command performance with geoduck or a takeout order of two avocado peanut rolls, a Heart-Stealer, and a Last Tango in Paris consistency is Tsubakis greatest quality.IF YOU GOTsubaki, at 5900 W Memorial Road, is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 792-7818.D A V E C A T H E Ythe food dudeChef Henry Yang creates art out of raw sh six days a week at Tsubaki in Oklahoma City. Tsubakis menu is the creative vision of chef Henry Yang. [PHOTOS BY JIM BECKEL]Page 16 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMTsubakis Heart-Stealer Roll has different presentations for different occasions, such as this one with a fresh rose for Valentines Day. [PHOTO BY DAVE CATHEY]D A V E C A T H E Y the food dudeFresh sh stand by for conversion into sushi at Tsubaki, where chef Henry Yang creates art out of raw sh six days a week. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]An assortment of sashimi created by Tsubaki owner/chef Henry Yang. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]Tsubaki Sushi and Hibachi specializes in Japanese cuisine. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]Page 17April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMcover story M Y M O R N I N G J A C K E TPage 18 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMcover storyM Y M O R N I N G J A C K E TI imagine if someone calls you the best live act ever then youd have to take it with a grain of salt. How can you even determine that? Mod-ern music has been grow-ing and changing since rock n roll was born in the 1950s. Where do you start making the comparisons?Ive never caught My Morning Jacket live before, but Ive talked with a lot of fans who have seen four-hour marathon sets from the Kentucky-born rock act. Theres a palpa-ble energy to these con-versations, and I learned people arent just fans. Theyre more like believ-ers whove seen what My Morning Jacket is capable of. The band is planning to kick off their latest tour with an inaugural visit to Oklahoma City.I caught up with the extremely busy My Morn-ing Jacket frontman Jim James for an email exchange that focused a lot on the bands famous live show and its 2015 album The Waterfall. I walked away from our discussion learning hes a huge fan of the Flaming Lips, Woody Guthrie and finding balance in the uni-verse. Here are the high-lights from our chat.Q: In the song Big Deci-sions, you tackle what feels like more personal songwriting. Thats some-thing I hadnt noticed as obviously in your previ-ous material. How did this song develop and whats the songwriting challenge in putting even more of yourself into your music?Jim James: Hmm, well, its all personal to me, even if it does not seem that way. I mean sometimes Q&A BY NATHAN POPPEMy Morning Jacket. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY DAVE VANN]Page 19April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMPage 20 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COM Page 21April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMcover story M Y M O R N I N G J A C K E TIN CONCERTMy Morning JacketWith: The Barr Brothers.When: 8 p.m. April 27.Where: The Criterion,500 E Sheridan Ave.Tickets: $30.50 atwww.criterionokc.com.Page 22 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMcover storyM Y M O R N I N G J A C K E TMy Morning Jacket. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY DAVE VANN]more room for me to live in the universe freely, but boy is it a confusing universe.Q: Id also wantto hear what you still love about touring. I love what you said recently with Brian Koppelmanabout people gathering and staying off their phones for a couple of hours. What about the concert experienceis still exciting?James: It is a beautiful thing to share space with other humans. We all know this, and I think this is why people enjoy getting together for parties or din-ner or whatever.We are supposed to be together, not alone in the little cubes that we live and work in. We need this togetherness and live music elevates that togetherness, where we are all experiencing the same thing but from different angles. We can all share and rejoice in this beautiful thing called music and some-times it helps us process our sadness or anger. Some-times it helps us to let loose and dance or laugh. It feels so good just to be together with people, even people you dont know, just experiencing this togeth-erness and celebrating the good things about human-ity. How at the end of the day we are all truly one and I believe music helps us to celebrate our togetherness in perhaps the most powerful way possible on earth. It is such a beautiful circle. The musicians and the crowd all need each other to exist and become one, and Ienjoy being any part of that circle.Q: I was lucky enough to interview your Monsters of Folk bandmate Will Johnson earlier this year. Hes a great guy to talk to. He spoke fondly of his time with New Multitudes and called the experience one of the highest musical honors in my life. Can you describe your appreciation for Woody Guthries music and why you think people are talking about Woody decades later?James: Will is amazing. Ilove his music, and I love playing music with him. Iwas so honored to be able to write music to some of Woodys thoughts and feelings. I think the beauty of Woody is his way of speaking for justice, togetherness, and again, the fact that we are all one. Sometimes we have to speak up and fight to make that heard, and stop people from being exploited and taken advantage of. I feel like Woodys words really give us such a great starting place for conversations that need to happen so perhaps one day we can all live together in the world as true equals, the way it should be. I think Woody would be overjoyed if we finally evolved enough to respect each other fully and didnt need to use his protest songs anymore.Page 23April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMBy Steve LackmeyerThe effort to create a cluster of retail in the heart of Midtown is picking up three more shops, set to open up over the next three months.Walker Avenue between NW 10 and NW 13 already is home to Browns Bakery, Trade Mens Wares, Chirps and Cheers, Beauty Lounge, the Hair Cafe, and the Black Scintilla, as well as restaurants Cafe do Brasil, Waffle Champion, Organic Squeeze, Stellas Modern Italian, 1492, Louies, and James McNellies Public House.With conversion and expansion of the former home of Meg Guess Bridal into three shops, leases were announced Monday for Fit Circle, Mode and Hanks Coffee.As with most of the other tenants along Walker, the retailers are locally based and new startups. The new shops also reflect a move away from adding more restaurants.Were big believers in creating a tenant mix for the neighborhood, and we treat the area like a shopping mall, said Chris Fleming, a partner in Midtown Renaissance Group. We didnt think a restaurant would be a complementary use with the parking constraints already there and the restaurants already nearby.Owners of each new shop said Monday they were drawn to Midtown after witnessing how visitors are choosing to park once and walk from shop to shop.The areas development started with a make-over of the long vacant Plaza Court Building, built in 1926, and now home to restaurants, an art gallery, optical shop and YMCA branch. The former Osler Building across the street was ren-ovated into a boutique hotel, and an abandoned parking garage at 1212 N Walker was renovated into apartments, Waffle Champion and Brushed, a hair and makeup salon.Those developments all started in the past decade, along with conversion of a two-story brick office building at NW 11 and Walker. Cre-ation of Bleu Garten food truck plaza at NW 10 and Harvey sparked the pedestrian activity praised by the incoming retailers.Marty Dillon, who is opening Hanks Coffee at 1229 N Walker, said he was drawn to the area after seeing bicyclists and joggers routinely trav-eling through Midtown. Being a block away from The Edge apartments was yet another draw.Its amazing, Dillon said. There are some locally owned shops in the area, but I thought this would be great with all the apartments nearby and it being close to Heritage Hills.Dillon said he plans to open the coffee shop in June and will feature locally roasted coffee and quick-pour coffee for customers in a hurry. The coffee shop also will sell pastries and sandwiches.At 1223 N Walker, Tom Connell and Mike Holmes are preparing to open a second location for their Fit Circle athletic apparel shop just short of two years after opening their first loca-tion in Edmond.Were an active-fitness lifestyle company, with an emphasis on fitness, Holmes said. We try to carry unique brands like Toes on the Nose, a surf brand apparel company, and Mizzen Main, a performance dress shirt for men made of perfor-mance material. We have exclusive brands you dont see anywhere else in the state.The shop will carry mens and womens clothing, and also feature a local mix. The store is set to open this summer.The final shop, Mode, is a first-time venture for Amanda Hurney, 25, who graduated in 2013 with an entrepreneurship degree from the University of Oklahoma.Hurney admits she only became acquainted with Midtown while in college.It was always fun to go out in (downtown) Okla-homa City, Hurney said. I started going to places like Bleu Garten, bowling at Dust Bowl, and it was fun to walk around. I like the cute little shops like Brushed and Chirps and Cheers. I like the look and feel. I like seeing people walking around; its fun to see an active atmosphere.Hurney spent the past few years doing intern-ships, working as a retail buyer, and learning the ups and downs of opening and operating a small store.Fleming said steps were taken to ensure Hurneys shop, 1227 N Walker, will offer a different variety of womens clothing and apparel than the Black Scin-tilla clothing shop, 1112 N Walker.I am wanting Mode to be a place where a mom and daughter can come in and both shop, where the mom can get a cute blouse and daughter can get a cute romper to hang out with her friends, Hurney said.I want my customers to walk out with a full outfit, so we will be selling everything needed from head to toe, from shoes to hats.Hurney said her shop will open later this spring with prices ranging between $30 and $50.It caters toward the younger population, Hurney said. I do feel like Midtown has more of a nightlife. I know a ton of people who just graduated and live at the Edge.Im hoping a customer who might need some-thing new to wear will just walk downstairs, pop into Mode, and buy a blouse and shes good to go.Walker Avenue between NW 10 and NW 13 was a stretch of mostly empty buildings before it was redeveloped over the past decade. [PHOTO BY STEVE LACKMEYER]Developer pushes stronger retail mix in Midtown A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news M I D T O W NPage 24 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMR U N A W A Y movie featureBy Nathan PoppeIf youve visiteddowntown Oklahoma City recently, then youve unknowingly been near the biggest horror movie setin the state.Nestled near a gas station and a Jaguardealer-ship, the Oklahoma Flower Market buildings inte-rior has been secretly transformed into a movie playhouse and makeshift soundstage. I visited the former market and spent a couple of hours on the set of Runaway, a Children of the Corn sequel shot throughout the state.Los Angeles-based producer Mike Leahy sat next to a blood-splattered set piece and discussed his role in bringing the two modern horror franchises, Hellraiser and Children of the Corn, to Oklahoma.These two horror films were more stage-centric, Leahy said. So, I needed a place to build sets. ... The bowels of this building were a gutted, old and creepy place that gave me a bunch of looks. A look is a scenes setting, and having a variety of looks is important to a production. Through-out Hollywood and more savvy production hubs, soundstages are more popular and a necessity for shoots. They allow filmmakers to control the sound, lighting and feel of the scene in a building filled with several other sets, sometimes just a few Children of the Corn sequel brings new production possibilitiesCast and crew are ready to shoota scene on the set of Runaway, an upcoming Children of the Corn sequel that was shot in Oklahoma. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]Page 25April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMDirector of photography Sam Calvin, left, works alongside director John Gulager on the set of Runaway, an upcoming Children of the Corn. [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]R U N A W A Ymovie featureCast and crew block a scene on the set ofRunaway, an upcoming Children of the Corn sequel. feet away from one other. Its a lot easier to shoot using a soundstage than it is to haul large, expensive production gear across the state.When Leahy first visited the market building, he was blown away by its size and how easily he could transform the top floor into a police sta-tion. I also noticeda bedroom set and a kitchen set in the building.We talked to the owner and said, Dont change this, Leahy said. Weve put these sets in here now. Keep this as a viable place for outside and local producers to come in and shoot.PLAIN SCARYLeahy fell in love with Oklahomas produc-tion community while shooting Great Plains in 2015. He also cited the beautiful, accessible locations throughout the state and Oklahomas film enhancement rebate program. The state provides rebates to filmmakers amounting to $1 for every $3 they spend on movie productions in Oklahoma, up to a total of $5 million.That made Oklahoma an easy sell to the inves-tors, Leahy said.The Oklahoma-centric story of Great Plains required the film to be shot here. The film rebate was like a cherry on top, which allowed for a bigger crew and more shoot days. For the two recent horror films, the rebate was a necessity. Leahy couldve shot anywhere, but he chose to return to Oklahoma.Weve had a lot of fun, Leahy said. Blood has been flowing here in Oklahoma City. Everyone has been very open, too. The crew has been really jazzed to do something outside of an indie drama. These are two horror films that are going to be seen by a core audience.Page 26 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMAbove: From left, actor Sidney Flack, who is covered in fake blood, makeup effects artist Mike Regan and actress/body dou-bleJilly Blundell prep for a scene inRunaway. R U N A W A Y C O R N movie featureProducer Mike Leahy on the set ofRunaway. [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]James Wray changes the gel lighting lter. Wray was among a few electricians on the set of Runaway, an upcoming Children of the Corn sequel.Left: Cast and crew between shooting scenes for Runaway.Page 27April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMAPRIL 21UMPHREYS MCGEE, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)APRIL 22LILY TOMLIN, Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center. (Broken Arrow)APRIL 23BILL MAHER, Brady Theater. (Tulsa)APRIL 24PUSCIFER, Brady Theater. (Tulsa)DAVID CROSS, OKC Farmers Public Market.APRIL 27CARRIE UNDERWOOD, BOK Center. (Tulsa)MY MORNING JACKET, The Criterion.APRIL 28TONY BENNETT, Civic Center Music Hall.BJ THOMAS, Riverwind Casino. (Norman)APRIL 30TRAVIS LINVILLE, The Shop at Skippys. (Moore)GRACE POTTER, The Criterion.MAY 1ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)MAY 6ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)MAY 7PAUL SIMON, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)PENTATONIX, BOK Center. (Tulsa)GREG PROOPS, ACM@UCO Performance Lab.RED BRICK NIGHTS FEAT. BEAU JEN-NINGS, STUDENT FILM, corner of Wentz and Oklahoma streets. (Guthrie)MAY 8HARRY CONNICK, JR., Civic Center Music Hall.MAY 10ALTON BROWN, Tulsa Performing Arts Center. (Tulsa)MAY 12RAY WYLIE HUBBARD, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)MAY 13FILTER, Orgy, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)JOHN FOGERTY, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)DISCLOSURE, The Criterion.RED CITY RADIO, 89th Street Collective.MAY 14A GIANT DOG, Soundpony. (Tulsa)MUSIC NORMAN MUSIC FESTIVAL 9If youre just now reading about Norman Music Festival for the first time, then congratulate yourself by going to the festival and enjoying it for free. Nothing in Oklahoma is as big, free and fun as this celebration of local and national talent. What else can I say other than: If you love music, then heres your chance to show the state just how much. Arrive early and show up often to all three days. You wont be disap-pointed. If you are, then Ill refund your ticket price. NATHAN POPPEAPRIL 21-23A P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XA P R I L 2 1 - M A Y 1 3Page 28 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H 0 0calendarM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XA P R I L 2 1 - M A Y 1 3OXTAIL SOUP | $12 | CHAE MODERN KOREANTraditional Korean comfort food waltzes with classic French technique while teaching it a lit-tle Gangnam style at the new restaurant Chae Modern Korean, 1933 NW 23.The menu offers street food fare, including steamed buns, tacos and egg rolls. But it also offers plenty for the center of the table, with modern riffs on classic Korean dishes, including Bibimap, Bulgogi and Galbi.But the soul of the menu is the Oxtail Soup, which is derived from three ingredients and painstak-ing French technique. The result is a resoundingly rich broth that delivers a thunderous single note thanks to the chefs attention to detail, proving you can spell satiation without the help of an alphabet. The first spoonful was an umami ambush on my palate the kind that stops conversa-tion cold while the flavor chases through the senses and a long, primal sigh is the only respite. Then, another spoonful. And another and another and another.Served with thick Japanese Udon noodles and minced fresh vegetables, the soup is hearty enough for a meal, but for me its a gateway to further culinary discovery. I recommend ordering a large bowl for groups of four or less along with extra spoons and a sampling of steamed buns, tacos, Kimchi Arancini, Shishito peppers and a sampling of pickled vegetables for openers.Try it with a Hibiscus Soju Spritz.Prices range from $5 to $15 for small plates, soups and sal-ads. Entrees are $9 to $14. Family plates range $18 to $25.Chae is open Tuesday through Sunday and offers a late-night menu Thursday through Satur-day. For full menu details and more information, go online to chaeokc.com. For reservations, which are a necessity on week-ends, call 600-9040. Dave CatheyOKLAHOMA CITY MEMORIAL MARATHON DOWNTOWN6:30 & 8:15 A.M. The Okla-homa City Memorial Marathon is about more than running, it is about celebrating life. Partici-pants may choose from five dif-ferent events: the marathon, half marathon, relay, 5k and kids mar-athon.Voted one of the 12 must-run marathons in the world by Run-ners World magazine, the mar-athon begins at 6:30 a.m. April 24 at the Oklahoma City Memo-rial and Museum, 620 N Harvey. These 26.2 miles are packed with cheering supporters and the most beautiful neighborhoods in Okla-homa City.The course winds through the Capitol campus, Lake Hefner trail and Oklahoma Citys historic neighborhoods, and finally ends back at the Gates of Time. Along the way, runners pass 168 ban-ners, each bearing the name of one of the bombing victims.The half marathon, 5k and relay races also begin at 6:30 that morning at the Memorial. The kids marathon begins at 8:15 a.m.The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is the sole beneficiary of Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon event pro-ceeds. This is the Memorials larg-est fundraiser.For more information, visit okc-marathon.com.APRIL 24 6:30 A.M. AND 8:15 A.M.Page 29April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMA P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XA P R I L 2 1 - M A Y 1 3RIVERSPORT RAPIDS OPENING WEEKEND BOATHOUSE DISTRICTOklahoma Citys $45.2 million white-water rafting and kayaking center, RIVERSPORT Rapids, opens May 7 and 8 with a weekend of activities.Meet Olympic athletes and try out your favorite sports at Team USAS interactive Road to Rio Tour presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Cheer on Americas top whitewater athletes rac-ing in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Canoe/Kayak Slalom on the white-water channels and watch USRowings Central District Youth Rowing Champi-onships on the Oklahoma River.Add live music, great food, fireworks and, of course, whitewater rafting for a spectacular weekend. Admission is free. For more information, visit boat-housedistrict.org/whitewater.MAY 7 TO MAY 8JAMES T. BIALAC NATIVE AMERICAN ART COLLECTION: RECENT ACQUISITIONS | NORMANIn 2010, James T. Bialac formally gifted his collection of Native Ameri-can art to the University of Oklahoma. One of the most significant private collections of Native American art ever accumulated, it contained 4,100 objects, representing 128 tribes, including paint-ings, works on paper, sculpture, ceram-ics and katsinam. Since the arrival of the art at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Bialac has continued acquiring art for the collection, adding approximately 300 new works each year.As the Collection continues to grow, University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren has expanded the scope of campus installations to make the art accessible to the public. Currently, works from the James T. Bialac Collection are installed at multiple OU Norman cam-pus locations, the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center at the OU Health Sciences Center; and the Schus-terman Center at OU-Tulsa.ONGOING EXHIBITIONPage 30 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMshots01WHERE: HEARD ON HURD, EDMOND|1| Kerrigan, Zoie and Cooper |2| Andrew, Michael and Leigha |3| Sterling and Tiffany |4| Elizabeth, Alex, Karla and Zoe | Photos by Steven Maupin040203Page 31April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COM2013 Toyota Rav-4 Limited50K mi 2 tone lthr int. very nicemost opts $20,900 580-334-1455'04 Chevy Venture van, 7 passen.affrdbl depndbl $2950. 863-63992001 Toyota Sienna XLE, power,leather, cold AC, 218K miles,$3,100obo 405-996-85142004 Honda Ruckus customstretch, 150cc, GY6 engine,original owner, fast & fun alsostreet legal $1775, 405-850-0707. 2011 Harley DavidsonXR1200X 3,200miles $7,700. 1999 BMW F650 14,400miles,all orig. $1,400. 405-249-53512004 Crestliner CX1754 Crappie17'6" Aluminum Boat, 2004Yamaha 50hp 4-Stroke, trailer& cover, $5,800. 405-618-8544'04 IMPALA lthr, loaded, 1 owner,dependable $4450. 863-63992002 CIVIC HYBRID 4 DR$6850 405-634-35651999 Civic, 4dr, 158K, auto, AC,green $2,400obo. 204-27922014 Jeep WranglerSahara, V6, Manual, Tan leatherinterior, heated seats, navigation,excellent condition, 33K miles$28,000, 405-834-4824'09 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic,silver, sunroof, exc. condition,$14,998 405-837-8034'02 Grand Prix SE, 129K, all pwr,AC, CD, good motor & trans nice$1,700obo. 405-312-45732012 COROLLA S, auto, pw, pl,new tires, clean, 1 owner,$12,950, 405-201-8552.95 Carolla auto ac depend notpretty but cheap $1000 863-63998-2012 Peterbilt Model 38863 Sleeper Tractor.Well maintained, company owned485 HP MX engine, AMOT engineoverspeed shutdown, Eaton 10spd trans, Dana double lock 3:90ratio rear ends, 2-100 gal fueltanks, dual cowl mounted air fil-ters, stainless steel visor, spotlights driver & pass side, 10-24.5LvL1 Alcoa pilot wheels, 40,000#air trac suspension, Prestige inte-rior, power/heated mirrors, powerdoor locks, power windows, fullgauge package, jake & cruise,double air ride seats, 270 W.B.sliding 5th wheel, BorgWarnerwet kit, aluminum work box, DOTcondition or better. $75,000 each.For More Information Contact:Mark Nieto, 405-278-641613- 2012 PeterbiltModel 388 Day Cabs:Well maintained, co. owned, 485H.P. MX engine, AMOT engineoverspeed shutdown, Eaton 10speed trans, Dana double lock3:90 ratio rear ends, 2- 70 gal fueltanks, dual cowl mounted air fil-ters, spot lights driver & passen-ger sides, 10- 24.5 LVL1 Alcoa pi-lot wheels, 40,000# Air Trac sus-pension, Prestige interior, power& heated mirrors, power doorlocks, windows, full gauge pack-age, 210 wheelbase, sliding Kom-pensator 5th wheel, Borg Warnerwet kit, aluminum work box.All tractors DOT condition or bet-ter. $65,000 ea. Call Mark Nieto:405-278-6416 for more details.GIANT INVENTORY OF TRUCKSUNITED CHEVY BUICKCADILLAC GMC800-310-61302010 Chevy Z-71 4x4 LTZ ExtCab auto, 5.3 V8 trlr tow pkg Red!Orig owner $20,000 405-386-526109 DODGE CREW CAB HEMI 70KMILES $18,500 405-634-35652002 GMC SONOMA PU WHITE.nice cond. runs great. good tires.$3200 701-8439 606-5316'05 Chevy Equinox or '04 PontiacGrand Prix $1,995ea.405-949-2067PUBLIC AUCTIONDEPARTMENT OFPUBLIC SAFETY2901 E. RENO, OKC, OK405-425-2122April 21, 2016 AT 1 PMAll vehicles may be viewed at10:00 AM on day of sale.See website(WWW.DPS.STATE.OK.US)for list of vehicles andpurchasing procedures.NO WARRANTY - AS ISWE BUY VEHICLES!Any Make, Model or ConditionFree haul off for unwantedvehicles. 405-255-5962$$$$$$$$$CASH FOR CARS405-512-7278C A S H 4 VEHICLESUP TO $10,000Cars Trucks SUV Any CondWe Pay Cash & Tow Free7 8 8 - 2 2 2 2AAA cash car, trk cycle. Run/not-free tow. Some $350+ 850-9696$100 & Up for most non-runningvehicles, no title ok. 405-81962931975 Scout II 4WD. Auto, AC,good project, good body & enginecall for pics $3750 405-651-8248.1940 Ford 2 door sedan, straightbody, no eng. $5000 405-881-46292007 BMW 5-Series550i, V8, loaded, low mileage ask-ing $13.6K obo, call 405-698-2107BEST VALUEON NEW CADILLACSUNITED CADILLAC800-310-61301995 Fleetwood, good condition,$2500 obo, 405-816-4822.'08 Chevy Cobalt Sport, 4cyl,5spd, new tires $4450. 863-63992007 Ford Freestyle SELlhtr, runs great $5450 412-210104 Lexus RX330 black/tan, tint,X-cond lo mi $6995obo 213-3471Page 32 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COM2007 Triumph Bonneville2007 Triumph Bonneville Blackwith lots of accessories $5,000.405-474-1714'12 MONTANA 34' 5th whl rearliv 4slides, dbl frig/freez, 2 TVshome ent cntr, fp, elec. awningcontrol cntr w/remote. Nonsmoking $38,000 817-771-94842004 Winnebago Adventurer,38 ft, 15,718 orig miles, Chevyworkhorse V8 gas engine,3 slides, new Michelin tires,Onan generator, basement air,plumbed for washer and dryer,garage kept, exc cond, $39,900,405-392-4200 or 405-642-8977.38ft 2002 Dutch Star, 350 Cum-mins, 2 slides, exc. cond. $59,500.405-282-5392 or 405-820-375630' 1997 EXCEL 5TH WHEELkept in storage 1 slide, very goodcond. $8600 405-834-5573'01 Winnebago Itasca 35' 2 slideouts new tires exc cond 54K mi.asking $22,000 701-8439 606-53162007 Montana 35' 5th wheel, 4slides, rear living, w&d, centralvac., fp, $19,400, 580-465-1222.2012 40 foot Monte Carlo TT, 3slides, fully self contained, 2 bed-rooms, $23,250 obo, 817-372-53312002 Fleetwood Bounder 36UNew tires, 47,500 miles,extras$29,950. 405-329-8862Functional AnalystFinancial/accountingexperience req'd. Resumes toemployment@ingenuite.comFile Clerk/Medical Clerk for busyPI/WC law firm. Apply in person1132 N. Broadway Dr.Oklahoma City, OK.Legal Assistantneeded for Edmond Law Firm.Foreclosure experience preferred.Fax resume to 405-330-2234.Receptionist/Administrative-Event Rental Company Seekingmotivated person with greatPhone & computer skills. M-F8:30am-5pm $12-$14hr. Experi-ence determines rate of pay.Please send resume tommayfield2006@yahoo.comComputer Networking/RepairInstructor needed for the 16/17school year at EOC Tech Center.Two years of experience incomputer networking/repair orrelated teaching field preferred.Please include list of certifica-tions with app. Must hold orqualify for an Oklahoma teachinglicense. Apps accepted until asuitable applicant found. Call405-390-9591 or download app atwww.eoctech.edu AA/EOEFunctional AnalystFinancial/accountingexperience req'd. Resumes toemployment@ingenuite.comCity of Shawnee is acceptingapplications forAsst. Building Inspector.Application and informationavailable atwww.shawneeok.org/jobs EOEApplication deadline: 4/25/16Graphic Arts Instructor neededfor 16/17 school year at EOCTech Center. Experience inAdobe Creative Suite. Emphasiswith Design & Layout. Knowledgeof Printing Process. Must hold orqualify for an Oklahoma teachinglicense. Apps accepted until asuitable applicant found. Call405-390-9591 or download app atwww.eoctech.edu AA/EOE2 PT Positions AvailableFor Group HomeClean OSBI and MVR reports.EOE. 405-949-2271AMERICAN CLEANERSCustomer Service Reps-F/T, P/TStarting at $10/Hour. Apply at13901 N. May, OKC, OK 73134Page 33April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMCountry Leisure, Inc.,405-799-7745 seeks 5 temp FTLandscape Workers from04/01/16-12/01/16 Duties: Work-ers will install and service swim-ming pools including excavating,assembling above ground pool kitand setting pool equipment.Workers will also work on exist-ing pools and pool equipment.Must be able to lift 50lbs. ormore. Work tools, supplies &equip. will be provided w/o costto worker. No exp. req. On the jobtraining will be prov. Worksite3001 N. Service Rd., Moore, OK73160. $14.42/hr Mon-Fri.; 40 hrswk. Shifts 7am-5pm. OT may beavailable @ $21.63/hr. Employerguarantees work hours equal to @least 3/4ths of the workdays ineach 12-wk period of the totalemployment period. Workers willbe paid weekly; the employer willuse a single workweek as itsstandard for computing wagesdue. The employer will make alldeductions from the worker'spaycheck required by law but willmake no other deductions.Transp. (including meals and, tothe extent necessary, lodging) tothe place of employment will beprovided, or its cost to workersreimbursed, if the worker com-pletes half the employment peri-od. Return transp. will be provid-ed if the worker completes theemployment period or is dis-missed early by the employer. Re-turn transp. and subsistence paidat $12.09 per day during travel toa max. of $51.00 per day with re-ceipts. Applicants seeking to in-quire about the job opportunity orsend applications, indications ofavailability and/or resumesshould fax resume to405-799-7747 or contact theOklahoma Works OKC BrookwoodSouth located at 9210 S. WesternAve, Oklahoma City, OK 73139,405-234-5000 job order # 1071274CUSTODIANS F/T - P/TFor Mid-Del area, must passbackground check, no felonies.Pay is $8.00 per hour. For moreinfo 732-8864 M-F 8:30-2:00pm.Apply at: sodexousa.jobsGroundskeeping/Maintenance(2 positions) needed at EasternOk County Tech Ctr. Hourlyposition, must have experience inlawn care, maintenance &construction. Apps accepteduntil a suitable applicant found.Call Jay McCaskill 405-390-9591or download app atwww.eoctech.edu AA/EOEGROUNDS positions F/TMid-Del area. Must pass back-ground check, pay $9.00 per hr.No Felonies. Call 732-8864www.sodexousa.jobs EOEHousekeeper/Room Attendantfor General housekeeping andcleaning rooms. Also hiringFront Desk Clerk. Apply in Person7400 S. May Ave, OKC 73159JANITORIALFLOOR TECHSfor buffing, carpet cleaning &other duties, FT evenings. Paidvacation & holidays. Apply be-tween 4pm-6pm, Mon-Th, 1024 N.Tulsa Ave, OKC. Se Habla EspanolJANITORIALIndividuals & Couples to cleanoffice bldgs, PT evenings, M-F.Pd holidays. Apply 4-6 PM, M-That 1024 N. Tulsa Ave, OKC.Se Habla EspanolLAUNDRY MANAGER for eventrental company! Must have expe-rience running commercial equip-ment. M-F 8am-5pm some Satur-days. Must have transportationand valid drivers license. Bilin-gual a plus! Pays $14-$16 hr tostart. Pay depends on experience.Please e-mail resume tommayfield2006@yahoo.comPlease include work references.ROUTE SERVICENational Co. Load and servicevending machines. Salary -Comm. - $30K/yr. Benefits.Drug test. Apply M-F, 9-11am,6101 NW 2nd, resume tooffice@hayescanteen.comWarehouse/Delivery DriverDependable, conscientious andcourteous. Learn to run fabricat-ing machines, loading and unload-ing delivery trucks. Must be ableto lift up to 75 lbs. and be able totake and follow instructions.Must also be able to pass drugscreen and DOT physical - CDLnot required but a plus and musthave clean driving record. Bringcopy of current MVR and apply inperson @ Ballews AluminumProducts 4273 Will Rogers Park-way OKC 405.917.2225 Mondaythrough Friday 8:30 am to 2:30pm. Ask for Judy.CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES& 24 HOUR LIVE-IN CAREGIVERSCaring for SeniorsIMMEDIATE OPENINGSPT/FT FLEXIBLE SHIFTSTo Apply Call 577-1910Visiting AngelsCooksDietary AidesCNAsBenefits available.Apply in personSommerset Neighborhood1601 SW 119th St. 405-691-9221Looking for an individual withattention to detail, typing skills(speed and accuracy) and to bepart of our team. Employee needsto have low error rate, and beable to accurately key highvolumes of patient data a day.Duties include but are not limitedto: Reviewing and keying patientsetups, reviewing PhysicianOrders for compliancy, updatingpatient information, filing, andbeing able to effectively commu-nicate with other departments,physicians' offices, and opera-tions. Great benefits and growthopportunities.Submit resume by fax405-843-7102 or emailjobs3664@lincare.comEOE/DFWPMEDICAL ASSISTANTLearn on the job. Good pay/benefits, 30 days vacation/yr,$ for school. No exp OK.HS grads ages 17-34.Call M-F 1-800-492-4841Orthodontic ChairsideAssistants/Lab TechDependable, energetic and goalachieving Chairside Assistants/Lab Tech for a fast paced, busyorthodontic office in Edmond.Experience preferred.Send resume toinfo@lewisbraces.comVeterans Affairs Medical Centerin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma hasa position available forPsychiatrist. MD in Medicine orM.B.B.S. or U.S. equivalent re-quired. Three years in Residencyand/or Fellowship required. Musthave a current, full and unre-stricted State Medical License.EOE. Mail resume to Attn: SonalPatel, 921 Northeast 13th Street,Oklahoma City, OK 73104.Do not apply in person.Page 34 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMPCAs, CNAs/CHHAs PT/FTValid driver's license & homehealth exp. pref'd, but will train.Fax res to (405)720-2556 or emailcdorough@okc.baptistvillage.orgRN Home Health P/TProficient in OASIS, MC,Electronic health records. Faxresume to (405)720-2556 or emailcdorough@okc.baptistvillage.orgCaregiver - 16yrs exp.bedridden patients, turning,hoyer lifts & transfer. Referralsavail. Tina, 405-812-6626Apartment/Rent HouseMaintenance/Make-ReadyMust have own transportation.Call 370-1077Maintenance Technicianneeded full time for apt. complex.Licensed heat & air preferred.Call 405-631-4862 orfax resumes to 405-636-4124.MAKE-READY/MAINTENANCEEXPERIENCED. Must have tools& transportation. Also CARPET &TILE person. Call 405-306-2576POLICE OFFICERCITY OF GUTHRIEApply: www.cityofguthrie.comCLEET Cert. Bonus OpportunityMid-sized 50 Penn Place law firmseeks Legal Asst. Full or Parttime. Estate Planning/RealEstate bkgrd helpful. TheOklahoman, Box #2162, PO Box25125, OKC, OK 73125-0125.Art Director for Pacific Trading inEdmond, OK. Degree & exp req'd.Send resume Email.Sue@Pacifictradingonline.comDirector of FacilitiesGuthrie Public Schools are takingapplications for Director of Facili-ties. Job description and qualifi-cations are posted online and in-terested applicants can apply atwww.guthrie.k12.ok.us under theEmployment tab or fax resumeand references to 405-282-5957.Ayes Cuisine, LLC dba ThaiKitchen seeks a cook. Cook foodaccording to Thai recipes. Quali-fied applicants mail resume to:Attn: I. Attamakulsri, 327 DeanA McGee Ave. OKC, OK 73102HOUSEKEEPINGIf you can promote teamworkwith fellow employees & providehospitality for our residents weare looking for you. Apply at:VILLAGE ON THE PARK1515 Kingsridge Dr.OKC 73170 692-8700 Jimmy's Egg - Newcastlenow hiring Servers & Cooks w/EXPERIENCE. Apply: 6am-2pm600 NW 32nd, 405-387-4500WAIT STAFFIf you are a person who has adeep compassion for, and a desireto serve others, we are lookingfor you. Apply in person atVILLAGE ON THE PARK1515 Kingsridge Dr.OKC 73170 692-8700 Restaurant ManagerAlways Growing, AlwaysHiring! Multiple new OklahomaCity metro area locations openingin the near future. Looking forleaders to share the next stage ofour growth with.FOR EXPERIENCED &QUALIFIED CANDIDATES:Up to a $50K starting salaryRelocation Expenses3K Sign-On Bonus after 90 daysAnd as Always:Monthly Bonus for GM & AGMsPaid Vacation Health InsuranceIf you are a high energy teamplayer, we want to hear from you!SEND RESUME TO:okbwwresumes@aol.comLincare, Inc.,the leader in home respiratoryequipment, is seeking a highlymotivated & enthusiastic SalesRepresentative for the Edmondarea & N. of Edmond. Individualwould promote programs &services to the surroundingmedical community. We offercompetitive salary plus commis-sion, medical & dental insurance,paid vacation & other greatbenefits. If interested fax resumeto 405-260-3485. EOEDelco Electric is seeking:Foreman * Journeyman *Apprentice Electricians in OKCApply @ 1 NW 132nd or atdelcoelectric.comDiesel Mechanicwith firm mechanical background.Company pays 95% of employeehealth ins. premium. $25/hr +$500/wk per diem for out of townwind farm projects. CDL req'd. Goto www.vaneatonreadymix.comfor application, fax to405-214-7448, attn: Brandi.ELECTRICAL JOURNEYMAN& APPRENTICES:2 years min commercial exp.405-943-2442 apply online@www.klbradley.comLicensed CommercialJourneyman Electricians& ApprenticesBenefits. 405-745-4700PLUMBERSwith repair experience.401k & insurance.627-6072 or 619-7900Spray Tech. PTRetiree OK. Need ODAFF lic orpass test. Clean MVR.2-3days/wk. EOE. $250-$350/wk.Must Live NW. 405-417-2261Page 35April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMClass A CDL Local DriverBiagi Bros.5001 SW 36th St, OKCMID-CON CARRIERS CORP.Local & OTR - OKC BasedConsistent Miles/BonusesNew Equipment, Home WeeklyShannon Hart (405) 237-1300www.Midconcarriers.comNice 13 Acre Tract15025 SW 59th Yukon 3400sf4bed 4bath home Large barns!Inground pool Mustang schools$650,000 Ken 620-15241N to 5A E of OKC, pay out dn.Many choices mobile homeready. Call for mapsTERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695www.paulmilburnacreages.comNewly remodeled 3 bed, 2 bathdoublewide on 1 acre in highly de-sirable Bridge Creek School dis-trict, no credit, no problem, own-er financing available, $84,995obo, 405-833-9707.PIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N. KellerWilliams Platinum 373-2494OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-5104 South Bradbury. Adorable Ed-mond gem with 3 bed and 2 ba.It's perfectly placed to enjoy thebest parts of Edmond's local flairor quick access to the highway toenjoy DT OKC. Turnkey makeoverin 2009 includes custom wood-work and granite countertops.This is a home to build yourdreams in. 405-464-80523bd brick 2car gar in Pebble CreekAddn at Danforth & Santa Fe$168,500 405-282-5289 for appt.Bank Owned 4/2/2, 1592sf, 2007blt, storm cellar, Mid-Del Schls,$137,900 Rlty Experts 414-8753Bank Owned 3/2/2, 1677sf, blt 03$138,000 Realty Experts 414-8753PIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N. KellerWilliams Platinum 373-2494WE SELL & FINANCEbeautiful acreages for mobilehomes-Milburn o/a 275-1695Tax Season Sales Promo!Lenders offering Zero Downw/land & less than perfect creditprograms. $2,500 Visa gift cardw/purchase. We take trades!WAC 405-631-7600160 GRAIN FARM HUNTING MINERALS ENID OKESTATE AUCTIONMonday April 25th 10amLandBuzz.com580-237-7174145 Acres Washita CountyFarmland with pond & windfarmpotential. Fri April 22, 10amCall 580-660-1149 or visitwww.putmanauction.comWant rent to own house or mo-bile home E of MWC as far asShawnee, fixer upper ok, must beable to keep chickens, can paysmall down with monthly pay-ments, 405-570-9629.I BUY & SELL HOUSES27 YRS EXP 650-7667HOMESOFOKCINC.COM(11) 2 Bedroom Duplexes close toOU campus. Great Investment!Weichert Realty 412-4343Page 36 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMNice office space 4401 N Meridian1300sf $1,000/mo 209-7273GREAT Office Space. Various NWlocations, 300-6000sf 946-2516K Office, K Warehouse. 1500sf.7925 N Hudson Suite D 842-7300MOVE IN NOW!2 bed from $595Try Plaza East 341-4813UNFURNISHEDALL BILLS PAIDRates starting at $825/mo.CITADEL SUITES5113 N. Brookline 405-942-0016CALL FOR SPECIALSIncluded are the following: All Utilities Cable High speed internet 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri.Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills PaidUnfurn 1 bed $169 wk, $640 mo;Unfurn 2 bed $189 wk, $780 mo;Furn 1 bed $179 wk, $680 mo;Furn 2 bed $199 wk, $820 mo;Deposits: 1 bed $150, 2 bed $200;$25 application fee paid at rental;New lower monthly ratesfor Wes Chase only.Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts,Hillcrest (SW OKC), 370-1077.CRESCENT PARK newly remod!!63rd/May Hdwd flrs secure quiet1 & 2 beds New owner! 840-7833Quiet Casady Lg 2bd $595Laundry & Pool 751-8088MAYFAIR great loc! 1&2 bd W/Dhdwd flrs quiet secure 947-5665800 N Meridian1 Bedroom 946-95061 bed, $395 + $150 dep, no pets,references req'd, 204-6958.KENTUCKY PINE APTSSPECIAL!! Spacious 2 bedroomapts. $199 1st mo rent + securitydep & application fee. 632-50661213 SW 60th, 2bd apts, $475 mo$200 dep, stove, dishwasher,fridge. Clean! No Sec 8 632-9849Quality 3 Bedrooms 2+ bathsDuplexes 1500sf F/P, PC Schls,fenced yard, W Lake Hefner.No Sec 8. $810-$850 209-9182GREENS, 2 liv/2 story/FP,3/2/2, 4045 Thunderbird Dr,Appt. Only $1,100 843-58532 bd, 1 ba, new carpet, no pets,sec 8 okay, references, 672-0877.Custom Made Fenwick Home4bed, 3full baths, 3car, washer,dryer, frig $2200mo 818-813-393214 Homes 2-4 beds $750-1350Express Realty 844-6101www.expressrealtyok.com3bed 1bath 1car, 1500 McDonaldDr, sec 8 ok, $600 dep, 202-2635.930 East Dr, 3 bed, 1 bath,ch&a, $30 application fee,427-6798, 427-6796 or 464-1584.6000 N Penn AveCondo unit, 2story, 4Bd, 3Ba,W/D, Ref, Stv, Gated, Pool, CovPkng, 1350/mo, 1K Dep, no pets.View By Appt 405-706-33505312 N. SAPULPA3/1/1, PC schools Remod $825mo + $650 dep. No pets. 823-79282 bd, 1 ba, conv'd gar, fncd bk ydch&a 3008 NW 43rd No Sec 8,$800 mo + SD 405-721-74396 Homes 3-4 beds $895-1895Express Realty 844-6101www.expressrealtyok.comNW 70TH & May 2bd 2ba ch&aavail immed. Lease. 848-10132, 3 & 4 Bed Houses & MobileHomes in Metro area at variouslocations. 733-86884912 Creekwood Terr 3b 1.5b $800DT Eff $450 2b apt $600 749-06032bd w/gar, shed, storm shelter,fenced, new carpet $525 596-84103820 SW 43rd Street2bd, 1bath, $500 mo, $400dep,3925 SW 25th Street3bd 1ba ch&a $650mo $500depBOTH REMODELED! 631-82202bd, 1ba w/appliances included+ W&D, storage shed.Edmond Schools. No Pets.348-6240 or 623-1181.MWC For Rent/Sale. Nice homes$400/up. RV space $200 306-2576German grandfather clock $1000,claw foot china cabinet 4x6 $1500Both in exc. cond. 405-830-0692Daryl's Appliance: W&D $100+,limited supply!5yr war. refr/stove$125 & up, 1yr war. 405-632-8954Auction Sat April 23 9:30 am.7000 N Frisco Rd Yukon Ok.1973 450E Mercedes Benz.30ft motor home. Severalmotorcycles. Sundowner 2 horsetrailer. Pontoon boat. Severalriding mowers. 3 wheeler. Tools.Fishing supplies, bolt bins, welderOffice furniture. Lots of items.For Info & Pics See or Call:kencarpenterauction.comKen 405-620-1524 Tami 406-5235BID ONLINE!(6) Caterpillar Inc.Transfer TransmissionAssembliesLocation:Oklahoma City, OKBid Dates:April 20th - 22ndBid Online at:BidOnSurplus.comSearch For:14640Call: 480-367-1300HOME 06 FORD SEDAN LOWMILES COLLECTIBLES HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - ENID OKAUCTIONTuesday April 26th 5:30pmLippardAuctions.com580-237-7174200 GUNS+ Ammo/AccessoriesSat, Apr 30th @ 12 noon3535 S. Main Goldsby, OKwww.branchauction.comAUCTION: Commercial highwayproperty, motorcycle shopinventory on HwY 69 Atoka, OkApril 23rd, 10:00am.580-258-0312 for more info.2 Part Epoxy Urethane,Grey; shop, dealerships & factoryfloors. Has excellent adheision &chemical resistance. Abrasiontough. There are no commercialequivalence that meet thecombination of all the propertiesof this spec. As good outdoorsas indoors. $40/gallon kit, 15 ormore $35. 405-401-6914 El Reno2 Part Epoxy Urethane,Grey; shop, dealerships & factoryfloors. Has excellent adheision &chemical resistance. Abrasiontough. There are no commercialequivalence that meet thecombination of all the propertiesof this spec. As good outdoorsas indoors. $40/gallon kit, 15 ormore $35. 405-401-6914 El RenoSheet Metal 3'x10' $16 Trim &Screws Mon-Sat 390-2077Amateur Radio Equipment:HF, UHF, VHF, amps & antennas,$50-$3500, 580-788-2577.Announcing AnotherCatching Bros. LLCFARM & CONSTRUCTIONEQUIPMENTAUCTIONFriday, April 22nd, 2016, 10am18873 US Hwy 82Sherman, Texas 75092Auction will be conducted at theCatching Bros. Auctioneers, llcfacility in Sherman Texas. TheAuction will feature SmallFarmer Dispersal, tractors, con-struction, combines, hay andtillage implements, trucks, trail-ers and many other items to beoffered at PUBLIC AUCTION.Catching Bros. Auctioneers offersseveral options to market yourequipment. If you have equip-ment to sell please contact us fora marketing option that will suityour needs.Visitwww.catchingbros.comfor a complete listing or contactus for full color descriptivebrochure. Don't miss this oppor-tunity to purchase good cleanusable farm equipment at PUBLICAUCTION.Catching Bros.Auctioneers, LLCDavid Catching TXAUCT#6610Clint Catching TXAUCT#1082118873 US HWY 82Sherman Texas 75092903-868-3132www.catchingbros.comCommercial MF 40 diesel tractorw/loader, PTO, & box blade needsSome TLC $4500 405-651-8248.Predator 8750/7000 Generator(never used) $625; Sq TubingBender, for making customgates $650. 670-3707King craft 6000 watt gasgenerator - new $425! Singlewall GE oven like new $100.4 17'' tires good tread $100.42'' Lane New clawfoot table$125. 3 new arm chairs $200.Antique 6 leg table & buffet& 4 chairs, $450. Antique3 way lamp $100. Old pumporgan $100. 80 gospel 12''records $100. 405-752-7552Propane tank end capsfor fire pits:30"-$40, 37"-$60, 41"-$70.Rebuilt Propane tanks:250 gal-$420, 500 gal-$595.405-375-4189 or BLTTanks.comWHITETAIL HUNTSBow, Muzzleloader, RifleSeason Hunts Booking Now!Koons Circle K Family Ranchin Atoka, OK. Big deer hunts willgo fast. Serious Inquires Only.For information contact Johnnyat jhkoons@icloud.comGUN SHOWApril 23-24SAT. 9-5 & SUN. 9-4OKLAHOMA CITYSTATE FAIRGROUNDSModern Living BuildingBUY-SELL-TRADERK Shows Info: (563) 927-8176C&J Sporting Goods6604 NW 38th, 789-8102.Pistols. Rifles. Shotguns.Buy. Sell. Trade.See us at the store this weekend.We buy GUNS Mustang Pawn &Gun. Over 1000 guns! 376-GUNSEarly Spring Sale! Large selectionof gas & electric cars! 872-5671.Jugs Jr. Pitching Machine withbaseball & softball sleeves,$900. Please call 405-926-7864.Conceal/Open Carry Class$45 Total 405-818-7904www.HavePistolWillCarry.com5x8, 5x10, 6x12, w/gates;like new 16 foot tandem;$650-$1250 Cash. 405-201-68203 Cats - Owner Died3 loving female cats spayed, vac-cinated, 5 and 6 years old. Momand 2 daughters. $75.405-380-3976JD 112 Kohler Lawn & gardentractor hyd lift, $900 463-0692Page 37April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMLab Puppy AKC RegisteredBLACK, FEMALE, DOB 2/27/16,UTD S/W $600 405-664-4132MALTESEM&F, ready for FUR-EVER home,tiny, pre spoiled & goofy, $400,405-915-9105, no text please.Maltese M 5 lbs; Poodle F 10 lbs,2yrs, ACA, $250ea. 405-250-4626Mini Poodle & Bichon puppies,3F, 3M, ready to go to a foreverhome, $400 each, 405-268-1112.Min Pin pups s/w/t/dc $150-$175.405-627-5739 or 405-226-5444MORKIE Adorable. Tiny6wks. S/W $400 361-5317MORKIES 2 FEMALES 8wksS/W $400 580-465-1571.Newfoundland PuppiesNewfoundland puppies for sale.Males and Females. AKC regis-tered, vet checked, micro chipped.$1,200.00 pt_550@hotmail.com or443-406-2900or cell phone 814-585-4331BENGAL KITTENS PLAYFULSpayed & Neutered$350ea 405-885-5472SELLING 650 HEAD:EXPRESS RANCHES CATTLEAUCTION:APRIL 22nd, Noon: Selling 198Angus Bulls, 19 Fancy AngusShow Heifers, 178 Registered An-gus Pairs, 36 Registered AngusFall Bred Heifers, as well as 12Commercial Spring Calving Pairsand 30 Commercial Fall BredCows: all commercials selling ingroups of three. Visit www.expressranches.com or CallExpress Ranches, Yukon, Ok forcatalog and more information405-350-0044.Best for crossbreeding for extraweaning wt. (53) big, stout, mod-ern Limousin bulls. Very gentle,easy calving, high growth $2,500- $4,500. We repay your fuel cost.Kusel Limousins Since 1970580-759-6038 Add Profit!Brangus Bulls,18-24 months, $1,600each,V Markes, Bison, OK,580-478-6729 or 580-758-3650,ANGUS BULLS FOR SALEHenricks Cattle Co. 405-574-49153 Reg. Angus Bulls 15 monthold $2250 each 405-990-5679Akita 2 F PupsBorn 2-24, AKC, POP, text forphotos $800 405-471-1773AUSSIES, MINIRegistered. 2M 12 weeks olds/w $400cash 405-567-5250Australian Shepherds, ASDR reg,Toy , (3) 8wk old Male puppies &Male & Female adults, s/w/t/dc,$400-$600, 580-656-2335.Bichon Frise PuppiesReady to leave a pawprint onyour heart . We pride ourselvesin raising very healthy, happypuppies which will make a greatfamily pet or new best friend.F $700 M $600 580-677-1913BLOODHOUND puppies, 6 wksold, $250-$300. Call 405-473-3009Boston Terrier Puppies,black & white, 6wks old, 6F, 1M,great markings, shots, wormed,vet checked, registered, POP,$300ea. Ask for Glenda918-352-1520 or 405-662-9443Boston Terrier puppies, ACAReg, 1F blk/wht $500;1M blk/wht $400; S/W/DC;580-343-2623 580-330-0719Bull Terrier puppieslooks like Spuds Mckenzie/Targetdog. CKC registered. Vet checked,1st shots $1000 405-756-7820Cane CorsoBlue Puppies - 918-485-5981Chihuahua, true teacup, will betiny, mom only had one, cream &white female, $800, 405-481-5558Chihuahua, CUTIES, 8wks,TEACUPS $250cash 405-788-1520CHIHUAHUA PUPPY, 1F brindle,born 1/19, no shots or papers,$200. Call or text 405-496-8049.Chihuahuas, ACA, 2M, fawn &white, $550, 405-627-0419.Chinese PugsFawn well marked 8 weeks shotsand wormed POP 350 male 500female Larry 405-275-3157Cocker, ACA, 6wks, 2F, 3M, hlthguar. $300ea. 570-5768 No TextDachshund Mini 1st s/w, blk/tan,paper trained $250ea. 888-3684Dachshund puppies, chocolate &silver dapples, registered, vetchecked, $200-$400, 580-721-0479DOBERMAN AKC 4 Fml 1 Mlblack & rust ready on 4/21/16T/DC/S/W $700ea. 501-318-8766ENGLISH BULLDOG1 9mth male brindle and white,champ on both sides. 1 yr malered and white, imported fromSpain. Both very stocky andwrinkley $2500. Call 580 239 1876Text 501 270 9044English Bulldog PuppyAKC,6wks,first shot,vet checked,wormed. I do take debt/creditcards $1500. Traci 405-830-7367English Bulldog, AKC, 2 males,7 wks, 1st s/w, $1,600, takingpayments, 405-758-3761.German Rottweiler, AKC puppies,7 weeks old, s/w/t/dc, POP,vet checked, M $550, F $500,580-588-3895 or 580-483-4810.German Rottweilers, AKC, 2M,10 weeks, shots, wormed, dew-clawed, $650 each, 405-487-7128German ShepherdAKC Puppies Best of the best 6M.$850 Anthony 405-905-8746German Shepherd mix 6mo oldMale $95 Details call 277-9000.GOLDENDOODLES, raised in myhome, smart, healthy, happy,great with kids, s/w, $700,405-915-9105, no text please.GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIESAKC Registered-POP-6 weeks oldPrecious $800. 580-369-1535Great Dane AKC DOB 1/8/16READY, shots/dc/dw, 1 FFawn Merle, $750. 476-8673Great Pyrenees Pups, 3M born &raised with meat goats & calves2/5/16, s/w, $150ea. & 2 for $250.405-258-8884 or -8885, Chandler.HAVANESE AKCAll included $500 405-334-9936HYBRID WOLF CUBS99% Blend Of Arctic, BritishColumbian and North AmericanTimber Wolf. 2F Brown plus 2F &2M White 10wks S/W. $500.405-650-4302Jack Russell Terriers 6wks, shotsvet check $250ea. 580-480-5692LAB AKC PUPPIES M&Fchocolate black white & yellow!great hunting pedigree & pets!s/w/dc $350ea 794-4897Lab AKC Puppies4 chocolate M, hunt. $500316-640-9457Page 38 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COMMasonry Repair - All TypesSince 1975 Refs 405-695-8178Carports & Patio Coversby Reimer Constructionsince 1981 528-2676Steel Carports, Patio Covers 2carcarport $1695 799-4026/694-6109Organizing/Cleaning/Staging/Spring Cleaning 213-8246Drives, Foundations, PatiosLic./Bond./Ins. Free Est. 769-3094Ceiling & Wall DoctorTotal Remodeling Acoustic popcorn removal Drywall repair Flooring Custom hand trowelfinishes & spray finishes Interior/Exterior paintingCall Jeff for free estimateat 405- 408-5453, insured.Shannon Excavation/GradingSkid loader & track hoe for hireDirt grading, gravel grading &excavating. Call for free estimateor hourly quote 918-338-9890QUALITY FENCE COMPANYFREE ESTIMATE on new & repair.Credit Cards OK. 405-317-0474.MORGAN FENCE Co since 1940'sAny type fencing/repair 921-0494D&G FENCE, Repair Specialist.Guar lowest pr. Free est 431-0955Fence Rescue! Off-Duty Fireman.Free Est. 615-0526 or 386-7330.Custom Gutters Inc., New/Repair,warrnty, BBB top rated, 528-4722.30yrs exp Home Repair & remodelKitchen-Bathrm-Custom Shower-Tile-Framing-Drywall-Windows-Doors. 7days/wk. David 565-9511Home Repair & Remodel. Roofing.Siding. Free Estimate. 410-2495.Home Repair & Remodel. Roofing.Siding. Free Estimate. 410-2495.Papillon AKC blk/wht F $500. Blkwht M $450 7wks 816-2050 SeeFB pg Mimi's Precious PapillonsPit Bull XL pups, UKC, 2F, 6M,blue & blue fawn, outstandingpedigrees, great temperaments,bloodlines include: Mugleston,Dela Cruz, Gray Line & GK,Shots & wormed $1000405-332-6427 Mannford, OKPOMS 1 black merle F. Fox face,16oz. Rare $950. 2 toy black M$800 7wks. CKC. 405-391-2662RAT TERRIER PUPPIES, full bloodfarm raised $150 405-892-7512Rott pups, mixed, 3M, 4F, 7weeks, $275, 405-623-9674.Rottweiler AKC Germanbloodline puppies. 3m 1f8wks $600ea 405-380-4131SCHNAUZER AKC Toy-Mini, partiS&P & phantom, s/w/vet ckd, prespoiled, $750-$900, 360-9190.SHIDOODLE PUPPIES:All Colors, boys & girls, Quality,$450, Call 918-426-0169.Shih-tzu, AKC, 6 wks.Home RaisedBk/W; s/w/dc. $375 M; $425 F405 331 0844; 405 328 1298Siberian Husky O American Tim-ber Wolf N , 6F, 5wks, blue eyes,1 wht, 5 blk/wht, w/shots $500eaCall/txt after 4pm 580-530-0922Weimaraner, AKC 4F, 4M,silver, 4 weeks on 4/7, both par-ents on premises, $700 ea, takingdeposits ($350), 580-467-5104.WEIMARANER AKC PUPS3m fm 11wks s/w POP$450 Cash 405-368-6533Yorkie, Adorable Babies, ACAs/w/ $700 570-5274 570-9134Yorkie Poo, adorable ITTY BITTY$495-$550 VISA/MC 826-4557YORKIES, ACA REGISTERED,M/F, s/w/dc, pics available,$300-$450, 580-224-1642.350 Fine Pets At FREE TO LIVE4mi N of Waterloo on WesternALL Dogs & Cats $80 Shts/Neut282-8617 freetoliveok.orgAPHA world champion full sister3y/o filly, green broke, PalominoOvero, $2000, 405-481-5558.Mini Potbelly Piglets, 8 weeks,vet checked, boys $200,girls $300, 405-481-5558.Hedgehogs, 4 month F's, $250;Bearded Dragons, proven breed-ing pair, $250; 405-481-5558.28YR OLD RESTAURANT NW okcfor sale. 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Insured, cc ok, 919-6494BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC.405-528-7733buddysplumbingokc.comGaray's Roofing/ConstructionExp. quality work, free est, roofrepair & replace, local since 1985,insurance claims okay, 370-3572.A A All Professional Tree ServiceShrub Care Senior Discount Insured 405-885-2572 Pro Tree Service - 1/2 off SeniorsFree stump removal. 314-1313 GENES TREE SERVICEInsured-Free Est. 682-2100.L&R Tree Service, Low Prices,Ins, Free Est, Firewood, 946-3369.Page 39April 20 - May 3, 2016LOOKATOKC.COMPage 40 April 20 - May 3, 2016 LOOKATOKC.COM4DO01TLL04214DO02TLL04214DO03TLL04214DO04TLL04214DO05TLL04214DO06TLL04214DO07TLL04214DO08TLL04214DO09TLL04214DO10TLL04214DO11TLL04214DO12TLL04214DO13TLL04214DO14TLL04214DO15TLL04214DO16TLL04214DO17TLL04214DO18TLL04214DO19TLL04214DO20TLL_DO21TLL04214DO22TLL04214DO23TLL04214DO24TLL04214DO25TLL04214DO26TLL04214DO27TLL04214DO28TLL04214DO29TLL04214DO30TLL04214DO31TLL04214DO32TLL04214DO33TLL04214DO34TLL04214DO35TLL04214DO36TLL04214DO37TLL04214DO38TLL04214DO39TLL04214DO40TLL0421