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1. Feeling Better all about Integrating holistic and therapeutic techniques to achieve health and well being Sciatica: Symptom or Diagnosis?Natural Healing Sciatica refers to intense, often chronic, pain that extends anywhere from the lower back down to the foot. It is not a diagnosis. The sciatic nerve is the largest (and longest) nerve in thePower of Water human body. Originating in the lumbar spine, it travels down through the hamstrings, into The human body is composed of the lower leg and foot. It supplies sensation, strength, and reflexes to the leg and foot. Typical 75% water. Brain tissue is 85% water. symptoms include:When we starve body cells of water, theystart to complain, said Dr. Fereydoon numbness, tingling, or burning sensationsBatmanghelidj, M.D., author of Your constant pain in the back of the leg usually worse when sittingBodys Many Cries for Water. He explains difficulty moving the affected leg or footthat chronic dehydration can produce atrophied muscles, muscle weaknesssymptoms that eventually turn into aFor decades, medical professionals believed disc herniations were to blame. Today, wedisease or a condition. know many things can damage or put pressure on the nerve, like: stenosis, trauma, tumors, and piriformis syndrome. This means sciatica is often accompanied by other conditions, suchChronic dehydration as: tendonitis, muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and evenTry drinking more water if you are shoulder/neck pain.experiencing any of the following:Interestingly, the Massage Therapy Journal recently stated that one of the most effective decreased coordination, fatigue, arthritis, treatments for relieving sciatica is Active Isolated Stretching. Based in kinesiology anddiabetes, dry skin, changes in bloodbiomechanics, AIS is the perfectpressure, impaired judgment, stress,compliment to massage therapy. It not headaches, back pain, asthma, allergiesonly lengthens and relaxes muscles, itand/or degenerative health problems.directly strengthens and re-educatesthem as well. And, clients can learn how toHow much is enough? Thirst is asign of dehydration. If yourestretch themselves.thirsty, you need morewater. The color If you suffer from any of the symptomsof your urine is another clue:described above, call to schedule your Clear (colorless) means youremassage/AIS session today.well hydrated. Remember: Massage therapists cannotdiagnosis. If the actual cause is not known, Yellow means yourerelief may not be long-lasting. somewhat dehydrated. Orange or dark-coloredmeans youre severelydehydrated. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)So, how much is enough? The Mattes MethodDivide your body weightin half. The answer is theapproximate number of Aaron L. Mattes, RKT, LMT, developed a therapeutic treatment that restores muscles and ounces of water you should connective tissues tendons, ligaments, joints, fascia, and even vertebrae. Clients take an drink daily. active role during AIS sessions by isolating and stretching specific muscles and muscle groups. Coupled with proper breathing techniques and gentle assistance, you can expect to: Help yourself Drink a big glass of water first thing Enhance athletic performancein the morning (before coffee) and Improve flow of blood, lymph, oxygen an nutritionjust before bed. Increase daily activities Take regular water breaks Reduce risk of injury or recurring injurythroughout your day. Increase range-of-motion and decrease pain Drink water before and after meals Customized AIS workshops are available for groups of ten or more.to support the digestive process.


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