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  1. 1. LOST IN SPACEIn the following situation, your survival will depend upon how well your sub group can share its knowledge and thinking on an unfamiliar situation to make the right decision.TASK 1. Read over the situation and complete stage 1 without discussing it with your other sub group members.2. Once everyone in the sub group has completed stage 1, go on to complete stage 2 together.Situation You are a member of a space exploration crew scheduled to dock with an international space station. In the process, your shuttle suffered mechanical failure, forcing you to land on the lighted side of the moon, at a point 300 miles from the space station. During the emergency landing, most of the shuttle’s equipment was damaged, and, since survival depends on reaching the space station, the most vital items available must be chosen for the 300-mile journey.Your task On the following page are the 15 items left intact and undamaged after landing. Your task is to rank these items according to their importance in helping you reach your destination, starting with “1” the most important, to “15” the least important. You should assume the number in the crew is equal to the number in your sub group, you are the actual people in the situation, the sub group has agreed to work and stay together, and all 15 items are in good working condition. Go on to complete stage 1 on the following stage. This should be done individually without discussion with the sub group members.Stage 1You should individually rank each item. 1 is most important; 15 is the least important. Do not discuss the situation or the task until each member has finished the individual ranking.
  2. 2. ItemsIndividualSub Group Expert RankingRanking Ranking Box of matches Food concentrate 20 meters of nylon rope Parachute silk Portableheating unit Two .45 caliber pistols Onecase dehydrated milk Two 50 kg tanks of oxygen Stellar map (of moon’s constellations) Life raft Magnetic compass 25 life of water Signal flares First aid kit with hypodermic needle Solar powered FM receiver/transmitter Stage 2Now get together to rank the 15 items as a team. Once discussion begins, don’t change your individual ranking.Lost in Space Answer SheetExpert Ranking ItemsRanking Reason Oxygen 1Fills respiration requirements Water2Replenishes that lost through sweating, etc.
  3. 3. Map 3Principal means of findingdirection Food4Supply daily food required FM Receiver 5Distress signal transmitter, possiblecommunication with space stationor another shuttleRope6Useful in tying injured together,help in climbing First Aid Kit 7Oral pills or injecting medicineavailable Parachute 8Shelter against sun’s rays Raft9Could be used along with selfpropulsion devices to cross chasms,etc. Flares10 Distress call when line of sightpossible Pistols 11 Self-propulsion devices could bemade Milk12 Not needed as food mixed withwater is used for drinking Heating Unit13 Useful only if party landed ondark side of the moon Compass 14 Probably no magnetized poles, souseless Matches 15 Little or no use on the moon