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SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 62015 VOL. 11 ISSUE 19LOOKATOKC.COMLOCAL ENTERTAINMENT AND NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO PAY ATTENTIONANNIE OAKLEY READIES NEW EP ON PAGE 10 | FETTY WAP VISITS OKLAHOMA ON PAGE 14So many people groaned when I used to tell them my old address.Edmond? Guhhhh, they sighed.It was like the real estate equiv-alent of nails on a chalkboard to most twentysomethings. However, I liked to think of it as a getaway. I was shrouded in mystery behind countless fast food restaurants and traffic. I liked the quiet, too. Yet, I could still find human activ-ityin Cafe Evoke orthe states coolest YMCA. Shout out to Mitch Park.Plus, I was minutes away from The Oklahoman.But then our office moved downtown. I was now an island. Id have to beg for hours for friends to visit. Almost all my favorite thingswerelocated so far away from me. I wanted to get back into the mix of things and maybe walk to places. I couldnt bear being so far away from pizza.Welp,Ive left Edmond and now live next door to Big Truck Tacos, and they are by far the best smell-ing neighbors Ive ever had in my life. I didnt need Steve Lackmeyers cover story to know Id enjoy living in Mesta Park but it sure feels something like a victory lap.Downtown and its surrounding districts are thriving. Theres also a lot in the works. Im sure youve driven into some of that construc-tion and cursed more thana few times. Take a deep breath. Its a good thing. Lackmeyer stayed up all night just trying to fit all the recent developments in one story. Let me know if we missed any-thing. Wed love to hear about it.Oh, and dont forget to mark your calendars for Sept. 26. The Plaza District Festival is going down and youre not going to want to miss the music lineup. Im even going to take the opportunity to bike over. It feels crazy to be able to say that. I might even just roll over with a taco in one hand and a non-alco-holic beverage in the other. This city life sure suits me.I enjoy livingin Oklahoma City. Also, if I imagine really hard when Im on a walk in Mesta Park then it feels like I could have giant house money. I can already hear the foot-steps of my weird, little children pitter-pattering down the stairs.A big thanks to Lackmeyer for helping piece this issue together. It would have taken me months to track down all that information.Thats about all the time I have for this issue. Make sure not to eat too many corn dogs at the state fair. I wish your pigs the best of luck in the races. Ill see you guys next month.Swifty Swine Racing Pigs race down the track at the Oklahoma State Fair. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY,FOR LOOKATOKC]N A T H A N P O P P Efrom the editorNATHAN POPPELOOKatOKC EDITORNPOPPE@OKLAHOMAN.COMPage 2 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 3September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMLOOKatOKC EDITORNathan PoppePROJECT DESIGNERSEbony Iman DallasADVERTISINGJerry Wagner(405) 475-3475Nancy Simoneau(405) 475-3708NICHE PUBLICATIONS EDITORMelissa HowellDIRECTOR OF PRESENTATION AND CUSTOM PUBLISHINGYvette WalkerART DIRECTORTodd PendletonPHOTOGRAPHERSSteven MaupinQuit NguyenCOVER Photo by Doug Hoke, for LOOKatOKCSingle copies of LOOKatOKC may be obtained free of charge at locations from Stillwater to Norman. Additional copies are available for $1 each at The Oklahoman. Wholesale and indiscriminate removal of LOOKatOKC publications from newsstands for purposes other than individual use will result in prosecution. Every effort is made to ensure that all calendar entries areaccurate. LOOKatOKC does not guarantee the events or the schedules. Readers are encouraged to call ahead for exact times and dates. LOOKatOKC is published every other Thursday by The Oklahoman, 9000 Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114.For advertising and promotional opportunities please contact The Oklahoman retail advertising department at 475-3338.OPUBCO Communications GroupFind the LOOK photographers LOOK photographers will be in Bricktown, Midtown and other hot spots.Check out our online home at newsok.com/entertainment/lookatokcGo to facebook.com/LOOka-tOKCand become a fan.Follow LOOKatOKC on http://twitter.com/LOOKatOKCfrom the top L O O K a t O K C8 | Drink & Draw32 | Old downtown OKC hotel buildings come down to make way for new towerIts pretty simple. You Drink. You Draw. You get published. Check out the latest rendition of our artistic adventure as the Drink & Draw crew mimics the style of famed comic book illustrator Jack Kirby.Weve got so many downtown stories for you in this issue. Heres one that shows the cost of progress and a peak into the recent downtown demolition.17 | Mahoganys new downtown location raises the steaks for fine diningHungry? Well, this new story from the Food Dude will only make things worse. Mahogany built a new location in down-town OKC and are ready to start serving some delicous dishes.12 | Limber Limbs starts stretching toward full-length LPThe trio left Stillwater and took some time off, but now Limber Limbs is back in OKC with a brand new album. Check out what went into making Retrospection.6 | 5 new songs for SeptemberMatt Carney is always listening to the newest of new tunes. Check out five fresh songs that you shouldnt avoid.Page 4 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 5September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMAll about creating a deeper relationship with music.MATTCARNEYTune in to KOSU-FM 91.7 at 4:44 p.m. and 6:44 p.m. every Tuesday and at 6:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. every Wednesday to hear Matt break down the week in music news and new music releases with host Ryan LaCroix.All about creating a deeper relationship with music.Tune in to KO to heaIts not quite time yet to wake up the guy from Green Day, but its almost. New tracks!BATTLES THE YABBANo band working these days outdoes New York City prog-rock trio Battles when it comes to repe-tition; they have the market cornered on it. In order to properly describe how intricate their patterns are you have to reach beyond music for comparison: Battles songs usually resemble an immaculately cultivated rock garden, sculpted down to the tiniest details without a single pebble out of place. Every-thing in the mix, even the guitar notes and keyboard riffs, feels percussive, as if theyre helping the bands drummer to keep the time, all the time.Battles third record, La Di Da Di, is out now and its their most heavily rhythmic record yet, a whole albums worth of knotty math problems that range in feeling from confounding to euphoric, sometimes even on the same song. Album opener The Yabba is a good example: It stretches nearly seven minutes in length, relentlessly dragging listeners from groove to groove as it builds its way to a dizzying, neon-bright climax.NICK DIAMONDS SPECIMEN DAYSThe vast, vast majority of working musicians are not famous people, at least not at the level of Cant Go Outside For Fear of The Paparazzi-famous. I imag-ine Mumford & Sons drummer, for instance, prob-ably shops for his groceries undisturbed. But many do enjoy a sort of subtle, silent celebrity. Im talking about the quiet satisfaction that comes with contrib-uting to a song or a film score, or perhaps even just a melody or particular lyric that, for a time, captured the public conscious.Canadian Nick Thorburn is one such musician. Maybe youve heard his performance name Nick Dia-monds, or one of the many indie bands hes played in: Mister Heavenly, Islands, the Unicorns.La Di Da Di, the third record from New York City prog-rock trio Battles, is out now on Warp Records. [PHOTO PROVIDED]Dont hit snooze on these five new songs for SeptemberM A T T C A R N E Yheadphonetics F O L L O W @ O K M A T T C A R N E Y O N T W I T T E RPage 6 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMShunkan. [PHOTO PROVIDED]But youre much more likely to have heard the shuffling, somewhat ominous theme to the podcast Serial, which Thorburn composed.SMALL BLACK NO ONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN TO YOUA couple of years ago I saw the band Small Black play at SBSW and found them to be a delightful oddity: Four dudes in flannel and hip ballcaps making not indie-rock but delicate, soft pop songs by hand, right there on stage. Small Blacks returned now with a new song called No One Wants It To Happen To You, that I like better than any-thing I can recall from that 45-min-ute live set, that captures what its like to yearn for a world much more beautiful than the one you occupy.I think finally, near the end of No One Wants It To Happen To You, Small Black actually very briefly enters that much better place, evoking it with synthesizers that call back and forth at each other, like two very large prehistoric birds. Or maybe Im just overthinking a very good, glittery pop song produced on the cheap.DJ SPINN FT. DJ RASHAD AND DANNY BROWN DUBBYThe budding sub-genre of dance music known as footwork lost one of its foremost innovators last year when Chicagos DJ Rashad known for cutting samples up into fast-paced, hyper-repetitive loops passed away at 34. But Rashad lives on in a way, both in his influence on footwork, and also here in a posthu-mous featuring credit on a new song with his childhood friend DJ Spinn.Dubby features the typically frenetic Detroit rapper Danny Brown skittering like a madman on a repeated, Chicago-centric vocal sample. But theres so many other kinds of sounds in here too: soul, hip-hop, warped jazz, and UK underground dance, all compiled into a fiercely territorial four and a half minutes.SHUNKAN THE PINK NOISEIf you like your rock bands brash, loud and fuzzy, but not without the occasional soft touch of melody bands like Yuck, Swearin and sometimes Yo La Tengo then you may want to check out New Zea-lands Shunkan. London-based Art is Hard Records will put out the bands twelve-inch, titled The Pink Noise this fall, and it features this epon-ymous sugar rush of a song thats simultaneously sweet and exciting.M A T T C A R N E Y headphoneticsPage 7September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMWelcome to the latest edition of our collaboration with Drink & Draw, the event that invites doodlers of all skill levels to gather on a weekly basis in Oklahoma City. In case youre new to the party, heres the rundown.Every Thursday night from 8 to 11, Drink & Draw is hosted at any of three locations in the metro. On the third, fourth and fifth Thursday of the month, the event is held at Tree & Leaf Clothing. And thats where youll encoun-ter the Drink & Draw Challenge. A random theme is selected, youre kindly requested to draw on specially designed Drink & Draw paper and then the results are published once a month in LOOKatOKC. Our theme this month is a cartoon drawn in the style of Jack Kirby, the famous comic book illustrator.Its been a pleasure to see new faces join the festivities, and I hope to see more. The intentions of the event are more than simple. Its an excuse to show off the talented artists in our city and invite anyone with a hint of artistic aspiration to join the fun. Again, Drink & Draw is an invitation to an open dialogue in the art community. One story wouldnt do this event justice. Instead we are making this a monthly celebration of all things awe-some. Pens, pencils and markers of all shapes and sizes are welcome.Its just another reason to LOOKatOKC. The proof is sitting right in front of you. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorERIC SANDHOP BEHANCE.NET/SANDHOP CARTOONS N COMICS 24/7.DUSTY GILPINThe Drink & Draw crew tackle Jack Kirbys famous styleart speaks D R I N K & D R A WPage 8 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMNATE SCHROEDER CARTOONS, CARTOONS, MORE CARTOONS...GUY CHISM ANIMPAW.BLOGSPOT.COM ANIMATOR.art speaks D R I N K & D R A WPage 9September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMB A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music featureDont let the name fool you.The Oklahoma City-based Americana act shares its namesake with a famed sharpshooter, but Annie Oakley features more than just one talent. Its a family affair at this point. Just ask the bands momager, who doesnt miss a show. Or better yet, the slew of musicians who perform alongside the band at its weekly gigs.Fronted by twin sisters Grace and Sophia Babb, Annie Oakleyhas spent the better part of three years sharpening its songwriting skills and quickly building legitimacy in the states robust singer-songwriter field.The new EP Thought of You a God. will be self-released September 25. Its the second EP from Annie Oakley.On a breezy September afternoon, Grace and Sophia met me for an interview at Elemental Coffee Roasters. The duo, 18, are coolly confi-dent onstage and off. I know Im not the first one to notice.For Thought of You a God, the band spent a week last June in the subterranean Lunar Manor studio alongside the albums producer, Samantha Crain. I dont think Crain would produce just any talent.Funny enough, two years ago Grace and Sophia were star struck fans of Crain. The twins recalled seeing her walking around Norman and whisper-ing back and forth if they should say hello.Now shes a friend, Grace said.Sophia said she stills feels a tad starstruck around Okie artistssuch as Crain, Kierston White, John Calvin Abney and Kyle Reid.Now, the twins share festival lineups with these acts.It still feels like were little kids in a room full of adults, Sophia said. I know were becoming part of a scene but were still learning.Annie Oakleys growth exists most obviously on the new album. Its moodier, meatier and a fitting re-introduction to the band.Thats becauseAnnie Oakley isnt the same group it was two years ago when the first EP hit. Thought of You a God is the sort of work that stems from hitting venues and festivals every weekend for a year, inviting several players like their bandmates Nia Personette (vio-lin) and Gabee Rolla-Danley (mandolin) to record on analbum and letting Brine Webb sit behind the soundboard. Thats a killer recipe.It hasnt been asimple climbfor the young musi-cians though. The two see musicas a balance of art and business. It isnt a plaything anymore and that offersplenty of challenges, internal and external.I think a lot of it is subconscious, Grace said. As a young musician, I will be viewed as lesser. As a female musician, I feel critical of myself. I want to be this person who has had years and years and years of experience. I dont stop to think, Well, Im pretty good for my age and theres no one else thats a girl my age doing what I do. But dont forgetthe creepy, oldmen.When you get guys messaging you on Face-book the second you turn 18, and they only know you from your band, its a little bit creepy, SophiaFrom left, Annie Oakley is Grace Babb and Sophia Babb. [PHOTO BYKEISHA REGISTER FAULKENBERRY]Annie Oakley takes aim for new EP release Thought of You a GodA N N I E O A K L E YPage 10 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMFrom left, Annie Oakley is SophiaBabb and GraceBabb. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY KEISHA REGISTER FAULKENBERRY]said. Weve gotten flooded with messages. It kind of makes you uncomfortable. You dont know whos going to follow you online after a show.Yet, music remains an emotional outlet for the twins. For Sophia, its impossible for her to avoid music. Grace said she sees it almost as a competition. Its something to always improve on, and she sets goals accordingly.If the goal of Thought of You a God was simply to top previous efforts then Annie Oakley can rest easy for a min-ute. Its a step forwardsonicallyand fans of First Aid Kit and Fleet Foxes will find a familiar warmth in the project. You can hear that on Wake Up.I wrote that when I was having a terrible time with decision making and my emotions, Grace said. ... I was going through a dark time. I was pissed as hell one day, and I decidedIm going to write a song about it.If you like what you hear then make friends with someone who already bought a ticketto the bands sold-out release show at The Blue Door on Sept. 25. Frank Lawrence, Brine Webb, Mike Byars and Kevin Webb are playing alongside Annie Oakley, too. Kierston White and Eliza Bee are on opening duties. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorB A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music featureA N N I E O A K L E YPage 11September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMFrom left, Limber Limbs is Robert Riggs, Ben Bowlware and Derek Moore. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY DOUG SCHWARZ]It takes a certain amount of ambition to be an export of Stillwater.From thecountry roots of Garth Brooks and the Red Dirt Rangers to the morerecent indie favorites such as Other Lives, DEERPEOPLE and Colourmusic, its been a strange oasis of popular, ambitious talents. So where does a rock act like Limber Limbs fit in?Id start by researching witha listen to the bands first single off of its proper full-length LP, Retrospection. The self-released effort will see a vinyl, cd and digital release Nov. 10.Ben Bowlware (vocals/guitar), Derek Moore (bass) and Robert Riggs (drums) relocated to Oklahoma City in 2012 and drastically shiftedits sound along the way. Gone werethe bands string arrangements.Theyd bereplaced with a more aggressive, urban rock sound. Things also got streamlined and then rebuilt, too. Guitarist Taylor Johnson will soon join the bands live lineup.The move itself didnt attribute to the sonic differences in Limber Limbs, but it more so opened the door to new recording opportunities. Under a different moniker in 2010, the trio recorded its first album on a single micro-phone. On Retrospection, the band was able to tinker around with a wealth of resources at Graham Coltons Lunar Manor studio in Oklahoma City.We could mess with a songs tone for an hour if we wanted to, Bowlware said in an interview. ...Its one ofthe first times weve been able to shape songs in the studio.We had a lot of room for experimentation, Moore added.Change lives in the DNA of You Know It. The track was born on an iPad when creative lightning struck Bowlware after a drought brought on by a career change. He sharedthe skeleton of the song with Moore and Riggs. The two rearranged the song alongside engineer Sam Welchel and slowly watched itmorph with the addition of auxiliary percussion. Without having to keep an eye on the clock, the band slowly pieced together Retrospec-tion.Jarod Evans of Blackwatch Studios mixed the album and Emily Lazar(Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells) mastered it. The results are a wel-come departure for Limber Limbs.It was almost like we started off as a new band, Bowlware said.Moore joked it might be time for another name change.No matter the name,Limber Limbs is done stretching and the trio is ready to flex itsnew material.If you like what you hear then mark your calendars for the bands release show Nov. 14 at the 89th Street Collective and be on the lookout for a You Know It music video Oct. 5. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorB A N D T I T L E , A L B U M T I T L E Music featureLimber Limbs starts stretching toward full-length LPL I M B E R L I M B SPage 12 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 13September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COM04 0501With how unpredictable Okie festivals have been this year, I was initially weary of Stillwaters Rawhide Festival. Event organizers had to work with Stillwater Police to dispel some sensational rumorsand beefed up security days beforeits Sept. 11. That didnt stop 10,000 patrons from attending the festival. I caught OKCs Josh Sallee, Fetty Wap and T-Pain. Besides a few too many college kids looking completely zonked out and asking for me to take their photo, the festival was suitably fun and ridiculous. Its great to see Rawhide work in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, night two at the Tumbleweed Dance Hall wasnt assuccessful after2 Chainzcanceled his performance. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editor0203R A W H I D E F E S T I V A Lphoto featurePage 14 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM061009071108|1| Fetty Wap |2| T-Pain |3| Josh Sallee R A W H I D E F E S T I V A L photo featurePage 15September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPG-13 | 1:34 | Starring: Olivia DeJon-ge, Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould and Peter McRobbie. (Disturbing thematic material including ter-ror, violence and some nudity, and for brief language)Directors talent for getting you to care is a no-show in The VisitT H E V I S I Tmovie reviewM. Night Shyamalan has a gift.Hes able to hide the obvious in plain sight. The writer/director did it best in 1999 with The Sixth Sense, a huge box-office hit that weaved together effective drama with an excellent ghost story. It holds up pretty well on repeat views, too. Its got some bite even after you learn Bruce Willis really did kick the bucket in the opening scene.However, The Sixth Sense wasnt remarkable because Shyamalan is a master of horror. Hes far from it. His talent lives in building sentiment. Almost all of his early films focus on broken hearts or families. First,he gets you to care, and then he dangles his characters in peril. You cant help but freak out. Its a pretty good magic trick, and it worked well for a few years before the director started trying his hand at big-bud-get popcorn flicks (The Last Airbender, After Earth).Those were scary for different reasons.If anything, The Visit is a wonky return to his roots and a great reminder of how limp Shy-amalans filmmaking is when hearts an after-thought. Its a sloppy, borderline-slapstick spook-fest that aims for laughs just as often as scares. Both rarely stick their landing, though.Worst of all, The Visit is stupid. Really, really stupid. And yet, somehow, it took me an entire day to realizethat. Shyamalan can only do so much to hide this films cheesy, B-movie roots.The film aims to do what Jaws did to the water but for visiting grandparents. Two equally obnoxious kiddos willingly leave their single mother behind for a week to meet their estranged Nana and Pop Pop for the first time. Without so much as a phone call, the mom ships her kids off, and their elders warm welcome quickly turns sour.Grandma crawls around the floor like a spi-der when shes not making cookies orcheddar biscuits. Grandpa chops wood and cleans his shotgun with his mouth. Oh guys, youre so silly. Those cookies must be amazing, because I wouldve been checking for nearby hotels after one night in their house.The kids get freaked out, but never enough to stop filming the nonsense with their own cam-eras, which acts as the filmsPOV. Sadly, itsmore stifling than creative.Scares in The Visitonly work because theyre shoved in your face and backed withsurround sound. Its not careful, well-crafted or built to last. Theres a tacked-on message about not holding onto anger that does little to build sentiment. Every jump-scare is telegraphed. The films ending is tacky and steeped inbotchedviolence. This flickis aimed squarely at the PG-13 crowd, and theyll surely make this thing a big hit over the weekend. Grown-up horror tastes should stick to the much funnier, freakierThe Cabin in the Woods.The Visit is the sort of found-footage film Iwished wouldve stayed lost. Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editorPage 16 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMA lobster tail at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]When Dave Osborn was informed he had a second chance at taking proprietorship of the new down-town Mahogany Prime Steak-house, he accepted the job without uttering a word.I was on vacation in Utah with my wife, Osborn said. And I got an urgent message to call work.Osborn explained the last time hed received a message like that while on vacation, the news was bad.So I pulled over to the side of the road and called my boss, he said. When I got a hold of him, he said, The job (in Oklahoma City) is yours if you want it. I had him on speaker, and my wife said, Hell take it! before I could answer myself.Moving from Omaha, Neb., to Oklahoma City was a no-brainer for the Osborns, because theyd seen the plans for the spectacular new downtown restaurant long before. Osborn said the opportunity to take hold of the new space in the Century Center building had cropped up a couple of years before, but his father-in-laws illness made it impossible to commit at the time.But as fate would have it, that lease fell through, and by the time a deal was finalized, Osborn, or in this case his wife, was able to accept the opportunity.Walk into the gleaming homage to clas-sic downtown chop-house dining, and youll understand why Osborns answer was yes to continuing his career with Hal Smith Restau-rant Group under the shadow of the Devon Tower at 100 W Main St., suite 110.Even though Osborn spent the better part of a decade at Mahogany in Omaha, neither that restaurant nor two other Mahogany locations in Oklahoma are quite like downtown Okla-homa Citys, he said.Were quite a bit bigger here than the one north, Osborn said. And were finding down-town life is a little different. This place will refill about 8:30.A look inside the new Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]A porterhouse steak at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]D A V E C A T H E Ythe food dudePage 18 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMBefore Osborn became general manager at the Omaha location, he spent a little less than three years at Charlestons there.Osborn said he started in the food industry as a teenager.I started out at Burger King before graduating to Pizza Hut, he said. Then I took a little detour with the Marines, but I jumped right back in after I got out.Seven-plus years in the Marines took him to Camp Pendleton in Southern California, where he was a close-combat instructor pitch-perfect training for running a restaurant.But dont let the fact that Osborn can twist you into a pretzel stop you from asking for the manager if you have a problem. He would never demonstrate how its possible to incapacitate someone before he or she can say, Ill have the Cowboy Rib-eye, well-done.Far from it.We train our servers three weeks before they ever wait on a table, he said. We are a people business first. We want to offer a customized experience for each party.That means if youve got a movie or play to catch, Mahogany will get you there on time, but if youre celebrating a milestone that will require hours of hospitality, theyre happy to offer that, too.ABOUT THE FOODThe new location opened nine years after the original spot at 3241 W Memorial Road. The new place can seat up to 288, Osborn said. The menus are virtually the same, but chef Brad Johnson wanted to give the new place something of its own.The desserts are exclusive to this location, he said. For now.After I tried the Key Lime Pie and Creme Brulee, it was easy for me to see why Johnson qualified the statement. Anyone who visits downtown and does dessert then returns to the Memorial loca-tion is going to have a hard time accepting that the desserts are not served there.But dessert is a supporting player in this spectacular space with a vast, global wine list, expansive bar with walnut tables and main dining room made up of crescent-shaped booths and linen-clad tables anchored to a long banquette. Private dining options are numerous, and the ambiance reads Rat Pack.But the reason anyone comes to Mahogany is for prime beef, aged to perfection.Tenderloin comes wrapped in bacon or bone-in; rib-eye comes in 14-ounce and 21-ounce (bone-in) portions. Chef Johnsons crew also will gladly stick a 14-ounce New York strip or 10-ounce sir-loin in the 900-degree broiler on your behalf.There is plenty to eat besides steak, including chicken, pork chops and lamb chops. Seafood includes lobster tail, king crab legs, jumbo fried shrimp, salmon with lump crabmeat and sea bass. On our visit, halibut was available on the fresh board.Appetizers are plentiful and well-appointed for bar noshing. The seared ahi tuna stood out, but how can one say no to carpaccio shaved from prime beef or tenderloin on toast points?Classic wedge and Caesar salads join a cornuco-A lobster tail at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]D A V E C A T H E Y the food dudePage 19September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMpia of vegetables available a la carte. Corn is cut fresh from the cob and but-tered; spinach is served creamed; and the jumbo asparagus with Hollandaise isnt to be missed. Potatoes can be had as steak fries, au gratin or baked. The mac and cheese is served under a Parmesan-crumb topping.The kitchen even distills its own water, and Osborn said the restaurant soon will have its own carbonated water to offer.HOURS AND INFORMATIONThe bar in the downtown location is built for downtown life and opens at 4 p.m. daily. Its big enough to accommodate crowds leaving work early and headed to or leaving a Thunder game.The restaurant is open 5 to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 5 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday. Osborn said it will stay open until midnight on nights the Thunder plays, if demand is there.Mahogany downtown also offers valet parking, which Osborn said is a plus for those going to see Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and their band of merry basket-makers.You can valet before the game, come in and have a drink or dinner, go to the game, then come back for a nightcap or a late dinner, then pick up the car.For reservations downtown, call 208-8800. For more information, go online to www.mahoganyprimesteakhouse.com.Key lime pie from the new Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY BRYAN TERRY, FOR LOOKATOKC]D A V E C A T H E Ythe food dudePage 20 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 21September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 22 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 23September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 24 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 25September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 26 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 27September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 28 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMPage 29September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMOutdoors retailer Cabelas opened its doors to its first store in the state Sept. 17in the Chisholm Creek development near the John Kilpatrick Turnpike.The Nebraska-based outdoors chain spent an estimated $10 mil-lion building the store, according to city documents.In-store wildlife displays include stuffed black bears, one sleeping on the limb of a fake tree, and a wild turkey frozen in flight over one of the aisles.The 82,000-square-foot store at 1200 W Memorial includes an indoor archery range, cafe and fudge shop and aquarium among other features.Chevis Rebstock, hunting manager for the new Oklahoma City store, is ready to show customers how to shoot a compound bow if theyve never tried one. The indoor archery range allows customers to try out the bows.We can show customers how the bow functions and get them set up with everything they need, said Rebstock, who has relocated to Oklahoma City from a Cabelas in Wichita, Kan. Its pretty much an immersive experi-ence. Rose Bates, who transferred to the Oklahoma City store from a Cabelas in Waco, Texas, to oversee the stores fishing department, offers instruction on how to cast a lure as well as how to tie flies for fly fishing.The store is really about getting people into the outdoors and teaching people, she said.The building is designed to look like a massive hunting lodge with log con-struction, stonework, vintage outdoor photos and memorabilia, and hand-painted murals.There also are rooms that include a boat shop, gun library and bargain cave.The store employs about200 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees.Throughout the year, the staff will host educational seminars and demon-strations.In 2014, Cabelas negotiated a sales tax rebate deal with Oklahoma City worth $3.5 million to help bring the new store to the city.Based on projections of $36 million in annual sales, the sales tax rebates would be paid over eight years at a rate of $432,000 per year. Brianna Bailey, for LOOKatOKCKatelyn Feister sets up a display at the new Cabelas store at 1200 W Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]Cabelas looks to lure customers to first store in Oklahoma City A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news N O R T H O K CPage 30 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMJesse Johnson sets up a display at the Cabelas store. [PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, FOR LOOKATOKC]From left: The interior of the new Cabelas store at 1200 W Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. The exterior of Cabelas. city news A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E N O R T H O K CPage 31September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMThe ground shook as 15 charges could be heard going off Sept. 13inside the 11-story Hotel Black and the eight-story Motor Hotel, setting off what some say may be the last such implo-sions in downtown for the foreseeable future.Steve Lackmeyer, for LOOKatOKCA cloud of dust lls the air Sunday morning as the old Hotel Black and Motor Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City are taken down during implosions by Midwest Wreck-ing Co. [PHOTO BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER, FOR LOOKATOKC]From left: A spectator takes photos of the Hotel Black before the implosions. The Old Hotel Black and a parking garage were imploded Sept. 13. [PHOTOS BY CHRIS LANDSBERGER AND DOUG HOKE, FOR LOOKATOKC]In the dust A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E city news D E M O L I T I O NPage 32 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMAfter 25 years on the ground floor of Oklahoma Citys First National center the owner of the clothing boutique Nancy Farhas says it remains committed to downtown Oklahoma City.With designer label names like Joseph Ribkoff, Nancy Farhas has long been a popular place for downtown shoppers on their lunch breaks to browse, daydream and even drool a little over well-made dresses, shoes and handbags.With First National Center now in receivership, Farha wants everyone to know that shes still open for business.Nancy Farha employee Nancy Johnson, who has worked at the boutique for 10 years, said that while the store once carried lots of very struc-tured business suits, the shop has changed along with the evolution of womens fashion. Now, Nancy Farhas carries more dresses and sepa-rates.Weve adapted with our customers, Johnson said.Farha goes to market in Dallas and New York to buy her stock and she counts among her clientele many customers who have been coming to her for years to buy their clothes. She has shoppers from Duncan and Shawnee, as well as a few cus-tomers from as far away as Calgary, Alberta, who come to shop while in town on business.We are more like personal shoppers for our customers; its a very personalized experience, Farha said.End of an eraOwner Nancy Farha said that the retail arcade on the ground floor of the First National Center has always been a little like downtown Oklahoma Citys main street, where people can get their hair cut, fill a prescription, eat lunch, buy a dress and visit the tag agency.After a public court battle over ownership of the First National Center, the building entered receiv-ership last week.But many longtime tenants are stillmoving out. The Medicine Cabinet pharmacy is moving a few blocks away to Leadership Square. L.T.s Gourmet Deli is moving across the street to the food court at the Robinson Renaissance building.Its sad that we are all scattering because weve all been here together for so long, Farha said.During First Nationals struggles, Farha has gotten cards and emails of support and even flowers from customers. While the air condi-tioning in the building was cut off last week, they even had a bumper day of sales. Farha put fans in the dressing rooms and brought in a portable air conditioner.People were even buying sweaters, she mar-veled.Since the First National Center entered receiv-ership last week, the air conditioning in the First National Center has been restored, after being cut off by Veolia Energy. The escalators to the Great Banking Hall, long shut off, are also moving again.Farha still does not know what the future holds for her shop, but said she is committed to main-taining a presence downtown.Downtown has always been its own commu-nity and has had its own energy, Farha said. Brianna Bailey, for LOOKatOKCOwner Nancy Farha displays clothing in the big storefront window of her womens store on the rst oor retail level of the First National Center. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, FOR LOOKATOKC]Nancy Farhas boutique is committed to staying downtowncity news A R T I C L E H E A D L I N E F I R S T N A T I O N A L B U I L D I N GPage 33September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMSEPTEMBER 25HERMANS HERMITS, Riverwind Casino. (Norman)ANNIE OAKLEY ALBUM RELEASE, Blue Door.GUM, NEW FUMES, HELEN KELTER SKEL-TER, Opolis. (Norman)SEPTEMBER 26PLAZA DISTRICT FESTIVAL FEAT. KYLE REID, TALLOWS, Plaza District.SEPTEMBER 27HORSE THIEF, Myriad Gardens.SEPTEMBER 28BLUES TRAVELER, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)SEPTEMBER 29FOO FIGHTERS, Chesapeake Energy Arena.BEACH HOUSE, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)SEPTEMBER 30SHANNON AND THE CLAMS, Opolis. (Nor-man)CHRIS CUBAS, WIll Rogers Theater.OCTOBER 2GLASS ANIMALS, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 3PRETTYBOY, SPORTS, Opolis. (Norman)LIZA MINNELLI, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)OCTOBER 5FATHER JOHN MISTY, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 6HOZIER, Zoo Amphitheatre.OCTOBER 7ALBERT HAMMOND, Jr., Opolis. (Norman)RUN THE JEWELS, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 9JOSE GONZALEZ AND SAMANTHA CRAIN, ACM@UCO Performance Lab.MODEST MOUSE, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 11KACEY MUSGRAVES, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)JOHN CALVIN ABNEY AND LEVI PARHAM, Blue Door.COUNTING CROWS, Zoo Amphitheatre.OCTOBER 13FIDLAR, 89th St. Collective.WIDOWSPEAK, Opolis. (Norman)MUSICMore than a dozen Okie musicians are tackling The Smiths songbook in a tribute show that could be a border-line religious experience if the weather continues to stay cool and beautiful at night. The fun starts at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 27 at the Power House, 1228 SW 2nd St. Samantha Crain, Tyler Hopkins and Chelsey Cope are among the musicians playing. Its worth noting how jam-packed shows get at the Power House, but Im expecting more of a chilled listening room environment for this concert.Artists like Rachel La Vonne are coming all the way from Tulsa to perform. Lets make it worth everyones while. NATHAN POPPE, LOOKatOKC editorSEPTEMBER 27 6:30 P.M.THE SMITHS TRIBUTE SHOWA P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XS E P T E M B E R 2 3 - O C T O B E R 3 0Page 34 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMOCTOBER 17RED CITY RADIO, Blue Note.OCTOBER 18JACKSON BROWNE, Brady Theater. (Tulsa)PEACE LOVE AND GOODWILL FESTIVAL FEAT. GRAHAM COLTON AND TONY LUC-CA, Myriad Gardens.OCTOBER 19POLYPHONIC SPREE, ACM@UCO Perfor-mance Lab.OCTOBER 22PEELANDER-Z, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 23LIONEL RICHIE, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)BLITZEN TRAPPER, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 25FRUIT BATS, Opolis. (Norman)OCTOBER 26CHVRCHES, Cains Ballroom. (Tulsa)OCTOBER 30GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY, Cains Ball-room. (Tulsa)CHRIS HARDWICK, WinStar World Casino. (Thackerville)EVENTSSEPTEMBER 23OKC JAZZ FEST, noon to 9 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, 8 p.m., Burg Theatre, Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder.SEPTEMBER 24ART AFTER 5, 5 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 415 Couch Dr.ASTRONOMY NIGHT IN THE GARDEN, 8:30 p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.BROWN BAG LUNCH SPEAKER SERIES: MAPS 3 DOWNTOWN UPDATE, noon, Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.DOG SEES GOD, 7:30 p.m., Carpenter Square Theatre, 800 W. Main.EDEN, 5:30 p.m., Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr. 415 Couch Dr,OKC JAZZ FEST, noon to midnight, OKC Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK PRESENTS JULIUS CAESAR, 8 p.m., Myri-ad Gardens, 301 W Reno. 235-3700PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, 8 p.m., Burg Theatre, Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder.THREE ONE-ACT OPERAS COMEDY ON THE BRIDGE, THE WOUND DRESSER, AND DOMESTIC WARFARE :, 8 p.m., Reynolds Performing Arts Theatre, 560 Parrington Oval, Norman, 325-4101SEPTEMBER 2514TH ANNUAL ASIAN MOON FESTIVAL, 6 p.m., Plunkett Park, 100 N University Drive, Edmond, 974-3588BIG BAND FERRY CRUISE, 5 p.m., Oklaho-ma River Cruises, 701 S. Lincoln Blvd.DAVID BENOIT, 8 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.DOG SEES GOD, 8 p.m., Carpenter Square Theatre, 800 W. Main.EATS ON 8TH AND HARVEY, 6 p.m., Mid-town, 8th Street and Harvey Avenue.FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS, 11 a.m., Downtown, 530 Colcord Dr,H&8TH NIGHT MARKET, 7 p.m., 815 N Hudson.INDUSTRY FLEA, 5 to 11 p.m., Bleu Garten, 301 NW 10.THE MANHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (2015), 8 p.m., Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr.OKC JAZZ FEST, noon to 10 p.m., OKC Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker.OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK PRESENTS JULIUS CAESAR, 8 p.m., Myri-ad Gardens, 301 W Reno. 235-3700PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, 8 p.m., Burg Theatre, Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder.RODEO HALL OF FAME WEEKEND, 5:30 p.m., Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63.THREE ONE-ACT OPERAS COMEDY ON THE BRIDGE, THE WOUND DRESSER, AND DOMESTIC WARFARE :, 8 p.m., Reynolds Performing Arts Theatre, 560 Parrington Oval, Norman, 325-4101SEPTEMBER 26BIG BAND FERRY CRUISE, 5 p.m., Oklaho-ma River Cruises, 701 S. Lincoln Blvd.,CITY WILDCRAFTING WALK, 9 a.m., Good-holm Park, N Robinson and NW 26.DEAD WOODS 5K FUN/MUD RUN, 8 a.m., Dead Woods Haunted Forest, 20100 NE 178, Luther.DOWN SYNDROME FESTIVAL & 5K (FORMERLY THE BUDDY WALK), 8 a.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.GUMDROPS & LOLLIPOPS BALL, 6:30 p.m., Chevy Event Center, 429 E California, 405-740-2268HERITAGE HILLS HISTORIC HOME TOUR, 1 to 3 p.m., Overholser Mansion, 405 NW 15.THE MANHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (2015), 5:30 p.m., Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr.MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENS WALKING TOUR, 10 a.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.OKLAHOMA SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK PRESENTS JULIUS CAESAR, 8 p.m., Myri-ad Gardens, 301 W Reno.OLD VOLKS SHOW, 8 a.m., 3700 W Reno.OU UNIVERSITY THEATRE PRESENTS ARCADIA, 8 p.m., Weitzenhoffer Theatre, 500 WPETER AND THE STARCATCHER, 8 p.m., Burg Theatre, Oklahoma City University, 2501 N Blackwelder.PLAZA DISTRICT FESTIVAL, noon to 10 p.m., Lyric Theatre at the Plaza, 1700 Block of NW 16.REDMAN TRIATHLON, 7:30 a.m., 10899 N Old Lakeshore Road.RODEO HALL OF FAME WEEKEND, 5:30 p.m., Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63.THREE ONE-ACT OPERAS COMEDY ON THE BRIDGE, THE WOUND DRESSER, AND DOMESTIC WARFARE :, 8 p.m., Reynolds Performing Arts Theatre, 560 Parrington Oval, Norman, 325-4101.WEEKLY FARMERS MARKET, 9 a.m., OKC Farmers Public Market, 311 S Klein.WILDCRAFTING, 9 a.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.SEPTEMBER 27GROOVEFEST, noon to 8 p.m., Andrews Park, 528 N Park Ave, Norman.HERITAGE HILLS HISTORIC HOME TOUR, 1 to 3 p.m., Overholser Mansion, 405 NW 15.OKLAHOMA DERBY, 1:30 p.m., Remington Park, 1 Remington Pl.MUSICM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H 0 0calendarM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XS E P T E M B E R 2 3 - O C T O B E R 3 0EVENTSPage 35September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COM2015 DODGER DODGEBALL TOURNAMENTIf you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Patches OHoulihan, Dodge-ball: A True Underdog StoryThe Oklahoma City Dodgers will host the 2015 Dodger Dodge-ball Tournament 6 to 10 p.m. Oct. 1 at Chickasaw Bricktown Ball-park, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.Sixteen teams of six to 10 players will faceoff for a chance at dodgeball glory as well as three beers and a T-shirt for the entrance fee of $35. Players also receive a three-game guarantee.Team uniforms are encour-aged. Players must be 21 or older and provide a photo ID. Teams check-in is at 5:15 p.m.For more information, please call 218-2115 or email carolyn.gad-boys@okcdodgers.comOCTOBER 1 6 TO 10 P.M.THREE ONE-ACT OPERAS COMEDY ON THE BRIDGE, THE WOUND DRESSER, AND DOMESTIC WARFARE :, 3 p.m., Reynolds Performing Arts Theatre, 560 Parrington Oval, Norman, 325-4101.UPTOWN 23RD FARMERS MARKET, 11 a.m., Uptown 23rd, N Walker Avenue be-tween 23 and 25 Streets. SEPTEMBER 28FULL MOON BIKE RIDE AND SUNSET RUN, 8 p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.SEPTEMBER 29KIND YOGA SERIES, 5:45 p.m., Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno.SEPTEMBER 30CATALYST LUNCH AND LEARN AT IAO GALLERY, 11:30 a.m., IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan.LIFECHURCH.TV 5K & 1 MILE WALK, 9 a.m., LifeChurch.TV, 2001 NW 178.OCTOBER 1ART AFTER 5, 5 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 415 Couch Dr.GUTHRIE HAUNTS, 7 p.m., 4524 Riverside Circle, Guthrie.JEWEL BOX THEATER PRESENTS DIAL M FOR MURDER, 8 p.m., Jewel Box The-atre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.OKC DRINKS & EATS DODGERS DODGE-BALL TOURNAMENT, 5:30 p.m., Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr.OKCMOA FILM: LISTEN TO ME MARLON, 5:30 p.m., Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr. 415 Couch Dr.OKLAHOMA INTERNATIONAL BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Cottonwood Flats Recreation Area, Guthrie.OKLAHOMA REGATTA FESTIVAL, 6 to 10 p.m., 724 S Lincoln Blvd.OCTOBER 2ART ON TAP, 7 p.m., Oklahoma City Muse-um of Art, 415 Couch Dr.FIRST FRIDAY GALLERY WALK, 6 to 10 p.m., 3011 Paseo.FIRST FRIDAYS WINE & JAZZ AT WATERS EDGE WINERY, 7 p.m., Waters Edge Win-ery, 712 N Broadway.FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS, 11 a.m., Downtown, 530 Colcord Dr.FRACK FEST, 4 p.m., The Paramount OKC, 701 W Sheridan.FRIGHTFEST, 7 p.m., Frontier City, 11501 N I 35 Service Road.GUTHRIE HAUNTS, 7 p.m., 4524 Riverside Circle, Guthrie.JEWEL BOX THEATER PRESENTS DIAL M FOR MURDER, 8 p.m., Jewel Box The-atre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.OKLAHOMA INTERNATIONAL BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., Cottonwood Flats Recreation Area, Guthrie.OKLAHOMA REGATTA FESTIVAL, 6 to 10 p.m., 724 S Lincoln Blvd.ORR FAMILY FARMS ZOMBIE APOCA-LYPSE PAINTBALL, 8 p.m., Orr Family Farm, 14400 S Western.THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 8 p.m., The Boom, 2218 NW 39.THE SANCTUARY HAUNTED HOUSE, 8 p.m., The Sanctuary, 12101 N I-35 Service Road.OCTOBER 350TH ANNUAL OKLAHOMA CZECH FES-TIVAL, 10 a.m., Downtown, Main, Yukon, 206-8142FIESTAS DE LAS AMERICAS, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Capitol Hill, SW 25 Street.FRACK FEST, 10 a.m., The Paramount OKC, 701 W Sheridan Ave.A P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XS E P T E M B E R 2 3 - O C T O B E R 3 0EVENTSPage 36 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMHOFBRAUHAUS HELLES LAGER | $12 | FASSLER HALLProst! In honor of Oktoberfest, the worlds largest beer fest ongoing now through the end of the month in Munich, Germany, spend an evening trying authentic Bavarian beer at one of the fest tables at Fassler Hall, 421 NW 10 in Midtown.Oktoberfest, a 182-year-old festival, features enormous beer tents serving brews from Munichs big six breweries Augustiner, Hofbrauhaus (the Bavarian state brewery), Pauliner, Hacker-Pschorr, Spaten and Lowenbrau in liter-sized mugs called a Mass. About 6 million people attend each year.Fassler Hall features 18 beers on tap, with six special Oktoberfest brews. All together, the German, beer-hall-style restaurant serves more than 100 types of beers, both domestic and imported.Fassler Halls Oktoberfest kick-off party starts Thursday, Sept. 24 and continues through Sunday, Sept. 27.Treat yourself to a special Oktoberfest brew from one of these breweries. When youre finished youll find yourself saying, Noch ein bier, bitte! or Another one please!And dont forget the pretzel and brat.OPEN AT 11 A.M. DAILYM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H 0 0calendarM O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XS E P T E M B E R 2 3 - O C T O B E R 3 0Page 37September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMA P R I L 2 3 - M A Y 6calendar M O N T H 0 0 - M O N T H X XS E P T E M B E R 2 3 - O C T O B E R 3 0JUST WATERCOLORS, Sept. 23-30, Ed-mond Library, 10 S. Boulevard St, Edmond.LIGHTS FROM OUR ANCESTORS ART-WORK BY HENRI BADIANE, Sept. 23-Dec. 5, The Owens Arts Place Museum, 1202 E Harrison, Guthrie, 260-0204.ENTER THE MATRIX: INDIGENOUS PRINT-MAKERS, Sept. 23-Jan. 16, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, 555 Elm, Norman100 YEARS OF END OF THE TRAIL: A CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, SEPT. 23-Oct. 25, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63, 478-2250INTERPRETING CLOUDS: WORKS BY DAVID HOLLAND, Sept. 23-Oct. 15, South Lobby of the Crystal Bridge, 301 W Reno.ARTWORK BY KAY SMITH AND JANE WHITE, Sept. 23-30, Studio Gallery, 2646 W Britton Road, 752-2642.ARTWORK BY ROBERT PETERSON, Sept. 23-Oct. 30, 50 Penn Art Gallery, 1900 Northwest Expressway, 848-5567.BERT SEABOURN: AMERICAN EXPRES-SIONIST, Sept. 23-Jan. 9, Gaylord-Pickens Museum, 1400 Classen Dr.CALE CHADWICK, Sept. 23-Oct. 31, Exhibit C Art Gallery, 1 E Sheridan.FABERGE: JEWELER TO THE TSARS, through Sept. 27, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Dr.JOQIGACUT: TIPI WITH BATTLE PIC-TURES, Sept. 23-April 9, Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 521-2491.NAVAJO WEAVINGS FROM THE PAM PARRISH COLLECTION, Sept. 23-March 14, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63.PHOTOGRAPHING THE PLAINS: FARM SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, 193545, Sept. 23-Feb. 29, Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., 521-2491.A YEAR IN THE AVALON: ARTWORK BY EIGHT URBAN CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, Sept. 24-Oct. 31, Purple Loft Art Gallery, 514 NW 28, 412-7066.VISUAL ART12TH ANNUAL CONSTRUCTION DERBYThe Construction Derby, to be held 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on NW 5 Street between Walker and Shartel Avenues, will feature a non-motorized vehicle race chil-drens activities, car show, racing and tailgating. Pro-ceeds from the race benefit Rebuilding Together OKC, a nonprofit dedicated to repairing homes of Oklahoma Citys frail and elderly.Two classes will compete professional and ama-teur racing vehicles constructed of materials com-monly used to make home modifications and repairs. The winning team from each class will receive a grand prize. Unique trophies also will be given in six catego-ries in each class: Best Use of Accessories and in Keep-ing with the RT Mission, Team Spirit, Best Dressed Pit Crew, Best Entry Name, Turtle and Most Creative.OCTOBER 4 11:30 A.M. TO 4 P.M.Page 38 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMshotsWHERE: HEARD ON HURD, EDMONDEdmonds food truck festival continues to grow and slowly shape its down-town streets into an entertainment destination.|1| Jossi, Paul and Andrea |2| Rachel and Elizabeth |3| Payne and Getse Photos by Steven Maupin, for LOOKatOKC010302Page 39September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMshotsWHERE: WEST FEST, OKLAHOMA CITYWestern Avenue attracted roughly 5,000 people to its inaugural music and street festival. |1| Emily |2| Abby and Clay |3| Cat and Cody |4| Erin and Alisha | Photos by Steven Maupin, for LOOKatOKC04030102Page 40 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM2011 Crown Victoria, 28.5K mi,warranty, $15,000 obo, 262-5646'03 Taurus SES very nice83K mi. $3450 863-6399'94 Civic 4dr auto, OK cond., runs& drives great $1,000. 204-2792OWNERS ONLYWant to buy 02-07 Liberty fwdin excellent cond. 405-640-4553'02 Lexus RX300, 145K,Excellent $5,500 326-8855'14 MKZ Hybrid, blk/blk,12,900 mi, every opt, perfectcond, $31,000. 627-24561991 RX7 convertible, good condi-tion, all original, red, $3500 obo,405-657-4504.2010 E550 two door, like new,67K mi, black, $19,900 637-86522004 S60 2.5T EC, loaded, tint,low mi, gas saver, back to schoolspecial $4995 obo, 213-3471.1966 International 1800 Series,V8, gas, twin screw rear ends,20ft flatbed, 9K actual miles,still like new, never used much,$6,000 885-2572'91 Chevy Kodiak 2.5 ton w/12'solid steel dump bed, motor notrunning $2500obo. Will sell justdump bed or whole trk. 885-2572'08 Ford F550 Super Duty 4WD,auto, crew cab, diesel engine,flatbed with gooseneck trailerhookup, low miles. NADA loanvalue $24,735. Will sell for$22,500 405-275-329405 Chevy Tahoe Z-71 leatherloaded white $6950 863-63992004 Chevy Silverado, single cabshort wide bed, all pwr, V8, tintedlights, chrome wheels, all newtires, very nice, $6500. 640-1876'79 Chevrolet 25003/4 ton, 4x4, 350, 4spd, 35k origmiles 409-0493 8am-4pm $3300.WE BUY VEHICLES!Any Make, Model or Condition.Free haul off forunwanted vehicles. 24/7.100 mile radius of OKC. Honest.405-255-5962.C A S H 4 VEHICLESUP TO $10,000Cars Trucks SUV Any CondWe Pay Cash & Tow Free7 8 8 - 2 2 2 2$$$$$$$$$CASH FOR CARS405-512-7278$500 - $10,000$$ Fast Cash $$Cars-Pickups-SUVS $ 946-4371 $$125 & Up for most non-runningvehicles, no title ok. 405-8196293AAA cash car, trk cycle. Run/not-free tow. Some $350+ 850-96962004 Regal LS only 71K milesrblt title $4800 obo 405-404-6911BEST VALUEON NEW CADILLACSUNITED CADILLAC800-310-61302012 Cadillac SRXPerformance FWD, blk w/ tan int,loaded, like new, 1 owner! 8K mi.405-641-8466. $33,990.'03 Dodge Durango Sprt, nice, CDcold air depend. $3950. 863-6399'13 Ford F150 Raptor, ext. terrain,int. black, loaded 46K miles, exc.cond. $49,000 Call 850-0576.99 Ford reg. cab shortbed Sport150 5pd 6cyl $3150 863-6399GIANT INVENTORY OF TRUCKSUNITED CHEVY BUICKCADILLAC GMC800-310-6130'06 GMC Sierra 1500reg. cab, swb, 5.3, auto, 20's, bil-lit grill, new tires & shocks, 125kmiles 409-0493 8am-4pm $9000.'95 Toyota PU new trans & timingburgundy $4,000obo. 796-8310'07 Chevy HR nice dependableclean $5250 863-6399'02 Ford Expedition, 3rd row, nice.Cold ac, $4450. 863-63992004 Honda Odyssey, leather, air,auto, good cond, $4995, 445-9678.'79 Galaxy Tri Hull 16' boat.$1500 405-659-6388'05 Harley Davidson Sportster,XLC 883 w/ extras, low miles, ExcCond, $3000 obo 405-815-70472000 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 CC FIVery Good Cond. Garage Kept,Call for Details. $4000.405-799-7402 Ask for Tom.NO FREE RIDES!'04 Honda VTX 1300 C, 11,972actual miles, like new, new tires,$4,000obo. 405-820-2339 No Text2008 Harley Sportster 1200XLtrike, 3500 original miles, likenew, $21,999 obo, 405-600-8690.CORRECTED: 2006 WinnebagoItasca Spirit, exc. cond. Asking$36,000. 1 owner, non-smoking,no pets, 30K miles, Class C, 4Chassis, 29.8 length, Ford E4506.8L Super Duty V-10, gasoline,automatic, 2 slide outs, sleeps6-8, microwave, gas stove/oven,double sink, refrigerator/freezer,walk-in seamless shower, auto-matic leveling jack & awning. 826-3194 or 517-8381 1993 Newmar 34' Class A RVGood Condition. Gasoline En-gine/460 Ford 77,000 miles. Slideout, built in generator, see to ap-preciate. Optional tow vehicle forsale. 2002 Honda CRV All WheelDrive. 84,000 miles. Add $7000$13,000 Pat at 405-650-82314632 SE 19th Del City2014 Keystone Hideout 5th wheel36 foot, 2 bed, 1.5 bath, exteriorkitchen, $29,000, 405-370-8915.CLERICAL POSITION$15/Hour. 37.5 Hours per week.Health insurance & pension plan.Send resume to: Roofers LocalUnion 143, 111 NE 26th,Oklahoma City, OK 73105.OFFICE ASSISTANTPT Office Assistant needed forEdmond, OK transit system.Saturdays only and possiblesubstitute for FT staff.Please contact 405-509-6370OLD REPUBLICNeeds Admin. Assist.FT, Mon-Fri, Ex ben, must bedetailed, able to Multi-task, EOE405-942-4848GRAPHIC DESIGNERGRAPHIC DESIGN SIGN INDUS-TRY/ COREL DRAW. SUPERIORNEON CO. (405) 528-5515Auto Technicianneeded with experience & toolsfor high volume shop. LOTS ofwork, great pay & benefits, yearround work. Apply in person atOKC AutoWorks, 701 SE 89th.REYNOLDS FORD LINCOLN OFEDMONDHas an immediate opening fora Lube/ Tire Tech &Transmission Tech. Sendresume or come by to fill outan application. Completelyconfidential. Ask for ForrestReining or John CottonMemorial and Western.freining@reynoldsautos.com405-475-9000Truck Mechanic Neededfor RDSI Waste Services.405-348-8411 orEmail info@rdsiok.comAnalyst, G.I.S.Apps. Accepted Sept. 18-Oct. 16,2015 beginning salary $45,408.26-$48,080.13 based on Exper. Bach-elor Degree in GIS or a closely re-lated field + 2 to 3 yrs. exper. Inlocal gov. GIS and/or CityworksAMS., GIS design and SpatialAnalysis, exper. With ArcGISDesktop, SQL Server RDBMS,SDE geodatabases, VB. Net orPython, and Cystal Reports pre-ferred.Obtain app. atwww.midwestcityok.orgor at MWC City Hall 100 N Mid-west Blvd. Midwest City, OK73110. EOE.Page 41September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMCSR, Outbound Sales &Appointment SettingsMorning and eveningshifts available.FT position. Great Pay andBenefits! Fax resume to405-794-2037 or email tooffice@aircomfortsolutions.netVatterott College has anopening for a part-timeEnglish Instructorat its Oklahoma City campus.Requirements: Minimum ofa Masters Degree and15 Semester Hours of Englishcredit verifiable by transcripts.Please submit resumes tofrank.smith@vatterott.eduor fax to 314-264-1747.2 Star Child Care Centernow hiring FT & PT Teachers &Staff. Good pay, great center.Call 405-632-6724.AMERICAN CLEANERSCustomer Service Reps-Full timeStarting at $10/Hour. Apply at13901 N. May, OKC, OK 73134BOARD OPERATORBOTT Radio Network, OK 800AM, is accepting applications forPART TIME BOARD OPERATORMail resumes with cover letter to1919 N Broadway, OKC, OK73103, fax 405-521-1391, or emailkqcv@bottradionetwork.comNO CALLS. EOE.Crossroads Youth andFamily Services, Inc.Hiring Immediately inNorman, Moore, & Lawton Head Start & Early HeadStart Teacher Assistant Teacher Temporary ClassroomSupport Bus Driver Bus Monitor Cook PT Direct Care StaffWe offer CompetitiveSalaries & Great Benefits.Apply www.crossroadsyfs.orgfax: (405) 292-6442 or emailhrads@crossroadsyfs.comEEOCCUSTODIANS F/T - P/TFor Mid-Del area, must passbackground check, no felonies.Pay is $8.00 per hour. For moreinfo 732-8864 M-F 8:30-2:00pm.Apply at: sodexousa.jobsDriller Helper &Field TechnicianWill train. Some Benefits.Apply in person at809 NW 34th in Moore.Drivers & Insulation Installersneeded Okc & surrounding area.Fax res to 878-8615 or pickup app3805 N Market Ave in Shawnee.DRIVERS WANTED NOW!NO CDL REQUIREDMust be 21+ Pass Drug/BG,Valid DL, clean MVR,www.RCXHires.comFence Installation Crew1-2 yrs exp. installing residential&/or commercial fence required.Apply in person only:Allied Fence Co. of OKC, Inc.4836 NW 10th St., OKC 73127FIREFIGHTERNo exp needed. Training, travel,great pay/benefits/vacation& regular raises.HS grads ages 17-30.Call Mon-Fri 1-800-492-4841.HOUSEKEEPERSFT/PT. Apply in person at BassPro Shop. Ask for Housekeeping.No phone calls accepted.JANITORIAL FLOOR TECHSfor buffing, carpet cleaning &other duties, FT evenings. Paidvacation & holidays. Apply be-tween 4pm-6pm, Mon-Th, 1024 N.Tulsa Ave, OKC. Se Habla EspanolJANITORIAL Individuals &Couples to clean office bldgs, PTevenings, M-F. Pd holidays. Apply4-6 PM, Tue-Thur, at 1024 N.Tulsa Ave, OKC. Se Habla EspanolP/T-F/T C-STORE/DELI - incl.weekends - experienced, mature,responsible, far NW OKC/Edmond. 283-2620, leave msg.Residential Manager and HTSFull time and part time positions.Mid-Del Group Home in MWC.405-732-8568ROUTE SERVICENational Co. Load and servicevending machines. Salary -Comm. - $30K/yr. Benefits.Drug test. Apply M-F, 9-11am,6101 NW 2nd, resume tooffice@hayescanteen.comACMAs/CMAs/MATs NEW OWNERSHIP New Benefit Pkg Coming SoonApply in personSommerset Neighborhood1601 SW 119th St. 405-691-9221CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES& 24 HOUR LIVE-IN CAREGIVERSCaring for SeniorsIMMEDIATE OPENINGSPT/FT FLEXIBLE SHIFTS, BENEFITSTo Apply Call 577-1910Visiting AngelsReceptionist / InsuranceF/T Searching for a detailoriented individual with excellentpeople and telephone skills thatenjoys working in a team orientedenvironment. Fax resume to405-348-8221EMTsneeded for basic ambulanceservice in Crescent, OK.Call 405-969-2000MEDICAL ASSISTANTNeeded for fast paced specialtymedical office. Must have flexiblehours and previous experience asCertified Medical Assistant.Please email resume tobillmt@cox.netPeds office looking for Nursesto perform wide range of tasks.Must be a team player.Email resume toattention Ericaerica.nwpeds@gmail.comDirect Care WorkerGenesis Project, group home forabused boys in DHS custody,ages 6-12. All shifts available.Salary plus healthinsurance. Send resume todawn@genesiskids.comFood and Beverage Managers& Maintenance SupervisorsApply in person or emailresume@onehospitalitygroup.comHoliday Inn OKC Airport4401 SW 15th - OKCStaybridge Suites OKC Airport4411 SW 15th - OKCHoliday Inn OKC Quail Springs13800 Quail Springs Pkwy - OKCI am a Housekeeper and Sitter forelderly looking for work.References. 314-9702Make Ready/MaintenancePT. Must be dependable. Knowl-edge of CH&A and plumbing help-ful. Please call 405-831-4183.The City of Edmond is takingapplications for FACILITYTECH/HVAC APPRENTICE,GOLF MAINTENANCEWORKER, SOLID WASTETRUCK DRIVER & FIELD SER-VICES WORKERS. For details &other positions go towww.edmondok.com/jobs orcall 405-359-4648. Apply at7 North BroadwayCNC Lathe MachinistDuncan, OK Hiring for DAY &NIGHT SHIFT. Min. 2 yr. exp.Must run close tolerances and bequality minded. Nightshift $2Differential. Great benefits. TopWages. Call (580) 252-2284 oremail machjob@yahoo.comEntry Level media strategist /buyer for advertising agency.Bachelors degree required.Attention to detail a must.Excellent computer & communi-cation skills required. Sendresume to Blee@monarchokc.comBusy Jackson Hewitt Tax ServiceOffice in Oklahoma City andsurrounding cities seek aTax Professionalwith 3+ years exp. preparingindividual income tax returns.CPA, EA, or IRS Registered TaxReturn Preparer is preferred.Successful applicant will lead inthe preparation and review of taxreturns, as well as work directlywith clients on a wide range ofother tax related issues.For more information, please callJackson Hewitt Tax Service at405-942-1980.COLLECTOR - Growing law firmseeking experienced Collector orwill train the right person. Highpay, obtainable bonus, greatbenefits, including 401K.Fax resume: 405-773-2602Attn: Jim BelcherReynolds Fordof NormanF&I ProducerWith a Proven TrackRecordRare opportunity forthis position.Great Pay Plan andOpportunity for 6 figureincome.Call 405-321-2411 andset up a time forconfidential interview.Applicants subject tothorough backgroundcheck."Equal OpportunityEmployer."THERAPISTOklahomas largest therapeuticfoster care agency is seeking afull time therapist to be part ofour OKC team. Must belicensed or under supervision.Competitive salary andbenefits. Please email resumeto Jobs@cflfostercare.comor fax it to 405-751-6488.Buffalo Wild WingsWe are hiring New Manage-ment Members who are lookingto be part of a Great Team anda fast growing company. Earnup to $40,000 as an Assistantand get bonuses in AGM andGM positions with highersalaries. We always try to pro-mote from within for AGM andGM positions, and are currentlylooking for team players want-ing a better balanced lifestylewhile we update our schedulesto be more family friendly.$40,000okbwwresumes@aol.comCook/Dietary AideWe have positions for botha cook & dietary aide.Inquire about the hours.We offer a competitive salary& benefits. Apply in person.Grace Living Center505 East Wilshire Blvd.Just east of Broadway Ext.& WilshireR & K Cigars12325 N May, Suite 102,Part Time AssociateApply in personB Sew Inn, located atI -240 & Penn in OKC, has afulltime position available for aRetail Sales Person.Sales Experience is preferred, butnot required. This position will of-fer hourly pay plus commission &a full benefit package, includinghealth insurance, paid time off,holidays & retirement programs.Days & hours will vary but willrange between Monday-Saturday,10:00 am-6:00 pm on most days.Apply online athttp://www.bsewinn.com/PDFs/BSI_Employee_Application.pdfor by emailing your resume tolisa@bsewinn.com orin person at the store location.SIGN SALESSIGN INDUSTRY EXPERIENCEAND COREL DRAW SOFTWAREPREFERRED. COMMISSIONBASED/ SUPERIOR NEON CO.(405) 528-551510 Wheeler Dump TruckDriver NeededClean CDL, background check,drug test. Serious inq. only.918-948-5413.Air Comfort Solutions,Oklahoma City & Tulsa'slargest residential service &replacement companyis seeking qualifiedResidentialJourneyman PLUMBER.Excellent Benefits & Pay!Must have excellent drivingrecord & pass drug screen.Apply in person at908 Messenger Ln, Moore, OK,call Pam at 721-3740, or emailpchapman@aircomfortsolutions.netAir Comfort Solutions,Oklahoma City and Tulsa'slargest residential service andreplacement company,is seeking qualifiedHVAC Service Techs& InstallersExcellent benefits and pay.Must have excellent drivingrecord. Apply in person at908 Messenger Ln, Moore, OK.Comm'l Architectural Cabinet/Millwork Co. seeking exp'dProject Manager/Estimator.Please call405-557-0358Page 42 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMHEAVY EQUIPMENT/DIESEL MECHANIC405-642-4194, DannyMid-Del Public Schoolsis currently acceptingapplications for:Electrician Access Control Specialist Mechanical Foreman.Please apply online athttps://mss.mid-del.net/MSS/default.aspxor contact 405-737-4461Ext. 1218.BUS OPERATORFT Bus Operator needed forEdmond, OK transit system.Class B licensed with Passengerendorsement. Please contact405-509-6370Harvest Crew needsCombine Operators &CDL Truck Driversfor Midwest. Call 405-833-3183.HOFFMAN TRANSPORTATIONFLATBED CDL DRIVERS NEEDED$500 SIGN ON BONUSHOME WEEKENDSCALL ANNE 405-224-1333ANNE@HOFFMANTRANS.NETLocal Trucking Co. seekingDispatcher/Sales for small OTRFleet. Benefits offered. Resumeto The Oklahoman, Box #2146 POBox 25125, OKC, OK 73125-0125Roll Off Driverswanted for Edmond wastemanagement company.Call 348-8411 or emailresumes to info@rdsiok.com1N to 5A E of OKC, pay out dn.100's choices, many M/H readyTERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695www.paulmilburnacreages.comCall for Maps! See why we sellmore acreages than anyone inOkla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695PIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N KellerWilliams Platinum 373-2494Wellington Park 4bd 3ba 3ga13920 Middleberry Road (623-6590) Open Hse Sun 2-4 $299,000Exc cond 3/2/2 1980sf, built 85,xtra storage, 2 huge shops, stormcellar $174,900 Rlty Exp 414-8753Open Sun 2-5 713 Buckhorn WayHunters Hill adn 1900sf 3bd 2ba3car Lake View. 405-816-5665Bank Owned 3/1K /2, 2liv, 1533sfstorage, new carpet, appls, paint& more $104,900RltyExp414-8753Bank Owned 3/2K /2 2118sf .25acsparkling inground pool, MooreSchls $139,900 Rlty Exp 414-8753Open Sun 9/20 1-4 Updated 3/1/2SS appls, granite, tile $103,900200 Vine St 918-829-649629365 Oklahoma St. (or SE 29).Harrah. Renovated & nice. 1.34 A.4/2/2. 2654ft. Built 2001. Agent473-3247 homesofokcinc.com19750 84th St., Lexington. 2991sf4/2/2. Rock on 2 beautiful acres.Renovated and nice. Must see.Agent 473-3247 or 799-5531www.homesofokcinc.comPIEDMONT OPEN SUN 2-5.Model home. New hms onK ac lots. From NW Expwy& Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N KellerWilliams Platinum 373-249410ac Mobile Home Park-28 spaces1 house + 19 park owned mobilehomes. 5 miles W. of Tri City inBridgecreek, $9000 mo income,405-793-1719 or 405-626-20223 bed, 1 car, fenced yard, all appli-ances, 7006 NW 60th, $850month, 405-640-7209.3 bed, 1 bath, 2 car with opener,ch&a, $895, 405-417-5833.NEW ON MARKET 3 bed, 2 bath,2car, Section 8 OK, no applicationfee. (405) 595-9424 or 702-9798VINTAGE GARDENS: Very Nice3/2/2, Gated, Available Oct 1st.$1,750/mo+$1,000dep. No Pets,No Smoking 918-421-968612 Homes 2-4 beds $625-1425Express Realty 844-6101www.expressrealtyok.com2 story 3bd, 2ba, 2car, 1,400sf,$1,100mo + $1,100dep. 824-8954Copperfield 2 st. 3/2.5/2 new a/cstrm shltr 2400' $1,550, 822-19609309 NE 14th St 4bd 2.5ba ch&ahdwd flrs $695 mo 413-62043510 Brittany Ct Large luxury 2bd2 full bath, 2car garage w/opener,fp, huge walk in closets, all appls,ch/a. Mowing included. Only$950. Fidelity RE 410-4200801 N Robinson Remodeled 3/2/2Elegant $1150 Harris RE 410-4300Efficiency 2008 1/2 NE 16 Ter., 1ba, 1 kitchen, 1 lrg room, $380mo+ dep. Others available. 474-1904LARGE HOME FOR RENT2500 SQ FT. HOME 4bed, 2.25ba,2 Car Garage, SHOWN BY APPT.405 550-42872 Homes 3 bed $995-1395Express Realty 844-6101www.expressrealtyok.com315 NW 89th 4bd 1.5ba ch&a sec8 ok. $900mo $600dep 204-5500626 NW 26th 5bd 3ba ch&a$1475mo $1000dep 204-55003313 NW 42nd, 3 bed, 1 ba, newcarpet/paint, $800, 918-857-6601.12201 Rivendell4 Bed/4.5 baths/3 Car Garage,3800 MOL, In Rivendell Add, ForLease or Purchase Call WillieMetro First Realty 405-514-40553BR, 1BA, brick, CH&A, FreshUpdate, 2229 SW 61st,$750/mo+$750dep. 641-3514Large 3 bed w/loft washer/dryer hookup, fenced yard $595mo $350 dep. pets OK, 631-8039.3/1, ch&a, cellar, 2748 SW 45th,$650/mo + dep, 795-3978.3409 S Liberty, 4 bed, 1.75 bath,$900 mo + dep. 685-82404bed, 2bath, 3car garage, 2500sf$1,450/mo+dep. 405-850-00112609 Lakeside Drive2bed, 1ba, 1 Car. 517-5822WE SELL & FINANCEbeautiful acreages for mobilehomes-Milburn o/a 275-1695Summer Clearance Sale. Lendersoffering zero down w/land & lessthan perfect credit programs.Limited time, select models. Freedelivery & set. $2,000 Furnitureallowance w/purchase. WAC.405-631-7600Abandoned 4bed DoublewideSet up on 20 Acres.Call for Details 405-631-760062 ACRES OF PRIMEHUNTING LANDOKLAHOMA COUNTYLUTHER OK AREASECLUDED * PONDHARDWOOD TIMBER * DEERTURKEY * HAY MEADOWSABSOLUTE AUCTIONNO MINIMUM * NO RESERVETHURS OCT 8TH 10 AMLandBuzz.com 580-237-7174PUBLIC AUCTONFriday, October 2nd, 10 AM.Convenience store & shop inGotebo, OK.Car wash in Mountain View, OK.Visit www.putmanauction.comor call 580-832-5714.I BUY & SELL HOUSES27 YRS EXP 650-7667HOMESOFOKCINC.COMK Office, K Warehouse. 1100sf.7925 N Hudson Suite D 842-7300 Fall Leasing SpecialMcCasland Office Park510 E. Memorial Rd. Prime NWOKC/Edmond office space in hightraffic area. Right off BroadwayExt. Easy access to OKC/Edmond.Completely updated exterior andinterior, new carpet/paint. 2075sf$2250mo Call 755-3785 Ask aboutspecial! KimMarie@mccasland.coGREAT Office Space. Various NWlocations, 300-6000sf 946-25162100sf Ofc/Warehouse. 3 phaseelectric, 30,000 BTU heater, ADAbathroom, $900mo 405-692-6123MOVE IN NOW!2 bed from $575Try Plaza East 341-4813UNFURNISHEDALL BILLS PAIDRates starting at $825/mo.Free Flat Screen TVwith 12 month lease.Citadel Suites 405-942-00165113 N. BrooklineIncluded are the following: All Utilities Cable High speed internet 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri.Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills PaidUnfurn 1 bed $169 wk, $680 mo;Unfurn 2 bed $189 wk, $810 mo;Furn 1 bed $179 wk, $720 mo;Furn 2 bed $199 wk, $840 mo;Deposits: 1 bed $150, 2 bed $200;$25 application fee paid at rental;Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts,Hillcrest (SW OKC), 370-1077.CRESCENT PARK newly remod!!63rd/May Hdwd flrs secure quiet1 & 2 beds New owner! 840-7833907 N Kentucky -Eff. apt w/bath,kitchenette, bills paid, $435+dep.Proof of income, 473-6400Quiet Casady Lg 1bd $515Laundry & pool. 751-8088MAYFAIR Great loc! 1&2 bd W/Dhdwd flr quiet secure 947-5665800 N Meridian1 Bedroom 946-95061213 SW 60th, 2bd apts, $475 mo$200 dep, stove, dishwasher,fridge. Clean! No Sec 8 632-98492409 SW 45th Clean & Quiet 1bd1ba, stove, fridge $375 mo, $200dep, no sec 8 314-46672Br/2B Condo NW OKC11525 N Meridian Quiet, private.Appliances+W/D. No smokers,pets $975/mo Call/text405-204-7224Northwest2/2, 1st flr. for 55yrs+ , $975incl.util. Call for info. 843-5026.4309 N. June Ave 2/1.5/2No Smoking, Section 8 or Pets,$975/mo + $975dep. 942-440833rd & N Western 2b 1b new kitbath ch&a & appls $695 417-5833Super Specials for 1 & 2 bedroomquadraplexes available now.2211 S. Kentucky Pl. 632-6414Se Habla EspaolPage 43September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 44 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMAussie Heeler Texas Heelerss/w vet ck $300 405-659-9265Australian Shepherds, reg,M&F, toy black tris ON SALE,$350-$500 580-504-0585,patnpaints2002@yahoo.comwww.aussiestoymini.comBASSETT HOUND PUPPIES, AKC,all colors, will be ready 9/26,taking deposits, will text pics,$450 580-574-3243Beagle Pups, AKC reg., 7wks, 3F,3M, 1st shots, $250ea w/papers,405-765-2106Bloodhound Puppies, Registered,9wks, Males $400, Females $450. 405-328-0658 Blood Hound Pups, AKC, s/w,$350ea, 405-818-1024, No ChecksBoston Terrier ACA 8wks Beauti-ful dark red & white F, s/w/dc,m-chipped, $400. 405-612-5008Boston Terrier Puppiess/w vet ck 5M $300 405-566-9520Boxer Puppies, AKC, 5M, 3F,parents on site, full AKC registra-tion, 1st set of shots, worming,dewclaws removed, tails docked$400ea. 405-221-7390BRITTANY, AKC puppies,Field Trial Bloodline, ParentsHunt, 2 males left, $400,580-678-4134.Chihuahua, TEACUPS, 8wks,TINY, $250 Cash 405-434-1421Chihuahua ACA Tiny Teacups 3m2f Black. S/W. $550ea 627-0419CHIHUAHUAS, Itty Bitty,registered, teacups, $250 cash,405-808-3520 or 405-808-8744.English Bulldog Puppies7wk,AKC,vet checked,wormedand first shots.I do accept debt/credit cards. $1500 $1500 Traci405-830-7367English Bulldog PuppiesAKC reg., 2 males 5 females, Born8/22, Accepting deposits. Picsavailable upon request. Puppieswill be vaccinated, microchippedand dewormed. $1400 call/text405-301-1743English Bulldogs Full AKC4 girls and 2 boys. Must seethese puppies! 1 yr. health guar-antee. Will come UTD on shotsand wormings. Taking deposits,will be ready to come home byHalloween! $1700 580-512-7186ENGLISH BULLDOGS AKCSOLD AS PAIR $2000 can breed.3yr M 5yr F 405-295-2101GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPYFemale German Shepard puppy,has recently turned 8 weeks old.She has been around dogs of allsizes and is very social with bothdogs and people. Also has re-cently been treated for fleas andticks. Looking to give her to a lov-ing home. $300 (405) 410 - 6538German Shepherd PupsChampion Heidelberg GermanShepherds pups and adults. Ser-vice Dogs. Free Training.$1,200.00 (918) 261-4729 http://keystonegermanshepherds.com/GERMAN SHEPHERDAKC Sables M & F-POP S&Wadorable cute 6 week old pupswith great attitudes ready for agood loving home $600.405-650-2910 or 405-664-4517GERMAN SHEPHERD AKC1M black, 3F black & tan, 5mos,vet ckd s/w $650ea 405-433-2438German Shepherd Puppies, AKC$600-$700, 405-387-4813GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES,AKC, M & F, s/w, POP,Ready to go! $600. 918-387-4216or text 405-612-9943 for pics.GoldendoodlesBeautiful F1B Goldendoodles!!5M 2F $700-$900 405-473-64972369 Heatherfield LaneExtra sharp 2bd townhome,completely remodeled, only $650Fidelity RE 410-4200Westbury 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car,Mustang Schools, $985 + deposit,405-640-7113.Sml 2bd part furn btwn Mustang& Union City. wat/garbage paid$450mo 641-3344 or 376-02363bd, 2ba w/appliances included+ W&D, storage shed.Edmond Schools. No Pets.348-6240 or 623-1181MWC For Rent/Sale. Nice homes$400/up. RV space $200 763-3627Share house with F, $600 mo, 1st& last, all bills paid, 405-600-8690Samsung 36 cu ft frig, 3 doors,like new, paid $1600, asking$1200, 405-249-4029.Daryl's Appliance: W&D $100+,limited supply!5yr war. refr/stove$125 & up, 1yr war. 405-632-8954HUGE ESTATE AUCTION55 Year Collection1925 West Ashley Dr, Edmond(1 mi N of Waterloo off Santa Fe)SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 9:00Preview Dates and Time:Fri 9/25 2-6PM, Sat, 9/26 8-9AMAdvertising (Oil/Cola), Antiques,Primitives, Furniture, Glass,Home Dcor, Bedding, Lawn/Gar-den, Tools, Collection: 200+ FruitJuicers, Jadite, Delphite, RangeSets, Fire King, Soda FountainDispensers, Hoosier Cabinets,many hard to find items; manymore items, too numerous to list.12 ft. Cargo Trailer, 2007 Ford Fo-cus, John Deere Mower, BillyGoat Lawn Vacuum-Shredder,etc.Haskell Auction Service,918-482-3947, Pictures:Haskell Auction on Facebook.There will be tented seating,a food truck, and porta potties.Auction Sat Sept 26 9:30 am14800 SW 104, Mustang, Okla.2002 F350 7.3 diesel 73,000miles. 2004 Hitchhiker 35 ft 5thwheel 3 slides ex cond. 2012Kioti UTV. Bass Buster 9ftboat. Suzuki mini pickup. Lots ofdeer feeders, lots of deer blinds.Game cameras. Dog kennel, 20 ftcar hauler. 16 ft trailer.Lots of rifles and shotguns.For pics and info see or call:kencarpenterauction.com405-620-1524HUGE ABSOLUTE AUCTIONSat Sept 26th 10amAutos, guns, jewelry, antiques,mower, house & all contents.This is a packed auction3216 SW 65th StreetAmerican Auction 405-412-06982 Auctions 9/26&9/27 @ 23rd St.Sat @5p private sellers coin coll .Sun Estate & consignment @ 1:302403 N. Westminster NP www.23rdstreetauctionhouse.com .405-833-2787NEED 20,000 BOOKS, CDs, DVDsrecords, posters, art, collections.Tulsa. Will travel. Can pick up in24 hrs. Gardner's Used Books.Largest book store in Okla!!(918) 409-1096 627-7323 250-7381Sheet Metal 3'x10' $16.Mon-Sat 390-2077, 694-7534COIN AUCTION SAT 9/26@ 5PPreview @3P.NO BUYERS FEEPrivate seller over 400 lotswww.23rdstreetauctionhouse.com 2403 N Westminster NicomaPark 73066 . . 405-833-27872001 Kubota Tractor with boxblade, 299 hours, 43hp, 4WD,$10,000 OBO. 405-799-2039.165 MF 54hp $1000; Shibaura frntend loader 28hp $2000; Hobartgenerator welder & gas weldercompletely $2500; Gold miningwash plant completely $5,000.Some farm equip. 405-919-0219HOUSEFULL FURNITUREMUST SELL! Complete livingroom with 3 recliners, 7 piece din-ing with matching hutch and 3bar stools, 2 complete queen bed-room set, washer and dryer andvarious other mdse. $2500 OBO405-550-2738Queen sz mattress & box spring,6mos old, $150. 405-391-3733CA$H For Diabetic Test StripsWe buy sealed unexpired diabeticstrips. Free Pickup & Delivery.OKC/Tulsa/Lawton 405-212-4700Hospital bedHeavy Duty extra wide(42inches) electric Hi-Lo hospital bedwith adjustable head and foot.New Remote. $999.405-514-4653Nice electric wheelchair, 500 lbweight limit $495 405-463-0693Recond JD Lawn Tractor SaleLT166, LX176, LT155 316,$700-$1300 641-9932Propane tank end caps for firepits 30"-$40, 37"-$60, 41"-$70,and Short open end pipes24" X 5'-$50, 30" X 6'-$65,37" X 6.75'-$80, 41" X 5.5'-$80,405-375-4189, BLTTanks.comMadden Buildings, 1 per month,multi colored building, 8X12X6,original $1100, sale $950, 405-799-4989 or maddenbuildings.netWe buy GUNS Mustang Pawn &Gun. 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Ronnie580-465-1641, Stanley 580-504-2660 or Office 580-662-2226.4 SIM-ANGUS BULLS$3300EA. 405-964-3732350 Fine Pets At FREE TO LIVE4mi N of Waterloo on WesternALL Dogs & Cats $80 Shts/Neut282-8617 freetoliveok.orgXXL American Bullies all colorsch. pedigree $500 580-237-1961American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies,champion bloodline, $1,200. Formore info. call 405-316-0991.Page 45September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 46 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COMGolden Retriever PuppiesChampion Bloodlines, with Cham-pion Dam on site. AKC limitedregistration for pet homes and acouple of show prospects to ap-proved homes. Here is yourchance to own a beautiful qualityGolden. $1000. 918-770-2908Golden Retriever, AKC CH, 3M 1FSib Nat'l Pet of Year, OFA, Hips/Elbows, $600-$1000, 388-8428.Great Dane AKC PuppiesAKC Registered 25% Euro GreatDane puppies. Champion blood-lines out of Germany. Amazingtemperaments. 6 boys and 6girls! 2 harlequin, 3 merles, and 7black. 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SeeFB pg Mimi's Precious PapillonsPappillon ACA blk & wht, Tri colors/w 1F $500 2M $450 627-0419POMERANIAN AKC Cream wolfsable 1yr old $800-$1000text or call 580-402-1020PUGS, AKC, 8wks, 2F $650ea.Cash, s/w, POP. 314-2738Saint Bernards!!!Beautiful AKC long hair. Only 4left! Will be available for pick upSaturday Sept 19th $750.Call 405-277-7040 or text 405-521-7064.SCHNAUZER MINI ACADOB 7/23/15 S/W M $325F $425 Seiling OK, 580-922-3441.Schnauzers, AKC mini, t/dc done,6 weeks old, 1M, 1F, black withwhite, $400, Karen, 820-1617.Schnauzers, Mini, AKC M-chippeds/w $300-$400 405-503-2272Shetland Sheepdog AKC SheltiePuppies, 4 tri color F $400ea,1 blue merle F $500, 9wks old, 1stshots & wormed. 580-917-3210SHIDOODLES, 3 girls 2 black & 1bl/wh, 1 boy phantom, ready Nov.1st. $350-$450. 918-426-0169SIBERIAN HUSKIES AKC1 blk & wht M 2 blk & wht F,blue eyes 9 wks old. S/W, POP,$600 EA 534-3377WEIMARANER AKC PUPS3F born 7/2/15, s/w Silver $400Cash. 1-405-368-6533 KingfisherYorkie ACA black & gold femaletiny tea cup $550ea 627-0419YORKIE M, 3yrs, 3 lbs, house trndgood w/kids, $500. 918-426-0169YORKIES, ACA, M/F, 8weeks,s/w/dc, pics avail, $300-$450,580-224-1642.Yorkies, AKC, various ages,$650-$850, 580-591-3170.Yorkies AKC Parti2 Females. 9 weeks. 1st shots,CASH ONLY $1500.405-663-4047 after 5:00PM4x5K Bermuda grass, netwrapped, fertilized & sprayed.$30-$35 bale,Pauls Valley Area, 405-207-3829.SCARLET MACAWbeautiful feathers, $1300, otherbirds available, 918-704-0901,www.birds4uaviary.comBlue & Gold wing Macaw withnice cage. $1000. 405-771-4219Roller Pigeons, $5 each,405-210-0264.25 Rhode Island Red Pullets,$20ea. 405-527-7881 LexingtonFull Service Bar/Sports BarWell established, existingbusiness, turnkey ready. 405-414-2666 Buying oil & gas properties, anystatus, paying top $ 405-740-9000Female blk Lab mix, approx 8mos,found near Britton & MacArthur405-922-7010A/C & Appliance Service, 27 yearsexper, $40 service call, 371-3049.A/C & Appliance Service, 27 yearsexper, $40 service call, 371-3049.Steel Carports, Patio Covers 2carcarport $1795 799-4026/694-6109Stef's Housecleaning Hrly ratesNo job too big Good refs 320-2775Metro Express CleaningOffice building cleaning startingat $75! 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RESIDENTIAL HAULING AND CLEANING, 765-8843.Junk & trash removal, appliances,furniture, bedding, etc., 808-9955.Jim's Painting/Remodeling, int/ext, res/com'l, insured, 314-0755.Roofing Siding Gutters34yrs exp. call Phillip 528-2676Garay's Roofing/ConstructionExp. quality work, free est, roofrepair & replace, local since 1985,insurance claims okay, 370-3572.All Professional Tree Service. Arborist Senior Discount Insured 405-885-2572 GENES TREE SERVICEInsured-Free Est. 682-2100.L&R Tree Service, Low Prices,Insured, Free Estimate, 946-3369.Page 47September 23 - October 6, 2015LOOKATOKC.COMPage 48 September 23 - October 6, 2015 LOOKATOKC.COM4DO01TLL09244DO02TLL09244DO03TLL09244DO04TLL09244DO05TLL09244DO06TLL09244DO07TLL09244DO08TLL09244DO09TLL09244DO10TLL09244DO11TLL09244DO12TLL09244DO13TLL09244DO14TLL09244DO15TLL09244DO16TLL09244DO17TLL09244DO18TLL09244DO19TLL09244DO20TLL09244DO21TLL09244DO22TLL09244DO23TLL09244DO24TLL09244DO25TLL09244DO26TLL09244DO27TLL09244DO28TLL09244DO29TLL09244DO30TLL09244DO31TLL09244DO32TLL09244DO33TLL09244DO34TLL09244DO35TLL09244DO36TLL09244DO37TLL09244DO38TLL09244DO39TLL09244DO40TLL09244DO41TLL09244DO42TLL09244DO43TLL09244DO44TLL09244DO45TLL09244DO46TLL09244DO47TLL09244DO48TLL0924